Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 29

Chapter 29: In the Name of Friendship

The two children are friends, and she and Wang Jinhe are also friends. Asking for help to take care of the children, if they ask for money for this, what does it say about their friendship?

“If we really give money, Jinhe will definitely think we’re looking down on her. If it were you, would you get angry if someone gave you money for taking care of your friend’s child?” Gu Jing asked Zhang Qin.

Zhang Qin nodded, “You’re right. If it were me, I might actually get angry.”

“That’s exactly it. Let’s rest for a while. I’ll send the stuff over in a couple of hours.”

“I won’t sleep. I have some things I need to handle.” Zhang Qin said to Gu Jing.

Gu Jing nodded; she was indeed a bit tired and could use some rest.

After Gu Jing went to rest, Zhang Qin called his men, “Go and investigate my maternal uncle’s family’s assets and who from our family promised to help them.”

“Young Master, are you planning…”

“Yes, some debts need to be settled, or else they might think that both of us are easy to bully.” Zhang Qin said grimly.

He had been foolish this time, and from now on, he wouldn’t allow it. Only his wife and son mattered to him; as for others, what did they have to do with him?

Seeing Zhang Qin like this, his subordinates understood that ‘that’ family had truly angered the young master this time.

“Young Master, is Little Young Master okay?”

“Back to the way he was over two years ago.” Zhang Qin said, feeling frustrated. He regretted his actions deeply; if he hadn’t agreed to this in the first place, he would be happily eating dumplings with their family right now, listening to their child talk about what he did today, instead of being in this situation.

Seeing Zhang Qin like this, the subordinate couldn’t help but worry, “Young Master, is Little Young Master really okay now? He’s been much better lately.”

“Let’s hope so.” Zhang Qin said, he also hoped that it would be like this. If they came back and their son had returned to the way he was a month ago, how great would that be?

“Alright, go do your job.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

After giving his instructions, Zhang Qin returned to the room and slept for a while with Gu Jing. When he woke up, it was almost noon.

After having lunch, Gu Jing and Zhang Qin took the children’s things to Wang Jinhe’s house.

Wang Jinhe looked at them carrying so much stuff, and his mouth twitched as he said, “You’ve brought so many things, but my new house isn’t ready yet, so I can’t use them. We’ll have to make do for now.”

“Jinhe, what are you talking about? I’m already very grateful that you’ve agreed to help take care of Xiao Zhi,” Gu Jing said, holding Wang Jinhe’s hand earnestly.

“Jinghe, if you can help me like this, I’m already very grateful. Jinhe, how did Xiao Zhi sleep last night? Did he go without sleep for a long time again?” Gu Jing asked with concern.

“At the beginning, he did have trouble sleeping and kept waking up. But later, I brought Xiao Bao over to sleep next to him, Xiao Zhi put his hand on Xiao Bao’s body. After that, he slept through the night without waking up. So I think if he stays with Xiao Bao, it might be better for his condition. When you come back, as long as he’s not subjected to further stress, there shouldn’t be any problems.” Wang Jinhe reassured Gu Jing.

Gu Jing didn’t know how to express her gratitude to Wang Jinhe. “Jinhe, I’m really thankful to you.”

“Sister Jing, you don’t need to say thank you. If you really want to thank me, how about bringing me some seeds when you come back?” Wang Jinhe suggested.

“That’s no problem. When we come back, I’ll bring back whatever seeds I can find. I’ll make sure to satisfy you. Just promise not to sell my family short, and that’ll be enough.”

Wang Jinhe nodded and smiled. “That’s a deal. I’ll even plant your family’s seeds together with mine. You won’t be shortchanged.”

“Alright, we’ll go and see Xiaozhi, and then we’ll prepare to return to the capital.”


The two of them went over to see Zhang Zhilin. He was playing with Xiaobao, using various small wooden blocks to build various shapes. There was a faint smile on his face, although it was somewhat different from the smile he had in the past month. However, it was enough for them. At least their child had a smile on his face.

When they approached, Zhang Qin tried to say something to his son, but Wang Jinhe stopped him. She turned to look at Zhang Qin and said, “Let the child play. You can see him when you come back.”

“Xiaozhi, your parents are here,” Wang Jinhe said as he turned to Zhang Zhilin.

Zhang Qin looked somewhat helpless as he gazed at Wang Jinhe. “What are you doing…”

“Although I know you’re doing this for Xiao Zhi’s sake, right now is when he lacks a sense of security the most. When you leave again for who knows how long, what will Xiao Zhi think? Will he feel like you don’t want him anymore?” Wang Jinhe said to Zhang Qin.

“What you need to do now is let Xiao Zhi know that you haven’t abandoned him, but you have something very important to do back in the capital. You can tell him that you’re going back to seek revenge for him. The details are up to you,” Wang Jinhe said before stepping aside.

Gu Jing sat down next to Xiaozhi and watched him play. She didn’t immediately tell him they were leaving. Instead, she played with Zhang Zhilin for a long time.

“Xiaozhi, can you tell Mom what you’re building?” she asked.

“A big house.”

“That looks really nice.”

“Xiaozhi, Mom and Dad are going back to Grandpa’s house for a while. Mom knows you don’t want to see those people there, so Mom won’t take you back. You’ll stay at your aunt’s house and play with Xiao Bao while we’re gone. When we come back, we’ll come to get you, okay?” Gu Jing said softly.

Zhang Zhilin looked up at her and nodded. “Write a letter.”

“Okay, Mom will definitely write you a letter. This time, Mom won’t let anything harm you again. Anyone who hurts Xiao Zhi, Mom won’t let them off,” Gu Jing said earnestly.

Zhang Qin also came over and apologized to his son sincerely. “Xiaozhi, it’s all Dad’s fault. From now on, you call the shots in our family. If Xiao Zhi wants someone to come to our house, we’ll let them, okay?”

“Xiao Bao.”

Zhang Qin was momentarily surprised but then nodded with joy. “Okay, we’ll let Xiao Bao come.”

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