Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Genius Twins

“Go find Yuan Lin; he will explain everything to you. After that, at least one of you should stay with my wife wherever she goes,” Su Yu ordered in a deep voice.


“Xiao He, give them new names.”

Wang Jinhe frowned, “Why can’t they use their own names?”

“The reason these two are still alive is that their enemies want them to suffer humiliation. Before we arrived, their enemies had visited several times. However, these two were hidden by Old Qin. As we were about to leave, he brought them out. Their names are like targets,” Su Yu explained to Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe frowned, looking at Su Yu. “But their appearance…”

“The two sisters should be grateful that when they went out, they always listened to their mother and wore veils. So, outsiders only know that the Song family has a pair of twin sisters. No one knows what they look like,” Su Yu explained. As long as they change their names and reveal their true appearance later, and keep their emotions in check when meeting people, no one would know that these sisters were from the Song family.

“Qiuyi and Qiuchan, then.”

“Thank you, Madam, for giving us names.” They understood that Su Yu was right. Keeping their old names would bring trouble.

“Once the new house is built, and you are completely settled, I will allow you to set up ancestral tablets in your own rooms. You can also worship your family members during festivals and on special occasions,” Wang Jinhe said to the two sisters.

The sisters looked at Wang Jinhe, trembling all over, their eyes filled with overwhelming joy.

Tears kept streaming down their faces. They had thought that being able to secretly worship their family members in the future would be enough, but they never expected that the Madam would allow them to set up ancestral tablets and worship openly.

“Thank you, Madam. Thank you,” they vowed to repay the Madam well in the future.

“Let’s go find Yuan Lin and settle things before discussing anything else.”

After the two left, Su Yu frowned and said, “I didn’t expect you to do this.”

“It’s not a big deal, but for those two sisters, it’s a longing. By the way, do you know them?” Wang Jinhe asked curiously.

“I know their father. He was a well-known philanthropist. When the Song family encountered trouble, and these two could be sent to Old Qin without being discovered, it shows that many people helped them,” Su Yu squinted.

“Really? That’s good,” Wang Jinhe thought that as long as they were alive, it was a good thing.

“But why did you specifically choose these two? Aren’t you afraid of trouble?” Wang Jinhe asked curiously. Su Yu didn’t seem like the type to willingly put himself in a difficult situation.

“The twin sisters from the Song family in Fengcheng are known as geniuses. They excel not only in martial arts but also in business. Their business acumen surpasses even Song Minglei. In the future, when you want to do business on your own but don’t want to travel everywhere, you can let these sisters handle it. Together, they are no less capable than me. Most importantly, they have a wide and extensive network,” Su Yu explained with a light laugh, knowing that Wang Jinhe wasn’t misunderstanding him. He explained with a smile.

Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu in amazement. “That powerful?”

“Yes, that’s why I mentioned giving them the opportunity for revenge. Whether they can seize it depends on themselves,” Su Yu smiled mysteriously.

After Wang Jinhe understood, she couldn’t help but scold, “You cunning businessman.”

“I was worried before that they might not accept the disparity between a rich young lady and a maid, but your words made them willingly work for you. Now I’m relieved,” Su Yu said with a smile.

Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu in confusion, “I didn’t do much; I just thought they might want an opportunity to pay respects to their family.”

“It’s these unintentional acts that are most effective in winning people’s hearts,” Su Yu said. When he mentioned giving them the opportunity for revenge, the two sisters were grateful, but they only intended to repay with their abilities. However, Wang Jinhe’s words touched a nerve, hitting them where it mattered.

If Su Yu bought their abilities, Wang Jinhe had won their hearts and loyalty. In the future, no matter what happened, these two would not betray Wang Jinhe. That was enough.

“Well, I guess I made a great deal,” Wang Jinhe said with a smug smile.

“Let’s go inside.”


After they entered, they found others looking a bit uneasy. Gu Shi, upon seeing them, sighed in relief, “Why did you buy people without saying a word?”

“Didn’t we talk about buying people before?” Wang Jinhe asked, puzzled.

Hadn’t she discussed it with Su Yu? Why did her mother seem so surprised?

“But we didn’t expect you to suddenly bring them back,” Gu Shi looked at her daughter with a disapproving glance.

“It’s just a matter of time. Our family will be very busy later, and having some help is a good thing, right?” Wang Jinhe chuckled and said. After saying this, she glanced at Su Yu, indicating that he should come and help.

Su Yu, with a hint of a smile in his eyes, spoke, “Mother, it was my suggestion. Later, Xiao He’s farms will produce more and more crops. When people discover that the fruits and vegetables she grows can gradually improve health, many will come here. By then, relying on just us won’t be enough.”

“What? Improve health? How is that possible?” Grandpa Wang looked at Su Yu in disbelief, shaking his head repeatedly.

“I was only suspicious before, but since my grandfather came over, I’m completely convinced. Xiao He’s fruits and vegetables, if consumed regularly, can have a certain effect. My grandfather had some minor injuries and aches. He had been injured in his youth, and before coming here, every time it rained, his whole body would ache. But in the little over a month he’s been here, he hasn’t complained about any discomfort even after two rainfalls. He even said to me that maybe the climate here is beneficial. The rain doesn’t trigger his minor injuries and aches anymore,” Su Yu compared with Su Xi.

Being reminded by Su Yu, Grandpa Wang just remembered that his old cold leg didn’t seem to bother him in these few months.

“Old lady, has my leg not hurt at all during the rain in the past few months?” Grandpa Wang turned to his old companion and asked.

Grandma Wang was surprised. Indeed, Grandpa Wang’s leg hadn’t hurt during the rainy months.

Everyone looked at Wang Jinhe simultaneously, and their gaze made Wang Jinhe a bit uneasy. Gu Shi looked at Wang Jinhe, “Xiao He, tell your mother how you planted these fruits and vegetables?”

Wang Jinhe innocently looked at Gu Shi, “Mother, I really don’t know. I just followed the methods you taught us.” She simply soaked the seeds in Lingquan water and diluted it for irrigation with Lingquan water.

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