KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 15

Lian Yan was an old acquaintance.

They had played against each other in the elimination match and were old pals.

Yu Yue had never met Cai Shen from ECR, but she had heard that he was a formidable player. 

Still, the most shocking thing was that QAQ’s Fatty had run into her. 


Everyone in the KPL circle knew that QAQ was strong. They were a dominant force, with each member having won uncountable championships. Each member was very strong. Yu Yue especially looked up to their support, Reed, who, along with Dun Huang from ET, was known as the strongest support in KPL. 

If it weren’t for QAQ’s Qing Long’s performance as the mid laner in the last Winter Championship, it wouldn’t have been impossible for Reed to achieve the FMVP award as the support. 

As long as Yu Yue played in KPL, QAQ was the ultimate boss she must face.

But at present, no team in China could beat QAQ. 


When they hear that their own bot laner was QAQ-Pang, the spirits of Yu Yue’s team was raised. 

“It’s God Pang!” 

“And there’s also Lu Qi?” 

Except for Diao Chan, the jungler and top laner both saw the hope of victory. 

Who was Lu Qi? One of the top mid laners in KPL! 

Who was God Pang? One of the top bot laners in KPL! 

Although ‘Lu Qi’ was currently playing the support position, he was still a top mid laner! 

Moreover, wasn’t Sun Bin also a mage?

It was no problem for the support to switch to dealing damage.

Their team had two top-tiered carries, so why wouldn’t there be hope for victory? 

Now, they felt like they could win. 

The jungler said, “God Pang, feel free to take my jungle. Qí ge, switch to damge. You play attack power, and I’ll give you the blue buff. I’ll go control the tyrant.” 

Yu Yue: “…” 

How could she tell her teammates, who have just gotten revitalized, that she was not Lu Qi? 

Lu Qi only used her account to cause a little disturbance! 

When she hesitated, the jungler urged her again, “Hurry up and sell Shadow Edge and go to the jungle with God Pang to farm. We’ll give you the creeps, so try to farm quickly.” 

The jungler originally had the highest gold in the team and was basically on par with the opponent. Now that he was energized and was taking down the enemy’s turrets and controlling the tyrant, the enemies were unable to keep up and have to send someone to watch this well-developed Han Xin from time to time. Who could withstand this? 

Han Xin, this hero, had a lot of dash skills. With his three-stage dash skill, no one could catch him. 

But he could not be ignored either, or else he would be stealing turrets.

If one was not careful, a wave of minions would come over, and a turret would be gone. 

It was really annoying. 

On the other side, the jungler, Lian Yan, also opened the voice chat, “We shouldn’t have given them a chance to catch their breath just now. Now, look at Kai and Sun Bin, both are fed. How are we going to play?” 

“Little brat, you haven’t even grown a full coat of fur. What are you jumping around in front of me for?” He Jian held a toothpick in his mouth, swinging his legs lazily and not taking the other side seriously, “Let me tell you, that Sun Bin on the other side is Yu Yue. Do you think Yu Yue can compare to me? Even if I’m the support, I’m still the support she can’t compare to!” 

Cai Shen let out two short laughs, “Not really. Now, some newbies can be very strong.”

“That can’t be.” He Jian spoke, “Yu Yue had only played one match, can she still be better than me? I can beat her in a game just by playing with my feet, relax.”

Cai Shen: “It’s not Yu Yue I’m talking about. I’m talking about QAQ.” 

He Jian shut his mouth.

QAQ’s five starters’ average age was less than 22 years old, but they were already so strong that it was scary. 

Even LZ, who advocated for experience, had to be cautious around QAQ. 

LZ was a mystical team. Although the team members were all old players who were about to retire, their experience was vast due to the many games they played, and they usually had 50-50 odds against other teams. Nobody knew who would win until they played.

They don’t know who will win until they actually play. 

Except for QAQ. 

There was no domestic team that dared to say directly that they could win QAQ. 

Its only opponent was BG from the international competitive region. 

In the current domestic competition, everyone knew that the champion would definitely be QAQ, and the other teams were just competing for second and third place, or were even just accompanying along. 

Some people had made a bold hypothesis: 

If Cai Shen, Lian Yan, Time, CET4, and Dun Huang formed a team, they might be able to contend with QAQ for the championship. 

But everyone knew that it was impossible. 

