Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Buying People

“No need to be polite. I appreciate your trust in me, and it’s only right that I do the work you’ve given me,” the middle-aged man waved his hand, saying cheerfully. “Since that’s settled, I’ll take my leave.”

“Take care, Uncle.”

After seeing the man off, Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu and said, “I didn’t expect you to delegate everything to them.”

“This person is very conscientious. It’s no problem to entrust him with the tasks. It saves us all the trouble. Isn’t it a win-win situation?” Having spent many years in the business world, Su Yu had long developed the ability to judge people.

Wang Jinhe nodded with a smile, “You’re right. When we were building our house before, they were really responsible, and everyone working together was very diligent. It’s indeed reassuring to have such people handle things.”

Su Yu’s eyes twinkled with a smile, “So, isn’t that just perfect?”

“Let’s go back. Tomorrow, we’ll go hire some help.”


The next day, the two of them went to find helpers. Anticipating that the place might not be suitable, they didn’t bring the children, Xiao Bao and Xiao Zhi. Instead, they decided to go with the couple Gu Shi and Wang Dagui to go to the orchard to pick jujubes with Yuanbao and others.

When they arrived at the location, Huang Qi was already waiting. “Young Master, you’ve come. This is Lao Qin; the people under him are reliable. If you want to buy, it’s a good choice.”

“Let’s go. Take us to have a look.”

“Sure thing.”

As they arrived at the place, only Wang Jinhe seemed impatient, furrowing her brows. Having come from the modern world, she found it somewhat uncomfortable that people were treated like livestock and kept in confinement, waiting to be bought.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yu asked in a low voice when he saw Wang Jinhe frowning.

Wang Jinhe shook his head. “I’m fine, just haven’t seen this kind of thing before. It’s a bit hard to get used to.”

Su Yu didn’t find anything unusual in his explanation; in fact, he thought it was normal.

“Let’s go, we’ll take a look.”

“You make the choice. Your judgment of people is excellent, and I trust you,” Wang Jinhe said directly.

“Alright, then let’s choose some for our household as well?” Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe and asked.

Wang Jinhe considered for a moment and shook his head, saying, “We don’t need that many people for now. There’s also no place for them to stay in our house. Let’s just buy a few for now and get more after the house is built.”

“That works. Xiao Bao needs two, and you also need two maids. We’ll get a cook, an accountant, and a steward. With these people, you’ll find things much easier when more tasks come up later,” Su Yu, being familiar with the requirements, quickly determined how many people they needed.

“Grandma and my mother also need assistance,” Wang Jinhe added.

After saying this, Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. “We don’t have enough living space.”

“The old house next door hasn’t been demolished yet, right? You can let them stay there for now. When the house is ready, they can move in. When Uncle and the others arrive, we can have them build some temporary living spaces for them,” Su Yu quickly came up with a solution, leaving Wang Jinhe with no need to worry.

“That works, but we need to do it quickly, or it might leak during the rainy season over there.”

“Afterward, we can find those uncles and have them bring more people to take care of things. There are always more solutions than difficulties, and we can’t let people suffocate without a way out, right?”


After the discussion, Su Yu began to assess the people. Two of the girls looked identical but carried a sense of despair in their eyes.

“What do you think of those two girls from that group?” Su Yu pointed to the two girls.

Wang Jinhe looked in the direction indicated by Su Yu, a bit puzzled. “They seem like two people with a story.”

The sorrow and despair in their eyes clearly indicated that their lives had undergone significant changes, leading them to this unfortunate situation.

“Usually, people like them have various skills, and these two know some martial arts. It’s suitable to have them around you. I don’t need to specifically find you maids who know martial arts,” Su Yu valued the fact that these two had a foundation in martial arts.

“You have a good eye for people, and I trust you,” Wang Jinhe nodded.

“Those two,” Su Yu pointed to the two girls.

The relief in Old Qin’s  eyes can be seen when he heard Su Yu, he walked over to them, whispering, “Both of them are good-hearted. As long as you stay true to yourselves, your future life will be fine. You don’t need to worry about being bought by enemies all the time. I can only help you so much.”

Upon hearing Old Qin’s words, the two sisters instinctively looked at Wang Jinhe. The girl seemed gentle and easy to get along with.

“Thank you, Uncle Qin, for taking care of us during these days.”

“Thanks for what? Your family has done me a favor, and I couldn’t save you. I already feel guilty. If you keep saying these things, where should I put my face?” Old Qin said with a wry smile.

The two sisters remained silent. They knew that Uncle Qin had done his best. He had been their limit of protection. The family looking for them had come several times, and each time, Uncle Qin had discreetly hidden them, preventing them from being bought.

The fact that Uncle Qin let them out today indicated that these two were indeed good people, and Uncle Qin probably couldn’t hide them any longer.

Su Yu, hearing the conversation among the three, had a playful look in his eyes. His judgment was indeed correct; these two were indeed the children of that family.

Su Yu quickly selected seven more people, including two boys aged five or six who happened to be brothers.

“How much?”

“Nine people, a total of fifty-four taels of silver.”

After handing over the money, Su Yu pulled Wang Jinhe and the group of people away. Back at home, the nine individuals were momentarily stunned. They looked around, realizing that…

“You didn’t see it wrong. Our family isn’t wealthy or noble. We’re just an ordinary farming family, and there aren’t many rules here. Just focus on doing your own tasks, and that’s enough,” Wang Jinhe said to the surprised individuals.

“Yuan Lin, take the people to arrange the living quarters. You two sisters stay here,” Su Yu pointed to the twins.

“Song Minglei, who is he to you people?”

“Our family’s father.”

Su Yu nodded understandingly, “I see. From now on, the Song family has nothing to do with you. You are just servants of my wife, understand?”

The two sisters stared at Su Yu blankly, momentarily not understanding his meaning.

“If you want to survive, let go of the past. If you don’t want your enemies to find you, keep a low profile. As for the hatred in your family, I will give you a chance in the future. Whether you can seize this opportunity depends on your own abilities. My wife doesn’t keep useless people around,” Su Yu looked coldly at the two sisters.

The sisters didn’t hear anything else; they only heard Su Yu say there would be a chance for revenge. “Young Master, can we really have a chance for revenge?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Young Master. Thank you, Madam,” the two were excited. They never expected to have a chance for revenge.

Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu with a puzzled expression. He actually knew these two.

What exactly does he want to do? He’s even giving them a chance for revenge?

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