Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Buying Land, Building Houses!

“It’s nothing. I think my mother probably feels that it’s good to have a homestead. That way, if someone is there, we don’t have to go and check,” Su Yu explained simply.

Wang Jinhe, seeing that Su Yu agreed with her, thought she was overthinking and reluctantly nodded in agreement.

“Well, that’s true.”

Gu Shi glanced at Su Yu. Was that what she meant? How did she not know?

The next day, Su Yu accompanied Wang Jinhe to find the village chief to buy land. With Yuanbao and Yuanxu in Hululu village, they didn’t have to worry at all.

As for the price, Huang Qi had already given them a very reasonable price. They could go and pick the land directly without Su Yu and Wang Jinhe if they wanted.

Xie Kui saw the two of them at the door and asked, “Does Xiao He have any business here?”

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh, “Uncle, why do you always assume I have business every time I come? If you keep doing this, I won’t dare to come anymore.”

“You two are always so busy. If there’s nothing going on, would you come to see me?” Xie Kui replied skeptically, wearing a look of disbelief, which made Wang Jinhe laugh even more.

Wang Jinhe shrugged, “Well, it seems that we only come to Uncle when we have something to do. Today, I came to buy land. Uncle, do you know of any available plots?”

“Just like I told you before, the two places I mentioned are not far away,” Xie Kui replied.

“That works.”

“Are you really going to buy? It’s quite far from your home,” Xie Kui said, surprised.

“It’s okay. My family plans to have a few homesteads. If there are people looking after them, we don’t have to personally go there,” Wang Jinhe explained with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Xie Kui was somewhat surprised: ” homesteads? That’s not bad, although you’ll spent a lot of money upfront.”

“No problem, I’ll earn it back next year,” Wang Jinhe said nonchalantly.

“Well, that’s true. You’re making good money now,” Xie Kui replied.

Wang Jinhe felt a little embarrassed by the village chief’s praise. “Uncle, can you do me a favor and ask the other party how they want to sell the land? I’ll buy it all.”

“Sure, I’ll go ask them for you.”

After finalizing the land purchase, Su Yu and Wang Jinhe returned home. By the time they arrived, Wang Dagui had already invited the builders for the house.

When the Wang family learned that Su Yu wanted to build a house nearby, they fell silent for a moment but didn’t say anything. Wang Dagui began looking for a skilled craftsman for Su Yu.

“This is the person who built our house back then. Tell him what kind of house you want, and he can build it for you,” Wang Dagui said, pointing to the person next to him with a smile.

“Dad, I appreciate your help.”

“We’re all family, why be so polite with me?” Wang Dagui waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Just a house similar to my in-laws’ would be fine, maybe a little bigger. My brother and sister might come to stay later,” Su Yu explained. If it weren’t for Su Jiu and her sister and niece, they wouldn’t need such a big place for just their own family.

Although the Wang family’s house didn’t look particularly large from the outside, the rooms inside were quite spacious, and the house was indeed nice.

Their family could comfortably accommodate even more children in the future.

Of course, these were plans for the future. It wasn’t the right time yet, and he needed to hide his thoughts so that Xiao He wouldn’t find out.

Xiao He would surely be furious if she found out.

“Alright, where do you plan on building? Let me know,” the foreman looked at Su Yu and asked.

Su Yu and Wang Jinhe took the foreman to the designated location.

“It’s right here.”

After assessing the area, the foreman had a rough idea of what needed to be done.

“Will you we be providing both labor and materials?” the foreman asked Su Yu.

“Yes, how much will it cost?” Su Yu inquired.

“A total of 85 taels of silver.” Su Yu’s house was going to be slightly bigger, so naturally, it would require more materials.

“We also have two acres of land that need a courtyard wall. Additionally, we plan to build a Homestead. How much will that cost?” Su Yu continued.

“What size house are you planning to build for the Homestead?” the foreman asked after contemplating for a moment.

“It should be able to accommodate around ten people, with a kitchen, a storage room, and a separate area for raising chickens and ducks,” Su Yu explained, looking at Wang Jinhe, who continued the conversation.

The foreman carefully calculated and said, “This will cost fifty taels, mainly for the courtyard wall surrounding the two-acre land. It will require some expenses.”

Su Yu handed over one hundred and forty taels to the foreman and said, “Please use the extra for drinks, Uncle. We’ll trouble you with the rest.”

“You’re being too kind,” the foreman was slightly taken aback, as receiving five taels of silver all of a sudden was surprising and a bit overwhelming.

“No need to be so polite, Uncle. We’re planning to buy land elsewhere and build more homestead in the future. We’ll need your help with that as well. It’s easier when working with familiar people,” Su Yu said with a smile, his gentle demeanor making the foreman feel somewhat embarrassed.

“What trouble? If you have work for us, we’re more than happy to do it,” the foreman replied. This way, they wouldn’t have to worry for the latter half of the year.

“Sir, may I ask how many more homestead you plan to build in the future? I need to arrange manpower and also place an order for the green bricks,” the foreman asked.

They needed to pre-order the bricks and tiles. If they suddenly went to buy, they might not be able to get as many at once.

“Xiao he, how many more homestead do you plan to build?” Su Yu asked, looking at Wang Jinhe.

“Right now, I’m not sure. It depends on how much land we can acquire,” Wang Jinhe replied, uncertain about the exact number of homestead he wanted to build.

“Give me an estimate for now.”

Wang Jinhe started calculating, considering two homesteads for strawberry cultivation, two for watermelon, one larger homestead for dragon fruit, and a few others for miscellaneous purposes. She estimated that they would need around two or three more homesteads.

“About 9 of them,” Wang Jinhe said.

“So many?” The foreman was taken aback. If they were really going to build that many homesteads, and all of them for them to work on, they wouldn’t run out of work until next year.

“Hmm, we do have quite a variety of crops to cultivate,” Wang Jinhe said apologetically. “Uncle, there’s no need to rush. Currently, we only need the houses to be built and the homesteads for the melon fields. Once you’ve finished those, there’s no rush for the others.”

“Alright, I’ve checked the auspicious dates. The 7th of next month is a good day to start construction. I’ll have everything delivered before then,” the foreman said after careful consideration. He realized that there was no point in discussing too much at the moment since they hadn’t even purchased the land yet. It would be best to focus on completing the current tasks first.

“Thank you, Uncle. We appreciate your help,” Wang Jinhe said gratefully.

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