KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 11

Originally, today was supposed to be Yu Yue’s live stream debut. Many people wanted to understand her true strength through the live stream. However, the entire team except for Lian, was present.

The four starting lineup players were so terrifying that playing against LZ’s second team was like playing against bots.

Before the viewers could react, the game was over.

They smacked their lips, feeling unsatisfied.

Now that they heard that someone was willing to analyze the game, the viewers hurriedly entered the post to see how much insight they could gain from the game.

[I had consulted with my hundred-star friends to ensure that all the following mechanics are real. We just didn’t realize how amazing they were.]

[I had just used the built-in spectator mode to watch the whole game from Eden’s perspective. I found that little miss was unlike what others said who went through the back door and snatched Lian’s position. She is truly an excellent player. In this game, apart from experience and items, vision is also a very important resource, little miss’s vision ability is very outstanding.]

[In LZ’s first gank, Eden chose to avoid the fight, not because she was afraid but because it was a decision made after much thought. If they had a team fight then, Qi Ge’s Kong Ming was not at level two yet, and the cooldown for his first skill was too long, they might not have been able to use their skills twice in the fight, and the damage would have been insufficient. Even if Eden had pulled all four of them, Qi Ge would not be able to kill them. Considering this, little miss retreated but pulled all the minions under the turret for Qi Ge to farm safely to level two, which was a very smart move.]

Following that were several screenshots.

[This was what I saw in the King’s Gorge from Qi Ge’s perspective. You can see that the vision on LZ’s side is very broad and was almost all lit up by Eden. All of you felt that Qi Ge is so amazing, and Ling Chen is so cool, they dared to steal from the enemy’s jungle. But let me tell you this, this was all fundamentally a battle between the supports from both sides. If little miss did not provide the vision, if Qi Ge was ambushed, he would only end up as a corpse.]

It could be seen from the screenshots that Lu Qi and Ling Chen were able to avoid ambushes several times thanks to the vision. If Eden did not provide the vision, the mid laner and jungle would not have made it out alive.

[Throughout the entire game, LZ had ganked the mid lane four times, but each time ended up in failure.]

[They tried to steal the tyrant three times, each time, they were discovered by JK.]

[The most theatrical part was when LZ’s little support completely did not realize that JK’s support was hiding in the neighboring bush, resulting in LZ getting counter-ganked.]

[Do you think this was all coincidence? No, behind all these coincidences, all hid the name of one person — Eden.]

Originally, nobody would have noticed all these tiny details.

They only thought that Qi Ge’s mechanics were awesome.

Ling Chen was so cool snatching the tyrant.

Da Ming farming rapidly and killing everyone in sight was godly.

Even Da Qing who was resisting pressure in the top lane was somehow steadfast.

Only the support. They only felt that the support was useless.

It was JK’s other members that were too powerful, carrying the support and winning the game.

However, after reading this analysis, most people felt that they might have misunderstood the support. Or rather, they had misunderstood Eden’s support.

She was not Lian.

Sometimes, she was not so courageous, going all out with her skills. But behind every amazing game mechanic that JK performed, there was a small and fragile figure.

She provided the vision, protected Qi Ge, and created opportunities for the team.

With the lowest amount of gold, she provided the most comprehensive vision.

Everyone was marveling at how Lu Qi easily got triple or quadra kills, admiring Ling Chen for cutting through the backlines and retreating with a thin thread of health, and how Da Ming dealt so much damage that even LZ’s jungler who came for him died under his damage.

No one saw that Lu Qi was able to accurately locate the low-health enemies without panning around so much because Yu Yue had already provided the vision for that area.

No one knew that Ling Chen, who was low on health, almost got killed by the enemy’s skill if Yu Yue had not used her second skill to pull that person away, changing the direction of the skill, and allowing Ling Chen to escape with a sliver of health.

No one noticed that LZ’s jungler was targeted by Yu Yue and Lu Qi, so much so that he could not deal significant damage anymore.

Eden was indeed not Lian.

She was not as fierce as Lian.

But she was doing what a support should do, and she was trying her best.

[In conclusion, little Miss is not a flower vase[1]a pretty person with no talent, just that she’s afraid sometimes. But her ability to provide vision is many times better than Lian’s. I think that this unique point of hers is similar to LZ’s support, He Jian. As we all know, aside from QAQ’s Reed, He Jian’s vision is the best in the league. Maybe the little miss can learn from LZ’s He Jian hahaha.]

After reading this post, most people had a general idea of Yu Yue’s role.

Thinking back, JK’s victory was indeed inseparable from Eden’s contribution to the team.

Throwing out the hostility, the comment section became more harmonious:

[She’s pretty good. Gui Guzi is obviously an offensive support but was played as a protective one. I’m impressed.]

[I also want this kind of support qwq. Coming from a mage targeted by the enemy every day.]

[Did you guys notice something? Qi Ge finally has someone who is willing to protect him! JK finally doesn’t need Qi Ge to initiate the team fights anymore!]

[Hahaha, it seems to be true! Qi Ge has been targeted for so long, finally, now someone is willing to walk in front of him and pave the way.]

[Qi Ge: This feels good.]

[No wonder Qi Ge is dying to push Eden to play in the KPL playoffs because she is his own Garden of Eden.]

