KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 6

After the hero selection, the game started loading.

Lu Qi stretched lazily, “You guys come and join us after this match.”

Da Ming lay on the sofa, “Five-man queue?”

Da Qing did not have any objections, he was more concerned about the situation of the current match, “This game might not be easy for you guys. I have nothing against couples, I’m just afraid of those male ADC[1]marksman and female AP[2]mage couples. They take up the carry positions but only know how to flirt with each other.”

Just nice Ling Chen died and was waiting to respawn, he walked over to take a look. When he saw the combination of Angela in the mid lane and Solarus in the bot lane, he made a face and lamented, “My god, this is already Grandmaster, yet they’re still using the beginner heroes. Are they that fun to play with? They’re more fragile than a crispy chicken. They don’t have any dash skills either, won’t they be cut into pieces by the enemies’ assassin and warrior?

Angela had high damage in the early game and could clear the minion wave quickly, so Yu Yue did not need to help her with the wave, but she still needed to provide the vision for the mid lane bush, hence she followed Angela to the mid lane.

When she was pinged to retreat, Yu Yue was baffled.

Though soon, she understood why, because Angela started typing: [Da Qiao, go away, don’t take my minions.]

[I bought the gem.] Yu Yue quickly typed to explain.

She did not want to say anything unnecessary. Typing could be pretty tiring.

Normally, people in the Grandmaster rank should be able to understand what the ‘gem’ meant. Erudition Gem[3]Unfortunately, I can’t find the official English translation for this, so I’ll make do with this first, when bought, one would become a peasant that just collects their salary. They would not get any gold or experience from the minions.

“A person who doesn’t even know what the gem is, don’t bother following her anymore,” Lu Qi said lazily. “Just help me with the vision.”

Yu Yue nodded.

Ling Chen piped up, “Say, captain, what kind of jungling is this? Your pace is messed up. If it was me, I would start with the red buff. You’re using Sima Yi who doesn’t need the blue buff.”

“Having the cooldown reduction makes me more comfortable.”

The blue buff provides mana regeneration and cooldown reduction while the red buff provides true damage[4]It is the most powerful damage. This damage cannot be reduced by armor, it can be only decreased by damage-decrease buffs or skills. and slow. Lu Qi was using Sima Yi who did not need any mana to jungle, so should he not start with the red buff?

“Captain, be more clear-headed! The first tyrant refreshers in the blue area[5]area referring to the blue buff side of the jungle, so like the top half of the jungle!” Ling Chen roared beside his ear, “In a casual game, you clear a wave of jungle monsters, help the top laner to gank, then take down the tyrant. Isn’t this sequence comfortable?”

“Nope. Let Solarus go and fend for himself.”

Lu Qi did not really want to bother with this man who was immersed in the illusion of love.

This account’s star rating was not high, that was why he encountered someone like this.

In high-tier games, there was no such thing as the marksman position.  They were all beaten to the point of depression.

Originally, a tank or warrior would be the one in the top lane, but in the current meta, the marksmen were very strong, and tanks generally could not fight against them in the early game. Hence, it was tacitly agreed to fight sorcery with sorcery and let the marksman go top to fight against the enemy’s marksman.

The male carrying his girl did not intend to go to the top lane, but the tank went to the bot lane as soon as he left the base. If he did not want to split the gold or experience with others, he could only go to the top lane.

The enemy’s marksman was Gongsun Li, a marksman who has lots of dash skills. The player was also an outstanding Gongsun Li player, suppressing Solarus till he could not take care of himself. He could only stay under the turret and clear the minion waves, living a miserable life. After playing for a while, he could not help but turn on the voice chat and curse in broken Mandarin, “Jungler, can’t you come and gank the top lane? Stupid f*ing jungler!”

Lu Qi had just teamed up with Yu Yue to take down the enemy’s bot laner and was happily buying items when he saw that this man had turned on his voice chat. Without thinking, he pressed ‘Retreat.’

The good-tempered fourth player typed: [Bro, there’s no need to defend the top turret to the death, it’s going to fall sooner or later. If you can’t defend it, just leave.”

“No!” The man was about to faint from anger. “Can’t the jungler come and gank?”

“The mage’s not helping you, what can I say?” Under Lu Qi’s prompt, Yu Yue typed a reply. “Why don’t you take a look at your girlfriend who’s been sitting in the mid lane?”

