KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 14

“Don’t tell her.” 

Lu Qi wrote a small note and placed it in front of the camera. 

In fact, there was no need for Lu Qi to do so. Even if the viewers in the live stream room went crazy turning the world upside down, Yu Yue would not know since she blocked the comment barrage.

Right now, Yu Yue was just a confident silly little miss playing Sun Bin, preparing to lead her team to victory.

She even felt a bit nervous because her team’s captain was beside her, ready to commentate. She took off her headphones and asked, “Captain, can you turn around and commentate on the others?”

Like on Da Qing, Da Ming, or Ling Chen……

The captain lifted his eyelids calmly and said, “You’re the only one live streaming in the base. Who else should I commentate on but you?”

He had a point.

But Yu Yue still wanted to struggle, “But I’ll be nervous with such a big god like you beside me.”

“Tsk.” Lu Qi turned in a different direction while holding his phone, facing the camera sideways, “I won’t watch you.”

The barrage was filled with question marks.


[Your posture is so alluring.]

[Qi Ge, are you trying to seduce me?]

[Doesn’t the officials care about this posture? Professional players are considered half a public figure, right? Shouldn’t they pay attention to their own image? Like sitting properly and setting a good example for the young viewers.]

[As a professional player, Qi Ge is serious when it comes to gaming, but in private, he’s pretty casual. We are already used to it. He can sit however he wants to. If watching his live stream can corrupt your child, then your child is too easily influenced.]

[Everything is being blown out of proportion… The whole world is the parent of your child, all of us are responsible for your child’s healthy growth.]

The person was silenced by the comments.

Till he completely disappeared, Lu Qi did not say a single word.

Meanwhile, Yu Yue had already started the game and was fully immersed in it.

This game was a bit thorny.

Yu Yue did not know if her Grandmaster teammates were carried up or were actors, all of them had their own ideas.

After helping the mage reach level two first, the mage stood still under the turret instead of roaming to support the other lanes;

It was already difficult for the top laner to defend their turret, he needed to hold on, but this top laner rather not.

After reaching level four and getting his ult, the jungler went everywhere to clear the jungle and minions, refusing to gank and control the tyrant.

The bot laner was focused on farming, but unfortunately, the enemy was too strong to continue pushing forward.

All three lanes had collapsed with no breakthrough.

As the enemies continuously ganked, took the tyrant and the jungle resources, the gap in the amount of gold on both sides became larger and larger, making it harder for them to fight.

At this moment, the mid laner suddenly got enlightened and attempted to roam and gank people, but was caught in unimaginable locations every time.

Only then did Lu Qi, who had said he would commentate earlier, say something related to the game, “It looks like your Sun Bin comes with a headwind buff.”

As soon as he was selected, it was a headwind situation.

Yu Yue was also depressed.

She had said that she would win a game using Sun Bin, but now it seemed that this hero was her nemesis! 

“If I knew it would turn out like this, I would have picked a tank as the support earlier.”

The enemy’s support was Zhang Fei, which was very naisu.

“Sun Bin is indeed limited in the early game,” Lu Qi said slowly, tapping the table. “But the problem isn’t with you. If it were me playing as the mage, we would have won by now.”

Yu Yue let out a sigh and could only play on.

Life was so difficult, and the game had already started, no matter how strange her teammates were, she had to persist until the end of the game.

Again, she watched helplessly as the mage left the group and went off to clear lanes alone, only to be ganked and killed.

This was not the awareness that should be present in this rank.

It was too low-level of a mistake.

She did not know if it was intentional or not.

But Yu Yue kindly reminded the mage by typing, “We don’t have the vision on the other side of the river. Don’t cross the river without a reason, Diao Chan.”

Diao Chan was not a lone wolf hero who could split push and take down turrets in a headwind game.

Who knew that this simple sentence would unlock Diao Chan’s chatterbox attribute?

“Whose fault is it that I keep getting killed? Isn’t it because your vision isn’t in place? If your vision was in place, would I get killed?”

Captain Lu gave a brief comment, “Here he is, the noob blaming the support.”

Diao Chan continued, “I knew you were a muddler when you picked Sun Bin. Look at the enemy’s Zhang Fei, how comfortable are his teammates? Good vision and strong protection. What can Sun Bin do? He can’t even take tank, let alone provide vision. A hero for losers! Who uses it in high-ranked games?”

Yu Yue was at a loss for words.

She quickly blocked Diao Chan’s in-game chat.

“Why aren’t you arguing back?” Lu Qi watched the scene with interest. “Just ask him if KPL is considered a high-ranked game.”

The top-level tournament of Honor of Kings.

Would you say it’s not a high-ranked game?

“I don’t want to waste time,” Yu Yue shook her head. “Let’s finish this game quickly. It’s my fault this time. Sun Bin’s vision isn’t as good as Zhang Fei’s, and I was too wilful.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Captain Lu turned around and stuffed a cookie into her mouth, “Listen to me now. Swap out Wolf Totem for Polar Shadow or Encouraging Shield. Both of these items have AOE passive. Then follow the bot laner and pull up your stats so that at the end of the game, your results don’t look too ugly and you don’t get reported.”

Being the support is too difficult.

Especially in a headwind game.

For the team’s sake, the third-level support item could not be built.

If it was not built, one could not get any gold and was stuck with a low income.

But no matter how poor you are, you still had to stick with the team and protect your teammates.

