Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Am I Wasting Food?

“You’re right. I did overthink it. As a cunning businessman like you, how could you allow yourself to lose money?” Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but mutter.

Hearing what Wang Jinhe said, Su Yu pointed at himself. When did he become a cunning businessman again? Would this girl ever stop talking?

“Xiao He, your words really make people angry, you know?” Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe displeased.

“A broad-minded person like you shouldn’t be so petty, right? I’ll go check out the sandy land first,” Wang Jinhe said and turned away.

Su Yu shook his head helplessly and followed. The Wang family and others saw the two of them leaving with messy hair, wondering if they should say something to avoid being laughed at.

However, before they could say anything, the two had already disappeared.

“They should know what their hair looks like. We don’t need to say anything,” someone commented.

“Grandpa, let’s go play in the estate,” Xiao Bao eagerly thought about the fruits.

“Okay, let’s go to the estate.”

The family followed along. Wang Jinhe and Su Yu went to check out the sandy land, while the others took Xiao Bao to play in the estate.

Looking at the vast expanse of sandy land, Wang Jinhe walked over to some withered peanut flowers and pulled a few out.

“Are you pulling them out now?” Su Yu asked curiously as he watched Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe smiled and shook her head, “Not pulling them out now, but I want to make boiled peanuts. I’ll make some for you when we get back.”


The workers watched as Wang Jinhe pulled out so many peanuts, his eyes widened a bit. However, it was their land, and they could do whatever they wanted with the things in the land. It wasn’t their place to intervene.

“Do we have a basket here?” Wang Jinhe asked the people around her.

“Sure, we have one.”

“Could you please get one for me?”

Soon, someone brought a basket for Wang Jinhe, and the onlookers watched as she filled the basket with peanuts.

Witnessing this scene, a young girl who lived on the estate with her parents suddenly spoke up, displeased. “Even if you’re our new landowner, you shouldn’t waste food like this.”

Wang Jinhe, who was earnestly picking peanuts, heard the accusation and looked up. She happened to see the girl timidly glancing at Su Yu. With the combination of her words, there was no need for further explanation.

“Wasting food? When did you see me wasting food?” Wang Jinhe asked with a cold expression.

“These peanuts haven’t even ripened yet, and you’re pulling them out. Isn’t that wasting food?” the girl argued, unwilling to accept it.

Seeing her attitude, Wang Jinhe suddenly found it amusing.

Looking at her dusty fingers, Wang Jinhe said with a half-smile, “Some people are just too self-righteous, aren’t they?”

“These peanuts look quite plump. If I pick them and cook them at home as a snack for my child, do you have any objections?” Wang Jinhe peeled open a peanut, looking at the young girl with a half-smile.

The girl’s face turned various shades of green and purple. She instinctively shifted her gaze to Su Yu, hoping for some reaction from him. However, Su Yu remained indifferent, leaving her somewhat disappointed.

This young master was the most handsome person she had ever seen, a perfect match for her. It was a pity that her status was lowly. If only the young master didn’t mind.

“I…” Just as she was about to say something, the girl saw Su Yu pulling over a small stool and joining Wang Jinhe in picking peanuts.

“Little He, don’t you find the people here interesting?” Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe with a faint smile in his eyes and a slight curve on his lips.

Some people really knew how to seek humiliation.

Always hoping to be thoroughly beaten by others.

Wang Jinhe was momentarily stunned, then glanced at the girl. The young maiden, lost in her own thoughts, had that unmistakable look of someone harboring various fantasies.

“Well, you’re right. Interfering in other people’s business and trying to covet what doesn’t belong to them—these are two traits. Why are some people so lacking in self-awareness?” Wang Jinhe sighed softly.

She really didn’t want to cause trouble on the first day. It would make people think she was sharp-tongued and hard to get along with.

“People like that don’t deserve attention. Once they cross the line, just kick them out,” Su Yu calmly stated, leaving the girl’s face pale.

She knew they were talking about her, but she dared not admit it, unable to afford such embarrassment.

Seeing her reaction, Wang Jinhe smiled, shifting his gaze to Su Yu. “You’re quite impressive.”

“When dealing with a snake, aim for its head. Do I need to teach you this principle?” Su Yu raised an eyebrow, looking at Wang Jinhe. “Or have you gone soft?”

Giving Su Yu a disdainful look, Wang Jinhe retorted, “Do I look like someone like that to you?”

“You are exactly that kind of person,” Su Yu affirmed.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Jinhe lowered her head to continue picking peanuts. She was afraid that if she continued the conversation, she might not resist giving this person a slap.

After picking peanuts, the two went to wash their hands. Although the young girl understood their conversation, she couldn’t help but approach them.

“Master, let me help you.”

Seeing the person approaching, Su Yu’s expression turned cold. “Get lost.”

The laborers nearby frowned, and one of them spoke to the girl’s parents, “Qian, why don’t you keep an eye on your daughter? Letting her approach the young master like this, look at the young master’s current mood.”

“You better hurry up and bring your daughter back. If you don’t, that would be truly embarrassing.” Most importantly, if they angered the young master, their whole family would have a tough time.

It’s crucial to note that the Qian family, consisting of six members, were just laborers living on the estate.

They weren’t the owners. Did their daughter really think she needed to inquire about the young master picking things from their estate?

Didn’t she hear what the young master said earlier? This girl had no self-awareness, shamelessly approaching like this.

 Qian knew her daughter’s intentions. She was beautiful, and what if the young master took an interest in her?‘Even if she becomes a concubine, their family will ascend to the heavens.’

“My daughter hasn’t done anything wrong. Why would the young master mind?” Qian dismissed the well-intentioned advice.

Others, feeling rebuffed by Qian’s response, exchanged annoyed glances. One person spoke sternly, “Alright, if they want to court trouble, we can’t stop them. Everyone needs to be prepared for the consequences.”

“They have the easiest job here, with free meals, accommodations, and a decent monthly wage. Some people just overestimate themselves, thinking they’re more important than they really are,” another commented. It seemed like someone considering themselves too highly, unaware that in the eyes of others, they were merely a clown.

Qian Mo, startled by Su Yu’s strong words, couldn’t help but shed tears, looking as though she had been bullied.

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