KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 12

Inexplicably, Yu Yue became popular and gained fans in one night.

Everyone who was a fan said that she was too serious, like Qi Ge, with a puzzling persistence for victory. They say that people who were serious were the most adorable. According to this standard, Yu Yue was obviously adorable to a certain extent.

As some of her fans put it: “The most attractive thing about professional players is their never-give-up spirit, right?”

What’s more, Yu Yue was also good-looking.

Not just in the KPL circle, even if you took her out onto the streets, her appearance was at least above average. When she smiled, she looked especially cute which added to her charms.

More importantly, Yu Yue’s live stream was entertaining.

As the team bias, she could always find someone to duo with or even trio with. The entertainment effect was not just 1+1=2.

Especially with Da Qing and Da Ming, as long as Yu Yue was online, they would extend an olive branch to her.

As Da Ming put it: “You guys don’t understand how much blessing it is knowing that someone is guarding your back while you deal maximum damage.”

[No, I believe Qi Ge understands very well.]

[Female support is indeed different.]

[I wish I had worked hard to play esports too, then the person sitting next to Xiao Ming Ming would be me.]

[So is this why you played Solarus and Lu Ban? Because the environment provided by the little miss was so good your confidence inflated?]

[When you clash with QAQ’s Reed, then you’ll know how great it is to be supported.]

[Why not include Qi Ge to play together~]

Yu Yue’s eyes drifted to the side and she was immediately hot on the wrist, “What are you looking at while gaming?”

— — She really wanted to tell those cute viewers in the barrage that Lu Qi was sitting right next to her, holding a small ruler to hit her with if she could not keep up with the pace.

[Who? Who’s hitting my wife? Look, her wrist is red!]

[Upstairs, stop dreaming.]

[Do you know how to cherish and care for a lady?]

Coincidentally, Yu Yue’s Zhong Kui missed the second skill hook again, and her wrist was hit again, “What kind of positioning is that? How many hooks have you missed? Go home and hook your own buff.”

Yu Yue: QAQ

[That’s enough! Don’t hit my wife anymore!]

[Wifey, turn on the mic and let me clearly hear this lecher’s voice.]

Da Ming: “No need to on the mic. This is our Captain Lu.”

As soon as they heard that it was Lu Qi, the barrage instantly changed tune:

[So it’s Qi Ge!]

[How can it be called hitting if it’s Qi Ge? That’s called educating!]

[Dad Lu is online.]

[Hahaha, Tyrant Lu is also fierce today.]

[The other teams have started training matches, when are you guys starting? Don’t end up embarrassing yourselves during the playoffs with those disgraceful results. Don’t know what happened to you guys, last year’s autumn season was not this bad, almost got eliminated this year.]

[Relegation is a bit too shameful.]

[If Lian is the number one Gui Guzi on the King’s Gorge, then little miss…… this Zhong Kui…… is the most embarrassing Zhong Kui.]

[As King’s Gorge gold miner, being happy is enough. It doesn’t matter if you can hook someone or not.]

“Believe me! I will definitely hook someone with my next hook!”

Before the words fell, Yu Yue had pulled the enemy’s fragile marksman from their turret, her eyes sparkling, “See, I said I could hook him! Isn’t it better now?”

Da Ming coughed lightly, “You only hooked once.”

“As the saying goes, when there is one, there will be two!” Although she had hooked the enemy, her teammates did not expect that and could not follow up with the damage to kill the marksman, wasting a good chance. However, Yu Yue did not feel upset at all, “It’s okay, I’ll just focus on hooking him next time.”

At that time, no one in the barrage believed it. They all laughed and said that Yu Yue had a strong mentality, even if she had only hooked once she was still so confident.

Who knew that Yu Yue was as if she had opened her conception vessels after being hit by Lu Qi’s ruler, or if she had secretly gone to practice two games in the gold rank, her hooks suddenly became accurate — —




Five times.

The enemy’s marksman was hooked till he could not take it, scolding in the public channel: [Zhong Kui, do you have a problem? Can’t you hook someone else?]

Yu Yue’s face was full of innocence.

Clearly, you were the one who happened to be where my hook landed, how can you say that I hooked you?

[JK-Eden (Zhong Kui): It’s not me. I didn’t. Don’t anyhow say. It’s just that your positioning is too good, every time you’ll get hooked.]

This answer made the enemy’s marksman very angry, even Da Ming laughed out loud, “Isn’t this making the enemy more angry? Did you want to anger him to death?”

Yu Yue shrugged her shoulders.

This was clearly the truth. Too bad no one believed it.

[Isn’t it better now? (dog head)]

[KPL Gold Miner is officially online.]

[The enemy’s marksman went AFK.]

[Secretly tell you something: the enemy’s marksman is ARE’s support Qing Guang, so……]

So, JK’s base door was knocked by someone.

The voice of the person outside the door was very familiar, “Yu Yue! Open the door!”

[??? So fast.]

[ —.— It can’t be helped, JK and ARE are just a street away from one another. These two teams never had any overnight grudges. They usually just rush to the other’s base to beat each other up on the spot.]

[Qing Guang: If you dared to hook me, then you’ll dare to open the door! Hahahaha]

[Eden: No way.]

