Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Unconventional Eating Method for Instant Profits

Luo Su chuckled and quickly went over to help. Looking at the marinating meat, Luo Su curiously asked, “How do we do this? Grill and eat directly?”

“There are also some dipping sauces. I can help you with that later, or you can do it yourselves.”

“Let sister Jinhe help us. With our clumsy hands, we probably won’t be able to make something edible,” Luo Su coughed lightly and said.

Letting them try grilling the meat themselves was fine, but if they had to prepare the dipping sauces, it would be a disaster.

“Sure,” Wang Jinhe didn’t mind and agreed with a smile. Meanwhile, Su Yu, who was nearby, glanced at them.

As soon as Luo Su turned his head, he saw Su Yu staring at him, and the gaze made Luo Su feel a bit uneasy. “Do…do you need something?”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, looking at Luo Su, and spoke indifferently, “Xiao He has only one brother, Jingyu.”

Implicit in his words was the message: You and Xiao He are not siblings by blood, so don’t get too familiar here, calling her ‘sister’ every other moment.

Wang Jingyu couldn’t help but laugh. Having spent a lot of time with Su Yu, she knew that he had a strong possessive streak. While she was fine with their family members, being too close with Xiao He would make him very unhappy.

Luo Su turned to look at Wang Jingyu, silently asking, “Has your brother-in-law always been like this?”

Wang Jingyu nodded with a smile.

“Okay, I won’t call her sister anymore. I’ll just use her name from now on, is that fine?” Luo Su looked at Su Yu and asked.

Despite his strong possessiveness, it’s unclear how Jinhe tolerates it.

Jinhe was aware of Su Yu’s possessive nature, but for her, it was an expression of love. She would only get upset and angry if she saw a close relationship with the opposite sex because it meant that he cared.

If one day there was someone of the opposite sex with whom she had a good relationship, and Su Yu showed no reaction at all, that’s when Jinhe would need to worry and be anxious.

After all the ingredients were prepared, Jinhe asked Yuanlin and the others to start the fire. When the charcoal was burning red, she placed it under the table.

“Yuanlin, take the others to eat. Leave some ingredients for Yuanbao and the rest when they come back,” she instructed.

“Yes, Madam.”

As they started grilling the meat, Luo Su and the others were a bit chaotic at first, either undercooking or burning the meat. After a while, they gradually adapted, and as they enjoyed the grilled meat, Luo Su expressed satisfaction, “Forget about the taste of the grilled meat; it’s really good. If this were a business, it would surely make money, and the freshness is undeniable.”

For wealthy individuals, it’s not often that they get a chance to cook and eat for themselves, so this opportunity was particularly enjoyable.

Qin Lang, with a thoughtful look in his eyes, ate meat while considering something. After a while, he spoke, “Jinhe, can you sell this grilling method to me directly? Or you can provide the method, and we can share the profits.”

“Huh? Are you thinking of opening a shop?”

“Ah-Su is right; this grilling method is excellent, and the dipping sauce you prepared is quite tasty. If we can replicate this, it should be profitable. My family runs a restaurant,” Qin Lang said directly.

Luo Su nodded enthusiastically. When he heard that Qin Lang wanted to open a shop, his eyes sparkled, “That’s great! Ah-lang, if your family opens a shop, I’ll definitely be a frequent customer.”


Wang Jinhe turned to Su Yu, asking, “What do you think?”

“Twenty percent profit,” Su Yu considered and thought it was a good deal. They didn’t have the time to run the shop themselves, so giving the idea to someone else and taking a share would be relatively easier.

After careful consideration, Qin Lang nodded in agreement, “That’s fine. After I go back tonight, I’ll talk to my dad. He’ll personally come over tomorrow to discuss with you.”

He was responsible for establishing the connection, but when it came to business negotiations, it was necessary for his father to come in person.


“Luo Su, flip the meat on your side; it’s getting burnt.”

Luo Su hurriedly started flipping the meat upon hearing this.

“If we’re opening, we can also sell hot pot and skewers together. These flavors are all good, and it’s a great choice for winter. I’ll give you some recipes for desserts as well. It won’t cost much, and you can give a small dessert to each table,” Wang Jinhe shared her thoughts with Qin Lang.

“That’s not a problem. Can you make hot pot tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

Luo Su and the others quickly added, “Then we’ll come over to mooch a meal tomorrow.”

With the business settled, everyone chatted while eating. After being full and satisfied, they left.

On the way back, Luo Su leaned against the carriage, frowned, and asked, “Ah-lang, do you think Ah-ye can handle this well?”

“Whether he can handle it or not, he has to. His parents probably want him to be engaged to Tong Shuangshuang. If he wants to avoid being implicated in the future, he must handle this matter cleanly. Someone like Tong Shuangshuang is not a suitable candidate for a wife,” Qin Lang said without reservation.

From the first moment he saw Tong Shuangshuang, he had no positive impression of her. He even felt a bit repulsed, and this aversion reached its peak when Tong Shuangshuang destroyed a lot of fruit in Jingyu’s family.

The homestead belonged to others, and what she did to their fruit was unacceptable.

“I don’t like Tong Shuangshuang. I really don’t want to distance myself from Ah-yu because of her,” Luo Su frowned and said.

The others nodded in agreement. Tong Shuangshuang wasn’t just a bit willful; she was extremely so, and there were inherent problems with her personality.

Whether it was at the homestead or after arriving at the Jingyu family, Tong Shuangshuang openly expressed disdain for the house, which was extremely impolite and made everyone feel awkward.

Moreover, Jingyu’s family house was not bad at all; it was Tong Shuangshuang’s constant complaints that made it seem undesirable.

“In fact, I envy Jingyu,” a delicate young man sitting in the corner of the carriage spoke up.

“Yeah, his family is simple, and the family’s relationships are good without any disputes, unlike our home.”

“Everyone has their own way of living; why bother caring so much? Aren’t things going well for you now? If you don’t want history to repeat itself in your own life, then make yourself better, strong enough to protect your own family,” Luo Su said. “That’s what my dad told me. Only when you have enough strength can you do whatever you want, and no one can interfere with your decisions. I think my dad is right.”

The two who envied Wang Jingyu exchanged a glance. Yes, they needed to become better to do what they wanted.

After returning home, Qin Lang talked to his father about the grilled meat business. Qin Lang’s father was very interested in the idea, saying, “Alright, I’ll take a look tomorrow. If it’s feasible, there shouldn’t be any problem with the collaboration. However, you shouldn’t get involved in this business. If you do, it won’t be good for your future imperial examination.”

“Dad, I know. I never intended to handle it myself; that’s why I came to discuss it with you,” Qin Lang had always been aware that his goal was the officialdom, not the business world.

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