These five people were in completely different teams. 

The top laner, Cai Shen, was from ECR, the jungler Lian Yan was from CHERRY, the mid laner Time was JK’s Lu Qi, the bot laner CET4 was from ADS, and the support Dun Huang belonged to ET. 

It was not bad if these teams could get together without causing an internal fight, let alone a team that was put together temporarily. How could they compare to QAQ, who trained together regularly? 

He Jian: “Target Fatty’s Kai.”

There was no other way. Besides targeting Kai, they really had no other options. 

They thought about ambushing him, but often before He Jian even got into position at the bush, he would see a Sun Bin suddenly jumping out of the bush. 

He Jian: “……” 

So long as she had a chance, Eden would come out and camp in the bushes.

After seeing Yu Yue emerge from the bush he was about to enter several times in a row, He Jian deeply suspected that this female player’s eyes were all over the King’s Gorge, otherwise, how would she always know which bush he was planning to camp in?

He suddenly thought of a saying.

“Supports are the eyes of the team.”

As long as there was a breakthrough, Eden would be able to come out and make sure that the vision was watertight, and that the main damage dealers would have no chance of getting ganked.

Looking at the places she was camping at, it was simply unimaginable.

He Jian could not help but ask the top laner, Cai Shen, “Do you think that that bush might be camped?” 

“I don’t know.” As a top laner, Cai Shen had long understood the essence of surviving, “But my instincts tell me that we should not enter any of the bushes in the King’s Gorge.”

Just now, He Jian had deliberately thrown the game, allowing Yu Yue to catch her breath. Now, on the other side of the river, everything was within Yu Yue’s vision. 

They were now in a difficult situation.

Lian Yan was also very jittery and complained, “Why didn’t we push the nexus when we could? Now, we can’t even push!” 

Cai Shen said, “Don’t worry.” 

Lian Yan said, “How can I not worry? We could have won, but now we have to be careful just crossing the river.” 

Facing the daddy Kai who was eating up the minions and creeps on the other side and not knowing where he was, everyone was on high alert. 

Daddy Kai was not someone to be trifled with. 

This hero’s ultimate skill could cut through squishy heroes like cutting vegetables. 

One slash and it was over. 

Relying on the fact that he was playing a tanky hero like Zhang Fei, He Jian bravely probed the suspicious bush, “I don’t believe that I can’t handle a young rookie — — F*ck!”

He went in.

There were five big guys in there, waiting.

Seeing that Zhang Fei came in, they were not panicked at all. Sun Bin moved around Zhang Fei, walking in an ‘S’ shape, and used his ultimate skill. 

Sun Bin’s ultimate skill was instant silence within a circular range. The area of the circle was not very large, but Yu Yue’s choice of position was very good. It was a small area with not much room to move in. Adding the fact that Lian Yan and Cai Shen were not on guard, this sudden ultimate actually trapped all four of them except He Jian!

Mass silence! 

All their prepared skills were now ineffective, and even Lian Yan was momentarily stunned. Before he could say curse, he found that God Pang’s daddy Kai had already circled around the back and took advantage of this silence to deal a fatal blow! 

Lian Yan, the squishy, died on the spot. 

[!!! Controlled four people!] 

[Isn’t this position selected too well…… ] 

[God Pang is amazing!] 

[This is what makes cc[1]crowd control support so powerful…if you controlled them, the turnaround is just a moment away.] 

After Lian Yan died, Sun Bin’s silence buff also ended, and He Jian’s team instinctively focused all their ultimate on Kai to kill him. 

“Don’t! He has Sun Bin’s second skill!” Cai Shen called out in a panic. 

Sun Bin’s second skill, “Time Fluctuation,” lasts for two seconds, and at the end of the skill, 40% of the damage taken during that period would be returned. It was a godly skill during team fights. 

It would be fine if they could kill Kai in one wave, but if they could not, they would have wasted too many skills. How would they continue the fight later? 

Moreover, when God Pang’s Kai could cut into the backline just now, the mage had already used his flash in a hurry. 

However, Kai, who had just used his ultimate skill, was known as the eight-second real man. He had his own block skills and life steal, and now with Yu Yue’s second skill, how could he be so easily killed?