Just a moment ago in the bot lane, they were fighting three to four. Angela had been motionless in the mid lane as if she was a statue. It was impossible for Yu Yue to not be angry.

A support is a roamer, but isn’t the mid laner also a roamer? Mages are in the mid lane precisely so that it was convenient for them to support their team!

In that situation just now, if Angela had gone to support the top lane, Solarus would not have struggled so much.

Solarus: “What bullsh*t are you talking about? As a support, you are running around and not protecting your marksman, what’s the point of playing the support then? I hate soft support like Da Qiao the most! Can’t even tank, and runs even faster than the ADC in a team fight, what’s the use of her?”

Angela also said with full confidence, “Why should I leave? I only need to take care of the mid lane turret, isn’t that right darling?”

“If you’re so capable, why don’t you get TiMi Studio[6]The creator for HoK to cancel the soft supports?” If this couple was standing in front of Yu Yue, she would already be flipping them off with her middle finger. “So long as you’re still using my skills, I’m your daddy!”

Looking down on soft support, if you have the capabilities then don’t use any of their skills!

The Solarus, who had just stepped into the second skill of Da Qiao, immediately flashed out of the circle, “Fine! Who needs your skills anyway? Da Qiao is clearly a hoodlum hero! With or without you, I can still carry!”

Angela chimed in, “Darling, you’re so brave!”

The next second, Gongsun Li came flying, and with a critical hit, she ended Solarus’s dog life[7]meaning: pathetic.

[Gongsun Li] killed [Solarus]

Silence fell in the King’s Gorge.

In this silence, Da Qiao left gracefully.

“Why didn’t you help me recall? Is your second skill that precious?” Solarus asked.

“It’s not worth wasting it on you,” Lu Qi replied.

“Soft supports can go and scram!” Solarus left this sentence in anger and did not move after he respawned — he went AFK[8]Away From Keyboard.

But as a fountain commander, even if he was AFK, he did not shut his smelly mouth.

“Aiyo, why did you buy Polar Shadow? Relying on the passive to gain assists?”

“Kill stealing! Is this not muddling around? Do you understand what you’re doing?”

“Go home and drink milk, you primary school kid.”

“Who would want a support like you?”

Sima Yi typed: [This support is mine. Shut your trap.]

It was unclear which statement had provoked Lu Qi. Of course, it could also have been because he had gotten his core items. From that moment on, Lu Qi went berserk and caused trouble with Yu Yue wherever they went, appearing and disappearing without a trace.

In the beginning, the Solarus could still make fun of them, but eventually, he could not say anything else.

This game did not even need the two of them, with only the three players, they could already win. They were so strong that they raised people’s hackles.

The tank initiated the team fight before Sima Yi entered the battlefield, and every time the enemies tried to kill him, they would be silenced by the ‘useless soft support’ and thus, began the countdown to their deaths.

On their side, as long as Da Qiao did not die, no matter how low their health was, everyone else could rely on her second and fourth skills to heal and return to the battlefield immediately. It was like a perpetual motion machine!

Even with only three players against five, they had the advantage!

Solarus: “……”

In the final team fight, the enemy’s carries had all their core items. Sima Yi entered and accurately killed the enemy’s mage, but he was also left with a sliver of health. Just as the enemies thought that they could kill Sima Yi, Lu Qi stepped into the recall circle that Da Qiao had placed in the bush and was teleported back to the base.

The enemies: “……”

They were most afraid of Da Qiao’s sudden concern and more afraid of Da Qiao’s sudden miracles.

If she was late by a second, they would have killed Sima Yi. The enemies who lost their target all turned to chase after Da Qiao — no matter what, a kill was a kill, and Da Qiao was annoying! In team fights, her third skill can silence, her first skill can knock people back and control them, she was like a stick that stirred up all sorts of trouble.

Suddenly, Sima Yi appeared behind them like a ghost. He used two hits to kill off Gongsun Li who was low on health.

In an instant, the two carries were dead!

With the tank protecting her, Da Qiao stepped into her circle and used her ult.

In the blink of an eye, she was back with full health and mana.

The enemies wanted to cry.

Were these people wearing three or four resurrection items? How could they be like cockroaches, so hard to kill?

Da Qiao and the tank were still fine, they could only rely on Da Qiao’s second skill and ult to move around rapidly, but Sima Yi was different! He only needed Da Qiao’s second skill! With full cooldown reduction in the late game, Da Qiao’s second skill was used as if it did not need money to do so, and Sima Yi who worked well with Da Qiao, was like a cat with nine lives, impossible to kill.

