Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Aspiring for a Balanced Relationship

Regarding Xie Wu, Wang Lao Ye had heard some things about him. This man was fond of his wife, but what he disliked the most was being deceived. After being deceived, he would surely be angry.

Now, Wu Hua had deceived him, and there would certainly be consequences when he returned home. There was no need for them to linger here.

Xie Wu, with a stern face, dragged Wu Hua back. The people from the Wang family only heard Wu Hua’s miserable screams, but no one sympathized with her. If she hadn’t come looking for trouble herself,

Su Jiu stood with crossed arms on the side, listening to the distant screams. Squinting, he said, “It seems like not everyone here is good.”

It’s just a wild boar, and it can cause such a commotion. It’s really something.

Wang Jinhe remained silent, but it was Su Yu who spoke, “Some people are still quite decent.”

“Indeed, people like that are not common.”

“Brother, are you going back directly after picking the melons tomorrow?” Su Yu looked at Su Jiu and asked.

“I have to go back to take care of the security issues during the Empress Dowager’s birthday. I must return as soon as possible.” He was able to come out this time because both the Empress Dowager and the Emperor wanted this melon. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come out.

Su Yu nodded after understanding, “That’s good.”

“You little brat, I think you just don’t want to see me.” Su Jiu’s face darkened when he saw Su Yu like this.

“If you stay too long, it’s easy for people to discover something. I don’t want anyone to see.” Su Yu said seriously, looking at Su Jiu.

Su Jiu shook his head in resignation, “I knew you would be like this…”

“Brother, please stop.” Su Yu looked at Su Jiu and said earnestly, genuinely not wanting to discuss these matters any further.

Seeing Su Yu’s resistance, Su Jiu couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy.

Before he could say anything more, Wang Jinhe, on the side, spoke up, “Big brother, let’s not continue discussing these things here. He doesn’t want to get involved too much now.” The main reason was Su Yu’s disheveled and powerless state when he returned, something Su Jiu hadn’t witnessed, but Wang Jinhe had.


“Big brother, when a person forgives another person for specific reasons, it’s inevitably because the other person has done something. Talking about these things here will only make him more resistant. Besides, there’s no other use for it now.” Wang Jinhe looked at Su Jiu seriously.

“After this incident, you may not know Su Yu’s state, but I and my family do. The one who suffered the harm has the right to be willful.” Wang Jinhe said without reservation.

In Wang Jinhe’s mind, whatever Su Yu wanted to do was right, and whatever was wrong was done by others.

Seeing Wang Jinhe, who was protective like an older brother, Su Jiu couldn’t help but sigh and say, “The way you say it, I almost feel like I’m bullying my little brother. Xiao Yu, what exactly did you do to make younger sister defend you like this?”

He just didn’t expect Su Yu to still have this kind of attitude now, and he was somewhat surprised. He didn’t anticipate that Wang Jinhe would come and mock him, which added an interesting twist to the situation.

However, seeing them like this, he could completely trust them  with Xiao Yu. Having such a good in-law family would also bring him a lot of peace of mind.

Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe with warmth in his eyes.

Was he really this important in Xiao He’s heart?

With Wang Jinhe’s intervention, the matter was settled. The next day, Wang Jinhe took people to the melon field to help Su Jiu pick the melons.

They harvested over a thousand melons, totaling fourteen thousand kilograms.

This quantity surprised Su Jiu, “That’s quite a lot.”

“I feel like I’ll make a good amount of money this time,” Wang Jinhe suddenly spoke on the side.

Fourteen thousand kilograms, at five hundred wen per kilogram, meant she would earn seven thousand taels this time.

” Su Yu, when we establish  our village and buy land or hire people, we won’t be short of money,” Wang Jinhe said, looking at Su Yu with a smiling expression.

“We’ve never been short of money, okay?” They had plenty of money, including the dowry from before. They were not really poor.

“Sis, the way you say it, I’d think all my brother’s businesses have gone under.” His brother was so successful in making money, yet she cared about these seven thousand taels?

Wang Jinhe understood what they were talking about and raised an eyebrow, saying, “What he has is his, and what I have is mine. Our relationship hasn’t reached that point, and I don’t want everything in our family to rely on him.”

Doing so would make her lose herself, and Wang Jinhe definitely wouldn’t do that. Even if they got married in the future, she wouldn’t allow herself to become dependent on Su Yu. She hoped for an equal partnership, not to end up being the one who depended on the other—it held no meaning for her.

“Seems like both of you have the same mindset, both strong-willed individuals,” Su Jiu said, shaking his head.

He had never heard any woman say, “What’s hers is hers.” However, such a mindset was respectable. If she had the ability, that was naturally the best.

As for the person grinning smugly on the side, he didn’t even recognize him.

He just found a good wife, so what was there to be so happy about? Truly absurd!

With the melons picked, Su Jiu prepared to leave with his people, and Su Xi was leaving with him.

When Xiao Bao heard that Su Xi was leaving too, he quickly ran over, reached out, and hugged Su Xi’s thigh, his eyes turning watery as he said, “Grandpa, are you leaving too?”

“Yes, Grandpa has things to do back home and can’t stay with Xiao Bao. How about, in the future, Xiao Bao goes to the capital with your parents to see Grandpa?” Su Xi reached out and lifted Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao looked at Su Xi with a full expression of reluctance, “Can’t Grandpa stay?”

He didn’t want Grandpa to leave.

“Grandpa has things to do back home and must leave. I can’t stay.” Su Xi looked at Xiao Bao, who wanted to keep him, with a smile. Indeed, their Xiao Bao was great.

Xiao Bao looked at Su Xi disappointedly, “Okay then.”

After saying this, Xiao Bao still glared at Su Jiu. If he hadn’t come, Grandpa wouldn’t leave. It was all his fault.

Seeing Xiao Bao like this, Su Jiu couldn’t help but smile and sigh, “You little guy, are you holding a grudge against me too?”

Xiao Bao snorted in a spoiled manner, his adorable appearance melting hearts.

“This time, Uncle is really taking Grandpa back. We’ll let Grandpa come to see Xiao Bao again when there’s a chance, okay?” Su Yu comforted softly.

Xiao Bao looked at the person in front of him, hesitated for a while, and reluctantly nodded, “Okay then.”

” Xiao Bao is the most obedient.” Su Jiu ruffled Xiao Bao’s hair vigorously, amused by the fluffy look due to his soft hair.

Su Yu gave Su Jiu a glance and helped him tidy up his hair.

“Alright, alright, I won’t bully your precious son anymore. Stop looking at me like that,” Su Jiu surrendered, raising his hands.

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