KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support Chapter 7

“The audience said that they hoped that you can stream the game for them to watch,” Ling Chen wanted to turn on the live stream, but he found that the number of people in his live stream was rapidly increasing, so he dismissed the idea.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the live stream was like the new year celebration.

Watching others get face-slapped was a show well-received by everyone.

Didn’t you say I only know how to play soft supports? And that supports are useless? I’ll prove it to you now, if I played the carry, I’ll beat you so badly that even your mother won’t recognize you!

[Too pitiful hahaha. If I remembered correctly, Qi Ge is an expert on the mage assassins and Diao Chan was one of his signature heroes, right?]

[Who would have thought that they have switched players……]

[Tsk, pitiful, too pitiful. In the blink of an eye, he’s been smashed into a melon skin[1]Referring to the HP of the enemy; as thin as the melon skin.]

[Qi Ge, Qi Ge, please start your live stream. If you dare to sub, you also dare to live stream! How is your live stream duration this month? It’s the end of the month, can you consider muddling along?]

Da Ming said in deadly earnest, “What do you mean by subbing? This is called socialist comradeship. He bullied our team’s missy, so he’s bullying out entire team. How can we tolerate this?’

[I’ve told Xiao Ruo, he’s on his way.]

[Subbing for someone is too unprofessional. If he’s found out, he would be banned from matches.]

[Isn’t it too serious to be banned? Anyway, isn’t it because that guy provoked them first? Otherwise, who would find a pro player to beat him up? If you bully someone’s team member, you should be prepared to face the consequences.]

[Isn’t it said that pro players are proficient in at least three different positions? How come Eden only knows one? No wonder people criticize her, I also hate those that only know how to play one position.]

[Her teammates are willing to help her, why do you care about how many positions she knows how to play? Didn’t you see how strong she was as the support? If you are a support as strong as her, even if you know one position, you can still play professionally. Why are you getting so worked up over nothing? Useless trash!]

Seeing that the barrage was about to start a fight, Lu Qi put down the phone, “I won.”

The others walked over and took a look. 7-0. The other guy was killed so many times that he became frustrated and surrendered.

“What a waste of time, it was no challenge at all,” Lu Qi said, grabbing his soda water and handing the phone back to Yu Yue.

The group of people laughed and joked for a while. Just as they were about to start a five-man game, the doorbell of the base rang.

As soon as the person entered, he hugged Ling Chen, “Congrats you guys, you’ve passed the relegation match.”

“Our savior is here,” Ling Chen pointed in Yu Yue’s direction. “Without that last initiative by her, we might have the tides turned against us. The enemy’s late game was pretty strong.”

“Hello! Nice to meet you, missy who plays e-sports,” The newcomer was a teen and was very enthusiastic. If not for her gender, Yu Yue suspected that he would have given her a hug.

Lu Qi came forward, “He’s from ARE. Their base is just a street away from ours. We’re pretty friendly with them. You can just call him Qing Guang, his ID is Aguang.


That’s the captain of the neighboring team!

It was said that he was also a very good support.

Yu Yue became enthusiastic immediately, “Hello, senior!”

“Hahaha, no need to be so polite,” Qing Guang waved his hands. “To celebrate your success in the relegation match, I’m treating you guys to a meal.”

“We already had a meal yesterday thanks to the courtesy of Xiao Ruo.” Upon hearing the invitation to a meal, Da Qing and Da Ming immediately became energetic, “You guys are too late, the celebration meal is no longer fresh.”

“That can’t be helped, we had a performance match today. As soon as we finished playing, we came to invite you, isn’t that enough camaraderie?” Qing Guang also smiled.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Ling Chen was not polite to him either, putting on his Crocs and heading out.

Qing Guang looked around the base and asked, “Where’s Lian?”

Da Qing replied, “He’s been in his room the whole day, sulking. He’s probably blaming us for not letting him play in the relegation match.”

Qing Guang did not say anything, but his expression was a bit complicated.

ARE just came back from the arena and their team’s minibus was waiting at the door of JK’s base. As soon as JK’s minibus came out, the two vehicles slid toward the bustling downtown area.

The secondary team’s base was far from the downtown area, hence Yu Yue had not seen the scenery there yet. She could not help but take a few more glances and was flicked on the head by Captain Lu, “You looked as if you’ve never seen the world before.”

Yu Yue: “……”

I really have not seen it!

Seemingly able to understand what she was thinking, Lu Qi smiled and said, “If you can play till the world championship, you can even go abroad.”

A week ago, Yu Yue was still looking forward to playing a match.

But today, the captain of the starting lineup was talking to her about the world championship.

A strong sense of unreality made Yu Yue smile stupidly at Lu Qi’s handsome face.

She looked really silly.

“I dare not think about the world championship, I just want to play a match or two. But why is ARE on such good terms with us?”

“We’re neighbors,” Ling Chen explained. Without Lian’s presence, everyone looked several degrees more relaxed. “Didn’t the captain mention that ARE is just a street away from us? When there’s a dispute, we can just open the door and walk over to fight them. The distance is that close.”

