KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 13

It was true that Yu Yue would not be playing in the first match of the playoffs. This was a decision made by both Lu Qi and the team’s coach after much deliberation.

After the previous live stream where they ran into LZ in the five-man queue, many people had been looking forward to the day when Yu Yue played against He Jian to find out who was better.

Coincidentally, Lu Qi had drawn LZ as their first opponent.

When the onlookers heard the news, they were all excited and unanimously called for JK to let Yu Yue play and fight against LZ.

This was the peak of the demand for Yu Yue to play.

If JK followed the wishes of the masses at this time, there would be no doubt that they would receive a lot of attention. However, this was also a time when Lu Qi was the least willing to let Yu Yue play.

Currently, Yu Yue’s play style was very similar to LZ’s support, He Jian. if JK let Yu Yue play, everyone would be focusing on the confrontation between the teo supports, especially in their awareness of the vision — — but, as a newbie, can Yu Yue really be stronger than He Jian, who had played countless professional matches?

Though they were both veteran teams, LZ and ARE were different.

During the transfer period every year, ARE would buy new players or recruit players from the secondary league to cultivate fresh talents. LZ would not. They would rarely have any changes with their starting lineup.

So long as they chose not to retire, their starting players could continue to play. They were a team that valued experience and were proud that their players crossed more bridges than the roads others had traveled. Sometimes, due to their seniority, they would feel complacent.

Experience was indeed valuable.

Hence, Lu Qi did not dare to let Yu Yue play against He Jian in the playoffs to prove that she was indeed a talented support.

Even geniuses need time to grow.

Yu Yue was very talented. She should not be nipped in the bud at the first match of the playoffs.

Upon hearing the reason Lu Qi gave, Xiao Ruo scratched his head, “But don’t you think that the little miss would be sad if she could not play? Every time I pass by her seat, I could feel a very strong aura of depression.”

“It’s better than crying after losing a match.” Lu Qi was busy sorting the data from the data analyst. He hard pressed, “Do you know how to coax a girl?”

“We already secured our position, losing a game is better than not playing at all, “ Xiao Ruo was optimistic. “Which professional player has never lost a game before? You’ve lost too, Qi Ge. moreover, if she plays, the attention from the public will increase, it’s a win-win situation, Qi Ge.”

“Are you trying to say that there’s a chance we’ll win?” Lu Qi raised his head and gave him a look.

“Yeah!” Xiao Ruo said, “What if we sin? Anyway, it won’t be that bad, right?”

Lu Qi lowered his head, “There are no what-ifs. I can’t afford the risks. If you want to gain long-term benefits, don’t let Yu Yue play. Sacrificing a promising support is not worth it. You know very well that our team lacks a suitable support.”

“I don’t think she’s that suitable……”

Does JK, a team that liked to fight head-on, need a vision and protection-oriented support like Yu Yue?

In principle, there was no need to consult with Lu Qi, but on the competitive stage, Lu Qi was the commander. And in KPL, results were the most important, nothing else mattered.

And the results mostly relied on Lu Qi carrying the team.

In this regard, JK naturally had to respect Lu Qi’s opinion to some extent.

After all, this was their money tree!

Xiao Ruo: “Qi Ge, if you insist, I’ll negotiate with the coach to let Lian play.”

“No need to negotiate,” Lu Qi said. “He’ll definitely let Lian play.”

If he did not insist on switching players for the relegation match, the coach would have insisted on letting Lian play.

Under Xiao Ruo’s silent gaze, Lu Qi explained with a good temper, “Haven’t you noticed that the coach is biased against female professional players? Instead of always discussing changing the support, you might as well talk to the management about changing the coach and letting the capable person appear where she should be.”

Xiao Ruo smiled awkwardly, “…… That, I cannot do. You must know, buying you and signing Yu Yue were the two boldest and most out-of-line things I did.”

“I must be willing for you to buy me,” Lu Qi reverted back to his expressionless face.

“I’m just telling you, changing the coach is not something that I can do,” Xiao Ruo said. 

Lu Qi stood up, “Then, together, let’s cultivate a stupid bird that might soar high.”


Compared to the anxiousness of the captain and management, the ‘stupid bird’ herself was optimistic. After learning that she would not be playing in the first match, she was only sad for a night before promptly starting her live stream the second day to make up for lost time.

[It’ll be great if Qi Ge likes live streaming as much as you do.]

[You’ll never see the captain live streaming in this lifetime, really, this werewolf would rather live stream himself sleeping at the end of every month.]

[I heard that you won’t be playing against LZ. Is that true?]

“Yes, that’s true,” Yu Yue replied good-naturedly while adjusting her runes.

“Does that prove that I’m not as good as Lian?” Yu Yue thought for a while and said, “I don’t know. It’s probably a tactical requirement. If the coach and the captain think that Senior Lian is more suitable, then he will play. Everything depends on the team’s needs. Of course, I’ll feel disappointed that I’m not playing. Which e-sports player doesn’t want to play in a competitive match?”

“Are you afraid that you won’t live up to the praise everyone had been giving you? That you’re indeed not as good as Lian?” Speaking objectively,” Yu Yue rubbed her nose, embarrassed, “I indeed could not compare to Senior Lian’s experience now. Captain said the same things too and I admit it. As for the others, our play styles are different, it couldn’t be compared.”

“Are you afraid of losing so you’re not playing? Nope, I want to play.”

“It’s a pity that Miss Eden is not playing. It doesn’t really matter who played, winning is what counts.”


After answering several questions, Yu Yue’s calmness conquered most of the audience. When the direction of public opinion was basically stable, Yu Yue opened the interface to the top match[1]a mode of the game in HOK, “If there are no other questions, let’s start today’s live stream.”