[No wonder Eden’s vision sometimes looks so much like Qing Guang’s play style. Is it possible that Qing Guang tutored her in private? Suddenly, I don’t know what to say. Secretly learning someone else’s technique, isn’t it too shameless? Really embarrassing us girls.]

Just then, the game ended. Lu Qi reached out and turned off the camera, “You guys think too much.”

Question marks filled the entire live stream room.

[Qi Ge, turn on the camera! I want to see Eden get beaten up!]

However, the reality was that Yu Yue did not receive any socialist beating from Qing Guang. The ‘ADC from the enemy’s team’ even reached out and patted her on the head, saying softly, “Your Zhong Kui is really annoying.”

“But,” he continued. “You had improved a lot. If you improve a bit more, maybe you’ll be able to handle the playoffs.”

Yu Yue: “?”

Expressionessly, Lu Qi walked over with a note pad, “What nonsense are you telling to a Zhong Kui who missed more than a dozen hooks?”

Yu Yue: “??”

What kind of dog mid laner was this?

“When the Missy son’t protect you in the next game, you’ll know that you’re wrong,” Da Ming laughed loudly. “Captain, you’re so arrogant now because you had less beatings.”

Lu Qi: “Do I look like I need her protection?”

Qing Guang: “if you don’t, play a match then.”

So, the mid laner, bot laner and support began a trio queue happily.

Lu Qi started his live stream: [Today, the mid laner has no support.]

The audience: “????”

Lu Qi: “The mid laner and support have broke up, they can’t play together. So, the mid laner won’t by getting daddy support’s love today.”

Da Ming exclaimed, shocked, “Captain, when did you get together with out little miss? How come I don’t know?”

Yu Yue flew into a rage, “Dog mid laner, what are you talking about? You’re the one who said that you can survive without the help of the support!”

“When I said I don’t need it, it really means that I don’t need?” Lu Qi said with conviction. “Don’t you know about the dignity of the captain?”

Yu Yue: “????”

[what Qi Ge means is that the ADC can survive and perish on his own, just protect the AP.]

[What the hell is ‘the dignity of the captain?’ hahaha]

[Qi Ge, wake up. You don’t have this thing!]

[Eden: I’m tired. I don’t know if this dog mid laner needs support or not.]

[Dignity of the captain……will there be a tsundere support?]

The three players got matched quickly and entered the BP phase.

Da Ming was the first player, “Captain, what do you want to play? I’ll help you snatch it.”

Yu Yue: “I want to play Zhong Kui.”

Da Ming: “Zhong Kui again?”

“Help me choose Angela.”

Da Ming originally wanted to help Yu Yue choose the ugly Judge of the Void City, but when he heard someone say Angela, his hand trembled and clicked on it. When he came to his senses, the team captain had already gotten the Angela he wanted to play.

Da Ming: “??? Captain, you’re too dignified. Playing Angela in Grandmaster rank match?”

Their matched teammates also began to express their friendliness:


[Actor? NMSL[1]aka your mom is dead]

Lu Qi: “How can you call it acting? It’s carrying with Angela.”

Da Ming clicked his tongues, “Captain, you’re getting overconfident.”

Yu Yue agreed, “Yeah. you don’t want to win.”

After saying this, she turned her head and picked Zhong Kui.

Their teammates was an inch away from going crazy and was left with only a shred of calmness.

Da Ming thought for a while and picked Gongsun Li — — a marksman who when fed, could carry the team — — barely saving his teammate’s sanity.

When the game started, everyone farmed peacefully, even the support, Zhong Kui, did not cause any chaos. Just as their teammates were able to breath a sigh of relief, the level two Angela suddenly headed straight for the enemy’s jungle.

Teammates: !!!

MMP [2]Pharse to scold people. English meaning: your mom is a prostitute! Can’t you farm peacefully?

Da Ming was exceptionally terrified, “Captain, what are you doing!?”

Lu Qi calmly replied, “Stealing the blue buff.”

“The enemy has three people waiting there to ambush!”

Before Da Ming finished speaking, Zhong Kui’s hook steadily pulled out the blue buff, and then Lu Qi followed up with his first skill, “Didn’t I just stole it?”

“There’s no next time.” Yu Yue turned around and left, leaving behind a harsh warning, “If you go to the enemy’s jungle next time and get surrounded, I won’t be saving you.”

“……” Da Ming suddenly felt exhausted.

He had seen through the facades of these two people. The dignity of a captain. A tsundere support.

No need for support, they said. Survive and perish on your own, they said. Yet, they still had perfect and flawless coordination with one another.

Heh, man.

Heh, woman.

He really saw through it.

Only he was alone.

“You can hook here too,” Qing Guang pointed to a certain spot on the map. He continued, “But you guys are really chaotic. The schedule is out and you’re here playing Angela and Zhong Kui. Getting overconfident?”

“The first match of the playoffs is with LZ,” Yu Yue said after a moment of silence. “I probably won’t be playing.”

Extra Scene:

Lu Qi: I’m indeed very dignified.


1 aka your mom is dead
2 Pharse to scold people. English meaning: your mom is a prostitute

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