Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Are You Worth It?

The strong aroma of tea made Wang Jinhe frown, her face looking quite displeased.

“Su Yu, I am extremely unhappy right now,” Wang Jinhe said with deep meaning.

This situation was something she detested the most. Who would have thought it would come to this?

Hearing this, Suyu chuckled softly. “This is your place. What do you want to do? Honestly, I am also quite unhappy.”

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh, looking at Qian Mo. “This is my child’s father.”

Qian Mo was stunned for a moment, not quite understanding. Stammering, she asked, “Wh…what do you mean?”

“It seems my words weren’t clear enough. Let me put it plainly. He is my husband. Do you understand now?” Wang Jinhe coldly stared at the girl, enunciating each word.

Su Yu’s eyes sparkled slightly. Unexpectedly, he got to hear Xiao He call him her husband. Well, that’s nice.

Qian Mo looked pale, staring at Wang Jinhe. “Madam, what do you mean? Are you opposed to this?”

Wang Jinhe looked at Qian Mo with a strange expression and then turned to ask Su Yu, “Do you have any thoughts now?”

“The toad wants to eat swan meat, unaware of the vastness of the sky and the earth,” Su Yu said coldly, disdainfully.

This remark was extremely impolite, and ordinary people might find it hard to bear.

Qian Mo looked at Wang Jinhe, feeling humiliated. “Even if you are the host, you can’t humiliate people like this.”

Wang Jinhe pointed at herself, looking puzzled. “When did I humiliate her? Do you know about this matter?”

Su Yu shook his head. “Isn’t it me who was humiliated?”

Wang Jinhe cleared her throat, a hint of amusement in her eyes.

Qian Mo’s face changed colors rapidly, like a chameleon. Wang Jinhe looked at her in this state, speaking with a smirk, “Young lady, he is impressive, and I can understand if you’re infatuated. However, fantasizing about a married man is immoral and brings divine retribution.”

However, Qian Mo completely ignored Wang Jinhe’s words, keeping her gaze fixed on Su Yu.

 Seeing this, Wang Jinhe sighed softly, “Why is she so unappreciative?”

Then she turned to Su Yu, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. “Is it because you’re good-looking or for some other reason? Having someone staring at you like this?”

Su Yu innocently shrugged, “This has nothing to do with me, Xiao He is not related to me at all.”

Quick to deny any association, Su Yu wanted to make it clear that she had no connection with this woman.

Upon hearing this, Wang Jinhe’s eyes carried a hint of a smirk.

Qian Mo, however, seemed to have lost all sense of shame, boldly saying, “Sir, my heart is pleased with you. I can do anything you want.”

After saying this, Qian Mo stared at Su Yu with infatuation.

The people nearby, hearing Qian Mo shamelessly speak such words, couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of their mouths. Isn’t this woman worried that the master wouldn’t choose her? Saying such things in front of the master, wasn’t it nauseating?

“Qian Shi, don’t you care about your daughter’s behavior?”

Qian Shi looked at the people around her defiantly, saying, “I think you’re just jealous.”

Jealous? Was this woman out of her mind? What was there to envy about her daughter, who had no shame?

“Qian Shi, you’ve really lost it. We don’t have such shameless daughters. You better worry whether you’ll be kicked out by the master.” The person next to her spoke very bluntly.

This remark made Qian Shi’s face look very unpleasant. “You…”

Qian Shi also knew that if they angered the master, forget about becoming a concubine; they might not even have the chance to continue working here. Thinking about the meager income of a few taels of silver per month at home, Qian Shi felt a bit distressed and worried that the master might not allow them to stay.

“Master, I’m sorry. It’s just that my child lost her mind. Don’t listen to her nonsense. She’s just a child and doesn’t…”

“Child? I don’t know how old your daughter is,” Wang Jinhe calmly asked.

Qian Shi’s eyes flickered slightly. “Seventeen… Seventeen years old.”

“Oh, so she’s already seventeen. Do you still consider seventeen as a child?” Wang Jinhe said with a smirk. “If she married early, at this age, she would likely have children running around, wouldn’t she?”

People around nodded in agreement. Isn’t that right?

“Who said it isn’t? At this age, she should already be a mother. There’s definitely something wrong if there’s no engagement yet,” someone said, and everyone’s gaze turned to Qian Mo.

Qian Mo’s face turned slightly ugly. “What are you all looking at?”

“Do you think the girl might have some issues? Otherwise, how come she’s seventeen and still not married?”

“People start arranging marriages for their daughters at the age of fourteen. She’s already seventeen, so why isn’t Qian Shi in a hurry?” People were puzzled.

There were quite a few people in the village who liked Qian Mo. Why hadn’t anyone succeeded?

One person who saw through everything sneered and said, “What else could it be? They just want money, right? They’re so desperate for money that they’re doing things like this.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Didn’t someone go to propose to their family before? Do you know how much money they asked for? They demanded one hundred taels as a bride price.” The person whispered.

Even though the voice was lowered, it was still quite loud.

Hearing this, others couldn’t help but sigh. This family is treating others like fools. One hundred taels? Why not just go and rob someone?

Qian Shi and her daughter’s faces turned somewhat unpleasant as they overheard the discussions around them, especially Qian Mo.

At seventeen and still unmarried, she knew that many people in the village were silently gossiping about her.

So when she saw Su Yu, she liked him and hoped to follow him. She wanted to elevate her status rather than continue living with these ordinary folks.

However, she didn’t expect that even after making her intentions clear, the so-called master of the house remained unmoved. This made Qian Mo feel somewhat embarrassed.

Taking a deep breath, Qian Mo looked pitifully at Wang Jinhe, biting her lip and kneeling on the ground, “Master, I won’t vie for anything with you. I just like him.”

“I only want to be by the master’s side. I’m willing to do anything, even work like an ox or a horse. I hope the madam can take pity on me.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Jinhe finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He pushed the person beside him and asked, “What do you think? She wants to be like an ox or a horse by your side. Why don’t you just take her in?”

Qian Mo felt excited upon hearing Wang Jinhe’s words. She looked at Su Yu, her eyes filled with anticipation.

Thinking that Wang Jinhe had already agreed, and Su Yu would most likely not refuse, Qian Mo had already started cursing Wang Jinhe in her heart, calling him a fool.

As long as she found an opportunity, she would become the mistress of the house rather than a concubine.

At this moment, Qian Mo’s eyes were filled with ambition and desire, and anyone with insight could see what she was thinking.

“Don’t disgust me.” Su Yu dismissed her with a disdainful expression.

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