Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Is Hugging Thighs with Wine Enough?

“That looks good too,” Su Yu earnestly remarked as he watched Wang Jinhe.

Giving Su Yu a disdainful glance, Wang Jinhe didn’t continue the conversation with him and instead led him to the place where the wine was stored.

Opening one of the jars, the aroma of the grape wine instantly filled the air around them. Su Yu exclaimed with joy, “Xiao He, the taste of the wine you brewed is even better than any I’ve had before.”

The richness of this fragrance was something he hadn’t experienced in the wines he had drunk in the past, indicating just how skilled Wang Jinhe truly was.

“Do you like it?” Wang Jinhe asked curiously.

“I do.”

“Then let’s keep some for ourselves. I also want to give some to my mother. Drinking a glass of grape wine before bedtime is good for beauty and skincare,” Wang Jinhe said, opening up about her plans.

“Is there such a saying? But I’ve noticed that both you and your mother have great skin, even your grandmother’s is impressive,” Su Yu couldn’t help but comment, thinking about Grandma Wang and Gu Shi.

The first time he saw them, they looked attractive. If Gu Shi and Wang Jinhe stood together and claimed to be sisters, many would believe it.

Wang Jinhe was initially surprised but then smiled, saying, “Isn’t that only natural?”

“It seems I’ll have to get you more nice things in the future.” Seeing his wife becoming more and more attractive, the sense of accomplishment was quite satisfying.

“Sure, but taking care of a wife can be expensive. Is Master Su prepared for that?” Wang Jinhe teased, looking at Su Yu.

“Of course, I may not have much, but I have plenty of money. In nearly ten years, I haven’t spent much of what I’ve earned, except for taking care of my grandfather. I believe this money will be enough to support my wife and son, and when I have a daughter in the future, I’ll be able to support her too,” Su Yu said confidently.

Forget about his small savings; even now, Su Yu’s monthly income could easily support Wang Jinhe and the child.

Wang Jinhe had just been joking, not expecting Su Yu to take it so seriously.

“Well, then I’ll just spend the money for you. How about that?” Wang Jinhe asked, looking at Su Yu with sparkling eyes.

“No problem, spend as much as you want,” Su Yu said confidently, gesturing with a generous sweep of his hand.

Wang Jinhe burst into laughter, amused by Su Yu’s response. He reached out and pinched Su Yu’s face, teasingly saying, “I’ve noticed you’re getting better at talking these days.”

“Let’s not talk about that for now; let’s taste the wine first,” Su Yu changed the subject. Discussing such matters with others still made him a bit uncomfortable.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but laugh at Su Yu’s embarrassed expression.

Pouring some wine, Wang Jinhe handed it to Su Yu, who, after taking a sip, lit up.

“We package it in three catties per jar. If I sell it here, it’s a thousand and two taels per jar. As for supplying the emperor, it’s two hundred taels per catty,” Su Yu said seriously.

Wang Jinhe took in a sharp breath, looking at Su Yu and asking, “Selling it at such a high price, isn’t that a bit much?”

“Xiao He, let me tell you. The value of your wine is not low at all. When I say a thousand and two taels per jar, it’s already very low. If you really want to sell it, people might even buy it for two thousand taels per catty,” Su Yu gave Wang Jinhe a very high evaluation.

Wang Jinhe wasn’t surprised by Su Yu’s praise. After all, she brewed these wines using spiritual spring water, so the taste was naturally superior.

“Handle it as you see fit; I’m not well-versed in this aspect,” she said.

“Except for the portion for the emperor, how about splitting the money from the rest of the wine sales fifty-fifty between us?” Su Yu asked Wang Jinhe. “After selling the remaining grapes, let’s not sell them anymore. Instead, we use them all for brewing. We can also build a wine cellar; we’ll keep a batch of the best ones for ourselves. Didn’t you mention wanting to brew strong liquor as well?”

Wang Jinhe nodded in agreement. “I’ve been thinking along those lines.”

“That’s settled then. Let’s start setting aside a batch of wine from now on. We can drink it when our son gets married or when our daughter gets married in the future,” Su Yu, thinking ahead to his child’s marriage at the age of three, made Wang Jinhe unable to help but find it amusing.

Reaching out to pinch Su Yu’s ear, Wang Jinhe playfully rolled her eyes and said, “Xiao Bao is only three years old.”

“He’ll turn four during the New Year,” Su Yu couldn’t help but mention.

Wang Jinhe shook her head helplessly; she couldn’t argue with Su Yu.

“The wine jars available in the market are not suitable for storing grape wine. How about this: you draw a design for a wine jar, and I’ll find someone to make it. Then, we can engrave the words ‘Four Seasons’ on it. This would be more fitting for storing grape wine,” Wang Jinhe suggested, thinking ahead to have the wine jars they needed drawn and made to avoid future complications.

“Good idea.” ‘Four Seasons’ – the name of the store they would open in the future.

“The funds for the ‘Four Seasons’ store have been mostly arranged. Once the vegetables are ready, we can open for business directly,” Su Yu mentioned. He had directly purchased this store, so there was no concern about wasting rent or the like.

“That sounds great. Su Yu, do you think I can win favor with the Empress Dowager if I gift her ten catties of grape wine? We’re selling to the emperor at such a low price; it should work, right?” Wang Jinhe’s thoughts were fixated on currying favor with the Empress Dowager and the emperor.

Su Yu looked at Wang Jinhe, who seemed a bit displeased, with a wry smile. “What’s wrong? Isn’t having me around enough?”

Was she implying that he wasn’t capable? The thought made Su Yu feel a bit disheartened.

“How is that possible? You’re already amazing enough. If you become any more formidable, how are people supposed to live?” Wang Jinhe rolled her eyes dramatically and said in a teasing yet somewhat exasperated tone.

“I’m planning for our future. If we establish good relations with the ruler of this country, it’ll be easier for us to pursue any business we want in the future. Don’t you think?” she continued.

Su Yu was momentarily surprised; he hadn’t expected that Wang Jinhe’s desire to build a good relationship with the emperor and the Empress Dowager was for this reason.

“You’re right. The Empress Dowager actually has a minor ailment, similar to my grandfather. If the wine you gift her can help with that, she’ll definitely appreciate it,” Su Yu considered and said seriously.

“Hmm? What’s going on with the Empress Dowager?” Wang Jinhe asked casually. She wasn’t a doctor, and while she couldn’t cure the Empress Dowager, she believed that using spiritual spring water for conditioning wouldn’t pose significant issues.

“The Empress Dowager’s health issues stem from her youth. Whenever it’s overcast or rainy, she experiences pain. Despite consulting many doctors, there hasn’t been any improvement. During the winter in the capital, the weather is often unfavorable, and when the Empress Dowager stays in the imperial palace, even if she manages to get there, she ends up in pain and can’t get up. I’m not sure if your grape wine can help improve the Empress Dowager’s health,” Su Yu explained, looking at Wang Jinhe with a furrowed brow.

Thinking about this, Wang Jinhe immediately thought Grandpa Wang and her grandmother. “My grandfather’s knees ache on overcast and rainy days. Should we ask him?”


The two of them found Grandpa Wang, and Wang Jinhe asked, “Grandpa, do your legs still hurt on overcast and rainy days?”

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