Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Finally Turning the Corner

Rong Shi heard that it was Wang Jinhe who spoke and felt very happy for her, saying, “That’s really great. Xiao He has suffered so much over the years. Has that person come? Have you seen him?”

“This time, the person didn’t come. Xiao He said he had some business matters to attend to and had to rush back to deal with them. He’ll come back once he’s done, and he’ll bring the person with him to show us when he does,” the village chief said, looking at his wife.

“Well, it seems that Xiao Bao’s father is a wealthy man. Will he accept Jinhe and her child?” Rong Shi said with some concern.

“I think Xiao He should be fine. She said the other party was very happy when they met, and even mentioned that he was prepared to be scolded,” the village chief said with a smile.

That young man seems to be quite self-aware, and he knows he’s caused trouble for Xiao He.

“Well, Gu’s family is easygoing. If it were another family, they might not be as forgiving. But it also shows that this young man is coming with sincerity. This way, Xiao He will have a better future ahead,” Rong said reassuringly. 

The village chief nodded with a smile, agreeing with her words.

“By the way, did Xiao He come over today for a reason?” Rong looked at the village chief curiously because Xiao He rarely visited the village.

” Xiao He’s family grew some watermelons this year and brought one for us. She also asked if we wanted to grow them, and if we do, she’ll help us plant them next year,” the village chief said to his wife.

Rong Shi furrowed her brow when she heard this. “What is Little He thinking? She’s not planning to involve the villagers in watermelon farming, is she? Have they forgotten how they treated Xiao He in the past?”

“Why is she so foolish? How could she do such a thing? Hasn’t she considered how she managed all these years?” Rong Shi wondered aloud.

The village chief chuckled and shook his head. “What are you thinking? Do you really think Xiao  He would do that? She said she would only involve those who have a good relationship with her family and those who secretly helped them back then. As for the others, it’s none of their business.”

Rong felt relieved upon hearing this. “That’s more like it. Xiao He should do that. It will prevent these people from thinking they can easily take advantage of her. They might make a fuss, but it won’t matter. They should remember the times when they wanted to harm Xiao He and her family and think about where she is today.” 

The village chief agreed, saying, “Who else can we blame? It’s their own doing.”

“Exactly! Let me tell you, if anyone comes to you for trouble in the future, don’t you dare speak up for them,” Rong Shi said firmly, looking at the village chief.

“Of course not. Xiao He and her family have been through a lot to get where they are today. When her husband returns, we’ll all watch out for Xiao He together. If the person is truly good, then we can rest easy,” the village chief said earnestly. 

Rong nodded in agreement. They would definitely stand by Xiao He when the time came.

“What about the watermelon that Xiao He brought? I’ll put it in the cool well for a while, and we can cut it open to eat later in the evening,” Rong  Shi asked.

The village chief pointed to the side, and when Rong saw the size of the watermelon, she was amazed.

“So big? How much did it cost?” Rong  Shi asked.

“Xiao He said she just picked a batch, and it’s 50 wen per kilogram,” the village chief replied.

Rong  Shi twitched her lips as she looked at the watermelon. “Did Xiao He bring this to us, worth hundreds of wen, without considering herself?”

“We’ll help Xiao He’s family more in the future if they need it,” the village chief said. Xiao He probably wasn’t short of money now, and since she offered it as a gift, they would accept it.


On the other hand, Su Yu had traveled for half a month to return to the capital. As soon as he arrived, he instructed Yuanbao and the others to sell the watermelons they had brought back, selling them for double the price at 500 wen per kilogram.

As for the largest watermelon and tomatoes that Xiao Bao had picked for his great-grandfather, he brought them back himself.

As soon as Su Yu returned home, he didn’t even visit his mother but went straight to his grandfather’s courtyard.

“Grandfather, I’m back,” Su Yu announced.

Su Xi stepped out of the house and glared at Su Yu, saying irritably, “You just got back, and why are you shouting so loudly? What have you brought back for me?”

“Good stuff,” Su Yu replied.

“A watermelon and some tomatoes count as good stuff? Since when did you become so stingy?” Su Xi said, looking at his grandson with a hint of disdain.

“Grandfather, these were picked by your great-grandson as a filial gift for you. Don’t you think they’re good enough?” Su Yu teased with a mischievous grin.

“Great-grandson…” Su Xi suddenly realized something was amiss and looked at Su Yu. “What do you mean by great-grandson? You, you rascal, explain yourself.”

“Let’s go inside and talk. Li Shu, please cut some watermelon for my grandfather to taste,” Su Yu said.

“Yes, Young Master.”

After Li Shu left the room, Su Yu began to explain, “Over four years ago, didn’t I tell you, Grandfather, that I was drugged by Su Jing and ended up with a girl? I’ve been searching for her all these years, but I couldn’t find her. Recently, Huang Qi sent me a letter, saying that he saw a child who looks a lot like me, about three years old. The timing matches, so I rushed over. The girl gave birth to my son. His nickname is Xiao Bao, and his full name is Wang Ziqin. My father-in-law and the others said they would change his last name to mine after I marry Xiao He.”

Su Xi looked at Su Yu and said, “What kind of hardships and suffering have this girl and her family endured all these years?”

“Xiao He said she doesn’t hate me, and her family doesn’t blame me either. They make me feel at a loss for words,” Su Yu said helplessly. “If they had scolded me a bit, I might have felt better.”

“How did my daughter-in-law manage to survive?” Su Xi asked.

“Xiao He said technically they’re not considered part of that village. The village chief at the time said they weren’t from their village, so their villagers couldn’t mistreat them. That’s how Xiao He and Xiao Bao managed to survive. Although they survived, when Xiao He gave birth to Xiao Bao, it was premature and difficult. She’s had health problems and spent quite a bit of money. It was only this year that she found a wild ginseng root in the mountains, the one I gave to Grandfather. After that, their life improved a bit,” Su Yu explained. 

Listening to his grandson’s words, Su Xi felt compassion for his daughter-in-law and great-grandson, whom he had never met. “When you went there, did you give some money to Xiao He?”

“When I went there, I brought a lot of things, and Xiao He said I was naive and had too much money,” Su Yu said with some concern.

“When I left, I left ten thousand taels of silver notes for Xiao He. I had that much on me, but she probably wouldn’t want to take it. She prefers earning her own money,” Su Yu explained helplessly.

“Quickly tell me about my little great-grandson,” Su Xi urged eagerly. He was extremely curious about his great-grandson, who looked so much like Su Yu and must be adorable.

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