I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 84

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Jiang Baiwan looked at herself in the mirror. It’s not that she didn’t know that the pink bow on her back was a bit abrupt, but she just couldn’t let it go.

“Ji Chen, I think this one is pretty good.” Jiang Baiwan played dumb. “How about this?”

Ji Chen directly ignored Ji Ying. “As long as you like it.”

Jiang Baiwan glanced back at him and found that two people had disappeared. “Where are Luo Xiao and Jiang Zhishu?”

“Sis!” Before Jiang Baiwan could finish speaking, Jiang Zhishu cheerfully called her as he walked out of the fitting room along with Luo Xiao. Jiang Zhishu wore an indigo blue suit, while Luo Xiao chose a flamboyant purple. Fortunately, the two of them were good-looking, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to suppress the color of the clothes.

Jiang Zhishu walked up to Jiang Baiwan’s side. “Sis, I borrowed Brother-in-law’s light today to check out some clothes. When I get married later, I won’t need to choose again.”

In a rare moment, Ji Ying did not raise her voice in opposition. Jiang Zhishu stole a glance at her and found that she was stunned. His eyes instantly bent in a smile.

Luo Xiao stood in place and looked around. “Where’s Tan Mi?”

“Why are you looking for me?” Tan Mi walked out swaying gently. Unlike Jiang Baiwan, she changed into a slim-fitting wedding dress. She looked at Luo Xiao with a disdainful expression on her face. “Your taste is really as bad as ever.”

Luo Xiao was so focused on staring at Tan Mi that he didn’t even notice what she was saying. “Indeed, indeed.”

Tan Mi: “……”

Jiang Baiwan stood beside Ji Chen, watching the group of people laughing and talking. She secretly reached out and hooked Ji Chen’s finger. Ji Chen froze for a moment, and then he enveloped Jiang Baiwan’s hand on his and tightened his grip.


The wedding arrangement was in full swing. Jiang Baiwan entrusted full authority to Ji Chen, leaving everything to him. Ji Chen had been the president of Haochen Group for so many years and he had never felt any difficulty when dealing with matters, large or small. However, on his own wedding, Ji Chen discovered for the first time what troublesome was.

When Assistant Xu saw the detailed wedding plan written by Ji Chen, the way he looked at his boss changed. Looking at Ji Chen’s vaguely expectant eyes, he tactfully said, “President Ji, the most important thing about a wedding is not the form, but the heart. If you can make the other party feel your heart, then even if the wedding isn’t that grand, there will still be no problem.”

Ji Chen blinked his eyes and didn’t seem to understand. “……If you have any opinions, just say so.”

“It’s so grandiose.” Assistant Xu sighed. “Miss Jiang may not be accustomed to such grand spectacle.”

What was all this?! Scattering rose petals down from the sky, and releasing doves and balloons, these could barely be considered normal procedures, but what was this water fight thing?

Ji Chen was clueless. “I want to make it more fun. The wedding shouldn’t be too rigid.”

Assistant Xu was tired. “President Ji, if it doesn’t work, we’d better find a wedding planner……”

Was it really that bad? Ji Chen fell into contemplation.

In the end, Ji Chen found a well-known wedding planner in the industry, and secretly put the plan he had made back into the drawer of his room.

Jiang Baiwan still had nothing to do these days so she went to the Malatang shop to help out. Because she was about to get married, she took advantage of the opportunity to launch a new set menu for customers that were expecting. She also gave invitations to Master Wei and the college student waiter, whose hands was shaking as he received the invitation—— This was the wedding of the president of Haochen Group! He just came to work whenever he had no studies, but he surprisingly got an opportunity to attend such a wedding.

In comparison, Master Wei was much calmer. He squinted his eyes to look at the invitation, smiling. “You’re finally getting married?”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. “En, I’ve already agreed so it’s impossible to go back on it now……”

“You want to back out?” Master Wei began to regret why he had brought this up. Jiang Baiwan stuck out her tongue. “Just kidding, just kidding.”

If she really backed out, Ji Chen would lock her directly at home and not let her go out.

Master Wei sighed and put the invitation away. “All right, go back and prepare well. The two of us will both be there when the time comes.”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. She opened her mouth to speak but said nothing. Master Wei glanced at her. “What’s the matter? Is there anything else you want to say?”

“I just have a surreal feeling about all of this.” Jiang Baiwan muttered. “It’s my first time getting married.”

Master Wei smiled. “How many more times do you want to get married? Don’t be afraid. A lot of things can get tough sometimes, but it’s only natural.”

Jiang Baiwan nodded hesitantly. Master Wei looked at Jiang Baiwan’s back as she went out. He had a feeling that there might still be some issues with Ji Chen’s wedding.


The Ji family didn’t invite many people for the wedding. Although Ji Chen’s wedding had attracted a lot of attention, Ji Chen and Jiang Baiwan were surprisingly unanimous in their views on the matter—— The two of them did not want their wedding to be made into some kind of show. It’s fine as long as their family and friends could attend.

