Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 177

Chapter 177: The Efficacy of Lingquan Spring

A while ago, after the rain, she didn’t hear anyone at home mention that Grandpa Wang’s leg was hurting.

Grandpa Wang was momentarily stunned, then he looked down at his own leg and said, “I haven’t felt any pain this year when it rained. When did my old cold leg get better?”

Suddenly, Grandma Wang remembered what Su Yu had mentioned before, “I recall Su Yu saying that the vegetables and fruits grown by Xiao He can nourish the body. The little health issues in my body haven’t bothered me much this year.”

On the side, Gu Shi, who was making clothes for Wang Jingyu, heard this and couldn’t help but be surprised. She lowered her head and looked at her own stomach, “Mom, Dad, now that you mention it, it seems like the root of the illness I had when I gave birth to Jingyu is gone?”

When she gave birth to Wang Jingyu, she had a difficult delivery, and afterwards, her menstrual cycle was irregular and uncomfortable. However, it seemed that ever since her daughter started growing vegetables and fruits on her own, their daily consumption had improved her health.

Wang Dagui looked at his wife, nodding in agreement, “Indeed, not only did her health improve, but even her skin got better. The wrinkles are much fewer, right, dear?”

Gu Shi hadn’t noticed that, but hearing her husband say this, she couldn’t help but reach out and touch her face. Frowning, she asked, “Is that really the case?”

Wang Jinhe suddenly remembered that when she was officially engaged, Su Yu had given her a mirror, the kind that could reflect very clearly. She hurriedly went back to her room to fetch it.

“Mom, take a look at this,” Wang Jinhe handed the mirror to Gu Shi.

Gu Shi took the mirror and looked at herself in the reflection. Her eyes widened in surprise; indeed, her skin had improved a lot. She looked like a girl in her twenties, completely unlike a woman with an eighteen-year-old son.

She touched her face, and even though she was past the age of being overly concerned about such things, seeing this youthful appearance couldn’t help but make Gu Shi feel delighted.

“I never thought I’d see myself looking like I’m in my twenties again.”

“Let me have a look at myself now.” Grandma Wang was also curious.

Gu Shi smiled and handed the mirror to Grandma Wang. Grandma Wang looked at herself in the mirror, couldn’t help but touch her face, “It seems like the wrinkles on my face have decreased a bit.”

Grandpa Wang, watching his wife suddenly revel in vanity, couldn’t help but laugh, “Getting younger and younger. In the future, this old man of mine won’t be able to keep up with you.”

Wang Jinhe looked at Grandpa Wang with a somewhat peculiar expression, “Grandpa, shouldn’t you take a look at yourself now?”


“The way you look now, someone might believe you’re in your forties,” Wang Jinhe said earnestly.

The family’s attention turned to Grandpa Wang, and indeed, he seemed to have unknowingly become several years or even a decade younger.

Grandpa Wang leaned over to Grandma Wang, and as he saw his current reflection in the mirror, his eyes widened in surprise, “Indeed, I won’t worry about not being able to keep up with you, Grandma, in the future. Xiao He, when you make money, you have to treat Grandpa well.”

“Huh?” Wang Jinhe looked at Grandpa Wang with confusion, not understanding what he meant.

Grandpa Wang confidently stated, “Now that your grandma looks like she did when she was young, Grandpa has to buy her nice clothes and beautiful jewelry, right? If I don’t earn money, I can only rely on my granddaughter to take care of me.”

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but burst into laughter. How could her grandpa be so entertaining?

“Grandpa, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to treat you to some money so you can buy nice clothes and jewelry for Grandma.”

“And don’t forget about Dad,” Wang Dagui teased from the side, “Let your mom dress up nicely. In the future, when your mom stands beside you, people will say you two are sisters, and your mom will be delighted.”

Wang Jinhe and Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh at this, “No problem. When the wine I brew is sold, I’ll share some with Dad and Grandpa. You can use the money to dress Grandma and Mom beautifully, making others envy you.”

Wang Dagui nodded repeatedly, but at the same time, he felt that he should do something as well so that no one would say he’s not worthy of his wife in the future.

“Dad, what do you think if I use the share of money Xiao He gave me earlier to buy the slope on our back mountain and plant fruit trees? We can’t always spend our daughter’s money to buy things for our wife,” Wang Dagui turned to Grandpa Wang and asked.

“Of course, it’s possible. Xiao He is so skilled at growing these things; with her help, there shouldn’t be any major issues,” Grandpa Wang considered and said.

It’s rare to see his son willing to make progress. This is good; it seems like his son has let go of past grievances.

“Next year, when I have my friend come to buy fruits, I won’t intervene. By then, we’ll make a good profit,” Su Yu said, rubbing his chin seriously.

Wang Dagui’s eyes showed a clear amusement, looking at his son-in-law and couldn’t help but find it amusing, “Alright, we’ll go along with your plan.”

“Mom and Dad, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in half a month. There will be a lantern festival in the county during that time. How about our family goes out for a stroll? I’ll pay, and you and Grandpa take Mom and Grandma to buy some nice clothes and jewelry,” Su Yu suggested, thinking about the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival. The family had not been out for fun together, so he spoke up.

Wang Dagui looked at Su Yu with some hesitation. Using his son-in-law’s money, what would people think?

“Dad, don’t think too much. This guy has plenty of money. He’s just worried he can’t spend it all. Let your son-in-law and grandson-in-law properly honor you with it,” Wang Jinhe could naturally see the discomfort in Wang Dagui’s heart and spoke up.

“Yeah, Dad, I’m your son-in-law. Spending the son-in-law’s money is only natural,” Su Yu looked at Wang Dagui and said with a smile.

Wang Dagui nodded after a brief consideration, “Alright, let’s go and have fun.”

“Grandpa, where are we going to play?” Xiao Bao and Zhang Zhilin ran over, holding hands, and asked.

Due to their talents and interests, Su Yu recently found a few masters for the two children. They spent most of their time learning and had little time for play. Now, hearing Wang Dagui mention going out to play, the two children were naturally excited.

“We’ll go to the county for the lantern festival during Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“Yeah! Big Brother Zhilin, let’s go together, okay?” Xiao Bao looked at Zhang Zhilin and asked.


During the time Zhang Zhilin stayed at Xiao Bao’s house, Gu Jing and others would often come to visit him. They never mentioned him going back home, and each time they came, they brought a lot of things.

This made Xiao Zhi feel at ease staying here.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but mockingly say as she looked at the two children getting along so well, “Since your relationship is so good, why don’t we just make them god-siblings when Jing and her family come over next time?”

Now that Xiao Zhi stays here every day, it’s not much different from having her own son.

“That’s fine. We can discuss it with them later and see what their opinions are,” Su Yu didn’t think it was a bad idea; in fact, he found it reassuring.

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