Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Fierce

“What did you say, Wang Jinhe?” The woman glared at Wang Jinhe with dissatisfaction.

“Wasn’t what I said clear enough? You can’t even manage your own family and let your husband mess around outside, yet you have the audacity to meddle in other people’s business? Why don’t you just fly up to the sky?” Wang Jinhe rolled his eyes impolitely.

Before this, she thought that since they were all from the same village, the village head might not speak up for them if things got out of hand.

But now that he knew they were only staying in Xie Family Village and not from Xie Family Village, Wang Jinhe no longer felt the need to restrain herself. He would do what he needed to do to prevent others from thinking he was an easy target.

“You shameless, despicable person! If you dare say one more word, I’ll tear your mouth apart!” The woman’s biggest frustration was when someone said she couldn’t control her man, letting him go around seeking pleasure from other women.

Wang Jinhe was about to say something when he noticed a man pointing towards a certain direction. With a sly smile, Wang Jinhe said, “Do you see who’s over there?”

The woman followed Wang Jinhe’s gaze and was shocked to see the man holding another woman. It was like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

“You despicable scum, Xie Gui! How dare you cheat on me with that vixen behind my back!” The woman screamed and lunged at Xie Gui, clawing at him without a second thought.

Wang Jinhe watched the woman’s fierce behavior in astonishment and took a cold breath. “Wow, she’s really fierce,” she muttered to herself.

“She’ll probably break his face with all that scratching,” Wang Jinhe added as he covered his own face with his hand.

Uncle Qi glanced at Wang Jinhe with a faint smile in his eyes. “Whose personality do you think you’re following with your desire to stir up trouble everywhere?”

Uncle Qi nodded in approval. “I remember you used to be a gentle girl, but it’s good to see that you can stand up for yourself now. It’s better to show that you’re not someone to be messed with.”

Wang Jinhe chuckled. “Well, I had a near-death experience and realized that I don’t want to be a pushover anymore. If someone tries to bully me, I’ll fight back.”

Uncle Qi nodded in agreement. “That’s the right attitude to have. But be careful, Xie Gui’s wife is not someone to mess with. Once she recovers, she might come after you.”

Wang Jinhe shrugged. “Don’t worry, Uncle Qi. She’s no match for me right now. Besides, I’m just trying to help.” She gestured with her hands, as if to say “it’s not my problem”, and Uncle Qi couldn’t help but chuckle at her nonchalant attitude.

Xie Gui was flirting with his mistress when suddenly his face was grabbed, the pain made him react without even looking at the person who did it, and he slapped them, causing them to stumble and fall to the ground.

It was only then that Xie Gui recognized his attacker: “You dare to hit me, Song Shi?”

Song Shi glared at Xie Gui and said firmly, “You have wronged me, Xie Gui.”

“You’ve been married to me for five years and haven’t even given birth to a child. You’re like a mother hen that doesn’t lay eggs. I haven’t divorced you yet, and you dare to say these things to me?” sneered Xie Gui.

The woman next to Xie Gui glanced at Song Shi and coquettishly said, “Brother Gui, is this your sister? She’s so scary. Your face is bleeding too. Let’s go to the clinic and get it checked.”

Upon hearing that his face was bleeding, Xie Gui fiercely kicked Song Shi and said, “Song Shi, you wait for me. I’m not done with you when I come back.”

After speaking, he hugged the person next to him and left, leaving Song Shi sitting there with a vacant look.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but feel worried when she saw Song Shi like this. Is she not overstimulated? And this Xie Gui is really despicable.

It’s bad enough to cheat, and he even hits people.

“Blood, Song Shi is bleeding,” someone suddenly exclaimed nearby.

Wang Jinhe cursed under her breath and went to find Huang Qi.

Huang Qi quickly arrived and, after checking on Song Shi’s pulse, furrowed her brows and said, “Miscarriage. It’s unlikely the baby can be saved.”


Upon hearing the word “baby”, Song Shi finally reacted, “My baby? Do I have a baby?”

“Don’t get too excited. Let the doctor help you save the baby first,” Wang Jinhe said impatiently, looking at Song Shi’s agitated state.

She didn’t want to deal with the life or death of this woman, but if she really didn’t do anything, wouldn’t the miscarriage be blamed on her later?

Upon hearing this, Song Shi quickly stopped moving.

Huang Qi gave her acupuncture and fed her medicine to maintain the pregnancy, and finally managed to help her save the baby.

Song Shi touched her belly, crying and laughing, and whispered, “My baby, my baby.”

“The baby is still here.”

Song Shi looked at everyone else who dared not touch her, except for Wang Jinhe who was willing to help her find a doctor. She suddenly felt uneasy in her heart and said, “Thank you, and I’m sorry. Can I trouble you with one more thing?”

“What is it?”

“Take me to the Song family grocery store.” Song Shi looked at Wang Jinhe and said.


Wang Jinhe and Qi Shu accompanied Song Shi to the grocery store. The store was run by a middle-aged couple. When they saw Song Shi, who was brought by Wang Jinhe, they hurried over and asked, “What happened to you, daughter?”

“I’m pregnant, and I almost had a miscarriage. Luckily, I managed to keep the baby,” Song Shi choked out.

“What? Where is Xie Gui? Why didn’t he come with you? And what happened to your face? Who hit you?” Song Shi’s father asked, frowning at her.

Her father had only one daughter and had pampered her since childhood. He had never even laid a finger on her. Who was the damn bastard who had hit her daughter like this?

“It was Xie Gui. I saw him with that woman, and he hit me. He almost kicked my baby out too. Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you and insisted on marrying Xie Gui.” Song Shi cried uncontrollably.

Wang Jinhe stood awkwardly on the side and rubbed his nose helplessly. “Song Shi, it was not easy to save this baby. If you cry it away, even Huang Su won’t be able to keep it for you.”

Song Shi quickly wiped away her tears and said, “Yes, I can’t cry. The doctor said my emotions can’t be too excited, otherwise the baby won’t survive.”

Her father looked at his daughter with some heartache and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“I want a divorce.” She was their only daughter, and her child would bear her surname and inherit their family business.

“Whatever you want, your father will support you.” He had warned her that Xie Gui was not a good person, but she didn’t believe him. Now she believed, but at such a great cost.

Song Shi felt a bit uneasy as Wang Jinhe looked at her with surprise, not expecting her to be so decisive.

“What are you looking at me for?” Song Shi asked Wang Jinhe.

“It’s nothing. I’m just thinking that your daring and resolute character is actually quite good. Why were you so annoying before?”

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