I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 43

This tense atmosphere wasn’t relieved until the two of them stood on the stage. Tan Mi was already able to handle this kind of situation with ease and had good control over her expression. As soon as she saw the camera, she subconsciously flashed a perfect smile.

Jiang Baiwan pursed her lips, her eyes were slightly vacant. However, she wasn’t a big celebrity, and as she followed the crowd, the camera didn’t focus on her much.

The host was dressed brightly and was introducing the cast to the audience. When Tan Mi’s name was mentioned, the audience gave a cheer, and the smile on Tan Mi’s face became even sweeter. Standing under the spotlight, she was a natural star.

Jiang Baiwan followed the process and introduced herself. She instinctively looked at Tan Mi and couldn’t help but sigh in her heart—— Tan Mi was really born for this.

The host guided them to their seats. Just like in the script, Jiang Baiwan, as a supporting role, sat quietly on the side as a flower vase, and her heart was relieved.

The recording of the program went on smoothly with Jiang Baiwan occasionally answering a few questions, though more of the focus fell on Tan Mi and the lead actor. Jiang Baiwan just listened to their conversation most of the time and laughed along with the others.

When the recording was halfway through and just as Jiang Baiwan was starting to feel sleepy, the host who was talking and laughing with Tan Mi suddenly threw a question at Jiang Baiwan. “Jiang Baiwan, you and Tan Mi participated in a variety show together before and that’s how you got acquainted with each other. Speaking of it, we were very surprised by your performance in that variety show, because you…… are just too skilled.”

Despite the smile of the host in front of her, Jiang Baiwan’s beast like instinct made her detect of a hint of danger.

She heard the host say, “Xiao Wan, can you tell us why you’re so good at those things? We know that something happened in your family, so has your current lifestyle…… developed during that period?”

This question wasn’t in the script and even though the host said it in a subtle way, everyone present knew that she’s referring to the bankruptcy of Jiang Baiwan’s family.

Tan Mi’s complexion changed and she wanted to interrupt, but before she could speak, she heard Jiang Baiwan say, “It’s okay, I’ve had similar experiences before. It doesn’t have much to do with whether or not my family has money.”

Jiang Baiwan’s face was calm and she didn’t react to the host’s intentional mention of the Jiang family’s bankruptcy. She even had a little smile on her face, as if she was talking about other people’s affairs.

The host immediately felt a little unreconciled. She planned to catch Jiang Baiwan by surprise, but who would have thought that the other party wouldn’t play ball?

The host calmed down and hurriedly pursued the question. “Then Xiao Wan, would you mind telling us how you lived after the trouble in your home?”

Jiang Baiwan gave the host an odd look then let out a laugh. She looked like a harmless little girl with her eyes curved, yet the words that come out of her mouth didn’t sound so friendly. “How did I live before and how am I living now? Do I have to be too saddened that I can’t pick myself up just because my family is broke?”

“Besides,” Jiang Baiwan paused. “Even if my family is bankrupt, it doesn’t mean I’m penniless. Don’t worry, I’m rich.”

As soon as the words left Jiang Baiwan’s mouth, Tan Mi couldn’t help laughing, and the audience below laughed too. Only the host sat in her seat, looking embarassed.

It’s just that she had no way to continue to question Jiang Baiwan now, otherwise she would appear aggressive. The host glanced at Jiang Baiwan unwillingly and saw that Jiang Baiwan was also staring at her. Their eyes collided and Jiang Baiwan smiled brightly at her.

Tan Mi’s expression became a little dull, and although the recording of the program was still the same as before, she didn’t show much enthusiasm. The host was well aware of the reason why Tan Mi became like this, so she simply decided to just do a little more.

The show continued, and just when everyone’s tension eased a little…… the host suddenly pointed the gun at Jiang Baiwan again. “Xiao Wan, after the web series was aired online, have you read the comments on the internet about you?”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. “Yes. I specifically searched for my own character, but I didn’t find much, after all, I only acted in two episodes and only filmed for a few days in total. Who would notice me?”

Low laughter echoed from the audience below. The host pursed her lips. She looked directly at Jiang Baiwan and said with a smile, “Then Xiao Wan, have you ever thought of how you want to continue to develop your career in the entertainment industry? Do you want to follow the film and television route, or are you planning to become a singer?”

“Development?” Jiang Baiwan repeated this word. “I have no plan to continue to develop in the entertainment industry.”

Upon hearing this, the host was stunned: What?

