Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 82: King Yan (1)

In the hurried footsteps, mixed with the humble voice of the shopkeeper:

“Xǐ gōnggōng, please calm down. I really didn’t expect His Highness to come here today, so I had the courage to let people enter Tingzhuxuan…”

An angry bossy voice interrupted the shopkeeper’s frightened explanation: “Even if His Highness doesn’t come for a year, no one will be allowed in this Tingzhuxuan. You didn’t take His Highness’s words to heart. Don’t you want to keep open this Dingxiang Tower again?”

This soft and thin voice was completely different from the voice of ordinary men.

This was the voice of a palace eunuch!

So the “Highness” mentioned by the chamberlain was undoubtedly King Yan.

Jiang Shi and Ling Jingshu looked at each other, and both saw the shock and solemnity in each other’s eyes.

Who would have thought it would be so coincidental to actually encounter the Crown Prince? Listening to the eunuch’s tone, there was a hint of trouble. Today might be troublesome indeed…

Compared to the two of them, Ling Jingyan was full of surprises, and her bright eyes shone brightly. Her eyes were fixed firmly in the direction of the door panel.

The shopkeeper’s legs became weak and he knelt down with a plop: “Xǐ gōnggōng[1]that is what palace eunuchs were called, for the sake of past kindness, please spare me this time…”

The servant’s sharp sneer was quite uncomfortable: “We will give you a chance. Let the people inside get out immediately and don’t disturb His Highness’s interest in dining. Otherwise, if His Highness gets angry, we won’t be able to help you.”

The shopkeeper who was kneeling on the ground trembled all over. It was obviously hot weather, but he broke out in a cold sweat and responded in succession: “Yes, yes, I will make arrangements right now. Please also ask Eunuch Xi to say a few kind words in front of His Highness.”


The door was pushed open with a creak.

The sweaty and wry-smiled shopkeeper, looking pitiful, stood at the door, repeatedly bowing and apologizing, “Esteemed guests, I truly apologize for the inconvenience today. His Highness King Yan has arrived. Please come out quickly. I am willing to return double the amount of silver as compensation.”

Next to the shopkeeper, stood a 17 or 18-year-old chamberlain, who was obviously Xǐ gōnggōng.

His lips were red, and his teeth were white. He could be considered handsome. However, the arrogance and domineering aura between his eyebrows made people feel repulsed.

Since Jiang Shi didn’t want to face His Highness Prince Yan, she immediately responded, “Let’s leave now.” After saying that, she stood up. Ling Jingshu and Ling Xiao also stood up.

Eunuch Xi seeing that everyone understood the situation, had a trace of self-satisfaction in his eyes.

The Emperor had six princes in total, two of whom died in infancy. There were four of them who grew up.

The eldest son, Yang Gao, was the son of the late Empress Jiang and was the current Crown Prince of the Eastern Palace.

The biological mother of the Third Prince Yang Yuan was Lǐ shūfēi[2]Pure Consort , and he was given the title of Prince An. The Fourth Prince, Yang Yi, was born to Zhào défēi[3]Virtuous Consort and was given the title of Prince Kang.

The youngest son was Yang Qi, who was titled as Prince Yan. He was fifteen years old this year. He was the legitimate son of Empress Xu.

Who didn’t know that the Emperor’s favorite was his youngest son, King Yan? As a chamberlain beside His Highness King Yan, Eunuch Xi naturally developed an arrogant and indulgent temper.

Unexpectedly, someone dared to speak provocatively today.

“I won’t leave!” The charming girl sat motionless in front of the round table, with a stubborn look on her face: “We were the ones who came in first, why are we leaving?”

Everyone: “…”

Even Eunuch Xi was stunned. He was stunned for a moment, and then became furious: “Who are you? Don’t you want to live if you dare to rob His Royal Highness King Yan’s private room?”

Ling Jingyan’s whole body trembled slightly, not sure if it was because of fear or because she was about to see King Yan or both: “Everything is one who comes first, is first served. We’ve already sat down. If you drive us out, is this the behavior of His Majesty King Yan? “

Jiang Shi’s scalp went numb when she heard this, and she looked at Ling Jingyan with a look like “Are you crazy?”

How could you say such nonsense?

This Eunuch Xi was a confidant of King Yan at first glance, and he looked like a man who loved to stir up trouble. If he told King Yan what Ling Jingyan said, how could King Yan not be angry?

Before Jiang Shi could open his mouth, a lazy young man’s voice sounded:

“Who is talking nonsense and talking about me behind my back?”

King Yan was here!

No one reacted as fast as Eunuch Xi. He almost immediately turned around and knelt: “Your Highness, the shopkeeper of Dingxiang Tower is really abominable. How dare he give His Highness’s private room to other guests. The servant asked the shopkeeper to ask these guests to leave. Unexpectedly, these guests refused to leave. She also opened her mouth to insult His Highness. It is unbearable! Your Highness must not spare these people easily!”

Jiang Shi’s expression changed.

This Eunuch Xi was simply fanning the flames of malicious slander and sparing no effort!

If His Highness King Yan really becomes angry, he can cause trouble for the Ling family today!

When Ling Jingyan heard King Yan’s voice, her heart was beating wildly. She couldn’t help but stand up and turn around, looking in the direction of the door.

Ling Jingshu also looked over calmly.

As soon as Eunuch Xi finished speaking, a boy of fifteen or sixteen years old appeared in front of everyone.

The boy had fair skin and slender eyebrows. A pair of slightly narrow eyes, with a careless smile, and his eyes are flowing. It seemed to be able to charm people’s hearts and make their hearts beat faster. This young man was wearing a scarlet brocade robe inlaid with gold. He was also wearing a belt inlaid with white jade around his waist, a delicate sachet, and a mutton-fat jade pendant hung around his waist. He held a paper fan depicting a beauty in his hand and wore a black jade ring on his finger.

Such luxurious wear, if worn by an ordinary young man, would only look exaggerated. But for him, it was of course particularly suitable, and it reflected the noble and proud demeanor of a Prince. The power is overwhelming, and the wealth is overwhelming.

This young man was the legitimate son of the current Empress. The Emperor’s favorite youngest son, Prince Yan!

She finally saw him again!

Ling Jingyan completely forgot about her fear and stared at the boy in scarlet clothes infatuatedly.

Ling Jingshu was also looking at the boy, but the chill in her heart became stronger and stronger.

She had a grudge against Princess Changping for stealing her husband, and a grudge against Empress Xu for killing her. She wanted revenge, and she was naturally on the opposite side of King Yan…

As soon as King Yan appeared, no one dared to speak freely. The shopkeeper tremblingly knelt down and apologized: “Everything is the villain’s fault, please have mercy on me, Your Highness…”

King Yan didn’t even look at the shopkeeper and glanced around.

That kind of condescending and aloof demeanor was exactly like that of the Imperial Grandson.

However, His Highness Imperial Grandson was indifferent and spoke less, showing more majesty. This King Yan was a little more wanton and arrogant. He just looked at everyone without any restraints.

When King Yan noticed Ling Jingyan gazing at him with infatuation, his expression remained unchanged. He glanced briefly and then averted his gaze.

Then, Ling Jingshu’s face, which was still beautiful without makeup, came into view.

King Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up and he opened his mouth and asked: “The girl who was speaking just now, is it you?”

Ling Jingyan: “…”

(To be continued.)


1 that is what palace eunuchs were called
2 Pure Consort
3 Virtuous Consort

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