I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 77

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Holding the phone, Jiang Baiwan wondered if she had heard wrong. “……What did you say?”

“Mom and Dad are back.” Jiang Zhishu had found a quieter place at this time and his voice could be heard clearly. “The two of them just contacted me and should be finding a hotel to stay in right now.”

After that, Jiang Zhishu’s tone became a bit strange. “Sis…… Do you want to see them?”

“No.” Without even thinking about it, Jiang Baiwan rejected Jiang Zhishu’s proposal straight away. “Do you think I’m a pushover? I don’t want to pursue the things they did before. I was able to forgive you on account of your help at the banquet. Now you want me to also forgive that couple?”

Perhaps out of anger, Jiang Baiwan spoke in slightly higher tone, “Jiang Zhishu, don’t even think about it!”

After saying that, Jiang Baiwan hung up the phone.

Ji Chen had been listening by the side the whole time without saying anything. Only when Jiang Baiwan hung up did he speak. “Your parents are back?”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. “En, I guess they were worried when they found that their son was gone.”

Ji Chen glanced at Jiang Baiwan’s face and seeing that she was clearly in a bad mood, he softened his tone, “You don’t have to be so angry, you know…… After all, they aren’t really yours…… right?”

Ji Chen said it rather cryptically, but Jiang Baiwan understood his meaning. She let out a faint sigh. “I can’t put it into words. This feeling is…… probably left to me because she has too much resentment.”

Jiang Baiwan said and reached out to touch her heart. “I always felt that there’s still a part of her left here, or that she had left some of her feelings with me. Ji Chen, there’s no way I can accept that couple, do you understand what I mean?”

“It’s not that hard.” Ji Chen put the chopped vegetables into the pot with a thud. “You don’t have anything to worry about, I’m here.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at Ji Chen and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “President Ji, though you were very handsome when you said that, but…… shouldn’t you add water inside the pot first?”

Ji Chen kept a straight face as he took a bowl of water and poured it into the pot. After putting the lid on, he turned to Jiang Baiwan. He looked very serious. “Don’t evade the topic. Since they’re back, they will look for you even if it’s just for show. Have you thought about what to do?”

“President Ji.” Jiang Baiwan rolled her eyes, then she blinked at Ji Chen like Shui Lan’er. “People are so scary, so scared.”

After that one sentence, both the listener and the speaker had goosebumps all over their bodies. Ji Chen simply turned back to the stove to concentrate on cooking, while Jiang Baiwan touched her arms and finally sighed. “Confront soldiers with generals[1]take appropriate measures as the situation calls for.”


When Jiang Zhishu and Ji Ying returned home, they saw a large table of delicious food. Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen sat facing each other. Ji Chen was holding chopsticks not eating much, while Jiang Baiwan ate with eyes shining.

“Your cooking is about the same as that of Master Wei’s from my shop.” Jiang Baiwan’s mouth was full of oil, happily eating. She didn’t have the worried and troubled look just now. As she ate, she commented while beaming with joy, “Ji Chen, how about you also make tomorrow’s lunch as well?”

“Hmm? Ji Chen has cooked?” Ji Ying sat at the table unceremoniously. Looking at the dishes on the table, she couldn’t help touching her stomach. “I’m also hungry, go and get me a pair of chopsticks.”

Jiang Zhishu went to the kitchen obediently to get two more pair of chopsticks and was even prepared to serve Ji Ying food. As a result, when Jiang Zhishu stretched out his chopsticks, Ji Chen nonchalantly blocked Jiang Zhishu with his. “You can’t.”

Jiang Zhishu pursed his lips. “Brother-in-law…… Why ah?”

“What are you going to do about your parents’ side?” With a single sentence, Ji Chen put the matter of the Jiang family right on the table. At once, the entire room fell silent.

Jiang Zhishu looked at his sister and sighed deeply. “I know Sister is upset. Don’t worry Brother-in-law, I will deal with this matter.” “

“Deal with it?” Ji Chen didn’t let him go. “How do you plan to deal with it? Your parents are back and they naturally have the advantage. No matter how pitiful your sister was at the beginning, there are some things that cannot be avoided.”

Jiang Zhishu scratched the back of his head and sort of understood what Ji Chen meant. “Then…… Brother-in-law, you arrange it?”

Only then did Ji Chen let go of his chopsticks. “If I arrange it, you shouldn’t just show up then.”

Jiang Zhishu couldn’t help but shudder—— There’s no need to say that the two siblings of the Ji family was more ruthless than the other. Only his sister, who has a big heart, couldn’t see what kind of person Ji Chen was and had always regarded Ji Chen as a pure cutie-pie.

Ji Ying, who was beside him, smoothed things over. “All right, if they’re back, then they’re back. What else can we do about it? Don’t worry, Xiao Wan, you can stay at our house during this time so you can avoid them.”

