I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 41

Jiang Baiwan blinked, not responding for a while. “……Who?”

“Shui Lan’er.” Luo Xiao repeated. “I remember she made her debut recently, right? She’s quite famous online, though it seems like she likes to cry a bit.”

“It’s more than crying a bit.” Jiang Baiwan muttered. “But how old is Gu Dongcheng this year? How come he likes Shui Lan’er? Isn’t the age gap a bit big?”

Luo Xiao looked at her silently. “Isn’t that the main point?”

Jiang Baiwan seemed to have discovered some shocking secret. “Holy…… Gu Dongcheng is not only a scumbag, but also a lolicon?”

Luo Xiao sighed. “It seems that when Shui Lan’er was in school, Gu Dongcheng had already started secretly falling in love with her. I’m not sure about this. It’s just hearsay anyway, so just listen to it but don’t take it seriously.”

Jiang Baiwan sat there with her head bowed thinking. After a while, she finally said solemnly. “Luo Xiao, promise me, next time you have any gossip, you must tell me.”

Luo Xiao couldn’t help but hold his forehead. “……I said it was just gossip so you shouldn’t take it seriously.”

“It’s all right. None of the party involve is here anyway, so they can’t hear it.” Jiang Baiwan really didn’t take this matter seriously and she squinted her eyes at Luo Xiao. “Hey, do you think Chu Yunhan knows about this? These days, will Gu Dongcheng go looking for Shui Lan’er?”

Luo Xiao’s eyes flickered slightly as he pursed his lips, showing a shallow smile. “Who knows?”


During this time, Shui Lan’er had been busy with work. Chu Yunhan arranged a lot of good resources for her, and Shui Lan’er made an effort to persevere, but she also lost a lot of weight.

Today, Shui Lan’er had a magazine cover to shoot. While sitting in the dressing room, Shui Lan’er looked at herself in the mirror with a hint of melancholy in her brows.

The little assistant on the side looked at Shui Lan’ers face from the mirror and couldn’t help but ask, “Sister Lan’er, what’s wrong with you? You seem a little perturb?”

“……It’s nothing.” Shui Lan’er sighed softly. “I just saw the recent situation of an old friend of mine. He seems to be in some trouble and I’m a little worried about him.”

The little assistant had been following Shui Lan’er for some time and knew what kind of personality Shui Lan’er generally had. After hearing what she said, the little assistant couldn’t help but feel her scalp tingle. “Sister Lan’er, don’t worry. People always have to experience some setbacks in this world. He will definitely fine.”

Shui Lan’er turned her head and looked at the little assistant for a moment. There were faint tears flickering in her big clear eyes. “You don’t know how proud he is. This person’s pride was suddenly destroyed. He definitely won’t be able to accept it.”

“I just feel that there’s nothing I can do to help right now, which makes me really……” Shui Lan’er finally shed tears. “I feel a tiny bit sad in my heart, really, just a tiny bit sad.”

As she said that, Shui Lan’er even showed a strong smile to the little assistant, however, her eyes were still red and tears were hanging on her cheeks, which seemed rather pitiful.

It’s just that over this period of time, the little assistant had already gotten used to seeing Shui Lan’er cry. It was striking at first, but now it was nothing at all and she even felt a little headache. She persuaded, “Sister Lan’er, the photo shoot is coming up so don’t cry. Your eyes won’t look good if they’re swollen.”

Shui Lan’er slowly stopped crying under the persuasion of the little assistant. It’s just that her expression still looked a little resigned. Shui Lan’er sighed faintly and said to the little assistant, “Go out. I want to be alone for a while.”

Unable to do anything, the little assistant could only go out alone. Shui Lan’er stayed in the dressing room, still staring blankly at the mirror, as if lost in thought.

Shui Lan’er also saw the news about Gu Dongcheng these past few days. She certainly still remembered that big brother who had once pursued her. She didn’t know how Gu Dongcheng could suddenly fall into such a situation.

“Big Brother.” Shui Lan’er took out her phone and found the photo of Gu Dongcheng hidden deep inside her gallery. “Where…… are…… you now?”

“Are you that concerned about me?” Suddenly, a man’s voice came from behind Shui Lan’er. She was startled and instantly turned back. She saw Gu Dongcheng standing at the door, looking at her with an expressionless face.

Shui Lan’er cried out in surprise. “Big Brother! How did you know where I am? How have you been these days? If you have any difficulties, you must tell me. Yunhan and I will help you.”

