Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 21

Chapter 21: A Gesture Too Grand

Wang Jinhe said helplessly, “I didn’t really do much, just helped call a doctor and accompanied her back home. It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s already enough. These are just a small token of our appreciation. Please accept them,” Mr. Song insisted as the gifts were brought in.

Wang Jinhe looked at the array of presents: fabrics, snacks, wine, and some stationery items. It seemed they knew that Wang Jingyu was attending school, so they had specifically chosen these items.

“Mr. Song, this really isn’t necessary. The gifts are quite generous, and it was just a simple act of assistance,” Wang Jinhe hurriedly said.

“Miss, there’s no need to decline. I’ve heard from Xiaorou. When the accident happened, you were the only one who helped her. If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t have known what to do,” Mr. Song said with emotion.

Who else would willingly help like Wang Jinhe did, knowing the other person had health issues? Wasn’t he afraid of causing trouble for himself?

“I couldn’t just stand by and watch someone die right in front of me,” Wang Jinhe said, looking at Song Rou.

Although Song Rou had caused her quite a bit of trouble, it was also due to the pressure from the Xie family.

Now, Song Rou seemed quite different, didn’t she?

“Mr. Song, this really isn’t necessary. Please take these things back.”

“No, you keep the gifts. It wouldn’t make sense for me to take them out and then ask to take them back,” Mr. Song shook his head.

Wang Jinhe suddenly didn’t know what to do. At the moment, she was the only one at home with the two children.

“When an elder offers, you cannot decline. Alright, keep them all. If you keep refusing, I won’t be pleased,” Mr. Song said sternly.

Wang Jinhe looked at Mr. Song, feeling both amused and helpless, and could only nod reluctantly.

He had already gone to this extent with his words. If she continued to decline, it might come off as ungrateful.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Song,” Wang Jinhe said, somewhat resigned.

The Song family stayed for a while and then left, leaving behind a table full of gifts.

On the way back, Song Chengwu remarked, “That young lady is quite something.”

Steady and composed, though still not quite at his niece’s level.

“She’s indeed remarkable. Although Xiaorou had some conflicts with her, and she can be rather blunt, this girl still helped Xiaorou. It shows a lot about her character,” Mr. Song commented thoughtfully.

Song Rou looked helplessly at her father. “Dad, please don’t talk about me like that. It’s just that…”

“If you had told us earlier, could you have endured so much suffering?” Mr. Song scolded Song Rou with irritation.

Wang Jinhe was packing up her things when her grandfather returned home and looked at the pile of items curiously. “Xiao He, what’s all this?”

“These are gifts from Song Rou’s father to express gratitude for me saving Song Rou and her child,” Wang Jinhe explained with a headache. “I told him I didn’t need them, but he insisted.”

“I see,” Grandfather Wang nodded in understanding.

“However, this is a bit excessive. Having so much stuff around doesn’t feel comfortable,” Grandfather Wang commented, noting the excessiveness of the gifts.

Wang Jinhe nodded in agreement. “I also think it’s too much.”

“Just accept them and don’t bring up this matter again.”

“Alright. By the way, Grandfather, I found something good in the mountains today,” Wang Jinhe mentioned, thinking about the Lingzhi mushroom she had obtained.

“Oh? What did you find this time?” Grandfather Wang asked, looking at Wang Jinhe.

Ever since his granddaughter woke up, her luck had significantly improved. She seemed to come across valuable items effortlessly.

“A Lingzhi mushroom.”

“What?” Grandfather Wang’s body swayed slightly, and he turned to look at his granddaughter, disbelief evident in his eyes.

Previously, it was ginseng, and now it’s Lingzhi mushroom.

Wang Jinhe took out the Lingzhi mushroom and showed it to Grandfather Wang. When he saw the large Lingzhi, he couldn’t help shaking his head. “Xiao He, your luck is truly extraordinary.”

“I’ve been feeling like my luck has been improving lately,” Wang Jinhe said with a cheerful smile.

“What do you plan to do with this Lingzhi?”

“I intend to sell it. We have money at home, so there’s no need to worry, but still better to have more in case we need some” Wang Jinhe replied seriously.


The next day, Wang Jinhe took the Lingzhi mushroom to find Huang Qi.

Seeing Wang Jinhe approach, Huang Qi’s eyes lit up. “Xiao He, what good thing have you brought for Uncle this time?”

Wang Jinhe looked at Huang Qi in a helpless and amused manner. “Uncle Huang, with your expectations so high, I’d feel embarrassed if I didn’t bring something good.”

Huang Qi perked up. “Is there really something good?”

He had just casually said that without really expecting Wang Jinhe to bring something valuable.

“Let’s go inside and talk.”

After they went inside, Huang Qi urged Wang Jinhe, “Xiao He, show me quickly.”

Wang Jinhe took out the Lingzhi mushroom. As Huang Qi saw what Wang Jinhe was holding, he nearly stumbled and fell to the ground.

“This Lingzhi is truly perfect, just around 200 years old, and its quality is as excellent as the ginseng you sold me before. I’ll buy it from you for 1,000 silver coins. How does that sound?” Huang Qi’s eyes were fixated on the Lingzhi, and he didn’t want to look away.

“Of course, that’s fine,” Wang Jinhe smiled and nodded. After all, she had intended to sell the Lingzhi.

Huang Qi gave Wang Jinhe the money with a satisfied expression, holding the Lingzhi and examining it from left to right. His behavior made Wang Jinhe shake her head with an amused smile.

Seeing that Huang Qi was still engrossed in inspecting the Lingzhi and not looking up, Wang Jinhe didn’t disturb him. She turned around, informed the pharmacy apprentice, and left.

After leaving the pharmacy, Wang Jinhe was in a very good mood. After all, now she had money in her hands and didn’t need to worry too much about her brother not having enough funds.

She went to buy some things before returning home.

Back at home, Wang Jinhe looked at Zhang Zhilin, who had come again. She reached out and pinched his cheek. “Your parents are quite at ease, huh? You come here every day and don’t go back home until evening. Aren’t you afraid I might sell you off?”

Zhang Zhilin pushed Wang Jinhe’s hand away, then looked at her seriously. “Given your intelligence, you think you could actually sell me? If I haven’t been sold by you, that’s already a success.”

Wang Jinhe twitched her lips as she looked at Zhang Zhilin. “For someone so young, you’ve got quite an attitude.”

However, this child’s intelligence was indeed quite high.

“But you’re about to start your studies soon too, right?” Zhang Zhilin was already five years old. Considering their family’s circumstances, hiring a tutor for him was normal. His days of carefree play would probably be limited.

“I’ll start my studies in a few days. I’ll have a break every three days. When the time comes, I’ll come to play with Xiao Bao,” Zhang Zhilin said seriously.

Hearing that Zhang Zhilin couldn’t come to play every day, although disappointed, Xiao Bao looked at him and said, “Brother, do your best! Brother is the best, super amazing!”

Seeing Xiao Bao’s adorable expression, Zhang Zhilin reached out and pinched his cheek. “Once I learn how to read, I’ll teach you too. When you’re five years old, you can come to my house, and we’ll study together.”

“Okay,” Xiao Bao nodded incessantly. He also wanted to study with his brother.

Seeing Xiao Bao planning out his future so decisively, Zhang Zhilin couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. “You’re still quite young.”

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