I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 18

The more Jiang Baiwan thought about it, the more panicked she became. She subconsciously grabbed her phone, wanting to talk to someone. Looking through her friend list, Jiang Baiwan indecisively sent Tan Mi a WeChat message.

“Tan Mi, Tan Mi! It’s over! I’m dead tomorrow! Will you collect my body? qaq.”

Tan Mi just happened to get off the scene. She wanted to see if there was any important message on her phone but she saw Jiang Baiwan’s WeChat message at a glance. The variety show had now finished filming and there were no live cameras around, so Tan Mi rolled her eyes at the phone, and then replied, “No. I’ll let your corpse out on the wilderness.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……” Tan Mi is such a heartless woman.

She was holding the phone in her hands when Tan Mi’s call came through. “What’s the matter? What are you going to do tomorrow?”

As if she had heard the voice of a love one, Jiang Baiwan hurriedly told her about Ji Chen, and then begged Tan Mi to give her some advice.

Tan Mi on the other end of the phone was stunned when she heard it. She rolled her eyes and suddenly smiled. “It doesn’t sound like a bad thing. You two were engaged. Maybe he wants to get back together.”

“How is that possible?” Jiang Baiwan sighed deeply. “You don’t know Tan Mi, domineering presidents likes those kind of down-and-out princess.”

Tan Mi hit the nail on the head. “You are one now.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……” It seems to make sense?

“All right, don’t be a wimp.” Tan Mi said, “If you really don’t want to have too much contact with Ji Chen, I will teach you a way. No matter what Ji Chen does, just don’t resist. A person like him won’t certainly like someone pliable, right?”

Jiang Baiwan felt as if there was something wrong, but reason told her that Tan Mi’s method was indeed useful. She frowned and thought for a while, before finally thanking Tan Mi. “Okay! I got it!”

After Tan Mi hung up the phone. The makeup artist who was fixing her makeup asked curiously, “Sister Mi, you look quite happy. Is there good news?”

“Isn’t it a good thing?” Tan Mi looked at herself in the mirror, her red lips lightly raised. “I’m helping people get back together, something of great merit.”


No matter how anxious Jiang Baiwan was, Ji Chen still arrived at her house on time.

When he found out that Jiang Baiwan’s current neighborhood was so close to Haochen Building, Ji Chen was slightly startled, and then he felt an unspeakable joy in his heart—— She should still care about him, right? That’s why she found a house so close to Haochen Building, but just couldn’t bear to look for him.

After thinking about it like this, Ji Chen’s mood became more subtle, and he also found suitable excuses for Jiang Baiwan’s various actions in the show.

It must be because she was shy.

All the way downstairs to Jiang Baiwan’s house, Ji Chen maintained a strangely pleasant mood.

He called Jiang Baiwan, “I’m here. You can come down.”

Jiang Baiwan grabbed the phone with a bitter face. “I suddenly feel that my stomach hurts, how about—”

“No.” Ji Chen said slowly, “If you won’t come down, then I’ll go up.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t.” Jiang Baiwan was brought around. “I’ll be right down.”

Ji Chen hung up the phone and waited in the car for a while. After a few mintues, he saw Jiang Baiwan come down tightly covered. It was obviously a hot day but she was wearing sunglasses and mask, looking left and right as she walked.

Ji Chen inwardly sighed. When Jiang Baiwan reached the side of the car, he opened the door. “Get in.”

Jiang Baiwan got inside immediately and took off the mask. “The heat is killing me.”

“Wearing a mask in summer,” Ji Chen looked at her sideways, “what are you afraid of?”

Jiang Baiwan pretended to be stupid. “Ah, aren’t we eating? I think I’m hungry.”

“Hold on.” Ji Chen looked at Jiang Baiwan’s face and frowned. “There seems to be something above your eyes.”

With that, Ji Chen leaned over. Jiang Baiwan looked at Ji Chen’s gradually enlarging face and for a moment, she couldn’t restrain herself from being distracted…… Ji Chen obviously tidied himself up especially today and there was even a faint smell of cologne on his body. Compared with his previous cold image, he’s a tad hotter right now.

Jiang Baiwan was indulging in beauty when she felt Ji Chen reached out and pick up something from her eyelids.

Jiang Baiwan had a bad feeling, but before she had time to stop him, Ji Chen tore off what was sticking on Jiang Baiwan’s eyelids. Ji Chen even handed it to Jiang Baiwan as if asking for credit. “Okay, I took it off.”

Jiang Baiwan’s face looks like she had nothing else to live for. She looked at the thing in Ji Chen’s and felt like crying. “……That’s my double eyelid tape.”

Ji Chen was taken aback for a moment. He looked at Jiang Baiwan, then at the thing he was holding in his hand, coughed dryly and quickly threw the innocent and miserable double eyelid tape out of the window. “I’m sorry. However, you look beautiful even without makeup.”

