I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 12

The battle between Chu Yunhan and Jiang Baiwan was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the two men. After Jiang Baiwan saw Ji Chen, she subconsciously wanted to run away, so instead of confronting Chu Yunhan, she shrank to the side, trying hard to downplay her sense of existence.

Although Chu Yunhan wanted to settle accounts with Jiang Baiwan, unintentional or not, he was interrupted by the director. Heaven knows how obsequious the fat director’s smile was when he saw Ji Chen and Li Huacheng. He stood outside the camera and said to everyone, “Let’s welcome today’s guest! Movie King, Mr. Li Huacheng, and the Haochen Group’s President, Mr. Ji Chen.”

Ji Chen? The people present had different expressions when they heard the name. Even Jiang Baiwan felt that this name seemed a little familiar—— Where did she heard it before?

Ji Chen glanced at Jiang Baiwan inadvertently, and then looked at Chu Yunhan who was standing there. Chu Yunhan faced Ji Chen, his face flushed red. He held back for a while, then whispered a greeting to Ji Chen.

Ji Chen didn’t speak. He just looked at Chu Yunhan and nodded. Chu Yunhan’s complexion became even worse and he looked very uncomfortable when he got into the car.

This also cooled down the tense scene just now. The audience watching was quite disappointed and they all left messages in the bullet screen——

【I’ve taken my pants off but your just showing me this?!】

【Chu Yunhan is also a wimp. What about the agreed confrontation just now?】

【The president of Haochen Group is there after all. How will Chu Yunhan dare to displease him?】

When Li Huacheng got off the car just now, he also heard Jiang Baiwan’s words. He was wearing sunglasses so he unnoticeably surveyed Jiang Baiwan who was not far away. He then leaned into Ji Chen’s ear and whispered, “Ji Chen, do you want me to sing a song for you?”

Ji Chen frowned, not knowing why this man suddenly went crazy. “Sing what?”

Li Huacheng sympathetically said, “Green light.”

Ji Chen: “……”


The two newly joined guests were obviously more popular than Chu Yunhan. After all, Li Huacheng carried his own movie star aura. Jiang Baiwan wanted to avoid them and was just about to find an excuse to sneak back to her house, but she was stopped by someone behind her.

“Miss Jiang,” The director stood behind Jiang Baiwan with a friendly smile on his chubby face. “Come and draw lots.”

Jiang Baiwan was stunned. “Draw lots? What for?”

“The thing is, we don’t have that many houses.” The director rubbed his hands together. “So now you all have to draw lots to decide who the two new guests are going stay with today.”

Obviously the director’s voice wasn’t loud, but to Jiang Baiwan’s ears, it felt as if thunder had struck on the ground. She smiled stiffly and couldn’t help casting her eyes at Ji Chen. “Director…… This…… The two new guests are both male…… In case we girls picked them, it will be very inconvenient at night.”

“Miss Jiang, this is the essence of our program.” The director laughed. “The most interesting thing is the element of surprise.”

Ji Chen stood beside the director, his dark eyes unblinkingly looking at her. The hands of Jiang Baiwan, who was feigning calmness, shook—— She now knew the man’s name, but she still couldn’t recall which character he was in the novel. Could it be that the female supporting character had cheated on his feelings before?

This gaze was too turbulent!

It’s just that when she was panicking, the result of the lottery came out. Ji Chen and Jiang Baiwan would have to live in the same house. Jiang Baiwan wanted to resist again, but Ji Chen took the initiative to greet her, “Miss Jiang.”

“……Mr. Ji.” Jiang Baiwan’s scalp was numb. Thinking of the day this man gave her the two hundred thousand yuan, she could feel the inextricable entanglement between the other Jiang Baiwan and this man.

But under the watchful eyes of everyone, Jiang Baiwan could only try her best to appear calm. “Nice to meet you. However, your luck doesn’t seem very good. My house is the worst of them all.”

Ji Chen’s eyes were somewhat meaningful as he followed along Jiang Baiwan’s words. “Nice to meet you too, Miss Jiang Baiwan.”

Jiang Baiwan’s scalp becomes even number. Not daring to look at Ji Chen, she hurriedly turned around to hide the expression on her face. “Let me show you the house. You have to be mentally prepared, it’s really old.”

Actor Li Huacheng would live with another male guest. He originally wanted to have another word with Ji Chen, but when he looked up, he found that Ji Chen had already followed Jiang Baiwan away. Looking at Ji Chen’s back, Li Huacheng curled his lips up, and at the same time became increasingly curious —— He wondered what kind of charm this Miss Jiang has that she could make Ji Chen’s heart move.

Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen were walking on the road alongside each other. The two of them consciously kept a certain distance apart and they weren’t communicating at all. They just walked forward, looking very reserve. The bullet screen was delighted, after all, Ji Chen and Jiang Baiwan were both good-looking. A handsome man and beautiful woman walking on a country road together, this picture was quite eye-catching.

