Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Su Xi’s Departure

Su Jiu was fearless of many things, but he was afraid of Su Yu looking at him in such a casual manner. Every time he looked at him like that, it never led to anything good.

“Daddy, he bullied me,” Xiao Bao said angrily.

Su Yu reached out to pat Xiao Bao’s small head and said, “Don’t be angry. Daddy will help Xiao Bao get revenge in the future.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Bao immediately nodded happily, “Mmm, Daddy is the best.”

Su Jiu shook his head with a smile. This Xiao guy really held grudges.

Su Xi left with Su Jiu. When leaving, he was reluctant to part with Little Bao. He hugged him for a long time before finally leaving.

Xiao Bao watched the shadow of the carriage leaving, then turned to look at Su Yu beside him, “Will Uncle and Grandpa come back in the future?”

Although they hadn’t spent much time together, he had already grown fond of the kind Grandpa.

“Why does Uncle have to come? If Uncle didn’t come, Grandpa wouldn’t have left.”

“Daddy, I don’t like Uncle.” Su Yu heard Xiao Bao say this again before he could respond to his previous question.

Su Yu looked at Xiao Bao with a wry smile, reaching out to rub his small head, “You little guy, is Uncle not good to you?”

“It’s not that Uncle is not good to me, it’s just that after Uncle came, he took Grandpa away. I don’t like it,” Xiao Bao said, tilting his head and thinking, speaking very seriously.

“Even if Uncle didn’t come, Grandpa would still have to leave in a few days.” Grandpa had told him about this a few days ago. Both Grandpa and Uncle had to go to the Empress Dowager’s birthday celebration, and it wasn’t something they could avoid.

Xiao Bao pouted, looking a bit unhappy. Xiao Zhi quickly walked over to comfort him, ” Xiao Bao, don’t be upset. Grandpa definitely doesn’t want to leave. After he finishes his busy schedule, he’ll come back to see you. Can you not be angry, Xiao Bao?”

Xiao Bao reluctantly nodded, “For the sake of my brother’s face, I won’t be angry.”

Not long after Su Jiu and the others left, Wang Jingyu returned. Seeing the people from the Wang family, everyone was surprised. Today wasn’t a rest day; why did he come back?

“Jingyu, did something happen? Why did you come back today?” Grandpa Wang asked his grandson curiously.

“Grandpa, I came back this time with a classmate. His grandfather’s birthday is in a few days, and he wants to buy some melons from us to treat guests.” Wang Jingyu pointed to the person next to him and explained.

Wang Jinhe shrugged, “Brother, you came back a bit late.”

“What?” Wang Jingyu was taken aback. What did that mean?

“Half an hour before you came, the ripe melons that were ready to be harvested had just been taken away. Now, what’s left in the field are the ones that haven’t ripened much.” Wang Jinhe said helplessly.

If they had come back a bit earlier, they might have been able to get some melons. Now, it was impossible.

“Is there any chance we can find some from the field?” Wang Jingyu looked at his sister and asked.

“It’s probably not possible. This time, we picked both the ripe ones and the ones about to ripen. If we go back to look, we’ll only find the ones that haven’t ripened much, and it’s not worth it.” Wang Jinhe explained.

Wang Jingyu’s classmate couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed, “Why didn’t we come earlier?”

If they had come earlier, they might have been able to intercept some melons.

“How many days until your grandfather’s birthday?” Wang Jinhe considered for a moment before asking.

“It’s in eight days.”

“That should be about right. By then, there should be another batch of ripe ones. You can bring people over to pick them at that time.” Seven days was indeed enough time for another batch to ripen, and it would be sufficient for entertaining guests.

Wang Jingyu’s classmate was delighted, “Really? Will there really be some by then?”

“Yeah, there should be several hundred kilograms, roughly.” Wang Jinhe considered and replied.

“That’s enough.” Jingyu’s friend said happily.

“Alright, you can come one day in advance.”

“Do I need to pay a deposit?” The other person asked.

“You’re my brother’s friend; there’s no need for a deposit.” Wang Jinhe gently shook his head, not considering the need for a deposit.

“Thank you then,” Jingyu’s friend said happily.

Both of them had come out after getting permission from their masters’ and had to hurry back. Anyone who didn’t return on time would be in big trouble.

“Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, I’m going back with him first. We only got permission to come out for a while.”

“Alright, be careful on the way.”

Grandpa Wang shook his head helplessly, “These two kids, hastily coming back for a trip, who knows what they’re up to.”

The old lady glanced at the old man and seriously said, “They’re after the melons in your fields.”

“…” The old man was retorted and fell silent.

Wang Jinhe touched his chin and raised an eyebrow, “It seems like our family’s melons are quite popular.”

There were quite a few fans.

“Yeah, later we can buy more land, plant a variety, what do you think?” Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu and asked seriously, “I happen to have money now, and I can buy quite a bit of land.”

“That’s fine, but you’ll have to find suitable land to buy for us,” Su Yu teased.

“Yes, I’ll go and ask Uncle Village Chief. If there’s a suitable one, I’ll buy it. Just like you said, we can build a homestead,” Wang Jinhe said. She wasn’t worried about the distant future now. Once the homestead was built, she would definitely have an easier life.

“Okay, I’ll ask later.”

When Grandpa Wang  and Wang Da Gui heard that the child wanted to buy land, they were delighted. “Xiao He, do you really want to buy land?”

“I definitely want to buy it. We have many things to grow in the future. Relying on this small piece of land won’t be enough.” With the good things like Lingquan, the fruits and vegetables grown can also slowly nourish people’s bodies. Why not grow such fruits and vegetables?

“Buying land is good, buying land is good,” Grandpa Wang happily said.

These farmers’ favorite thing is to buy land.

“Xiao He, did you say you plan to establish a homestead?” Gu Shi interrupted and asked.

Wang Jinhe nodded gently, “Yes, I plan to have a few homesteads. Some for growing grains, some for growing fruits and vegetables, and later I might also consider growing some crops.”

“That sounds good,” Gu Shi agreed with a nod.

Su Yu gave Wang Jinhe such a generous betrothal gift, so Xiao He should also prepare some decent dowry.

However, Wang Jinhe had no idea that Gu Shi had different thoughts. She simply wanted to prepare some property for the family.

Regardless of what Wang Jinhe was thinking, in Gu Shi’s mind, she was preparing a dowry.

Wang Jinhe looked at Gu Shi strangely. Why did she feel that her mother’s gaze was strange?

“Su Yu, did you notice that my mother’s gaze towards me is peculiar?” Wang Jinhe curiously asked as she leaned in next to Su Yu.

Su Yu smiled and remained silent. Perhaps her mother-in-law thought that Xiao He was preparing the homestead to prepare her own dowry, which is why she said that?

However, Wang Jinhe had no such intention.

She simply wanted to provide something for her family.

But she wouldn’t tell Wang Jinhe about these thoughts.

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