Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Pleasant Cooperation

And he had been striving toward this path, ensuring not to disappoint his parents and avoiding any regrets for himself.

Seeing the smile in his father’s eyes, Qin Lang’s assurance brought relief.

The next morning, Qin Lang took his father to Wang Jinhe’s house, accompanied by Luo Su and others who were there for a free meal.

Wang Jinhe didn’t expect them to arrive so early, “You’re here quite early.”

“We came to discuss business and enjoy a meal. Xiao He, you better prepare some delicious food for us. That hot pot you mentioned yesterday was good,” Qin Lang said without reservation.

Wang Jinhe wasn’t bothered by Qin Lang’s straightforwardness; in fact, she found such people easier to get along with.

“Jinhe, my girl, I’ll just call you by your name directly. After Ah-lang went back yesterday, he told me about the grilled meat business. I am very interested and willing to offer the agreed twenty percent share,” Qin’s father had the same thought as his son. He believed that if they opened a barbecue shop, the business could be very profitable, and the twenty percent share was a reasonable offer.

Whether the profit is large or small, money is money. However, this idea is not something an ordinary person can come up with. Wang Jinhe had great confidence in this business.

“Since Uncle Qin, you’ve said it like this, I wouldn’t be good if I don’t agree. However, as close relatives, we need to be clear about everything. The contract that should be written must be well-drafted to prevent disputes in the future. I prepared this last night; Uncle Qin, you can take a look. If there are any issues, we can discuss them further,” Wang Jinhe handed over the contract she had prepared in consultation with Su Yu to Uncle Qin.

After taking it, Uncle Qin carefully read through it once, contemplating for a while before nodding in agreement. “There’s no problem with this. You’ve considered everything. No need for many changes. Let’s cooperate happily.”

Wang Jinhe didn’t see Uncle Qin’s thorough examination of the contract as a lack of trust; instead, she believed that his meticulousness would help avoid many risks, making their cooperation more stable. If he had signed the contract without even glancing at it, like Qin Lang and Wang Jingyu, Wang Jinhe would have hesitated to work with such a person due to the significant risks involved.

After signing and sealing the contract, Wang Jinhe went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients, while Su Yu and Wang Jingyu hosted the guests.

After tasting the hot pot, Uncle Qin became even more interested in the shop.

“This taste is really good,” Uncle Qin, sweating from the spicy food, remarked, “It should be even better to eat this in winter.”


After the meal, Wang Jinhe handed over the well-drawn blueprints and the written recipes to Uncle Qin.

“This is the design for the table. It can be used as a dining table when closed, and when opened, it can be used for grilling meat or making hot pot. Just dismantle this net, and it’s ready,” Wang Jinhe explained to Uncle Qin while showing him the table design.

The more Uncle Qin listened, the more interested he became. After Wang Jinhe finished explaining everything, he was eager to start his own barbecue and hot pot restaurant.

“Jinhe, you can expect to receive money this year.”

“Then I’ll thank Uncle Qin in advance.”

“No need to be polite; we’ll be leaving now.” Uncle Qin needed to hurry back to find someone to make the tables; he couldn’t afford any delays.

“Dad, I’ll stay at Jingyu’s place for a while. I’ll go back by myself in the evening.”

Uncle Qin didn’t say anything and left on his own.

Wang Jinhe and Su Yu exchanged a glance; this was unexpected.

Wang Jingyu took Qin Lang and the others out to play, taking the two brothers, Xiao Bao, with them. Wang Dagui and the others went to help with the rice harvest, leaving only Su Yu and Wang Jinhe at home.

“Qin Lang’s father is a good business partner.”

“Indeed, you’ll be making more money in the future.” Su Yu teased, “I might have to rely on my wife to support me.”

“As if I’m not already supporting you.” Wang Jinhe rolled her eyes playfully.

Now, they were eating her food and living in her house, and he still had the audacity to talk about the future?

Su Yu couldn’t help but nod with a smile, “You’re right.”

She could say such things; it seemed she had fully accepted him.

Meanwhile, after arriving in the capital, the governor went directly to the palace to meet the emperor.

“The humble official pays respects to the Emperor.”

“You are the prefect of Fu’an County? What brings you to the capital without proper notification?” The emperor disliked officials leaving their posts without proper procedures.

The prefect presented a drawing, saying, “Your Majesty, this is a drawing I obtained in Fu’an County. It depicts a machine called a threshing device, which makes threshing rice very convenient, saving time and effort.”

“Oh? Present it for Us to see.” There was such a thing?

After reviewing the drawing, the Emperor’s eyes reflected a pensive expression. “Is this thing really useful?”

“Absolutely. I personally visited the young lady’s home to witness their rice harvesting using this machine before bringing the drawing.” If not for the concern that Wang Jinhe’s credit might be stolen, he wouldn’t have come.

The Emperor’s interest was piqued. “Tell Us more about it.” The prefect then recounted how six threshing devices could harvest over thirty acres in a day, leaving the Emperor astonished as he stood up from his chair, “Is this true?”

“Indeed, and it completely separates the grains, eliminating the need for a separate process. During drying, you only need to rake away the rice leaves with a rake.” The prefect explained the entire process he learned from Wang Jinhe to the Emperor, who was pleased to hear it.

“Summon the officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Works.”


Soon, officials from the Ministries of Agriculture and Works arrived.

The Emperor handed the newly acquired drawing to the Minister of Works. “Can your department produce this thing?”

“We can. The drawing is very detailed and not difficult to follow.” After reviewing it, the Minister of Works nodded.

“Produce ten of them in the shortest time possible. I’ll give you five days.” The Emperor gave a direct order to the Minister of Works.


Five days later, the ten assembled threshing machines are ready, “Your Majesty, the equipment is all here.” said the Minister of Works.

After a few days of hard work, they finally produced this thing, though they were not entirely sure of its purpose.

“Let’s go to the Emperor’s Manor. Can we start harvesting rice there?” The Emperor asked the Minister of Agriculture.

“We can start now.”

The Emperor was pleased and led the way to the manor, accompanied by the officials and the newly crafted threshing machines.

Su Jiu followed the Emperor closely, finding the threshing machines somewhat familiar.

“How do you use this thing?” The Emperor asked, looking at the vast golden rice fields in the manor, his lips curved in satisfaction.

The Governor had personally used it, so operating it was quite simple.

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