I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 20

Jiang Baiwan knew nothing about what happened during this period. She was addicted to all kinds of games and simply do not care about those online cursing—— Anyway, she has money now and her life was very comfortable.

It wasn’t until Han Ling called her that Jiang Baiwan belatedly found that she seemed to be on the trending search again?

“Haven’t you seen those photos yourself?” Han Ling sneered at Jiang Baiwan on the phone. “Ji Chen lifting your hair and smiling at you gave me goose bumps. Jiang Baiwan, you’re great ah. When did you reconcile with Ji Chen?”

“I don’t know!” Jiang Baiwan was also frantic. “I swear! He just invited me to dinner that day! I just went to have a meal!” But why do these photos look more ambiguous than the other? They clearly look like a couple in love!

The person who took the photo was too good at capturing angles!

Han Ling had a strange mentality like he was watching a play and gloated, “You didn’t know? The Haochen Group’s official account has come out to stand up for you and Ji Chen also specially registered on Weibo just to post a message. Let alone the melon eaters, even I am bewildered. Have you two canceled your engagement or not?”

The more she listened, the more dumbfounded Jiang Baiwan was. She sat in front of the computer and looked at what had happened in the past few days, only to feel that the amount of information was really overwhelming. “……It’s canceled, it’s clearly canceled, yet……”

“It seems to be true love.” Han Ling sighed. “Ji Chen is notoriously black-hearted and ruthless, but he’s quite good when it comes to you.”

Jiang Baiwan looked completely grim, her hands shaking. “Han Ling, are you sure I didn’t owe him money before? I always have this feeling that Ji Chen is plotting to sell me into the mountains in the future and tell the outside world I’m dead. He can still portray himself as a loving person and a good man.”

Han Ling: “……”

“What kind of nonsense are you thinking about in your head every day?!” Han Ling sighed. “Ji Chen doesn’t have the time to play mind games with you. Please be sober.”

Before Jiang Baiwan could speak, Han Ling continued, “All right, I did not call to talk to you about Ji Chen. Jiang Baiwan, the company wants to arrange your debut, what do you think?”

Jiang Baiwan was stunned for a moment. “Debut? Didn’t I get buried?”

Han Ling was a little embarrassed. “That was before. Why do you still remember it?”

“I see. They saw that Ji Chen is backing me up, right?” Jiang Baiwan wasn’t stupid and immediately figured out what was going on. “That’s why the matter of concealing me is over and they now want to arrange for me to debut at the height of my popularity, so that they can make a lot of money.”

Jiang Baiwan guessed right. Han Ling was even more embarrassed. He coughed dryly, “I know the company’s arrangement is very pushy…… It’s just, Jiang Baiwan, with me here, at least I won’t let them cheat you. Moreover, your performance on the variety shows is very good. As long as you can keep it up, you can continue to be popular.”

On the other end of the phone, Jiang Baiwan resolutely refused. “No, Han Ling, I agreed to be on the show before just to make some money. But now I’ve thought of a good way, so why should I enter the entertainment industry? If I have to deal with female artists like Shui Lan’er every day, you might as well kill me.”

Han Ling was speechless. “Artists like Shui Lan’er are also in the minority…… What method of making money have you come up with?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Jiang Baiwan became excited again. “Let me tell you! I have always wanted to open a shop! This way I can generate income!”

Open a shop? That doesn’t sound too bad. Han Ling was a little surprised. “What kind of shop do you want to open? A clothing shop?”

Ai, a clothing shop is so troublesome, I can’t do it.” Jiang Baiwan’s eyes were sparkling and her voice resounding, “I want to open a Malatang shop!”

Han Ling remained silent for a moment, then directly hung up the phone.

How did she come up with that? Malatang?!

Jiang Baiwan was still waiting for Han Ling’s answer but she didn’t expect him to hang up. She sighed. “Really lacking vision. How wonderful is Malatang ah.”

She wasn’t joking with Han Ling. Jiang Baiwan had this plan since she came back from recording the show. Although she had a lot of money, it’s not good to stay at home every day. It’s better to open a shop and…… play games in the store every day. If she could make profit, then she could make profit. If she couldn’t…… she wouldn’t lose much. After all, Malatang was cheap.

“Opening a shop……” Jiang Baiwan sighed deeply. “I have to plan it out carefully.”


Ji Chen was happy these past few days. Even though he looked serious, as Ji Chen’s personal assistant, Assistant Xu could clearly feel Ji Chen’s good mood.

It seems that the recent progress between their president and Miss Jiang was satisfactory.

“President Ji, then I’ll take these documents away.” Assistant Xu took a peek at Ji Chen and couldn’t help saying, “President Ji, several new products have been released recently, do you want to have a look?”

Ji Chen frowned. “Why would I need to look at the new products? Can’t they check it themselves?”