Cai Shen could only watch as God Pang’s Kai, like a god descending to earth, cut down Lian Yan and absorbed a wave of damage, and then relying on Sun Bin’s second skill, restored his health, returning to more than half of his health in an instant before leaving gracefully. 

On their side, the mage had no flash or ultimate left, the bot laner had also used up his ultimate, and he himself had been cut down by Kai to a sliver of health. 

The only one at full health was the tank who had been bypassed. 

They had lost miserably in this fight.

[666, taking the enemy’s head from ten thousand troops.] 

[Sun Bin’s second skill was so timely! If it had been a second earlier, it wouldn’t have had such a big impact, and if it had been a second later, God Pang might have been killed by the focus fire.] 

[I’ve long heard that Sun Bin was very nasty, and this is the first time I have learned that he could be so nasty. Did you see it just now? At that moment when Sun Bin’s second skill ended, he suddenly raised God Pang’s health from a sliver to more than half! ] 

[Controlling four people……] 

[All I can say is amazing……] 

[It’s my first time knowing that that bish could be so useful.] 

[He Jian must be so stunned 233333 Eden plus God Pang fighting two against five and can still escape unharmed, hahahaha.] 

[She’s so smart, Eden’s first skill and ultimate were released at the same time, the explosion of the first skill will reduce the enemy’s movement speed in a circular range, just enough to make up for Kai’s short legs and inability to catch up with people — — isn’t it just that he can’t catch up? Just cut off the other side’s legs.] 

During the retreat, the mage, who had a slightly better farm than Lian Yan, was killed by Kai with a single slash who emerged from the bush. 

Corpses were strewed around the high ground of the bottom lane.

Only Cai Shen and He Jian’s Zhang Fei were left. 

Cai Shen could not help but let out a laugh, “Looks like God Pang doesn’t want to waste his skills on our tough skins.” 

By now, Yu Yue’s team had already charged onto the high ground. 

“Three dragons and a team of siege minions, if you still can’t push the enemy nexus now, then leave the King’s Gorge.” Seeing that victory was already in their hands, Lu Qi gave Yu Yue a casual glance, turned, and returned to his own live stream room. “Too embarrassing.” 

Yu Yue laughed sheepishly. 

Sure enough, the opposite side could not clear the minion waves at all and was pushed in a single wave. 

They won! 

The feeling of coming back from a disadvantageous situation was the best. Yu Yue did not care about her live stream anymore and jumped up, “We won!” 

“Got it.” Lu Qi did not even give her a glance. “It was just a training match.” 

“The other side was really strong!” Yu Yue argued.

Lu Qi sneered, “Of course they’re strong, they had three professional players on their team.” 

“Wow! Rounding it off, isn’t it like I’ve just played a competitive game?” 

Lu Qi: “????” 

What were you dreaming about? “Rounding it off, you have even won the championship.”

“I wish!” 

“Is there anything you don’t wish for?” Lu Qi waved his hand, “If you’re finished with the game, go and eat. Those two brothers brought you dinner.” 

Yu Yue said as she closed her live streaming, “If one day, the support also has an FMVP skin, that would be great. Just now, that mage’s FMVP skin on the other side blinded my eyes.” 

“Crazy.” Lu Qi’s patience was exhausted, “You’re already thinking about support having an FMVP skin when the jungler doesn’t even have one?” 

“It’s not crazy, it’s my ideal!” 

“Go and eat!” 

Yu Yue: “Yes sir!”


He Jian flipped through the scoreboard and for a moment, he could not think of anything else to say. 

Eden’s live stream had already ended, and he did not know how Eden and QAQ’s God Pang had cooperated. 

Controlling four people at once. 

And this was done in the presence of three professional players on the other team. 

Perhaps that little support did not even know how she had won, but He Jian knew. 

Fatty’s Kai taking out Lian Yan by himself was indeed very strong, but he definitely could not have done it without Eden’s help. 

He had actually been defeated by a newbie. 

Although it was because Fatty was on the other side. 

Yes, it was because Fatty was on the other side. 

He Jian consoled himself like this and suddenly felt much better. 

QAQ’s players were like gods descending into the mortal world, no one could stop them.


In the setting, QAQ is exceptionally strong! 

Lu Qi: I’m not needed anymore. 

Teammate: ??? Isn’t that Lu Qi? I gave so much gold to Sun Bin, yet it was not Lu Qi who was playing(I got fooled).

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