Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Endless Rice Fields

“Can’t you be a bit more calm? You’ve seen tens of thousands of taels of silver.”

“No, it should be tens of thousands of taels of gold that We’ve seen. Isn’t it just these few acres of land?”

“Dad, why are you still scolding me?” Wang Dagui grumbled, feeling a bit unhappy.

“I’m scolding you precisely. You’ve seen grand scenes, but now you’re making a fuss over seventy acres of land. Aren’t you afraid of being ridiculed?” Wang’s old man said without any kindness.

“Can it be the same, Dad?” With so much land, think about how much grain can be grown. It’s really exciting to just think about it.

Grandpa Wang’s shook his head impatiently. When did his son become so foolish?

“Xiao Yu, he’s making a fool of himself.” Wang’s old man looked at Su Yu on the side and said with a smile.

“Grandpa, I understand. Farmers all love the land, and no amount of money can compare to the love for the land,” Su Yu said with a smile.

Hearing this, Wang Dagui nodded very satisfied, “You’re right.”

The family gathered around the topic of the land, and Xiao Bao and Xiao Zhi, with curiosity, asked, “Mommy, do we have a lot of land at home?”

“Not yet, but we will tomorrow.”

“Mommy, you’re amazing.” This is the land his mother earned with money.

The next morning, when Xie Kui came to find them, the Wang Jinhe family was already prepared. Today, Xiao Bao and Xiao Zhi must go with them, so they brought everyone along and set off together.

When they arrived at the location and saw the seventy acres of land connected together, it was truly awe-inspiring.

“Mommy, is all this land ours?” Xiao Bao looked at the endless rice fields and asked curiously.

“Yes, the land belongs to our family.”

“Wow, so much!” Xiao Bao exclaimed with joy.

Wang Dagui and Grandpa Wang  also had a look of surprise in their eyes. Indeed, there were so many rice plants that it was a bit overwhelming for them.

Moreover, the yield was really good, indicating that the laborers had done an excellent job.

After a while, the other party arrived.

“Is your family buying my land and estate?”

“Yes.” Wang Jinhe nodded and said.

“The price of the land, your village chief should have informed you, one thousand two taels is the fixed price. As for the estate, I’m asking for two thousand three hundred taels. You can go and take a look at the specific situation before making a decision. You don’t have to answer me immediately.” The old man looked at Wang Jinhe and spoke.

Upon hearing this, Wang Jinhe naturally nodded in agreement.

After inspecting the estate, Wang Jinhe fell in love with it. The estate covered about twenty acres, with a row of houses and various fruit trees planted inside. In addition to common fruits, there were also rare ones like grapes, which were not commonly seen in this area, and all the fruit trees were bearing fruit.

It was no wonder the price was set at two thousand three hundred taels; she was getting a good deal.

“There are also some caretakers here, and they are all good people. If you need them, you can keep them. Because the seventy acres of land are not far from this estate, the laborers also live here. I hire them for one or two taels of silver per month. They mainly take care of the rice fields and orchard. They’ve been here for seven or eight years. You can take over directly.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. This saves me the time and trouble of finding laborers. I’ll go with the wages you provided.” Wang Jinhe was naturally happier to have ready-made help. After all, hiring individuals separately could be more troublesome.

“That’s good. I was also worried that you might suspect they wouldn’t work well once they change masters. Now it seems I was overthinking.” The old man smiled.

“How could that be? Someone who can manage rice fields and orchards so well, I’ll definitely keep them.” Where else could she find such capable helpers? Now that there were ready-made ones, she wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

“Go and gather all the laborers and people from the estate. Let them meet their new employer.”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

In no time, all the laborers gathered, looking at the old man. “From today onwards, this young lady is your new employer. Follow her from now on.”

Everyone looked a bit uneasy as they gazed at Wang Jinhe, worried that the new employer might be difficult to get along with.

“Hello, everyone. Starting today, I have taken over the land and estate from Grandpa Zhang. The benefits he provided you before will remain the same. I hope you can focus on your work and nothing else,” Wang Jinhe spoke gently, but what they heard didn’t seem so simple.

“I know you’ve been accustomed to following Grandpa Zhang all these years. Suddenly transitioning to me might be a bit challenging. I hope you can adapt quickly. My family is not as wealthy as Grandpa Zhang’s. We are just a small household. If you work hard and do your job well, I am willing to offer high wages and good benefits. However, please remember one thing: I don’t keep idle people here,” Wang Jinhe said, looking at them very seriously.

“Yes, Boss.” Everyone looked at each other before bowing their heads in acknowledgment.

They had initially thought this young girl would be soft and easy to bully, but it turned out she was a hidden blade in softness, speaking bluntly and not being polite at all.

Wang Jinhe didn’t say much more and followed Grandpa Zhang to other places to complete the final procedures.

“You did the right thing,” Grandpa Zhang suddenly spoke.

Wang Jinhe paused for a moment and then smiled, “Grandpa Zhang, you noticed too?”

“How could I not? Probably thinking I’m the old man here, and you’re just a young girl. It wouldn’t be polite to scold them. What you did, though, saved you a lot of trouble,” the old man said with a smile.

Wang Jinhe chuckled softly, “Most of the people here are good. It’s just a small minority like that. I’ll give them a chance, but if they can’t handle it, I’ll have to kick them out sooner rather than later.”

Grandpa Zhang smiled and shook his head, leading his people back to his side.

“Grandpa Zhang, here are three thousand three hundred taels in silver notes.” Wang Jinhe took out the silver notes. “Taking over your land and estate like this is really a good deal for me.”

Especially for the estate; even at three or four thousand taels, someone would be willing to buy it.

“Well, business depends on people. I think you’re a good girl, so I’m willing to give you the estate and everything else.” Originally, he had priced the estate at three thousand five hundred taels, but after seeing this young girl, he abandoned that idea and lowered the price by over a thousand taels.

It was like giving away the seventy acres of land for free.

“Besides, even though many people are interested in my estate, they know I’m in a hurry to leave. They press this old man for a lower price, but this old man isn’t interested in selling to them. My son also doesn’t need this extra two thousand taels of silver.”

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