Assistant Xu hurriedly shook his head. “President Ji, some of it is limited-edition jewelry.”

The pen in Ji Chen’s hand paused. “Send it over.”

Assistant Xu responded. He went out with a pile of documents, once again hiding his achievements.

Ji Chen originally wanted to continue dealing with things, but because he was reminded by Assistant Xu intentionally or otherwise, he now couldn’t concentrate—— What has Jiang Baiwan been doing recently? She should have seen those photos online, right?

He didn’t know why, but thinking of Jiang Baiwan’s reaction after seeing the photos, Ji Chen’s heart actually leaped with anticipation. With such a strange mood, Ji Chen grabbed his phone and sent a message to Jiang Baiwan, “What are you doing?”

Soon, Jiang Baiwan messaged Ji Chen back, “I’m looking at storefronts.”

Ji Chen: “???”

Ji Chen couldn’t understand these simple words. He thought for a while before asking again, “Are you planning to open a shop?”

Jiang Baiwan’s message came back quickly. “Yeah, I’m planning to open a Malatang shop so I’m looking at a place now.” Through the screen, Ji Chen could feel Jiang Baiwan’s joy even from her punctuation marks.

He knew all about opening a shop, but…… what’s a Malatang shop?

Ji Chen, who grew up in a wealthy family, had never eaten Malatang, and had no idea of this legendary food. He frowned and thought for a long time before sending Jiang Baiwan a cheering message. Then he called for Assistant Xu.

Thinking that Ji Chen wanted to see the pieces of jewelry quickly, Assistant Xu hurried upstairs with the things. Entering Ji Chen’s office, Assistant Xu hadn’t been able to catch his breath yet when he heard his president order, “Go and buy me Malatang.”


Seeing that Assistant Xu didn’t move, Ji Chen repeated, “Buy me Malatang.”

“……Yes.” Assistant Xu came back to his senses and forced down his inner surprise. “I’ll be right back.”

Assistant Xu went down with a heart full of surprise, while Ji Chen sat in the office and began to wait quietly.

After a while, Assistant Xu showed up with a cart of Malatang. When Assistant Xu opened the door, Ji Chen was immediately choked by its smell—— Was this the Malatang that Jiang Baiwan was talking about?

“President Ji, these are the Malatang from the best shops.” Assistant Xu introduced the food on the cart to Ji Chen. “They are sorted according to the degree of spiciness and whether or not it has coriander.”

Ji Chen wrinkled his forehead at the bowls. He thought for a while before saying, “Let’s start with the less spicy ones.”

Assistant Xu quickly put a bowl in front of Ji Chen. After opening the lid, the strong smell of artificial spices became even more intense. Ji Chen couldn’t help but sneezed.

“President Ji, chopsticks.” Assistant Xu watched in trepidation on the side, but didn’t forget to hand Ji Chen the chopsticks. Ji Chen took it, picked up a brown ball from the bowl, and took a small bite. After chewing twice, Ji Chen asked, “What is this?”

Assistant Xu took a look. “President Ji, that’s juicy beef ball[1]lit: pissing cow ball.”

Ji Chen’s whole body stiffened and he spat out the meat inside his mouth at once. “Piss?”

“It’s not really pee, it’s just a synonym for bursting.” Assistant Xu quickly explained. “It means it has a lot of juice.”

Despite Assistant Xu’s explanation, Ji Chen didn’t plan to eat any more of it. He made a muffled sound and lowered his head to take a sip of the soup. Immediately, the strong and shocking taste occupied Ji Chen’s entire mouth. He frowned and swallowed the soup in his mouth. “How much monosodium glutamate and salt are in this?”

“President Ji, Malatang is a street food after all. Those who cook them will certainly make the flavor as strong as possible.” Assistant Xu expressed, “This kind of soup is very bad for the body, so President Ji shouldn’t eat too much.”

Ji Chen really didn’t intend to eat anymore either. His tongue was now numb from too much MSG and salt, and his throat a little dry. He grabbed the water glass next to him and drank some water to feel better.

Assistant Xu carefully surveyed Ji Chen’s face. “President Ji, the rest of the food……”

Ji Chen waved his hand. “Throw it away.”

Assistant Xu didn’t waste time. He originally planned to take away the bowl that Ji Chen had moved, but was stopped by Ji Chen. “Leave this one behind.”

Soon, Ji Chen was left alone in the office again. Only the smell of Malatang still lingered in the air.

Why does Jiang Baiwan like to eat this food? She even thought of opening such a shop? Ji Chen couldn’t figure it out. This kind of food was very unhealthy, could it be that Jiang Baiwan had been eating Malatang all the time in order to save money because she was now too poor?

Ji Chen glanced at the bowl on the table again, and in the end, he sat back on his seat and grabbed the chopsticks.


1 lit: pissing cow ball


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