When Jiang Baiwan was discussing the list with Ji Chen, she once asked him, “Don’t you need to invite those business partners of yours?”

Ji Chen shook his head, extremely nonchalant. “It’s fine. They won’t dare say anything behind our backs.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……”

What does it mean to be rich and powerful? This was it!

The two invited a small group of relatives and friends, but it was mostly friends. The Ji family itself wasn’t a big family, let alone the Jiang family with only two people in total— Jiang Baiwan and Jiang Zhishu. During the preparation time before the wedding, Jiang Baiwan was alone in the lounge with no one around.

She was wearing the wedding dress she had chosen for herself, and her heart was beating like a drum. All the unease in the previous few days almost broke out at this time. Jiang Baiwan sat on the chair covering her heart, almost wanting to imitate the runaway brides in all the movies she had watched before.

However, thinking of the aftermath of running away, Jiang Baiwan remained sitting stiffly in place.

When Tan Mi came in, she saw Jiang Baiwan’s exquisite made-up yet distorted face. She was startled. “What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Baiwan looked at her miserably. She held back for a long time without daring to speak, before finally choking out a sentence, “I…… I want to go to the restroom.”

Tan Mi rolled her eyes. “Then why not go? I’ll come and help you up with the skirt.”

Jiang Baiwan stood up and took two steps, but then retreated back and sat on her original seat. “I-I don’t want to go anymore.”

Tan Mi could tell what it was. “You’re nervous?”

“How can I not be nervous?” Jiang Baiwan covered her head. “It’s my first time getting married! The first in every sense of the word!”

Tan Mi patted her leg with an odd expression. “It’s okay, you won’t be nervous later.”

Jiang Baiwan was taken aback, but before she could react, the people outside were already there to urge, “Bride! The wedding is starting so the bride needs to get in position!”

When Tan Mi heard this, she directly held Jiang Baiwan’s arm and led her out. Jiang Baiwan didn’t even have a chance to hesitate and stood at the end of the red carpet in a daze.

Jiang Zhishu was playing the role of her father. He stood next to Jiang Baiwan, dressed in a neat suit. He took Jiang Baiwan’s arm and whispered to her, “Sister, look at Brother-in-law, isn’t he handsome today?”

Jiang Baiwan looked up at Ji Chen at the end of the aisle and her heart skipped a beat.

She already knew that Ji Chen was handsome, but today, for some reason, Ji Chen looked even more handsome than usual.

Especially as Ji Chen stared at her, the affection in his eyes was like an invisible hand, slowly soothing Jiang Baiwan’s flustered heart.

When the music started, she had almost calmed down. Holding a bouquet in her hand, she took in everything under the hazy veil.

Yet Ji Chen’s figure only became clearer and clearer.

Jiang Baiwan, led by Jiang Zhishu, walked step by step towards Ji Chen. When she reached him, Ji Chen took Jiang Baiwan’s hand from Jiang Zhishu’s almost impatiently.

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t help but let out a laugh. While Ji Chen was slowly lifting her veil, he took advantage of when the people around weren’t paying attention too much and blinked his eyes at Jiang Baiwan. He whispered, “You didn’t fall down today.”

“Because I’m wearing sneakers.” Jiang Baiwan whispered back.

Ji Chen: “……”

The ceremony officially began. Jiang Baiwan felt Ji Chen’s hand in hers while the priest’s voice rang in her ears, and the panic that had just gone away began to slowly return.

It was at this moment that Ji Chen suddenly interrupted the priest. “Forgive me, Father. I just remembered there’s still one thing I haven’t done yet.”

After saying that, he snapped his fingers, and Assistant Xu, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately stepped forward. He handed the document in his hand to Ji Chen.

Ji Chen took the document and at the same time pulled out a pen from his pocket, before kneeling down on one knee facing Jiang Baiwan. He raised his head and looked at her in the eyes. “Marry me. After you sign this, half of my entire fortune will be yours. It’s also true for everything.”

The scene was utterly silent and everyone was shocked by Ji Chen’s stroke of genius.

Jiang Baiwan took the pen with trembling hands, her expression dazed. “Are you…… serious?”

Ji Chen showed his sincerity with real actions. He opened the document and handed it to Jiang Baiwan.

Jiang Baiwan hesitated for a while, looking at the blank part for the signature, then at Ji Chen. In the end, she put the pen in her hand back into Ji Chen’s chest pocket.

Facing Ji Chen’s puzzled gaze, Jiang Baiwan grinned. “I have money of my own, I don’t need yours. I have eight million!”

Ji Chen’s eyes moved slightly. He lowered his gaze in thought, before standing up and casually putting aside the document in his hand. He opened his arms towards Jiang Baiwan. “Then will you marry me?”

Without saying a word, Jiang Baiwan threw herself into Ji Chen’s embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. She gave a resounding kiss on Ji Chen’s cheek and shouted loudly, “I do!”

All the people present cheered and the flower petals at the wedding venue were scattered on the air. Ji Chen tightly hugged Jiang Baiwan, secretly swearing in his heart that he would never let go in this lifetime.

The priest on one side: “……”

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