Successfully stepping into the recall circle Yu Yue prepared for the third time, Lu Qi let out a satisfied smile, “Nicely done.”

He originally thought that they would need more time to work out the kinks, but Yu Yue had surprised him.

This person really wanted to win, even if it was just a casual game. She would observe the situation and measure the enemies and teammates’ positioning.

The second skill had a delay. If she had not thought and considered for him, he would not be able to recall back to base the moment he stepped into the circle.

If she had been a second earlier or later, or if the position of the skill had been off by even just a little, Lu Qi would not have safely returned to base.

All three attempts were successful and Yu Yue let out a look of disbelief.

She had indeed made many observations, but all these also needed Lu Qi’s cooperation. If Lu Qi hesitated, then the circle would have been ineffective.

This trust made Yu Yue teared up, “Thank you……”

Lu Qi smiled and patted her head, “There should be this kind of trust between teammates. If you think I should fight, I’ll fight; likewise, if I let you fight, you should also fight, don’t be afraid. Alright, get ready for the next game. Five-man queue.”

Da Ming shouted for Ling Chen who was live streaming, “Are you done?”

“I’m coming!” Ling Chen ran over, even forgetting to turn off his cam and mic, so ran back again. “Just nice, I’m done too.”

“Wait, why did that Solarus add you? Solo? Looking for the support to solo?” Da Qing took a glance and felt his anger rise. “He’s so audacious! This bastard! Ask him to use what to solo?”

Da Ming also exclaimed, “I—Freak! How dare he say that soft supports are useless, this kind of standard, how did he even reach Grandmaster? Accept him! How can you bear with this kind of grievance?”

“I haven’t played other heroes for a long time……” Yu Yue said weakly. “What if he uses assassins to solo with me?”

Supports usually have good awareness, but the map used for Soloing, ‘Mo Zi’s Lane of Gear’ was just a straight path that test the player’s game mechanics. So even if she had good awareness, she could not use it to her maximum potential!

Da Qing and Da Ming had the same opinion, “Accept him! Don’t be afraid! This kind of person definitely has never experienced a beating from society!”

Yu Yue thought to herself: It was unknown who would be the one beating who.

Right now, she was representing JK. If she lost, she would be disgracing JK.

Ling Chen came over with a snack in his mouth, “Missy, you still haven’t grasped the essence of our JK!”

“What essence……” Yu Yue’s hands were suddenly emptied. She turned to find her phone in Lu Qi’s hands. When she got it back, Captain Lu had already sent a reply on her behalf to that Solarus, “Sure.”

Yu Yue: “……”

She could not do it! She really could not do it!

Who knew that when the other saw that she replied, he immediately sent another message: “Most of you soft support players only know how to play soft supports and mid laners right? Let’s use Diao Chan to solo!”

“Diao Chan, a mage hero.” Da Qing took her phone and handed it to Lu Qi, “Qi Ge, you’re up!”

[Missy, JK’s essence is if you’re not happy, let’s fight ah]

[Hahaha, hiccups, sub for her!]

[This unlucky guy will never know what kind of people he picked a fight with]

[Fight! Fight! Show him what socialism is!]

The live stream room that Ling Chen did not close, was filled with laughter.

Da Qing imitated the actions of their captain, gently patting Yu Yue’s head, saying in a tender tone, “You’re not fighting alone, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

JK had five members, no matter what the other person had picked to solo, there would always be someone to represent Yu Yue to fight.

“You’re a part of JK.” Lu Qi, who was now representing the ID ‘Jk-Eden’, said without lifting his head, “Don’t be afraid.”

Extra Scene:


Yu Yue: Someone wants to solo, what if I lose and embarrass everyone?

Lu Qi: Let me deal with it.

In the future:

Yu Yue: Someone wants to solo!

Lu Qi: Give it to me.

Yu Yue: Let go! I’ll beat him up myself!

Captain Lu: ……

Feeling wronged, you’re so different from the you back then.


1 marksman
2 mage
3 Unfortunately, I can’t find the official English translation for this, so I’ll make do with this first
4 It is the most powerful damage. This damage cannot be reduced by armor, it can be only decreased by damage-decrease buffs or skills.
5 area referring to the blue buff side of the jungle, so like the top half of the jungle
6 The creator for HoK
7 meaning: pathetic
8 Away From Keyboard


Random person online doing some translation~

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