Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Did He Pretend Not to Know?

Su Yu recounted the situation to Su Xi, and after hearing it, Su Xi sighed and said, “Our child from the family is indeed clever. But… when do you plan to bring them back?”

“There’s no rush for now. Once everything is settled at home, I’ll bring them back. Please don’t tell my parents for now,” Su Yu said earnestly.

Observing Su Yu’s demeanor, Su Xi furrowed his brow. “Are you still blaming your parents?”

“It’s not about blame or not. Some things don’t need to be explained to them in such detail. I know how to handle it in my own heart,” Su Yu said softly, unable to describe his feelings toward his own parents.

Ever since his father was deceived by that woman and had Su Jing, everything had changed.

“Your father didn’t want things to turn out that way back then, and you…” Su Xi began.

“Grandfather, if it weren’t for him giving that woman an opportunity, would he have been deceived? Back then, it was his willingness to give that woman a chance that led to where we are today. As for my mother… I don’t have the right to say she did something wrong, but her desire to constantly control me and have me under her thumb makes me uncomfortable,” Su Yu said. He was increasingly annoyed by Gu Shi always wanting to keep him under her control, making decisions for him, and while it was bearable a few times, it became suffocating over time.

He sympathized with his mother being betrayed by someone, but it wasn’t an excuse for her to harm him.

“Well, as long as you know what to do,” Su Xi said, looking at Su Yu’s indifferent expression. He could see that his second son had no intention of addressing the issues in their family.

“I won’t tell your father and mother about this matter, but since you’re back, you should go see them,” Su Xi said, allowing his grandson to do some harmless things. However, he insisted on basic courtesy upon returning.

Su Yu remained silent for a while and then said, “I’ll go see my mother, and that should be enough.”

“Are you planning to sever ties with your father?” Su Xi asked.

Su Yu chuckled, “Su Jing has repeatedly caused trouble for me, and I don’t believe he genuinely knows nothing about it. Grandfather, do you believe that?”

Su Xi hesitated for a moment, looking at Su Yu with a complex expression. “Xiao Yu…”

“Grandfather, do you really think he was just a victim and not complicit in all of this? He used to have such a deep bond with Mother, but after this woman came into the picture, everything changed. Endless arguments, he claimed it was because Mother was angry and they fought, but he often went to that woman’s place. Grandfather, Do you believe their words? Whether you believe it or not, I don’t,” Su Yu said bluntly.

He didn’t understand it in the past, but now he did. A man’s true feelings toward a woman couldn’t be concealed.

Su Xi looked at Su Yu with a complicated expression for a long time and finally shook his head in resignation. “Sometimes, Xiao Yu, you’re just too straightforward.”

“I’m really fed up with it after so many times. This time, I won’t spare Su Jing, no matter what anyone says,” Su Yu declared, implying that he wouldn’t let Su Jing off just because of his father.

Su Xi nodded and said, “You should have resolved this matter over four years ago. Let’s just leave it be now.” While Su Xi used to have some fondness for his grandson Su Jing in the past, when Su Jing began opposing Su Yu constantly and scheming against him, he no longer liked him and even harbored some resentment.

“Grandfather, I’m sorry,” Su Yu said.

“What do you have to apologize to your grandfather for? I know that over these years, because of your father, you’ve suffered a lot. If you don’t want to endure it anymore, then handle it directly,” Su Xi said. It was better for some people to understand the distinction between legitimate and illegitimate children, and illegitimate children should behave accordingly.

Su Yu acknowledged with a nod and got up to return to his own courtyard.

Watching Su Yu’s departing figure, Su Xi sighed. There was ultimately a gap between his grandson and his son.

“Has the Young Master left?” Li Shu asked as he brought the cut watermelon, noticing Su Yu’s absence with some surprise.

“Yes, this child has suffered for so many years. What’s rightfully his should be returned to him,” Su Xi replied.

Li Shu was briefly puzzled but soon understood the Old Master’s meaning. “Are you not worried, Old Master?”

“What do I have to worry about? If he’s willing to hurt his legitimate son for the sake of a bastard child, and if his legitimate son turns against him, then he deserves it,” the Old Master said expressionlessly.

Li Shu stared at the Old Master in astonishment. Was the Old Master planning to stand by the Young Master’s side this time and not intervene with the Second Master anymore?

Su Yu returned to his courtyard, and Yuanbao quickly came back from outside. “Young Master, all the evidence you requested is here.”

Su Yu examined the evidence and a cold smile curled on his lips. “Where is the person? These documents alone aren’t enough.”

“Whenever the Young Master wants someone, that someone will arrive promptly.”

“Bring the person along and let’s pay a visit to Su Jing. He dares to use my network for smuggling and making money? His appetite seems quite large, but he doesn’t fear getting caught in the act,” Su Yu said with a cold smile.

Yuanbao quickly had the captured person brought along, and they went to Su Jing’s location with Su Yu.

When they arrived, everyone was present – Su Jing’s concubine, Su’s Second Master, and Su Jing himself.

“It seems I’ve arrived at the right time. Everyone is here, which is convenient. I don’t need to go looking for people,” Su Yu said calmly.

Upon seeing Su Yu, Su’s Second Master’s eyes lit up. “Xiao Yu, when did you come back?”

“What does it matter to you when I came back?” Su Yu retorted without any politeness.

The woman beside him frowned and spoke displeasedly, “Second Young Master, what kind of words are you using? Your father is your father, and you…”

“I’m talking to him, and you, a servant, dare to interrupt? Whose family taught you manners? Can a slave like you speak when the master is talking?” Su Yu interrupted the woman and spoke with a frigid gaze.

“Second Brother, your words are too much, aren’t they? My mother is Dad’s concubine. How can you call her a slave?” Su Jing couldn’t stand Su Yu’s haughty attitude.

Every time he came back, his father would inquire warmly about Su Yu, regardless of whether Su Yu liked him or not.

“Mother? Did you tell him to call you that?” Su Yu asked sarcastically, looking at Su’s Second Master.

Su’s Second Master furrowed his brow and glanced at Su Jing. “Who allowed you to call her that?”

A legitimate son had no right to address his father’s concubine in such a way.

“Father, I…” Su Jing began to explain.

“What’s wrong with the concubine? To put it nicely, she’s a mistress; to put it bluntly, she’s a servant whose status isn’t much higher than that of a common servant,” Su Yu said coldly, looking at Su Jing with mockery.

“Xiao Yu…”

“I don’t want to talk to you right now. Shut your mouth,” Su Yu said to Su’s Second Master in a cold voice.

Su Yu couldn’t stand hearing Su’s Second Master speak anymore. Every word from him gave him a headache, and he didn’t want to see him at all.

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