【Jiang Baiwan actually quieted down! Heavens, what happened to moving like a husky?】

【This little brother is not simple. You guys can find out by searching Haochen Group.】

It’s just that Jiang Baiwan didn’t share the same thoughts with them. She wasn’t in the mood to admire beautiful men. She was racking her brains trying to figure out where she heard his name—— Ji Chen? It doesn’t seem like it’s the first time she’d heard of it, but how come she couldn’t remember?

“Jiang Baiwan.” Just as Jiang Baiwan was lost in thought, Ji Chen suddenly spoke. Jiang Baiwan was startled and lost her balance because she wasn’t paying attention. Jiang Baiwan subconsciously waved her arm, while Ji Chen who was behind her caught up within two steps, and stretched out his hand to try and support her.

As a result, Ji Chen saw Jiang Baiwan’s hand waving in the air for some time before finally managing to stabilize her body without falling down. Jiang Baiwan posed like a great hawk spreading its wings. She felt no shame at all and only sighed with relief. “That scared me to death.”

Ji Chen: “……”

He silently withdrew his hand that wanted to hold Jiang Baiwan. “Be careful when walking.”

“It’s okay! The women of the Jiang family will never admit defeat!” Jiang Baiwan took a step forward back on level ground. “Come on, come on, let’s go to our house.”

Ji Chen looked at the skipping Jiang Baiwan, his eyes completely focused on her bouncing ponytail. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lift up before he finally quickened his pace a bit.

After arriving at their allocated house, Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen sat inside and looked at each other without uttering a word. The atmosphere that had slightly relaxed became tense again in the enclosed space. Not to mention the two of them, even the audience could feel how awkward the atmosphere was between these two people.

Fortunately, help arrived just in time.

“Jiang Baiwan.” Tan Mi stood at doorway and swept glanced at the two people inside the house. She was taken aback by the frozen atmosphere. “What are you two doing?”

“Tan Mi, you’re here.” Jiang Baiwan swooped over as if seeing a savior. “Let me introduce you, this is Mr. Ji, Ji Chen.”

Tan Mi’s eyes fluttered. She glanced at Ji Chen lightly and smiled with her mouth pursed. “I know.”

With that said, Tan Mi walked up to Ji Chen, who was sitting on a very shabby chair, but even then, he seemed out of place with the house, his whole body exuding an aura that strangers shouldn’t come near.

But Tan Mi wasn’t afraid of him. “Mr. Ji, hello, I’m Tan Mi.” She showed her most attractive smile to Ji Chen as she sat down with a charming appearance, exuding strong female hormones.

Then Jiang Baiwan brought her back to reality with a single sentence, “Hey! Tan Mi, that chair—”

Jiang Baiwan wasn’t finish when a crashing sound was heard. Tan Mi went sitting among a pile of broken woods.

“—seems unsturdy.” Jiang Baiwan spat out the remaining few words. “Are you okay?”

Tan Mi wanted to roll her eyes, but considering that Ji Chen was there, she forced out a rather pleasant smile and stood up from the ground. “It’s fine. This house’s condition is really terrible, you should be very careful while staying here.”

As she spoke, Tan Mi patted the dust and woodchips on her skirt. She stood there pretending to casually glance at Ji Chen.

Ji Chen sat on the side, watching the whole process and his eyes were still very calm. Tan Mi suddenly felt as if Ji Chen had seen through her plan. Jiang Baiwan was next to her, holding her hands to check if there was any wound on the surface of her skin. Tan Mi met Ji Chen’s gaze with a steady expression, but her heart started beating a little faster.

She felt uncomfortable all over, so she quickly broke away from Jiang Baiwan. She turned her head away and said somewhat vaguely, “I’m alright, I’m alright…… I just came to have a look. Since both of you are getting along well, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Tan Mi went straight out of the door without waiting for Jiang Baiwan’s answer. Jiang Baiwan was puzzled by Tan Mi’s coming and going and couldn’t help muttering, “What did she come here for?”

“She came to look for me.” Ji Chen said.

Hearing this, Jiang Baiwan looked back at Ji Chen, and then showed a very subtle look of sympathy on her face. “Mr. Ji, how did you become so narcissistic at such a young age?”

Ji Chen: “……”

“Fortunately, I didn’t sit on this stool just now, otherwise it might have been me who fell down.” Jiang Baiwan wanted to clean up the rotten wood. “Now there are no extra chairs. It just so happens that there’s a dead tree in my yard. Maybe I can make a chair later.”

She bent down to pick up the wood on the ground. When Ji Chen raised his eyes, he happened to see a flash of bright red on the inside of her arm, making the president frown. “Jiang Baiwan.”

“Huh?” Jiang Baiwan looked up at him with a questioning expression, wondering what he wanted.

Ji Chen didn’t speak, but strode over to her. He half-kneeled on the ground as his eyes stared at Jiang Baiwan’s arm for a moment before saying, “Will you show it to me yourself, or shall I help you?”


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    I’m genuinely surprised at myself, despite the number of times I’ve read novels or other such things with ML’s like this, I’ve truly never experienced such a visceral hatred for a ML like this before, especially this early into it!


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