Luoyang Brocade
Luoyang Brocade Chapter 83: King Yan (2)

Ling Jingshu was also slightly startled and did not answer. Instead, she quickly looked at Ling Jingyan.

Ling Jingyan’s face turned red again. However, this time it was not out of shyness and joy, but disappointment and embarrassment.

Ever since she met King Yan by chance at Dingxiang Tower a few months ago, his presence has been deeply imprinted on her heart. He had haunted her dreams and was never forgotten. She went through all the trouble just to see him again…

She never imagined that it would be like this after meeting!

He didn’t look at her twice, and he paid no attention to her.

He had no memory of ever meeting her!

Ling Jingyan bit her lip hard, her eyes quickly filled with water, filled with grievance and sadness.

Seeing that Ling Jingshu was ignoring King Yan with indifference, Eunuch Xi suddenly became angry and shouted angrily in a sharp voice: “How dare you! How dare you remain silent when His Highness King Yan asks a question! Are you impatient with life?”

As soon as he fell silent, Ling Jingshu looked over and asked lightly: “Who are you?”

Eunuch Xi was confused by the question, and subconsciously answered: “The slave is Eunuch Xi, the chamberlain of His Highness King Yan.”

After saying that, he was shocked to realize that I was overpowered by the momentum of a young girl, and he suddenly felt ashamed. He glared back angrily: “Who are you? How dare you act so presumptuously in front of His Highness King Yan!”

Unfortunately, Eunuch Xi was still kneeling in front of King Yan at this time, twisting his body to speak. Not only did he not have any terrifying aura, but on the contrary he seemed ridiculous.

Ling Jingshu did indeed raise the corner of her mouth, and a sarcastic smile appeared in her eyes: “It turns out to be Eunuch Xi. Eunuch Xi kept saying that I was being impudent and that I was impatient with life. Could it be that he wants to punish me now? Dare I ask is this the intention of His Highness King Yan, or the intention of Eunuch Xi?”

Eunuch Xi: “…”

What a cunning and sharp-tongued woman!

Before Eunuch Xi could argue, Ling Jingshu continued calmly: “When we first saw guìrén[1]noble person, we didn’t react in time. His Highness, King Yan, was broad-minded and didn’t care. You, an evil slave, took advantage of your power to bully others. It’s really disgusting. With such an evil slave around, I don’t know how much trouble you have caused for His Highness King Yan, and I don’t know how much arrogance and domineering bad reputation you have gained for His Highness King Yan! I really don’t know how you can have the dignity to stay with His Highness King Yan!”

. ..... Every word pierced the heart!

Eunuch Xi was extremely angry. His face turned red, and his whole body was shaking with anger, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth to curse again. Suppressing the anger of being humiliated, he kowtowed and cried: “Your Highness, this slave is loyal to you, as can be seen from the sun and the moon. This wild girl who comes from nowhere is smearing my slave with every word, and I am wronged…”

King Yan ignored his complain.

His eyes kept falling on Ling Jingshu, who looked calm and indifferent. His slightly narrow eyes sparkled with interest: “Who are you?”

You can ignore Eunuch Xi’s question, but you can’t ignore King Yan’s question.

Ling Jingshu calmed down. She lowered his head slightly and bowed with his hands folded: “To return to Your Highness, this little girl’s surname is Ling, and she is the ninth in the family.”

Of course, it was inconvenient to say her boudoir name.

King Yan obviously didn’t understand the meaning of subtlety and euphemism, and asked directly: “What is your boudoir[2]the real name which is generally only known by close family members, and husband name?”

Ling Jingshu responded in a neither humble nor overbearing manner: “Only family members know a woman’s boudoir name, and it is inconvenient to tell outsiders. Your Highness, King Yan, is well-educated and knows etiquette. I don’t think he will force anyone to do anything difficult.”

What a sharp-tongued girl!

Kneeling in front of King Yan, Eunuch Xi sneered secretly in his heart. He had served King Yan for two years and was very familiar with King Yan’s temper.

