KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 10

With a heart full of melancholy and nowhere to vent, the moment they heard that JK’s female player had started her stream, everyone rushed into Yu Yue’s live stream room.

The number of viewers skyrocketed.

10,000 viewers. Yu Yue raised her eyebrows.

30,000 viewers. Yu Yue took a sharp breath.

50,000 viewers. Yu Yue stood up and left.

Sitting beside her, Lu Qi grabbed Yu Yue, “Where do you think you’re going? This many people and you’re already scared?”

“I’m from the countryside and have never seen the world!” Alas, fate had taken hold of her by the back of her neck. Yu Yue could neither run nor hide, she could only listen to her captain’s reprimands and watch as the stream headed in a strange direction.

“You’re afraid of this many people? How can I expect you to stay calm during matches like this? Sit down and play seriously!”

[Hahaha, Veteran Qi Ge is online.]

[Lu—the whole team is my son—Qi]

[Qi Ge’s finally working, but it’s for the team’s little fairy QAQ. Qi Ge, don’t you love me anymore?]

[Check out Qi Ge’s stream. Tch…… Please head to 4191276, directly helping to direct traffic to the little missy’s stream!]

[Upstairs, it’s not just Qi Ge, the two brothers, and jungler also use this room name! Little Miss gets VIP treatment!]

Lu Qi saw this comment and sneered, “Team bias? How could she possibly have such good treatment?”

As he said this, he turned on Yu Yue’s camera.

[Today, we get to see the face of Qi Ge!]

[Qi Ge, look at me! Look at me!]

[My roommate’s last wish was to see Qi Ge, now she can rest in peace.]

What a brave soul! Daring to stream while amidst a controversy.

Except for Lian, everyone had come to help her boost her traffic. It looked like she really did not get along with Lian. If her relationship with Lian, a fellow support, was not that great, it indicated that she was not that capable.

Trying to take over Lian’s starting position, are you worthy? How much can you be worthed?

“Room admin, time to work.” Lu Qi pressed Yu Yue down onto her gaming chair and said indifferently, “You’re still not banning curses?”

After banning several people who spoke obscenely, the barrage of comments became much more harmonious. Lu Qi then left, revealing a nervous Yu Yue behind him.

Da Qing: “Say hello, what are you afraid of?”

Da Ming: “Don’t turn off the camera. You’ll see these people when you compete. Since you’ll see them sooner or later, you might as well meet them now. Besides, Xiao Ruo even took great care of you. He gave you a beauty camera! We didn’t even have one!”

“sHHHH” Ling Chen covered his mouth.

[hhhhhhh[1]basically hahahahahaha Xiao Ming Ming is too honest.]

[Qi Ge! Don’t leave if you love me~]

[Listening to Qi Ge’s voice from other people’s streams daily (quietly)]

[Eden’s so close to Qi Ge.]

[JK’s base is small. Everyone is streaming at the same table. Nothing new. Orz]

[Missy, can you tell Qi Ge to turn on his mic and camera?]

Yu Yue was an obedient streamer.

But Lu Qi was not.

“Not going to on it.” After a pause, Captain Lu said, “If you say hello, I’ll on it.”

Yu Yue immediately raised her hand and gave a stiff greeting, “Hai……”

[Not much difference from the official photos. Her skin is so fair.]

[So her hazel eyes are natural? I thought she was wearing colored lenses.]

[I’m one-sidely declaring that this is my new wife.]

 [Her voice is a little soft…]

Yu Yue smiled awkwardly and opened the game interface.

Compared to facing thousands of viewers, she would rather face her opponents.

“Ranked match?” Lu Qi sent out a friend invite.

“Okay!” Ling Chen was the first to respond, hugging the thighs of the mid lane daddy.

Da Qing and Da Ming soon followed, joyfully getting on the train.

Seeing this, the viewers were ecstatic: Yo! Alright! Five-man pro players!

A scene that happened once in a hundred years.

The fans were all very happy and spread the word everywhere. In just a span of ten minutes, the number of viewers on JK’s streams increased dramatically.

Xiao Ruo’s strategy of having four professional players look after Yu Yue was pretty shameless, but it was effective.

Those people cried and complained about Xiao Ruo’s lack of shame, yet they still took the bait.

This was a five-man match! Their source of joy for watching live streams.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of JK’s base in the players resting quarters, Lian used a tablet and switched to a sub account to watch Yu Yue’s live stream.

He wanted to see if this person had learned anything from the many lessons that Qing Guang had taught her.


Queueing in five-man teams was the easiest way to run into other pro players because pro players’ ranks were usually all high ranked and concentrated at the top. If they happened to start playing five-man matches at this time, the scene where pro players fight against pro players would appear.

The BP interface would not show the enemy’s ID, and the countdown timer was not as long as during competitive matches. Both sides quickly finished their ban and pick phase and entered the game.

As soon as they entered, Da Ming opened the team’s panel and recognized the other side, “Isn’t this LZ’s second team? They’re playing five-man today?”

Da Qing also opened the panel to take a look, “It’s not all the members. Look at mid lane’s Distant and bot lane’s Xi Xi, they’re the starting lineup. Those three secondary team players are all on the list of players for the playoffs. They’re probably training the newbies.” 

“I’m not talking about that.” Da Ming carefully looked at Yu Yue, turned off his mic, and whispered to his brother, “The point is that LZ’s people bad-mouthed Eden. Did you forget already?”

Oh right.

As soon as Da Ming mentioned it, Da Qing recalled. Before, when they bumped into each other in the restaurant, LZ had said mean things about Yu Yue.