“I thought that established teams like ARE wouldn’t make friends so easily,” Yu Yue said.

Da Qing: “They’re not the first batch of players. They have changed and replaced members many times already. They are also in a difficult transition period. The heavier the results ARE had achieved in the past, the heavier the burden on their shoulders is. Once they make a mistake, people on Tieba would say that they are not as good as before. They’re pitiful people walking on the edge of a cliff, like us.”

“We’re slightly better than them. As a rising team, our best result is only the top eight.” Da Ming touched his brother’s arm. “If there is no hope, there won’t be any disappointment.”

“If it weren’t for Missy’s hard work, this hopeless team would have disbanded,” Da Qing said, not too happily.

Ling Chen: “I don’t know what Lian is doing these days. He’s messing around. It’s good to be like ARE, making progress slowly. And now, we have seen some results.”

Touching on the topic of support, Yu Yue obediently kept her mouth shut.

“Captain~” Da Ming’s delicate and innocent gaze turned to Lu Qi.

“Depend on the higher-ups, I have no control over this.’

Da Ming shut his mouth.

How come you didn’t have this insight when you proposed to use the substitute during the relegation match?

But honestly speaking, no one wanted to team up with Lian again.

The people on Tieba could not see it, but as teammates who have been together for days and nights, how could they not see it? Lian did not have any sudden injuries or family problems, he just did not want to play seriously any more.

He felt that his teammates are not worthy of his support.

Admittedly, Yu Yue was definitely not as good as Lian now, but JK was also trying their best to help her integrate into the team. They had no other choice.

Having no experience is better than not wanting to win.

Everyone had their own opinions, but after all, they are teammates. It was meaningless to say so much, hence they all went silent and played with their phones until the minibus stopped with a creak.

Yu Yue became a little drowsy in the quiet atmosphere. When the minibus stopped, she instinctively grabbed Lu Qi’s arm and asked in a daze, “Are we there yet?”

Lu Qi glanced at her hand before turning around and humming a positive reply.

Outside the bus window, ARE, who arrived at the destination first, stood on the roadside, waiting for JK to get off their bus. Not knowing what they were saying but Qing Guang’s smile was particularly bright as he reached out his hand to pat his teammate’s head.

“Their relationships seemed really good……” Yu Yue sounded envious.

“You’ve said it three times today already!” Lu Qi could not take it and smacked her head gently, “Get off the bus!”

The treatment of the captain was different. Once Lu Qi got off, Qing Guang and the others who were playing around surrounded him immediately, “The boiled beef slices here are very good, and there’s free fruit. We even chased the managers away. There’s only our two teams here, let’s enjoy the meal!”

Compared with Lu Qi, ARE’s members were obviously more interested in Yu Yue.

“Little miss! It’s better to see it once than hear it a hundred times! The real person is indeed more beautiful than the photos.”

“Is it difficult to support JK this bunch of people? They’re all iron-headed and dare to do anything!”

“I look forward to meeting you on the stage one day,” ARE’s bot laner gave a shy smile to Yu Yue.

Da Ming rushed up, aiming the menu at ARE’s jungler head, and smacked down, “Who’s iron-headed? Who are you talking about, huh?”

“Esteemed guests……” The waiter waiting on the side showed a hesitant look. “Please do not create a disturbance within the restaurant.”

The group of big children sat upright under the waiter’s reprimanding gaze and waited for their dishes. To pass the time, they opened a friendly match for ten players.

Just nice, each team had five players.

Neither team had brought their substitutes if Yu Yue was not counted as one.

“I want to be on the same team as Missy,” Qing Guang said, changing himself to Eden’s side.

Da Qing: “You can scram! See if Missy agrees or not?”

Just when Yu Yue was about to speak for herself, Da Ming spoke up, “Yue Yue will definitely not agree. You are both supports, are you going to play double support lineup? Yue Yue, stay with us and play marksman-support lineup, okay?”

This time, Yu Yue hesitated.

The marksman-support lineup was to prioritize the development of the marksman, with the support orbiting around the marksman.

It was not without playability. The marksman was the daddy in this season.

But the opposing side was also full of pro players. If they knew that they were playing marksman-support lineup, won’t all five of them gank Da Ming and make sure he could not farm?

Marksmen generally have no control skills. If they were ganked too many times, they would directly explode. They would not survive till the late game to carry the game.

Since Qing Guang was on the other side, Yu Yue did not want to lose at all.

Fortunately, she did not have to hesitate for long. Ling Chen who came back from the restroom successfully diverted everyone’s attention, “I just saw people from PS and LZ in the adjacent room. They should be here to eat too?”

“It’s not surprising.” Lu Qi tore a pair of chopsticks and handed them to Yu Yue, continued saying, “PS’s disbandment meal, LZ came to see them off. The main course will take some time to arrive, if you’re hungry, you can eat some peanuts first.”

The latter part of his words were obviously for Yu Yue.

But the front part made everyone present quiet.

Especially JK.

Oh right, PS lost in the relegation match. Whether they were disbanding or going to the secondary league, there was little chance of seeing them again in the KPL stage.


1 Referring to the HP of the enemy; as thin as the melon skin


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