King Yan was used to being self-centered and could not tolerate others disobeying his wishes. This Ninth Miss Ling responded like this, she simply didn’t know how to live or die. Just wait for His Highness King Yan to be furious!

…The expected situation did not occur!

His Highness King Yan was not angry. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and smiled: “What you said makes sense, it is běn wáng[3]this king, this is how royalty addresses themselves who is being rude to this beautiful lady.”

He was originally extremely handsome. As he revealed his smile, the narrow and long eyes instantly flashed with a captivating light as if blossoming into clusters of peach flowers.

It was this smile that made Ling Jingyan fall in love at first sight and be fascinated by it.

But in his eyes, he could only see Ling Jingshu and didn’t notice her at all.

Ling Jingyan’s tears were welling up in her eyes if it weren’t for the last trace of stubbornness and pride, she would probably cry on the spot.

Jiang Shi, who was full of shock, was already in a mess in her mind.

However, at this time, she had to deal with the present first and the rest… it won’t be too late to settle the accounts with Ling Jingyan later.

Jiang Shi calmed down. She took two steps forward and saluted solemnly: “I am Jiang Shi, and I have met His Royal Highness King Yan. My husband’s name is Ling Ji, and he is now a jiānshēng[4]supervisor at Imperial College. My father-in-law is a lángzhōng[5]official in the Ministry of Industry.”

Thieri identity and origin were clearly explained.

King Yan usually handled some tasks and attended court sessions daily. However, the people he interacted with regularly were officials from the six ministries. A mere fourth-rank official from the Ministry of Industry naturally wouldn’t be placed in high regard

At this time, hearing what Jiang Shi said, only the face of a very vague middle-aged man flashed through King Yan’s mind: “Is this Ling Zhiyuan, Líng lángzhōng?”

Jiang Shi responded respectfully.

Jiang Shi’s appearance diverted King Yan’s attention, and he could no longer stare at Ling Jingshu: “Your surname is Jiang, are you a descendant of the Yīng guó Gōngfǔ[6]Duke of Ying family?”

“Yes, my father’s name includes the character ‘Hao,’ and he is currently serving in the Ministry of Rites. I refer to the Duke of Ying Guo as my uncle.” Miss Jiang, born into a prestigious family, quickly regained composure after the initial panic and proceeded to introduce everyone systematically: “The one who was speaking with His Highness just now is the tángmèi[7]cousin from paternal branch from the fifth branch of the Ling family. Standing beside her is her twin brother, Ling Xiao.”

“This is my xiǎogū [8]younger sister of husband, the youngest daughter of the Ling family. She is the eighth in the family.”

After saying that, she winked at Ling Jingyan: “Ah Yan, what are you doing standing there in a daze? Why don’t you come quickly and pay your respects to His Highness King Yan?”

There was a reminder and a warning in her eyes.

The young man in front of him was no ordinary person, and the Ling family could not afford to offend him.

Jiang Shi had always had a gentle temper, so she had rarely seen such a serious and stern look in her eyes.

Ling Jingyan’s whole body was trembling, and she finally woke up. She bit her lips and stepped forward to salute: “Little girl Ling Jingyan, have met His Highness King Yan.”

Ling Jingshu: “…”

How can any woman say her boudoir name so generously? She gave out her own boudoir name, Ling Jingyan was really stunned by King Yan, and even the reserve of a girl in the boudoir was forgotten.

King Yan glanced at Ling Jingyan casually: “No courtesy.”

Compared with Ling Jingshu, Ling Jingyan was actually a pretty and lovely beauty. But with Zhuyu by her side, that pretty face that had been carefully decorated seemed blurry again.

King Yan still didn’t remember that the two of them had ever met each other.

...(To be continued.)


1 noble person
2 the real name which is generally only known by close family members, and husband
3 this king, this is how royalty addresses themselves
4 supervisor
5 official
6 Duke of Ying
7 cousin from paternal branch
8 younger sister of husband

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