Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Land Equivalent to a Gift

Seeing Grandpa Zhang’s indifferent attitude, Wang Jinhe truly didn’t understand the world of the wealthy.

“If it weren’t for not coming back in the future and not bothering to take care of things here, I really wouldn’t be willing to sell my estate like this.” He had a deep emotional attachment to the estate. If it weren’t so challenging to manage, why would he sell it like this?

“Grandpa Zhang, if you ever come back in the future, you can come and visit anytime,” Wang Jinhe said, somewhat understanding Grandpa Zhang’s perspective. After all, this was something he had built up from scratch.

“Well, that would be nice. I just don’t know if the old man will have a chance to come back and see it. The land deed is here; take a look.” The old man carefully took out a small box containing the land deed.

Wang Jinhe took the land deed and examined it, then smiled and said, “Everything is in order.”

“That’s good.” The person next to them happily said, “I’ll take my leave then. I’ll go back and pack up; I’m going to join my son.”


After seeing off Grandpa Zhang, Wang Jinhe handed the land deed to Wang Dagui and the others, saying, “Dad, you guys keep it.”

“How can that be? You earned the money to buy it. How can you give it to us?” Wang Dagui refused adamantly.

“I just want the estate; that’s enough for me.” Wang Jinhe kept the estate’s land deed for herself and gave the rest to them.

Seeing that Wang Dagui and the others were still reluctant, Su Yu immediately spoke up, “Dad, just accept it. The rice fields are basically a gift.”

“How can it be a gift?” They clearly paid for it.

“If we consider the normal price for the estate, it should be at least around three thousand seven hundred taels. We only paid two thousand three hundred, almost a half-price deal.” Su Yu explained.

This means a reduction of over a thousand taels, essentially making the land and the rice fields inside it a gift.

“Yes, Dad, I’m keeping the money I spent, and I’m giving you the gift. Why won’t you accept it?” Wang Jinhe hadn’t understood what Su Yu meant at first, but after he explained, she immediately understood.

Wang Dagui and the others couldn’t help but laugh at the banter between the two.

For the sake of giving them something good, they were truly going to great lengths.

“Alright, since that’s the case, we’ll accept it.” Wang Dagui’s thought was to accept it for now. If the children needed it in the future, they could use it then.


When the family looked through the land deed, a piece of paper fell out from between the pages.

Wang Jinhe picked it up and, after reading it, was left dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong? What does the note say?” Seeing Wang Jinhe’s expression change, Wang Dagui asked curiously.

Wang Jinhe said in a daze, “Grandpa Zhang said there is a large piece of sandy land behind the estate, probably more than ten acres. It’s planted with peanuts and sweet potatoes. The land deed for that is in the middle of the box.”

Wang Dagui quickly found the compartment, and when he discovered what was inside, Wang Jinhe was instantly dumbfounded.

Even Xie Kui found it quite unbelievable.

It seemed that Grandpa Zhang really liked the Wang Jinhe family. Otherwise, how could he just give away more than ten acres of land like this?

Helplessly looking at the note in her hand, Wang Jinhe said with a wry smile, “This time, we owe him a big favor.”

“Is that really the case?”

“Su Yu, Grandpa Zhang is also in the capital. Can you have your people check on him? Later, I’ll send him a small gift,” Wang Jinhe asked Su Yu.

“Even if it’s not possible, you’ve already made the request, so it has to be possible,” Su Yu whispered on the side.

Hearing this, Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

She reached out and ruffled Wang Jinhe’s hair fiercely, messing it up, “Why are you still being so polite? Remember, you’re my Wife. Whatever you want or ask for is acceptable.”

Wang Jinhe looked up at Su Yu, staring at him expressionlessly—or more accurately, she was staring at his hands.

This guy had a habit of casually ruffling her hair for no reason. Didn’t he know what it meant for a head to be detachable, blood to flow, and a hairstyle not to be messed up?

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“You messed up my hair. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to do that?” Wang Jinhe asked with a displeased frown.

“It actually looks good this way,” Su Yu said, suppressing a smile.

With her hair all messy, Wang Jinhe looked even more adorable.

“Looks good?” Wang Jinhe raised an eyebrow, looking at Su Yu. Without waiting for his reaction, she directly took action, her hands messing up his hair without restraint, leaving it in disarray.

Seeing this scene, Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

This really damaged his image.

“Feeling relieved now?” Su Yu wasn’t angry. Instead, he looked at Wang Jinhe seriously and asked.

Seeing Su Yu like this, Wang Jinhe felt a sense of helplessness, as if she had punched into cotton.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Jinhe said with some annoyance, “You’re really not interesting.”

“Hmm? What did I do? Why am I not interesting?”

“It’s nothing. The rice fields here are quite good, and I quite like them. But I want to go see the sandy land.” With more than ten acres of sandy land, what would happen if she planted watermelons and cantaloupes there?

Thinking about it, Wang Jinhe turned to the people beside her and said seriously, “I think the melons and fruits I plant next year will definitely sell for a lot of money.”

“The fruits in the estate this year will also make you a good amount of money. There are still so many fruits that haven’t been picked.” Su Yu said with a smile.

Wang Jinhe nodded with a smile. This statement was indeed accurate; the fruits had developed very well.

“With so many fruits, can you handle them all?” Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu and asked with a tilt of her head. With the fruits from Hululu Village and her own estate, would there be any issues with so many fruits?

Even though Su Yu knew that Wang Jinhe was concerned about her, Su Yu couldn’t help but tease, “Underestimating me?”

“Of course not. I’m just worried that you might lose money after buying all this.”

“Just put your mind at ease. Some have already been shipped by sea, and it doesn’t affect my earnings at all. It even reduces the inventory a bit.” Was this girl underestimating him too much or overestimating him too much?

“Really?” Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu with a hint of doubt, not entirely believing.

Su Yu couldn’t help but smile and said, “Xiao he, don’t forget, I’m your husband and a businessman. Businessmen prioritize profit, and I won’t engage in deals that result in losses.”

The fact that he continued to request fruits from there indicated that their fruits were indeed good and worth buying.

If they weren’t worth buying, he would either reject them outright or negotiate for a lower price. Why would he wait until now?

Hearing Su Yu’s words, Wang Jinhe realized belatedly that she had indeed overthought things.

As Su Yu said, businessmen prioritize profit, especially someone like Su Yu.

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