I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 35

Jiang Baiwan was sitting at the table playing with her phone when she heard a noise in the direction of the bathroom, so she turned her head to look. She saw Ji Chen slowly walking out wearing a bathrobe, his hair seemed to have not been wiped, and water was still dripping down. And because he’d been hit by warm air after a cold shower, Ji Chen’s cheek had two red circles, which seemed to add a bit of innocence to him.

It’s rare to see Ji Chen like this. Usually whenever Jiang Baiwan saw him, Ji Chen always looks serious, appearing much older than his actual age.

“Do you want to blow dry your hair?” Jiang Baiwan suggested kindly. “You’ll catch a cold like that.”

Seeing Ji Chen’s blank face, Jiang Baiwan planned to help him take out the hair dryer. Watching Jiang Baiwan head for the bathroom, Ji Chen suddenly looked like he had remembered something and panic flashed across his handsome face.

He hurriedly called out to Jiang Baiwan. “Xiao Wan, wait a minute.”

Jiang Baiwan was caught off guard by Ji Chen’s call and felt some kind of tingling. She looked at Ji Chen in surprise, her lips moved. “You…… What did you call me just now?”

Ji Chen called out Xiao Wan, and then she asked him to call her a second time, but he became reserved again. He hastily avoided Jiang Baiwan’s gaze and stared at the pattern on the floor. He said in a low voice, “There’s still water on the floor. I’ll go and get it, since you might slip.”

Saying that, as if afraid that Jiang Baiwan wouldn’t listen, Ji Chen hurriedly tried to go into the bathroom and take the things out himself. It’s just that his slightly anxious appearance made Jiang Baiwan murmur in her heart —— What’s Ji Chen so anxious about? Is there something in the bathroom that he can’t show me?

Thinking of this, Jiang Baiwan grabbed Ji Chen’s robe. “Hey, don’t go in there. Let me. You don’t know where I put it.”

Seeing that Jiang Baiwan was about to walk inside, Ji Chen thought of the underwear that was hanging there, and for a moment, he felt as if he was being fried under fire. When he thought of what would happen if Jiang Baiwan went in and found the underwear she had forgotten, Ji Chen couldn’t imagine the outcome.

“Don’t go in!” Ji Chen was in a hurry and grabbed Jiang Baiwan’s wrist, but Jiang Baiwan had already stepped into the bathroom with one foot. As Ji Chen said, the water hadn’t completely evaporated, so with Ji Chen’s slight tug, her feet slipped and she fell toward his direction.

Ji Chen instinctively reached out his empty hand, trying to catch Jiang Baiwan. However, as Jiang Baiwan was about to slip, she waved her hands wildly and turned her body to grab Ji Chen by his bathrobe collar. The two of them took several big steps back. A loud “bang” was heard as Ji Chen bumped into the full-length mirror, and at the same time, Jiang Baiwan supported herself by propping one hand beside Ji Chen’s head while still clutching Ji Chen’s collar with the other, completing a solid kabedon[1]the act of pinning down someone against the wall.

A spider web of cracks appeared in the mirror on the place where Jiang Baiwan’s hand was placed and due to the force of the impact!

Because the bottom of her feet was soaked in water from the bathroom, Jiang Baiwan’s legs were slightly spread apart as the ground was too slippery to stand on and her forehead knocked Ji Chen’s lips.

At once, Jiang Baiwan let out a cry of pain, while Ji Chen let out a muffled grunt.

All of this happened in a blink of an eye. The two of them were still in a whirl when they heard a man shouting angrily from the door. “What are you two doing?”

Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen both looked at the door, only to see Gu Dongcheng standing at the entrance to Jiang Baiwan’s room, staring at the two of them with a grim face.

Ji Chen gestured to Jiang Baiwan with his eyes: Why is the door open?

“I left the door open for Tan Mi. She said she would come over later.” Jiang Baiwan maintained the same posture, as she quickly explained the matter of the door to Ji Chen.

Gu Dongcheng looked at the two and the evil fire in his heart got bigger and bigger—— This woman surnamed Jiang was really experienced. She was actually able to hook up with his inherently cold brother-in-law[2]wife’s younger brother?

Look at their fiery postures. If he hadn’t heard the commotion and came out to take a look, they might have gotten down to business soon!

Gu Dongcheng sneered. He stood at the doorway with his arms folded and said with narrowed eyes, “Miss Jiang, you recieved my flowers and took my card. At least…… you shouldn’t let me take over a second-hand product, right?”

Flowers? Card? Ji Chen’s eyes changed. He originally planned to let go of Jiang Baiwan, but because of Gu Dongcheng’s words, his grip tightened instead.

Jiang Baiwan, on the other hand, had a confused expression on her face. She didn’t have time to ask Ji Chen to let go of her waist, but instead said to Gu Dongcheng who was at the door, “What flowers and card? What are you talking about?”

Still pretending with him? Gu Dongcheng chuckled angrily. “The roses from last night and the black card at noon today, Miss Jiang, don’t say you didn’t receive them.”

It was only after Gu Dongcheng’s reminder that it dawned on Jiang Baiwan. “The roses from yesterday were from you? I thought someone had misplaced them…… And didn’t you give me the card to let me book a massage service for you?”

Massage? Gu Dongcheng’s face twisted quickly, while Ji Chen turned his head as he held Jiang Baiwan with one hand and secretly smiled towards the window.

