Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Shameless

Xie Gui, upon hearing Song Rou’s words, reached out to grab her, but was stopped by Wang Jinhe’s grip. “Wang Jinhe, why are you interfering in our marital matters? Song Rou is just upset. We have a child together. Step aside.”

Lately, he had been contemplating how to deceive Song Rou into coming over and then capture her, but she had stayed home, depriving him of the opportunity. Little did he know that Song Rou would come to find Wang Jinhe today, presenting him with a golden chance.

“Xie Gui, your shamelessness is thicker than the corners of city walls. Is shamelessness your synonym? Who said this is your child? This child belongs to Song Rou alone, to the Song family. If you persist in this incessant entanglement, are you not concerned that the Song family might take everything that rightfully belongs to them?” Wang Jinhe jeered, looking at Xie Gui mockingly.

She was well aware that when Song Rou’s parents came to discuss the divorce settlement, she hadn’t claimed any of her dowry, not even the accompanying fields.

This was a move to sever all ties with the Xie family, preventing them from causing trouble to claim the child. However, it certainly didn’t mean that the Song family was an easy target.

Moreover, she had heard from her parents that Song Rou’s maternal uncle was a constable under the county magistrate, exceptionally capable and highly esteemed by the magistrate. Many matters were entrusted to him.

Listening to Wang Jinhe’s words, Xie Gui did indeed feel a certain fear, a fear directed towards Song Rou’s maternal uncle.

Song Rou gazed at Xie Gui and said, “I know what you’re up to. You’re just after my family’s belongings, aren’t you? Well, you’re mistaken. My maternal uncle was clear about it. If you dare to persistently harass us, go ahead and try. Let’s see if he’ll have you thrown into jail.”

“Xie Gui, be content with what little you have left. Stop these shameless actions. In the end, if things escalate, it won’t be me who suffers. At most, I’ll face some gossip and criticism. With my maternal uncle by my side, who would dare to speak ill of me in front of my home?” Song Rou had never wanted her maternal uncle to suppress others, but Xie Gui’s actions today truly angered her.

Xie Gui’s face turned pale as he looked at Song Rou. “It was all my fault before, Xiaorou. I’m willing to do anything if you’ll come back. You used to like me so much. Will you forgive me this time?”

Hearing Xie Gui’s words, Wang Jinhe felt nauseated to the point of wanting to vomit up last night’s dinner. He turned to look at Song Rou. If, even after all this, Song Rou could still spare Xie Gui and forgive him, then she truly saw something in him that Wang Jinhe couldn’t fathom.

Song Rou looked at Xie Gui with disdain. “Forgive you? Sure, why not?”


“Go to hell, and I’ll forgive you. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.” After the incident where Xie Gui’s kick almost caused her to miscarry, she had narrowly escaped death’s grasp. Both she and her child had walked on the brink of death. How could she let Xie Gui remain unscathed?

Upon hearing that Song Rou was demanding his life, Xie Gui, frustrated and angry, pointed at her and lashed out, “You shameless, despicable woman! Poisonous viper! If it weren’t for the little money in your family, do you think I would even bother coming to find you? You’re nothing more than a discarded woman, yet you actually have the audacity to act like someone important?”

Hearing Xie Gui’s words, Song Rou’s expression immediately changed. Wang Jinhe looked at her with some concern, reaching out to support her. “Are you okay?”

At a moment like this, being emotionally distressed could lead to complications.

“Xie Gui, repeat what you just said,” a voice tinged with anger sounded, interrupting the tense atmosphere.

Hearing that voice, Xie Gui’s face turned pale for a moment. He turned to see three middle-aged men approaching, with the speaker being the burliest among them. He was none other than Song Rou’s maternal uncle, Song Chengwu, also a prominent figure in the eyes of the county magistrate.

“Father, maternal uncle, third uncle,” Song Rou greeted. Her maternal uncle had arrived a bit later due to some matters. She had intended to come ahead and had even brought a coachman with her. Little did she expect to encounter Xie Gui after arriving, who actually intended to capture her.

Fortunately, Wang Jinhe had intervened in time, preventing a major predicament.

Song Chengwu walked up to Song Rou and rapped her on the head lightly. “I told you to come with us, but you insisted on not listening. Now you’ve been bullied, haven’t you?”

With a touch of helplessness, Song Rou replied, “I thought things were over when we settled the divorce. Who would have imagined he would be so shameless?”

“You left all your dowry for their family because of the child, and now they’re still causing you trouble. What do you plan to do?” He had previously mentioned wanting to teach Xie Gui a profound lesson. Was their Song family’s little princess really that easy to bully?

Both he and his third brother had three sons each. Their sons would marry and have grandsons, but there were no daughters. The daughter of the second brother’s family became their only girl. She had been doted on since childhood. Back when they didn’t approve of her marrying Xie Gui, Song Rou’s affection for him had made them reluctantly get accustomed to him. Little did they know that he would mistreat Song Rou just because she couldn’t bear children.

If it hadn’t been for someone rescuing Song Rou, who knows what might have happened by now.

“Maternal uncle, I’ll leave it to you. It’s no longer my concern,” Song Rou considered and spoke after a moment of thought.

If her hesitancy had led Xie Gui to develop any notion of her still having feelings for him, then her maternal uncle should deal him a severe blow, something that would make him dread even the thought of meeting them again. He should be too frightened to ever trouble them again.

Song Chengwu nodded in satisfaction. “That sounds about right.”

“Xiao Fang, come here and take this guy to the dungeon for a while. Let the authorities know,” Song Chengwu instructed one of the young guards who had come with him.

“Alright then.”

Upon hearing Song Chengwu’s words, Xie Gui was utterly stunned. He pointed at Song Rou angrily and said, “Song Rou, you actually want to throw me into the dungeon. You have absolutely no shame.”

“Even now, you dare to insult my niece? Give him a beating,” Song Chengwu commanded with a stern expression.

Xie Gui was dragged away grumbling, but when he saw Song Chengwu’s stern approach, he was truly dumbfounded.

“No, Xiaorou, I know I was wrong. Please, let your maternal uncle spare me this time,” Xie Gui pleaded.

Hearing Xie Gui’s words, Song Rou smiled. “Consider this your punishment.”

With Xie Gui taken away, his parents were left utterly dumbfounded upon learning of the situation.

Meanwhile, Song Rou was talking to Wang Jinhe. “I should have thanked you a long time ago. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance until today. I’ve finally fully recovered from my pregnancy complications.”

“Why be so polite with me? Your top priority is to recover your health,” Song Rou said.

Mr. Song looked at Wang Jinhe and said with emotion, “Is the saying ‘you wouldn’t meet without a fight’ meant for the two of you?”

Song Rou paused and couldn’t help but laugh. “Dad’s right.”

“For anything the Wang family girl needs in the future, come to me. If I can help, I’ll definitely do my best,” Song Chengwu said earnestly as he looked at Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe was momentarily surprised. “Thank you.”

“You saved my second brother’s life,” Song Chengwu continued. “If Xiaorou had been lost, my second brother would have surely lost his mind.”

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