Jiang Baiwan’s expression was serious and it didn’t look like she was joking. “I have no plan to continue in the entertainment industry. I can’t act or sing, so I’ve opened a Malatang shop to start a small business.”

As she said that, Jiang Baiwan accurately found the camera that was aimed at her and raised her smiling face. “The address of the shop is easy to find, you can search it on my Weibo. The name of the store is Wuhuan Malatang. It’s really easy to find.”

The host’s face was a little ugly. She wanted to dig something out of Jiang Baiwan today, but not only were her questions blocked by Jiang Baiwan, she even did an advertisement just now?

However, at this point, the recording of the show was nearing its end, so even if the host wanted to make things difficult for Jiang Baiwan, there was no time left. She could only restrain herself and finished the recording honestly.

Finally, it was over, and Jiang Baiwan breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking of what Luo Xiao said to her in the shop before, she was quite pleased with herself—— As expected, the entertainment industry dig straightforward people so she just needed to be herself.

Tan Mi pushed through the crowd, walked to Jiang Baiwan’s side in a few steps, and grabbed her arm. “Are you alright?”

Jiang Baiwan looked at her in confusion. “What? What can happen to me?”

Tan Mi carefully examined Jiang Baiwan’s expression, and after confirming that she was not forcing a smile, she was relieved. “Can you please take today’s matter more seriously? I’ll look around and see why the host didn’t follow the script.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Jiang Baiwan really didn’t take this matter to heart. “It’s just the bankruptcy at home. It was already done so what if it’s brought up? It doesn’t matter, besides, I took the opportunity to advertise, it’s worth it.”

Tan Mi sneered. “Do you think we’re live? Do you think your advertisement will not be cut off later on?”

Seeing that Jiang Baiwan was still the same as before, Tan Mi resumed her usual way of getting along with her, the two walked forward talking and laughing, and unexpectedly reached Shui Lan’ers dressing room again.

Just as they passed by, there was an exclamation from inside the room. “Really?” Then the woman’s voice became quieter, making it hard to hear.

It was Shui Lan’ers voice.

Tan Mi and Jiang Baiwan glanced at each other. It happened that no one was passing by so the two made up their minds in an instant and leaned over the door, eavesdropping on what was going on inside.

Shui Lan’er was sitting inside the room, listening to the little assistant telling her about what happened in the program next door. After hearing the question asked by the host, Shui Lan’ers eyes widened, looking very surprised. “What? Why would she go and make things difficult for others like that?”

“Sister Lan’er, do you really not know?” The little assistant looked at Shui Lan’er with complicated eyes. “President Chu invested on that program and the host is also under his company.”

Hearing this, Shui Lan’er looked at the little assistant with eyes full of disbelief. “What are you saying? Do you mean that the reason why she did that is because of Yunhan?”

“How can that be possible?” Shui Lan’er denied. “Yun Han is usually a bit impulsive but he’s a good person. There’s a hidden light in his heart. How could he possibly do such an awful thing?”

Saying so, Shui Lan’er looked at the little assistant’s eyes with a hint of reproach. “You think too badly of people. Besides, having said that, Xiao Wan’s family…… going bankrupt is a fact, so why can’t we say it?”

“Since it’s already a fact, we have to accept it. Simply avoiding it will not bring good results.” Shui Lan’er began to smile. “I’m glad that Xiao Wan can see it clearly. It means she has a strong spirit.”

Just as the little assistant was about to say something, the door of the dressing room was suddenly kicked open, making a loud noise. The two of them were startled, and Shui Lan’er looked towards the door, only to see Jiang Baiwan standing there. Although Jiang Baiwan’s face was smiling, it was screaming chilliness.

“A strong spirit? Already a fact?” Jiang Baiwan narrowed her eyes. “Shui Lan’er, you’re much more impressive than I imagined.”

The little assistant wanted to stop Jiang Baiwan, but when Jiang Baiwan gave her a glare, the assistant was so frightened that her legs went weak—— How ​​could this woman have such a murderous aura?!

Jiang Baiwan closed the door behind her smoothly, took a chair and placed it against the door, her eyes never leaving Shui Lan’er as she did so. There were indefinable emotions surging in her chest.

Originally, she just wanted to hear what Shui Lan’er was saying, but she didn’t expect that she would actually spoke such words. Her tone was full of righteousness, as if things were supposed to be like this.

Jiang Baiwan, you really should hate her.

Looking at Shui Lan’er with complicated eyes, Jiang Baiwan silently said this sentence in her heart to the other Jiang Baiwan who was already gone.


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