Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Ruined Completely

Madam Gu frowned and said, “I don’t know who sent it, but this is the clothing you were wearing when you were taken away. How could someone send it to me?”

Gu Xiruo, hearing this, had a gloomy expression. Perhaps she knew who sent this.

It was sent by Wang Jinhe, probably as a way of expressing her displeasure for everything Gu Xiruo had done.

“Mother, can you give me this thing?” Gu Xiruo looked at Madam Gu and said coquettishly.

After considering for a moment, Madam Gu opened her mouth, “This, I can’t give you. Mother has to keep it well.”

Gu Xiruo held Madam Gu’s hand and shook it incessantly. “Mother, I just think it’s pretty, and that’s why I want it. Just give it to me. I won’t throw it away, I promise. Give it to me, please.”

In the end, Madam Gu couldn’t resist Gu Xiruo’s persistence and had to leave the small piece of clothing for her.

Watching Gu Xiruo happily holding the small piece of clothing, Madam Gu reached out and rubbed her head. “You must keep it carefully and not lose it, okay? I’ve kept the clothes you wore as a child, and I don’t want them to be lost one day, even if it’s just one piece of clothing.”

Gu Xiruo nodded hurriedly, “Mother, you can rest assured. I’ll keep it safe.”

Madam Gu smiled and nodded, “Good.”

“Mother, then I’ll go put it away.” Gu Xiruo smiled at Madam Gu and quickly walked away with the small piece of clothing.

Once outside, the smile on Gu Xiruo’s face disappeared instantly, replaced by disgust and determination.

Couldn’t she just stay quiet? Did she have to send this as a provocation?

“Wang Jinhe, you’re just an ordinary person. How dare you compete with me? I won’t let you off.” Gu Xiruo squeezed the small piece of clothing tightly in her hand, her eyes filled with anger.

Why send it to Madam Gu?

Fortunately, Mother eventually gave her the item. Otherwise, what would she do?

Taking a deep breath, Gu Xiruo returned to her room. Without any expression on her face, she cut the clothing into strips. Watching the small piece of clothing turn into strips of fabric, Gu Xiruo’s eyes showed determination.

She wouldn’t let anyone become an obstacle for her, and Wang Jinhe would never be allowed to return to the Gu family. Since Wang Jinhe was unwilling to stay quietly in the small village, and knowing her intentions, she dared to send things over to threaten her. She would have to pay the price for that.

In order to make her plan more perfect, Gu Xiruo had someone investigate everyone around Wang Jinhe, just in case of any unexpected incidents.

While she was investigating Wang Jinhe, Su Yu was fully aware of it.

“Xiao He, as you guessed, Gu Xiruo does indeed intend to take action against you,” Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe with an unusually serious expression. “And she destroyed the small piece of clothing you sent over.”

This meant that the Gu couple didn’t have any suspicions about Gu Xiruo’s identity.

Wang Jinhe chuckled softly, his laughter filled with disdain for them. “Su Yu, don’t you find the people from the Gu family interesting?”

“Are you angry?” Su Yu asked in a low voice, looking at Wang Jinhe’s irritated expression.

Wang Jinhe shook her head. “Not really angry. I’ve known about this for a long time. Besides, for me, this is the best outcome. I’m not someone easily calculated by just anyone.”

During this period, Wang Jinhe had also considered that even if the Gu family eventually found out the truth, it wouldn’t affect Gu Xiruo much. After all, she had been raised by them for almost eighteen years, making her much better than Wang Jinhe, who grew up in a small village.

For a family, choosing between an outstanding daughter and a rough one was an obvious decision for anyone with a discerning mind.

After all, for the Gu family, she might just be a village girl who didn’t know anything.

“Why are you thinking so clearly about this? I don’t even know how to comfort you when I want to,” Su Yu said impatiently.

“Why do I need you to comfort me? The former Wang Jinhe is already dead. Now, I am just myself. I have no feelings for the Gu family. Only the Wang family is my home. To be honest, when I chose to send things over, I knew this would be the result. After all, Gu Xiruo is the daughter they’ve cultivated with all their efforts,” Wang Jinhe said sarcastically.

She had never thought of getting involved with the Gu family in any way.

Su Yu ruffled Wang Jinhe’s hair fiercely and said earnestly, “You’re thinking the right way. I don’t want you to get hurt because of the Gu family in the end.”

Wang Jinhe looked at Su Yu and chuckled silently, “I have to say, you make me really helpless.”

Su Yu reached out to hug Wang Jinhe, resting her forehead against hers, “If she keeps investigating, our information might be exposed prematurely.”

“Expose it if it needs to be exposed. We have a legitimate and serious relationship. What is there to fear?” Wang Jinhe snorted. She and Su Yu were a legitimately engaged couple with a son.

Even if Gu Xiruo found out, what could she do?

Reaching out to pinch Wang Jinhe’s neck, Su Yu’s eyes were filled with a playful smile. “You are quite clear-headed. Aren’t you worried about my family?”

“Your grandfather has accepted it, your elder brother has accepted it. As for your parents, they are now figuring out how to get along with you. After they find out, won’t they want to establish a good relationship with me? Do I have to mediate your relationship?” Wang Jinhe raised an eyebrow, saying.

“Well, what you said is true, but they are not normal people,” Su Yu said, looking at Wang Jinhe seriously.

Wang Jinhe chuckled softly, “It’s the first time I’ve heard someone describe their parents as not normal.”

“People who can be ruthless to their own son, do you think they are normal?” Su Yu asked Wang Jinhe seriously.

Wang Jinhe suddenly didn’t know how to respond.

“No need to be so careful. I’ve been fine for a long time,” Su Yu said, looking at Wang Jinhe’s hesitant expression. She couldn’t help but smile. How could this girl be so adorable?

Wang Jinhe glared at Su Yu fiercely, but didn’t say anything.

“Are you really not afraid?”

“I’ve already handled the most authoritative figures in your family. Am I supposed to be afraid of your parents?” Wang Jinhe raised an eyebrow, looking at Su Yu. “Besides, my courage is not as small as you think.”

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re right, you do have quite the courage.”

“Let’s go check the first batch of wine we made. If the taste meets our expectations, we can send some to the Emperor and the others. If someone wants to cause trouble for me, I have to figure out a way to make connections quickly,” Wang Jinhe said, laughing at her own words.

Su Yu rubbed Wang Jinhe’s head vigorously until her hair was all messed up before letting go.

Adjusting her own hair with a serious expression, Wang Jinhe said, “No more messing with my head in the future.”

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