[When Lian played and when Eden played, Qi Ge’s performance is so different QVQ The little miss is better. I feel that with her around, JK can play with a peace of mind.]

[There’s no need to learn from He Jian… He Jian is not as good as the other supports now. They’re just fishing for benefits. It’s better to learn from the neighboring team’s Qing Guang.]

Qing Guang from the neighboring team

This was very naisu.

The neighboring team’s Qing Guang sneezed, unclear on who was talking bad about him.

At the same time in LZ’s base, LZ’s support, He Jian, also sneezed.

As luck would have it, he was also watching Yu Yue’s live stream.

It was hard not to, after all their second team was playing against JK. Distant and Xi Xi, who was playing with them, were even cursing at JK after getting beaten by those bastards from JK.

“F*ck! This support is so annoying! How come I see her everywhere!” Distant could not help but swear. If Yu Yue was in front of him, he would have taken his anger out on her through a beating, “Is this newbie support from JK a gopher[2]A burrowing rodent?”

Xi Xi echoed, “You think you had it bad? I’m the one who’s fed up, okay? They keep showing up in mid-jungler-support trio and ganking me everywhere I go!”

Distant added, “You should leave when you see Eden appear! No point fighting. If she dared to appear, it meant her teammates were nearby! At least Time would be there. To be honest, I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed with the mid lane!”

“Time is Lu Qi ah, the top mid laner in KPL according to Tieba,” Xi Xi sneered. “Girl just wants to hug a thick thigh, of course, she’ll find the strongest one.”

Distant, LZ’s starting mid laner, looked haggard after being crushed by the opponent for the whole game, “No…… instead of saying she hugged the thick thigh, it’s more like she raised a crazy dog named Lu Qi in the mid lane……”

Xi Xi thought about it carefully and found that it made sense.

He had never seen such a fed Qi Ge before.

But with Yu Yue around to protect him, they could not catch Lu Qi at all. They could only watch as he got fed.

This support was too good to the mid laner like the Snail Lady[3]A Chinese folklore, to find out more, click here,  repaying a debt of gratitude.

“She’s so annoying!” Distant exclaimed.

“I was thinking,” Xi Xi said. “If JK really relies on Eden heavily, then their overall play style would change, right? After all, Lian and Eden have completely different play styles. Lian is particularly good at offense, and his Gui Guzi is one of the best in the league, especially with JK’s aggressive play style. But, Eden’s not like that. She’s…… Clearly not that aggressive.”

Distant thought about it and said, “I won’t be so sure about it. Four of them are aggressive, and she’s the only cowardly one, the coach would definitely ask her to be more aggressive too! Just like the third game in the relegation match, exchanging Wolf Totem for Moon Soul, pulling the enemies in the fountain, a series of great mechanics. Otherwise, how would she cooperate with her teammates? So when she really played on stage, she would likely become the second Lian!”

If she really became the second Lian, then she would become worthless.

“Instead of letting her learn from our team’s He Jian, she might as well learn from her team’s Lian. They’ll become the same in the end anyway,” Xi Xi also saw the comments on Tieba. “But her ability to provide vision is really scary. I can’t even imagine where she would be at……But it’s also because those children from the second team weren’t taught well enough. Especially the support. He Jian, you should teach him better.”

“I’ve already taught him,” He Jian’s voice was filled with exhaustion. “When he was playing just now, I was watching. But that bush, even if it was me playing, I might not be able to locate her either. When fighting the tyrant, won’t we usually stand near the pit to provide vision? Who knows……”

Who knew that Eden would hide in the bush near the top lane turret for so long?

How did she know that Xi Xi would pass by that area to go to the tyrant’s pit?!!

It really made people suspect that she was using hacks!!!

Hearing that He Jian said that he would lose that tyrant too, Xi Xi widened his eyes in shock, “Is she really that good?”

“I don’t know who taught her that,” He Jian hesitated for a moment before saying truthfully, “She’s indeed talented.”

Under normal circumstances, nobody would hide there. It was not s strategic bush.

After he finished speaking, a new comment popped up:

[He Jian is not as good as her!]

When He Jian saw this, his expression changed, and the praise that was about to come out changed, “But she’s still green.”

[What a pity He Jian wasn’t playing today. Otherwise, we’ll know who’s stronger.]

He Jian switched to his sub account and commented: [He Jian’s stronger.]


Back at JK’s base, they had just finished reviewing the game. Da Ming carefully asked Yu Yue, “Did you feel satisfied?”

Yu Yue was confused, “What?”

Da Ming: “I mean the feeling of slapping them in the face! We just won LZ, the ones belittling you a few days ago!”

Yu Yue said, a little embarrassed, “I didn’t pay much attention. They’re just our opponents. When we meet on the competitive stage, we’ll just have to play well.”

Da Qing walked by, shaking his head, “Captain, look at our support, she wants to zap LZ. Her confidence is getting inflated.”

“That’s fine,” Lu Qi looked at the data in his hand and did not even bother raising his head. “Young people should be ambitious.”

He was in an unusually good mood after winning a ranked match.

Da Qing: “????”

If someone had said that under normal circumstances, they would definitely get a scolding from Lu Qi.

Captain, you’re biased.

You’ve changed.

You’re really a dog.


1 a pretty person with no talent
2 A burrowing rodent
3 A Chinese folklore, to find out more, click here


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