“I didn’t wear much makeup either. I just put on eyelids tape and lipstick.” Jiang Baiwan covered her face weakly. “Forget it, forget it.” As she spoke, she reached out and tore off the other lone eyelid tape.

Ji Chen made a minor straight guy mistake, and for a moment, the atmosphere inside the car was a bit awkward.

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t stand the atmosphere, so she took the initiative to talk to Ji Chen. “President Ji, why did you suddenly think of inviting me to dinner?”

Ji Chen said, “Ji Chen.”

Jiang Baiwan didn’t understand and looked at him blankly. “Huh?”

“Call me Ji Chen.” Ji Chen added, “Only my employees and people who are not familiar with me call me President Ji.”

Jiang Baiwan’s heart jumped. She pursed her lips and forced herself to smile calmly. “But we’ve both broken off our engagement.” So it’s better to keep a little distance.

Ji Chen understood Jiang Baiwan’s implication, and his happy mood just now became unpleasant. He glanced at Jiang Baiwan without speaking. Jiang Baiwan felt Ji Chen’s eyes and she shrank her neck like a quail.

The two of them maintained such a weird atmosphere until they arrived at the place where they were going to eat. Looking at the decoration outside the restaurant, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t help but let out a small “Wow”. Ji Chen looked at the back of her head and smiled—— This was Jiang Baiwan’s favorite restaurant, so she should be very happy to come here today, right?

With this in mind, Ji Chen got out of the car first and then extended his hand to Jiang Baiwan who was sitting inside. Jiang Baiwan looked at Ji Chen’s large hand with distinct bones and joints, hesitated for a while, and then unexpectedly thought of what Tan Mi said to her earlier.

“No matter what Ji Chen does, just don’t resist. A person like him won’t certainly like someone pliable, right?”

So Jiang Baiwan gritted her teeth and got out of the car with Ji Chen’s help. His hand holding Jiang Baiwan was warm and strong.

Ji Chen casually glanced at the driver sitting in the car, who nodded imperceptibly, before Ji Chen moved his eyes away.

After seeing Ji Chen, the waiter took them directly to a private room. There were only Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen in the large room with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the scenery outside. Jiang Baiwan sighed softly, once again feeling the benefits of being rich from the bottom of her heart.

Do you think rich people are happy? Wrong, you can’t even imagine the happiness of rich people!

“Please take a seat.” Ji Chen pulled out a chair for Jiang Baiwan. “What do you want to eat?”

Jiang Baiwan thought Ji Chen was being too attentive today. She was a little doubtful in her heart and it somewhat showed on her face. Ji Chen watched Jiang Baiwan sit down vigilantly, but just smiled, pretending he didn’t notice.

“I can eat anything.” Jiang Baiwan answered Ji Chen’s question. “Of course, it’s better to have meat.”

Hearing this, Ji Chen took another glance at Jiang Baiwan—— If his memory served him right, when he was having dinner with Jiang Baiwan once, she firmly stated that she would never eat meat and that light flavor was her taste.

Looking at Jiang Baiwan who was full of anticipation in front of him, the slight doubt in Ji Chen’s heart surfaced again. He kept his composure and flipped through the menu in his hand. “All right.”

Ji Chen put down the tablet after ordering a few dishes. He looked at Jiang Baiwan, who was sitting naturally in her seat and leisurely…… swaying her feet, exuding a joyful air.

Ji Chen was a bit lost and unconsciously thought of the former Jiang Baiwan. During the time when she was engaged to him, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t wait to stick to him twenty four hours a day, but nowadays, Jiang Baiwan was always very wary, wishing to stay as far away from him as possible.

Maybe she thought she was hiding it well, but Ji Chen could clearly feel the resistance from Jiang Baiwan.

What made her change so much? It’s as if it’s…… a new soul.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare raise her head against Ji Chen’s thoughtful gaze. Her originally relaxed state of mind became tense little by little, and even her feet that were swaying just now were honestly joined together.

President Ji, I don’t owe you money, do I? Would you mind not looking at me with those meaningful eyes?

However, Jiang Baiwan only dared to say this in her heart. Thinking of the things the original Jiang Baiwan had done as described in the book, Jiang Baiwan could only choose to keep a low profile.

“Jiang Baiwan.” Ji Chen suddenly called out to Jiang Baiwan, who straightened her back at once. “Yes!”

Ji Chen was stupefied. He came back to his senses and said, “You don’t have to be too nervous. I just invited you for a meal, nothing else.”

His tone was calm, while Jiang Baiwan was embarrassed. “I’m just— I’m just a little nervous. It’s all because you are so handsome, Ji Chen!”

Hearing Jiang Baiwan’s obviously random nonsense, Ji Chen laughed instead. “Really? Since you like my face, why don’t you sit closer and take a good look?”


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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    I wonder if Jichen will figure out it is indeed a new soul…

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