[Missy 666, actually dared to play in the top match.]

[Is it to shut up those people who said that you only dare to play with your teammates? So daring 23333]

[It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a direct yet gentle professional player. Qi Ge was always ‘Shut the hell up if you got nothing good to say and watch the game.’]

In top match, only players who reached Grandmaster rank could participate, and they could only play solo. So, there was a high probability of encountering weird teammates, getting angry, and going crazy after playing for a long time, hence it was also called the crazy match.

[Qi Ge’s top matches are always him doing well but not his teammates, in the end resulting in sudden death 2333. I really miss those times when he got so frustrated he off his mic to scold them. Who knows how long it had been?]

[How many hours of live streaming does Qi Ge have left this month? Ten hours? Twenty hours?]

[If it’s more than twelve hours, you might see Qi Ge sleeping; if it’s ten hours, you might see Qi Ge live stream himself eating; if it’s less than ten hours, you can see Qi Ge commentating on other people’s live streams to accumulate streaming hours. But if it’s less than five hours, you can see Qi Ge eating and sleeping while watching other people’s live streams]



[Reported this lazy anchor]

[Missy, why play the top match? Instead, why don’t you invite Qi Ge to duo queue with you? Playing duo is so much fun, don’t play alone in the top match, no one will think that you’re muddling along.]

“It’s not a matter of whether or not people think I’m muddling along. The thing is,” Yu Yue paused, gathering her thoughts, “The team has requirements for both the top match and rank, at least a certain number of points. Besides, the season is almost over, right? Let’s try getting a top server.”

If one wanted to increase their Honor Battle Points, the top match was indeed the best way to do so since it gave a bonus.

[Which hero’s top server are you going to get?]

[It seems that whenever Missy plays with her teammates, she always uses tanky supports like Zhong Kui, Xiahou Dun, Liu Bang, Donghuang Taiyi, Dun Shan, and Zhang Fei. The only squishy one is Gui Guzi — — she seems different from other girls.]

[Missy likes tanky supports.]

“No, no, no. I still like soft supports. After all, soft supports are all good-looking.”

[But Sun Bin you play is like shit]

“Not playing well doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams.” Yu Yue clicked confirm and inflate with confidence, “I’ll use Sun Bin to win a game for you guys to see!”

[Say, do you like Sun Bin the most?]

“Nope.” This time Yu Yue said very decisively, “I like Da Qiao the most. Yao too.”

[Yao just came out recently though! Does JK have any strategy for this hero?]

[This hero is quite useless… especially during a disadvantageous game. It probably won’t appear on the KPL stage, right?]

[Lian obviously doesn’t like this kind of useless support like Yao. If Yao really appeared on the stage, I think you’ll probably be the one who uses it]

[Yao is useless +1, I had never won with her on my team. The control of the first skill is slow and short, the second skill… Who needs your negligible damage! There’s also the ult that attaches herself to her teammates, although it can resist true damage[2]Damage not associated with magic or attack damage, which cannot be mitigated with armor and other defensive stats., it’s just a little bit. The passive’s transformation into a deer is only for herself, and there is no team enhancement effect. =.= Probably only girls would like this kind of support]

[Just attach yourself to the jungler and all is done 23333]

[All supports are useless. Who would choose to be a support if they could carry! Those who agree, give a thumbs up.]

A group of people gave a thumbs-up.

Yu Yue did not feel so good after seeing this.

Giving the excuse that the top match was starting, she turned off the barrage, out of sight, out of mind.

——Until today, many people still have a huge prejudice against the support position.

——”Who would choose to be a support if they could be a carry?! Only those who can’t carry would choose to be a support to muddle along.”

That’s not true.

Support was a very important role. It guarded the hope of the entire team and was the team’s eyes and strongest backing.

It was just a different way of carrying.

[Though we all know it, don’t say it out loud, or else it’ll hurt Missy’s feelings. She thinks that she’s very important.]

[If supports are really as important as those support players say, then till now, why isn’t there an FMVP skin for supports?]


“Why do you look so bleak?” Captain Lu passed by her from behind, rubbed her head, and then sat back in his usual position. He spoke warmly, “Don’t think too much, no one has any opinions on you, it’s just the team’s decision.”

“It’s not because of that.” Yu Yue shook her head and barely smiled, “Is the training match over?”

“En.” Lu Qi had already opened the live stream as he spoke. “I’m going to catch up on my live stream duration.”

In a barrage of “Is Qi Ge live streaming eating or sleeping today?”, Lu Qi calmly opened the Honor of Kings spectator system: [Live streaming Eden playing Crazy Match.]


[One Missy supporting two people.]

[Missy, run! No ordinary person can handle that mouth of Qi Ge’s!]

[By the way… Did Eden run into someone in this Crazy Match? I feel that the frequently used heroes of the enemy’s fifth player look familiar.]

In the top match, the player’s avatar and ID could not be seen. At this ranking, one would look at the frequently used heroes. Some people who paid attention to this aspect could make a good guess.

You can’t see the summoner’s avatar and name in the peak competition, but this god-like rank, just by looking at the frequently used heroes, some people who pay attention to this aspect can guess quite a bit.

[She did. It’s He Jian.]

Lu Qi’s eyebrows twitched.

He couldn’t avoid it, he really couldn’t avoid it.

TL’s Note: There will no longer be any fixed schedule cause life just got a tad bit busy, but I’ll still be releasing chapters every week once it’s done. I hoped you enjoyed reading KPL’s Strongest Support, have a good day/night!


1 a mode of the game in HOK
2 Damage not associated with magic or attack damage, which cannot be mitigated with armor and other defensive stats.


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