Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Getting Shot Even While Lying Down

Upon hearing Wang Jinhe’s words, Song Shi immediately felt a sense of embarrassment. She hesitated and said, “I… I haven’t had a child in five years. Xie Gui and others say that I’m like a chicken that can’t lay eggs. Sometimes they even say that I can’t compare to you. At least you have a son.”

Initially, she was fine, but as time went on, her character became somewhat twisted, and she even developed resentment towards Wang Jinhe. That’s why she would only say such things when she saw Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe pointed at himself, feeling somewhat speechless. “Who did I provoke with this?” she wondered.

So what if she had a son? So what if she had a child out of wedlock? Did she eat their food? Are their minds full of crap to deliberately provoke a woman who has been unable to conceive for a long time?

She was the one who was truly getting shot even while lying down, inexplicably becoming the target of their attacks.

“I’m really sorry for what happened before. I know I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I couldn’t control myself,” she said. It wasn’t her usual fierce personality, but after years of humiliation from the Xie family, even a gentle person would go mad.

Wang Jinhe, to some extent, understood. “Idiots,” she muttered.

“…” Song Shi was at a loss for words, unsure of how to respond.

“You are an individual, not their family’s reproductive tool. Not having a child simply means the timing isn’t right. Look, now you have a child, don’t you?” Wang Jinhe sighed and spoke.

Wang Jinhe couldn’t fully comprehend the ancient obsession with having children.

In modern times, many people choose not to have children and still lead fulfilling lives, right? But in ancient times, not wanting children could be a matter of life and death for a woman.

“Although that’s what they say, how many people truly don’t care?” Song Shi said self-deprecatingly.

“Well, that’s true.” Song Shi acknowledged that she couldn’t communicate with them using modern perspectives since she wasn’t from this era.

Considering things from Song Shi’s standpoint, one could understand why she felt such immense pressure.

“You’re doing fine like this. As for Xie Gui, it’s better to make a clean break,” Wang Jinhe couldn’t help but add.

Song Shi nodded. “I know.”

It was all because of her that the Xie family was in its current state.

Without her dowry and the support of her parents, Xie Gui would be nothing.

Mr. Song’s expression turned sour. Over the years, they had endured many things because their daughter couldn’t conceive. But today, Xie Gui not only physically assaulted their child but also almost caused the loss of their grandchild. This matter was far from over.

“Xiao Rou, rest well. Tomorrow, I will bring your uncles and your eldest uncle to the Xie family to demand a divorce agreement,” Mr. Song said in a cold voice.

“Thank you, Father.”

“Now that you’re home, I’ll go back first.”

“Miss, thank you for today. We will visit you another day,” Mrs. Song expressed her gratitude while looking at Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe smiled and shook her head. “No need to thank me. Anyone would help in such a situation.”

Song Rou looked at Wang Jinhe shaking her head. If it were another person in her place today, she would have said the same to her. How could she have gone to fetch a doctor for her and even accompanied her back? She would remember this favor and repay it in the future.

On the way back, Wang Jinhe remained quiet. She suddenly felt grateful that she had Xiao Bao after coming here. It didn’t matter if she didn’t get married.

Just the thought of sharing her man with another woman made Wang Jinhe feel disgusted.

She wouldn’t marry just anyone, nor would she marry someone who could have multiple wives and concubines. If she couldn’t find the right person, she would live her life with her little treasure. After all, she already had her eldest son.

“You’re back. How did it go?” Grandma Wang asked as she looked at Wang Jinhe.

Wang Jinhe walked in and placed the burden basket down before extending a hand to Grandma Wang. “I sold it for five hundred taels. Big Brother can continue his studies.”

Wang Jingyu happened to enter from outside and heard Wang Jinhe’s words.

He walked over quickly, his voice trembling. “C-Can I really continue my studies?”

Wang Jinhe smiled and nodded. “Of course you can. My big brother is so talented in his studies. He will definitely pass the imperial examination and become a scholar. Big brother, you can rest assured and focus on your studies. I’ll take care of everything at home. Even if we spent some of the five hundred taels on building the house, we still have a good amount of money left. It can support us for at least four to five years. Plus, I’ve thought about what I want to do. Our family will only continue to prosper.”

“What do you plan to do, Xiao He?” Grandma Wang asked curiously.

“Well, Grandma, don’t we have some acres of sandy land? Can you give it to me?” Wang Jinhe looked at Wang Grandma and asked.

The sandy land had a very low yield for growing crops, but it was suitable for growing watermelons.

“What do you want to do with that sandy land?”

“I bought some watermelon seeds, and I want to grow watermelons. If it works out, our family will have additional income this year, and the loss won’t be significant. Grandma, what do you think?” After explaining her idea, Wang Jinhe looked at Grandma Wang.

Grandma Wang pondered for a moment and said, “That could actually work, but it’s a bit late now.”

“That’s not a problem. With the Lingquan water, the watermelons can grow a bit faster.”

“Alright then, go ahead and plant them. There’s nothing there anyway.”

“Thank you, Grandma.”

“Xiao He, I’ll help you with the planting,” Wang Jingyu quickly offered.

“Brother, what you need to do now is think about preparing some gifts and then go meet your former mentor to finalize your studies,” Wang Jingyu’s top priority now was his studies.

This matter could only be accomplished by Wang Jingyu himself.

Grandma Wang nodded in agreement. “Xiao He is right. Jingyu, your mentor has been hoping for your return to continue your studies all these years. Now that we have some spare money at home, you can go.”

“Okay.” Wang Jingyu wanted to say something more, but when he saw his grandmother’s earnest and expectant gaze, he couldn’t utter another word.

That night, when Grandpa Wang and the others learned that Wang Jingyu could go to study, they were overcome with tears of joy.

If it hadn’t been for the incident involving Xiao He four years ago, their grandson might have already become a successful candidate in the imperial examination.

These years, they had delayed their grandson’s future.

“After you go, Jingyu, talk to your mentor and as Xiao He said, our family will take care of things here. Focus on your studies,” the old master said, his voice trembling.

Finally, their grandson could go back to studying.

Wang Jingyu’s parents were also overjoyed that their son could go back to school.

“Uncle… study good!” Xiao Bao clapped his hands and said.

Wang Jingyu couldn’t help but chuckle. He reached out and pinched Xiao Bao’s face, indulgently saying, “Even our Xiao Bao knows that Uncle studies well? How about when Uncle comes back from studying, he teaches Xiao Bao too?” 

Xiao Bao nodded incessantly, saying, “Okay, Xiao Bao will study.”

As Wang Jingyu looked at Xiao Bao like this, his heart melted completely.

“Oh my, why is Xiao Bao so adorable? Whose little sweetheart is this?” Wang Jingyu pinched Xiao Bao’s cheek and pretended to be surprised. 

Xiao Bao tilted his head and thought for a moment. “Mommy’s little sweetheart.”

Wang Jingyu used to not understand how mothers could sacrifice everything for their children, but now she understood. If it were her, she would also be willing to give everything for Xiao Bao.

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