Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Entrusting Xiao Zhi to You

“Wrong? Do you think a simple ‘I know I was wrong’ can make up for the second harm to the child? And this harm was inflicted personally by you as a father. Do you think it’s appropriate?” Wang Jinhe angrily retorted.

“Do you feel comfortable when a lively and adorable child suddenly becomes like this?”

“Jinhe, besides Xiao Zhi wanting to visit Xiao Bao today, we also have something to ask for your help,” Gu Jing said to Wang Jinhe very seriously.

Wang Jinhe frowned and looked at Gu Jing, “What do you want me to help with?”

“I need to go back and deal with some people. Xiao Zhi can’t accompany me because he also likes to play with Xiao Bao. Can I entrust him to you? I’ll come back to pick him up after I’m done,” Gu Jing said, looking at Wang Jinhe with a pleading tone. “I know it might sound unreasonable, but Xiao Zhi improved a lot when he spent time with Xiao Bao before. He started talking, laughing, reading, and doing things he used to resist. So I thought, if Xiao Zhi could play with Xiao Bao all the time, maybe he could gradually get better again. I would be satisfied as long as he’s willing to speak, read, and play like he did before.”

Wang Jinhe looked at Gu Jing, her eyes filled with tears, and sighed softly. “Alright, I’ll take care of him for you. You can seek revenge for those who deserve it. Don’t let them go.”

“When I promised to spare her life back then, the condition was that she shouldn’t appear in front of us again. Since some people don’t know how to stay dead, this time I’ll seal her fate.”

“That’s the right thing to do. If it were me the first time, I would have killed her right away.” What was that person thinking? In front of a three-year-old child, they not only tortured his beloved little animals but also forcefully fed him raw meat, threatening to beat him if he refused. How much psychological trauma would that cause to the child?

If he had directly refused this matter, then their family of three should be sitting together right now, enjoying dumplings, listening to their child talk about what he did today, instead of being in the current situation.

“It hurts a lot, doesn’t it? But the child’s heart hurts even more. He was happily bringing home the dumplings he made, only to hear his own father say that the person who hurt him would come to live with them. How do you think the child can accept that? This time, the reason Xiao Zhi is like this is partly because of his cousin, but more so because of you as a father,” Wang Jinhe said in a deep voice.

Zhang Qin opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but couldn’t find the words when they reached his lips.

Ignoring Zhang Qin, Gu Jing went to find Zhang Zhilin, who was building blocks with Xiao Bao. “Xiao Zhi, your parents are going back home. Do you want to go back with us?”

After looking at Gu Jing for a while, Zhang Zhilin shook his head.

“Then, tomorrow, should Mom send over the things you’re used to? Mom and Dad are going to visit your grandfather for a while. You can stay at Xiao Bao’s house during this time. Mom will come back to pick you up, okay?” Gu Jing patiently communicated with Zhang Zhilin.

After hearing that he would be living with Xiao Bao for a while, Zhang Zhilin’s eyes lit up, and he nodded gently, indicating his agreement.

“Then you must listen to Auntie, okay?” Wang Jinhe said to Zhang Zhilin.

Zhang Zhilin nodded again. Seeing him like this, Gu Jing felt even more uneasy.

After spending some time with Zhang Zhilin, the husband and wife finally left.

After they left, Wang Jinhe smiled bitterly as she looked at her house. Fortunately, all the bedding at home was new, and the new house was almost ready. Otherwise, she would really worry about taking care of this little guy.

After playing with the two children for a while, Wang Jinhe had them wash up and go to sleep. Once she had successfully put them to bed, she went outside and found her family waiting for her.

“What’s going on, Xiao He?” Wang Jinhe explained Zhang Zhilin’s situation to his family. After listening to him, Grandpa Wang slammed the table in anger and said, “This is simply outrageous! How can there be such a malicious woman who would harm even a child?”

“That’s right! And the father in this matter, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, to do such absurd things.” Grandma Wang treated Zhang Zhilin like a grandson and was pleased to see him return home in good spirits. But now, seeing what had happened, she couldn’t help but be angry.

“That’s true. This father is really unlike someone who should be a father. He can do such absurd things. It’s maddening.”

“It’s alright. Xiao Zhi has a good relationship with Xiao Bao. With Xiao Bao by his side, he can gradually get better. It will be even better in the future,” Wang Jinhe reassured them.

“We hope so.”

On the way back, Zhang Qin remained silent, and Gu Jing didn’t ask what was wrong. The husband and wife were unusually quiet.

After a long time, just before they reached home, Zhang Qin finally spoke, “Let me handle everything this time.”

Gu Jing turned to look at Zhang Qin with surprise in her eyes. “You want to handle it?”

“Yeah, all the way here, I’ve been thinking about the dumplings our son made. He’s so well-behaved. It’s all my fault,” Zhang Qin said with a choked voice.

He couldn’t help but think about how his son had always been considerate of them. How had things turned out like this?

“Alright, then you handle it,” Gu Jing agreed with a nod after looking at Zhang Qin for a while.

If it was Zhang Qin who took action, wouldn’t that woman be devastated? After all, Zhang Qin was the person she loved the most, and having her spouse deal with her would be the harshest punishment.

After returning home, the couple didn’t rest. Instead, they busied themselves packing some useful things for Zhang Zhilin. Unconsciously, they ended up with a large pile of items.

They exchanged a glance, showing helplessness and wry smiles. “There are too many things. Jinhao’s new house hasn’t been completed yet. We should only keep what’s necessary. Taking too much will be a burden.”

“Alright, but should we give them some money?” Zhang Qin hesitated.

Gu Jing shook her head. “There’s no need for that. I can see that Jinhe genuinely cares for Xiao Zhi. Giving them money might complicate things.”

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