Originally, when Gu Dongcheng heard Shui Lan’ers words, the expression on his face softened slightly, but after hearing her mentioned Chu Yunhan, Gu Dongcheng’s countenance instantly became cold and hard again. He didn’t answer Shui Lan’er, but walked up to her step by step and half-crouched down as he looked up at Shui Lan’er.

He murmured. “Lan’er, do you know? It’s all because of you that I’ve become what I am now.”

Shui Lan’er suspected that there was something wrong with her ears. She stared at Gu Dongcheng with wide eyes. “What? Big Brother, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“……It’s nothing.” Gu Dongcheng looked into Shui Lan’ers eyes and the violence in his heart slowly subsided—— His Lan’er was so lovely, how could he have thoughts like the one he just had?

Gu Dongcheng had lost everything. He was living in a mansion not long ago, but now he had become a homeless man. He was still wearing the clothes he wore when he was driven away, his face was covered with thin stubble, and he looked extremely down-and-out.

“I just wanted to see you.” Gu Dongcheng sighed lightly. “Lan’er, take care of yourself. I’m leaving.” Saying that, Gu Dongcheng stood up. Shui Lan’er bit her lip and looked at his back. Just as Gu Dongcheng was about to walk out of the dressing room, Shui Lan’er called out to him, “Big Brother, wait a moment.”

Gu Dongcheng halted as he looked back at Shui Lan’er. “Do you have something to say?”

Shui Lan’er stood up and walked a few steps towards Gu Dongcheng. After hesitating for a moment, she finally said to him, “Big Brother, you should stay here for now. I know you’ve been having a hard time lately and there’s nothing I can do to help you, but there’s no problem taking you in for a while.”

A light slowly shone in Gu Dongcheng’s eyes and a hint of a smile appeared on his face. “Then…… I’ll thank you first.”

Shui Lan’er smiled sweetly. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry, Big Brother, I’m here!”

At the same time, Jiang Baiwan who was sitting at home suddenly shivered for some reason. She touched her nose subconsciously and couldn’t help muttering, “Why’s there a sudden chill…… as if something bad is going to happen.”

“Are you listening to me?” Han Ling sat across from her and knocked on the table in dissatisfaction. “Please respect me a little and don’t go off on a tangent, okay?”

Jiang Baiwan quickly recovered and smiled embarrassedly. “Er…… What did you just say to me?”

Han Ling had become accustomed to Jiang Baiwan’s way. He sighed rather helplessly. “We’re talking about Tan Mi’s web drama. You still remember it, right?”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. “Yes, why? Is the rating not good?”

“On the contrary, the rating is surprisingly good.” Han Ling was also surprised by the situation. “So…… an online talk show invited you and the notice has already been sent to the company.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at the document handed over by Han Ling, a little tangled. “Didn’t I tell you before that I don’t want to enter the entertainment industry?”

Han Ling nodded and said very simply, “I’ve already pushed a lot of things for you that now, all are suspecting that I have a grudge against you. It’s just that you must be on this show.”

Jiang Baiwan’s rebelliousness was trigged at once. “Why?”

Han Ling sneered. “Then I’ll have Tan Mi to call and let her speak to you personally? After all, she’s the one who instructed me.”

Jiang Baiwan craned her neck, but after hearing who was behind it, she yielded and was quick to adapt. “Go, go, go! I’ll certainly go. Tan Mi’s business is my business, and I will help with this.”

Han Ling: “……”

“You don’t have to be afraid. It’s just a talk show. Can it be scarier than that variety show you participated in before?” Han Ling still comforted Jiang Baiwan. “Simply put, it’s just a matter of dressing up beautifully and sitting there, smiling and talking. It’s not difficult.”

Jiang Baiwan nodded solemnly, and just when Han Ling thought she was mentally preparing, Jiang Baiwan asked, “Then…… how about the appearance fee? Do I have to bring my own clothes?”

Han Ling: “……I think I’d better call Tan Mi.”

“Don’t.” Jiang Baiwan hurriedly pressed Han Ling’s hand and smiled obsequiously at him. “Let’s talk about this. Don’t call if there’s nothing.”

Han Ling stared at Jiang Baiwan for a while before withdrawing his hand. “I get what you mean. Don’t worry, your contract is almost expiring after participating in this. At that time, we can just terminate the contract and you won’t have to participate in these activities you don’t like anymore.”

Jiang Baiwan breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. That’s great.”

“But…… I recently heard a piece of news.” Han Ling paused. “Shui Lan’er seems to be going to the same studio as you to record on the same day, maybe the two of you will meet.”

Jiang Baiwan: “I’m having second thoughts—”

“It’s too late.” Han Ling blocked her words in one fell swoop.

Jiang Baiwan: “—All right.”


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