If the carry’s positioning was poor, the support had to take all the damage, resulting in a high death rate and a terrible KDA.

After the game, the carry would report you: This player was very bad, constantly feeding.

Eight out of ten times, the report would be successful, and the support would lose points.


“But what?” Captain Lu used his signature knock on Yu Yue’s forehead, leaving her stunned, “Just do as I say. Stop talking so much. Which of your teammates is worth supporting? In my opinion, you might as well buy Endless Edge and deal damage yourself.”

That made sense.

The jungler taking all the gold had a KDA of 1-8-2. 

The mage who was like a bot had a KDA of 0-12-3. 

The top laner who was solo gaming had a KDA of 1-7-1. 

Except for the bot lane, who was struggling to survive, all of her teammates had negative results. 

Just nice, the bot laner needed the attack speed boost from Polar Shadow.

“Casual players don’t have the same attention to detail as our team, nor do they have our level of teamwork,” Lu Qi thought for a moment before saying. “And not every mid laner is named Lu Qi.”

Yu Yue’s face lit up with sudden understanding.

Captain Lu was gratified.

However, his smile did not last long because after selling her Wolf Totem, Yu Yue sold all her other items too.

Then she bought Polar Shadow.

And Endless Edge.

Captain Lu’s pleased smile froze on his face.

— — A support with a dream.

She started dealing damage herself.

Yu Yue became happy.

Her teammates did not.

“Support, turn on your voice chat,”

“Are you trying to cause trouble? Sun Bin doesn’t need Endless Edge, are you going to Sparkforged Dagger and Daybreaker too?”

“Just surrender, what a joke, report her.”

“She’s a soft support who doesn’t provide vision, and yet is building for damage, must be a girl, right?”

The bot laner chuckled, “It’s not so bad, quite cute too. As long as she’s happy playing the game. (*^▽^*)”

[Isn’t this too reckless?]

[This kind of support needs to be reported as soon as possible, don’t wait until the New Year is over.]

[To be honest, this isn’t the missy’s fault. A mage that doesn’t roam, a jungler that doesn’t control the tyrant, who wouldn’t have a headache? They’re definitely actors.]

[To corporate with your acting, I have bought Endless Edge!]

[Move over, let me deal damage, hahaha][I thought I could see the epic battle between Eden and He Jian, but I guess it was just a false alarm.]

[There’s still a gap between the top matches and KPL matches. It’s not like if one loses in the top match, they’re worse than others. This conclusion can’t be drawn at all! Teammates in the top match and teammates in their own team are not the same thing.]

[The powerful ones can carry, alright? They’re all just useless. They say that even supports can carry, but aren’t they just eating their teammates? If they can really carry, then let’s see them do it now.]

[Some people should be more rational…Maybe the situation of this clash in this game isn’t as simple as you think.]

“Turn on the voice chat.” Captain Lu put down the cookie in his hand, brushed off the crumbs, and lazily spoke into the voice chat that Yu Yue had opened, “Take a look at your own stats, don’t come crying when your rating is lower than Sun Bin with an Endless Edge! If I scatter rice on your keyboard and let a chicken play, its mechanics will still be better than all of you!”


Yu Yue was shocked, “A master!”

He did not even curse!

Her teammates were also shocked.

“A guy?”

“He’s a guy!!”

How could a guy play such a useless soft support?

“He’s embarrassing us guys.”

“If you’re really that good, can’t you carry us, please?” Lu Qi crossed his legs, leisurely saying, “Don’t blame everything on the support. You’re a noob so you blame the support. Didn’t I already use my second skill’s heal and Wolf Totem on you? Yet you still charged ahead stubbornly, so who’s to blame? Do you really think supports have no cooldowns?”

It sounded reasonable, but… 

“Didn’t you choose the support yourself?”

“Would you have chosen it if I didn’t?” Lu Qi retorted on behalf of Yu Yue.

“I……” The Diao Chan player was speechless. “If I can carry why would I play support?”

“You call your KDA of 0-12-3 carrying? I’m sorry. If that’s the case, I can win even if I play with my feet. But in a team, someone has to sacrifice to play support.”

Lu Qi did not feel any guilt saying all these.

He really could hang Diao Chan in the air and beat her up, but whether Yu Yue could do the same was uncertain.

In the top match, you could not see the names of your teammates or enemies, so Diao Chan did not think she was at fault for the whole game. It was this little support that was particularly arrogant., “Hehe, how arrogant.”

At that moment, the bot laner that had not joined the voice chat suddenly spoke up, “He might actually beat you with no effort.”

Diao Chan: “???”

“Right, Qi Ge?” The bot laner smiled and introduce himself before Lu Qi could ask, “I’m Fatty.”

This secret signal was so clear and was easily matched up.

QAQ’s bot laner, QAQ-Pang[1]胖=fat, so 胖胖= Fatty.

The barrage exploded:

[Ahhh!!! God Pang!]

[What the fudge, why didn’t anyone tell me we also ran into QAQ!]

[Hahaha, God Pang, he’s not Qi Ge.]

[Who else is in the car crash? Who?]

[There’s also Lian Yan from CHERRY and Cai Shen[2]Fortune God from ECR on the other team.]


Sexy captain, protecting the baby calf online.


1 胖=fat, so 胖胖= Fatty
2 Fortune God


Random person online doing some translation~

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