If Yu Yue really could not beat LZ in this game, wouldn’t it be true?

The so-called meeting with an enemy was like seeing red, Distant and Xi Xi from LZ obviously still remembered the ‘stinking idiot’ that Da Ming had shouted out before. At level one, five people suddenly rushed to the bush at mid lane, attempting to forcibly attack Yu Yue who was crouching in the bush and providing vision.

Who knew that Yu Yue was like a slippery little fish, the moment she saw so many people rushing over, she had no desire to stay and instantly retreated, avoiding their assault.

Failing to catch her, LZ lost some of their gold and tried to regain their loss by invading the jungle. However, their every move was exposed under Yu Yue’s vision. They were naturally unsuccessful and were even counter-attacked by JK.

Da Ming took Li Bai’s head amidst the chaos of the team fight and let out a long comfortable sigh, “Hey, this is very naisu. The first blood is mine, I can stand up soon, wait for me to carry the game!”

Lu Qi, who did not get a kill, brought Yu Yue along to steal the three pigs in the enemy’s jungle.

LZ’s mid laner took a look at Lu Qi and Yu Yue’s full health, feeling helpless, he pretended that he did not see anything and walked away.

The scattered barrage finally caught up:

[What the hell, ganking the support at level one, are they still professional players?]

[Thanks to the showy mechanics of LZ’s second team, my team’s Xiao Ming Ming is now very comfortable, he even feels like he can fly now 2333[2]stands for amused laughter]

[Upstairs, you can go to hell. Garo[3]Jia Luo’s Global name is just a standing-and-shooting type of marksman. He will obviously be cut down by the enemy! He can only be happy he got a first blood and a few hundred golds now.]

[I really can’t understand LZ’s actions. Are they live streaming now? Can someone tell them that JK is live streaming here and to not embarrass themselves? Can they just play seriously? Now, it’s like their match-fixing]

[Maybe they cough the wrong person? They were probably aiming for Qi Ge.]

If it was to target Lu Qi, then it would be understandable. Everyone knew that Lu Qi was strong and that they could not let him farm. To counter him, some teams would let their jungler gank the mid lane as if they stayed there. They would randomly gank Lu Qi from the bushes until he became crazy.

This viewer turned on a strange switch and there was a wave of laughter in all of the live stream rooms. All laughing at ‘Qi Ge: It’s too difficult for me.’

JK fans, celebrating New Year X2.

Of course, some people still held a skeptical attitude.

Did Qi Ge’s Kong Ming[4]Zhuge Liang’s Global name and Yu Yue’s Gui Guzi look alike?

Not at all, right?

How could they be possibly mistaken? Does e-sports not require eyesight?

Their early game rhythm had collapsed and LZ could only farm in a wretched manner. Their jungle was like JK’s backyard, especially for Ling Chen and Lu Qi. These two people relied on their many dash skills to come and go without a trace. If they wanted to ambush them, Yu Yue would be there as a scout, checking the bushes that they would pass by.

She was like an iron plate, impregnable.

“I’m guessing that they’re regretting going after little Missy in the early game,” Da Ming smirked. “They have a problem in their head, not catching such a big Qi Ge and bullying a girl. Now, the real daddies can carry the game already, right?”

“Did you win yet? What a load of nonsense!” Lu Qi raised his head and rewarded Da Ming with a knock on his head.

“Brother! The captain’s bullying me!”

Da Qing did not even lift his head, “You deserve it! Hurry up and come assist the top lane! Is the top laner an orphan?”

Not an orphan, but soon to be.

[How realistic…… I’ve never seen my teammates when I play top lane, no matter if it was a winning or losing match.]

[The opposite LZ is so bad. What kind of pro players are they? They can’t even fight against JK, not even a little bit. JK already had the results 18:0, it’s like playing against bots.]

[JK has four starting players and one substitute, LZ has two starting players and three substitutes. Is it the same? Let Qi Ge carry me and I’ll win too. It’s just a matter of having a strong thigh.]

[Make sense. I can do it too.]

[The ‘I can do it’ has appeared! If you’re that good, how come you’re not playing professionally?]

Yu Yue did not say a  single word throughout the game, but there were multiple pings on the enemy’s position from her. No matter what the barrage was saying, she always had a calm expression on her face, until they pushed to LZ’s high ground. She took the opportunity to look at the comments while Da Ming was pushing the turret.

At that time, a sentence slowly floated by.

[JK’s Support of Light]

She was stunned for a moment, squinted, and smiled. Her voice was clean and pure, without any pretense, and comfortable to the ears, “Are you praising me?”

— Completely different from when she was gaming.

Suddenly, some people understood why Lu Qi wanted to promote her to the starting lineup.

A girl who took the game so seriously would one day deserve all the glory in the world.

[Mom! Her smile is so beautiful! I like her!]

[Yes! I’m praising you!

[AA sent out four landmines.]

After a burst of rainbow fart[5]praises, these are praises, someone stood forward.

[Ahem, I heard someone say that my wife is a muddler, getting carried by Qi ge. Just nice, I was spectating the whole game using Honor of Kings spectating system. So, I’ll just post a thread to analyze the so-called ‘muddler support’ Eden for everyone. I’ll try to be as objective as possible.]

[(She’s too cute, please forgive me for not being able to be objective sometimes.)]


1 basically hahahahahaha
2 stands for amused laughter
3 Jia Luo’s Global name
4 Zhuge Liang’s Global name
5 praises, these are praises


Random person online doing some translation~

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