“Didn’t you? I was using the earphone to book a massage service with the receptionist.” Jiang Baiwan explained seriously. “You stopped in front of me twice, isn’t it because you want me to help you book an appointment? I even chose an expensive package for you since the cheaper ones are an insult to you.”

What Jiang Baiwan said was all true from the bottom of her heart, but Gu Dongcheng didn’t think so, he only thought that Jiang Baiwan was mocking him, or was even messing with him. For a moment, Gu Dongcheng’s smile widened a bit. “Good, Miss Jiang, I’ve never seen a woman with such guts as you.”

He walked into the room and stood in front of the two within a few steps. A pair of peach blossom eyes drifted over Jiang Baiwan’s body before finally landing on Ji Chen. “Ji Chen, don’t be fooled by this woman. You don’t have many experiences with women like this. You can’t handle her at all.”

“It’s okay.” Ji Chen pulled Jiang Baiwan to his side with a slight force of his arm. “Since I’m in her room, of course I know what kind of person she is.”

Sensing Jiang Baiwan’s struggle, Ji Chen’s hand around her waist slid gently, making Jiang Baiwan immediately froze, not daring to move anymore.

When Gu Dongcheng saw that Ji Chen was unmoved, and then looking at Ji Chen’s hand on Jiang Baiwan’s waist, he felt more and more annoyed. “Ji Chen, this is my advice to you as a brother-in-law. Such a woman will only squeeze you dry, and I believe that even your sister wouldn’t want to see you with her.”

“Women, just play around and forget about them.” Gu Dongcheng said with a cold face but his eyes were full of malice, “Ji Chen, what type of women you and I want? Unfortunately, today we actually fell for the same one? If you really like her, then it doesn’t matter, I’ll give her to you.”

Jiang Baiwan was inexplicably involved in this war. However, she didn’t know at what point that the person Gu Dongcheng was confronting changed from her to Ji Chen. She listened for a while, however, she discovered a surprising secret—— This Gu Dongcheng was actually Ji Chen’s brother-in-law?

No, he already has a wife but he’s still out to hook up with other women? And he’s not even ashamed but proud of it?

Jiang Baiwan immediately became furious.

Seeing that Ji Chen was no match for the man in front of them in a verbal battle, Jiang Baiwan’s eyes rolled, and a naughty idea popped up on her head.

She wrapped her arms around Ji Chen’s waist, ignoring Ji Chen’s suddenly stiff body. Jiang Baiwan gave a delicate laugh and said to Gu Dongcheng, “Mr. Gu, I think you must have misunderstood. It’s not Ji Chen who’s taking care of me, but I who’s taking care of Ji Chen.”

The moment these words came out, together with Gu Dongcheng who was opposite Ji Chen, both their thoughts all briefly stopped for a short while.

……What did this woman just say? Who was she taking care of?

Before Gu Dongcheng could react, Jiang Baiwan struck while the iron was hot. “Mr. Gu, you may not know my identity. I’ve actually been married for a long time. I don’t have any other hobbies. I just like handsome young men.”

With that, Jiang Baiwan openly stretched out her hand and touched Ji Chen’s exposed abdominal muscles, saying, “Originally, I came out behind my husband’s back and didn’t want to make things big, but I didn’t expect to still cause trouble.”

Don’t say it. Ji Chen’s figure was really good. Jiang Baiwan secretly rubbed it with her fingers again, eating Ji Chen’s tofu openly.

Ji Chen faintly perceived Jiang Baiwan’s meaning and intended to cooperate, but who knew that Jiang Baiwan would boldly…… touch him?!

Ji Chen only felt as if small flames had been lit in the place touched by Jiang Baiwan, which quickly burned from his veins all through his limbs and bones. His ears hidden behind wet hair turned red and the hand around Jiang Baiwan’s waist also tightened a little.

Gu Dongcheng couldn’t believe his ears. He pointed at Jiang Baiwan with shaking fingers and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth after a long while, “Shameless!”

What Jiang Baiwan said was so unbelievable that there’s no way for Gu Dongcheng to believe it.

“Well, well, well. You can be married and still have colorful flags fluttering outside, why can’t I have one or two boy toy?” Jiang Baiwan’s eyes were glaring and she played a mean and sarcastic woman to a tee. “Mr. Gu, if you’re like that, I won’t even want to give you any gift.”

As she spoke, Jiang Baiwan rested her head on Ji Chen’s shoulder. Wearing a malicious smile on her face, she even squinted at Gu Dongcheng. “You saw it just now didn’t you, who’s in the dominant position? Whether what I said is true, you should be clear, right?”

After all, the two of them were in the kabedon situation and Gu Dongcheng saw it with his own eyes, which was why he misunderstood.

Gu Dongcheng was furious by Jiang Baiwan’s arrogant words. He barely suppressed his irritable nature and gave Ji Chen a cloudy look. He didn’t intend to continue talking to this pair of dogs. He lifted his feet to leave but Jiang Baiwan said right behind him, “By the way, Mr. Gu, I’ve already put the bouquet of flowers and the black card you gave me on the front desk. After all, it’s not my stuff and I won’t lightly take it.”

What answered her was Gu Dongcheng heavily slamming the door shut.


1 the act of pinning down someone against the wall
2 wife’s younger brother


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