Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Avoiding Each Other

“I won’t bother you any longer, Uncle Huang.” Wang Jinhe didn’t want to disturb Huang Qi any further, seeing that he was busy with the ginseng. She packed the silver notes and left.

She bought some spices and thirteen herbal ingredients, after that she asked the medicine boy to grind them for her. After waiting for about an hour, Wang Jinhe finally received her goods and said, “Thank you.”

“Miss, don’t mention it. If you need anything in the future, just come here,” the pharmacy apprentice said cheerfully.


Wang Jinhe packed up her things and prepared to go buy some ducklings and meat to bring back home.

As Wang Jinhe left, a few people approached from the other side, one of them holding a folding fan and wearing a smirk on their face.

cynical smile on his face.

If Wang Jinhe were here, she would have immediately recognized the person because he looked exactly like Xiao Bao.

Huang Qi quickly came out upon hearing the voice and whispered to the person, “Young Master just received a 150-year-old wild mountain ginseng today.”

“Oh? There are still such good ginsengs available?” Su Yu said with surprise.

It was already difficult enough to find a 150-year-old ginseng in this kind of place.

“We just received it recently. If Young Master had come an hour earlier, we would not have had it,” Huang Qi said, taking out the ginseng with a bit of reluctance.

The ginseng had just arrived and had not even warmed up yet, but it was already being sent to Su Yu.

“The quality of this ginseng is really good. I’ll take it and make sure to find more with the same quality in the future,” Su Yu closed the box and tossed the ginseng to the person next to her. “Also, keep looking for the things I asked for. The more, the better.”


“The Young Master is here,” a guard walked in and whispered to Su Yu.

Su Yu frowned and looked extremely impatient. “These people just never give up, do they?”

“What does that woman want?” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with disgust.

“She wants to marry the Young Master.”

Su Yu sneered, her eyes were full of irony. “She wants to marry me, so I should marry her? Who does she think she is? Doesn’t she know that I have a cleanliness obsession and find her dirty?”

The people next to her listened nervously. They didn’t dare to say anything, as neither Su Yu nor the woman they were discussing were easy to deal with.

“Should we leave here now Young Master?” one of them asked timidly.

“Of course, we should leave. Are we going to wait here and let that disgusting woman bother us?” Su Yu replied with a hint of irritation in her tone.


Su Yu and his group came and left like the wind, and the whole process took less than half an hour.

Not long after Su Yu left, a woman with an average appearance but a very good figure came in with her people and asked directly when she saw Huang Qi, “Where is Su Yu?”

“As an underling, I don’t know about the young master’s affairs,” Huang Qi replied with composure.

The woman’s face turned ugly at his nonchalant response, and she gave him a cold look before saying, “You’d better be telling the truth, or else I’ll smash your Pharmacy and no one will dare to say anything about it.”

Huang Qi furrowed her brows as she watched the other person leave, her eyes full of displeasure. It’s no wonder the young master didn’t like this woman, who could be attracted to such a woman? Anyone who could be attracted to a woman like her, their judgment might not be reliable.

After leaving the pharmacy, Wang Jinhe went to buy a bamboo basket made by the pharmacy and some miscellaneous items. When he saw a vendor selling sugar-coated haws, he bought two for his son and also bought some snacks before going to the meat stall.

“Boss, how much is the meat per catty?”

“Twenty for fatty meat, seventeen for half fatty and half lean, and fifteen for lean meat.”

“I’ll have two catties of fatty meat and two catties of lean meat. How much are the pig’s trotters on this side? And also the spare ribs,” Wang Jinhe asked, pointing to the pork ribs and pig’s trotters.

“Ten wen per catty for spare ribs and ten wen for two pig’s trotters. How many do you want?” The boss looked at Wang Jinhe and asked.

“I’ll take two catties of spare ribs and six pig’s trotters, please,” Wang Jinhe said. He liked eating pig’s trotters because the meat was tasty and not greasy.


The boss quickly cut the meat for Wang Jinhe. “That will be a total of 120 wen. Take these two bone-in ribs back and use them to cook soup with radish. Although there isn’t much meat, it’s still usable.”

“Thank you so much, Boss,” Wang Jinhe said, surprised that the boss had given her two additional bone-in ribs. “Could you please help me chop them into three sections? I can’t do it at home.”

“No problem,” the boss said as he helped Wang Jinhe chop the bones.

“Thank you, Boss,” Wang Jinhe thought that if she came to buy meat in town again, she could come directly to this boss. He was a very nice person.

When she returned to the entrance of the town, some of the villagers had already gathered there. They were curious when they saw Wang Jinhe carrying a basket and peered inside to see what she had bought.

When they saw the meat, spare ribs, and pig’s trotters inside, some of them sneered and said, “Who knows where she got the money from? She better not have earned it from some dirty place. That would be shameful.”

Wang Jinhe looked at the person speaking with a cold gaze, and the other person was too scared to say anything when they saw her eyes.

Uncle Qi glanced at the woman and said, “I’m not taking you. Take your things and go down.”

The woman looked at Uncle Qi in shock and asked, “Uncle Qi, why aren’t you taking me?”

“I won’t interfere with what people buy, especially when they’re just cheap things that they’re buying for their kids to snack on. Why are you making a fuss here and badmouthing them? Did they disrespect your ancestors or something? Are you going to hold a grudge against them forever?” said Qi Shu with disgust, looking at the woman.

“What did she do wrong besides having a child out of wedlock? Does that warrant you harassing her like this?” he continued. The child she had was her own family’s matter, not something an outsider like the woman should be involved in.

“She’s still a person from our village. Isn’t it embarrassing for us as a village?” the woman retorted, still not convinced.

Uncle Qi sneered, “When the county magistrate arranged for them to live in our village, he said they were only settling in Xie Family Village, but they did not belong to our village.”

It was precisely because of this that when Wang Jinhe had a child out of wedlock, the village did not subject her to public shaming.

Wang Jinhe looked at Uncle Qi in surprise, she had no idea about this.

She now seemed to understand why the original owner was able to survive and thrive after having a child out of wedlock. It was because the village did not force her to undergo the punishment of being submerged in a pig cage, and she had originally thought that her family had used some method to protect her, but it turned out that it was because their family did not technically belong to the village.

“This…” The woman certainly knew, but she just couldn’t stand Wang Jinhe’s coquettish appearance. Who knows who she was trying to seduce?

“Even if she messed up her own life, it’s none of your business.”

Wang Jinhe nodded continuously, agreeing that what was said was true, and that the woman had no relation to her at all.

Glancing at the woman, Wang Jinhe calmly said, “It’s better to mind your own business before worrying about others. You’re so busybody, do you think you are someone important?”

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