Jiang Baiwan sat on the side, her expression still confused—— She had a feeling that Ji Chen was brewing something big……

“What’s wrong?” Ji Chen put a piece of chicken wing into Jiang Baiwan’s bowl, his movements were very natural. “They’ve said it’s all right. You should eat.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at Ji Chen as she gnawed on her chicken wing, her heart agitated.

What would he do?

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t figure it out even after the meal was over.


In the hotel next to the airport, inside a luxurious room, the husband and wife of the Jiang family were sitting together. Jiang Bo was cluthing the phone in his hand, his expression not very good. “This time, no matter what, we must take Zhishu with us.”

“He sneaked back here alone, maybe it was that stinky girl who instigated him.” Li Wenxiu was very angry. She sat on the edge of the bed with a long face. “I don’t know what kind of potion she gave Zhishu to even make him sneak out of the military academy a thousand miles away and insists on returning here!”

Jiang Bo looked sullen and a little impatient. “All right, let’s not talk about this for now. The most important thing is to find the two of them. Zhishu is definitely with Baiwan. I’m just afraid…… it will be cumbersome.”

“What’s cumbersome—” Li Wenxiu wanted to say something but Jiang Bo’s phone suddenly rang.

Jiang Bo picked it up. “Hello? Did you find them? Where’s Xiao Shu?”

“Hello, Uncle Jiang.” A man’s steady voice came from the other end of the line. “It’s Ji Chen.”

Jiang Bo was clearly stunned. Of course he knew who Ji Chen was, but he didn’t know why Ji Chen would call him. Thinking of the current property and business scope of the Ji family, Jiang Bo’s tone became a bit cautious. “Uh…… President Xiao Ji, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Uncle Jiang, I know you’re looking for Xiao Wan.” Ji Chen was never one for nonsense and simply cut straight to the chase. “I know where she is now.”

Jiang Bo was momentarily taken aback and then immediately became anxious. “Ah? This…… Then President Xiao Ji, can you tell me where she is?”

“Uncle Jiang, I’m afraid I can’t let you see Xiao Wan right now.” Ji Chen gave a low laugh. “I can’t explain it clearly on the phone. If you’re free, come to Haochen Building. I’ll clarify it to you personally.”

With that, Ji Chen hung up the phone. Jiang Bo listened to the busy tone on the other end and wasn’t in a very good mood. “It’s Ji Chen…… He said he know where Xiao Wan is.”

“Then what are you waiting for?!” Li Wenxiu gave Jiang Bo a push. “Hurry up! We’ll go back to America once we find Xiao Shu, otherwise we won’t know how many days we’ll have to stay here……”

Jiang Bo had no choice but to go with Li Wenxiu.

In the Haochen Building, Ji Chen was sitting in his office, dressed in a suit with a stern expression, looking like he had gone back to the time when he first met Jiang Baiwan.

It’s just that Jiang Baiwan had seen through him now and was not at all afraid of Ji Chen’s cold face. She stood behind him with a curious look on her face. “What are you planning to do?”

“Nothing serious.” When facing Jiang Baiwan, Ji Chen forgot to put on a cold expression. “Do you want to watch a good show later?”

Jiang Baiwan was listening to Ji Chen’s phone call so she naturally heard Jiang Bo’s words as well. “……What exactly do you want to do?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to make things clear.” Ji Chen raised his hand and gently touched Jiang Baiwan’s cheek. “You don’t want to have trouble in the future either, do you?”

Jiang Baiwan hummed. Just when she was about to say something else, there was a knock on the office door. Assistant Xu said from outside, “President Ji, they are here.”

Jiang Baiwan was startled and rushed into the inner room to hide, while Ji Chen adjusted his tie. “Let them in.”

The Jiang couple had an indescribable feeling in their hearts as they walked into the Haochen Building. Before they went bankrupt, they also owned a company. Albeit not large as Haochen Building, it wasn’t small either.

Now…… they have nothing left.

When Assistant Xu led them to Ji Chen’s office, looking at the way Ji Chen was sitting inside the huge office, the Jiang couple’s mood became more and more indescribable.

Fortunately, Ji Chen was still very polite when facing them. “Uncle Jiang, Aunt Li, please sit down.”

“Ji Chen.” Jiang Bo coughed dryly, trying to act like an elder. “Your Aunt Li and I came back to China this time for no other reason but to find Zhishu and bring him back abroad. We know that Zhishu must be with Xiao Wan right now. You said earlier on the phone that…… you know where Xiao Wan is?”

Ji Chen nodded. “Yes, I know where Jiang Baiwan is now.”

“But uncle, I want to tell you one thing before that.” Ji Chen opened the drawer in front of him and took out a thin piece of paper from inside. He placed in front of the Jiang couple. “Take this check.”

Jiang Bo picked up the check with a puzzled face. Reading the amount of twenty million written on it, Jiang Bo fiercely choked out, “……Ji Chen, what do you mean by this?”

“It has no other meaning.” The corners of Ji Chen’s mouth tugged down. “I’ll give you twenty million and you must never come back to find Jiang Baiwan.”


1 take appropriate measures as the situation calls for


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