Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money
Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money Ch 11

Chapter 11 – The Engagement Banquet Preparations Begins!

The day of the engagement ceremony has finally arrived.

In the morning, Tang Shirong called Zhou Ziyi: “Ziyi, how busy are you? Do you want me to help?”

Zhou Ziyi sighed: “Brother Tang, it’s only 10:30 in the morning. The engagement banquet doesn’t start until 6:30 in the evening.”

Tang Shirong chuckled: “I think you had to start getting ready and preparing for the reception ceremony early in the morning? I just woke up and thought I was late, so like a dying person suddenly sitting up, you know?”

Zhou Ziyi ignored his ramblings and said: “This is not the wedding! Besides, there are only three tables today, and there aren’t many complicated procedures. We don’t need to start too early. I’ll leave at 3:30 to get my hair done. Don’t bother yourself.”

Tang Shirong was surprised: “Why only three tables? With Yan Xiuzhi’s status, it can’t be like that.”

“It seems like the decision was made hastily, so not many invitations were sent out, and not many people are coming,” Zhou Ziyi thought for a moment and added, “I guess part of it is to save face for his father.”

Tang Shirong didn’t understand the last sentence: “…Huh?”

Zhou Ziyi said, “Anyway, don’t worry about it. Just wait patiently in the afternoon.”

Tang Shirong asked again, “You’ll be getting your hair done at 3:30. Do you want me to pick you up? I can drive my supercar, and you’ll make a dazzling entrance.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Don’t bother, I finally managed to hitch a ride with Yan Xiuzhi’s car to go and get my engagement hairstyle done. Am I crazy to go with your car?”

Tang Shirong realized: “Oh, yes, yes, you’re the professional.”

After a pause, Tang Shirong asked again: “What are you doing now?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Watching a show.”

Tang Shirong: “What show?”

Zhou Ziyi: “《So what if you are a little scheming》.”

Tang Shirong: “…Huh?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Literally, you can understand it as ‘How to be a Clever Little Green Tea.’”

Tang Shirong: “Huh?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Mainly to learn how to show off our love in a high-profile manner.”

Tang Shirong: “Huh?”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Tang Shirong had “What’s the point of a little green tea” (a phrase he misremembered) stuck in his mind as he arrived early at the hotel where the engagement banquet was being held.

He wanted to ask Zhou Ziyi what he had learned. He knocked on the door of the private room and exclaimed, “What the heck!”

Yan Xiuzhi and Zhou Ziyi turned their heads simultaneously.

Zhou Ziyi wiped away a tear with his finger and asked, “Brother Tang, what’s wrong?”

Tang Shirong: “How dare you ask?!”

In Tang Shirong’s eyes, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Yan Xiuzhi and Zhou Ziyi almost face to face! And their faces were very close, so close that there was only a ten-centimeter gap between them! Tang Shirong instinctively felt that if he hadn’t arrived, these two would have kissed in the next second!

He grabbed the doorknob and muttered, “What… what’s going on with you guys?” Is this for real?

“Oh, my contact lenses were bothering me, my eyes were hurting, and President Yan was helping me check the situation,” Zhou Ziyi stretched his fingertips. “Look, I just took them off.”

Tang Shirong: “…” Okay, it’s a huge misunderstanding.

“But why doesn’t this place even have a mirror?” Tang Shirong finally breathed a sigh of relief and entered the room, “Isn’t there usually a mirror in the bridal suite? Otherwise, the hairstylist can’t work properly, right?”

“Because it was arranged last minute. The hotel has other couples today, so they took all the bigger rooms,” Zhou Ziyi replied. “But Sister Fei brought a dressing mirror, and the hairstylist went downstairs to carry it with her. We’ll have a mirror soon.”

Tang Shirong nodded, “Oh, I see.”

Zhou Ziyi took out his phone and opened the front camera, then handed it to Yan Xiuzhi, saying, “President Yan, can you hold it for me while I put it back on?”

Yan Xiuzhi didn’t take it and said calmly, “If it’s uncomfortable, then don’t wear it.”

Zhou Ziyi responded, “But wearing it makes my eyes look better, right?” As he spoke, he winked at Yan Xiuzhi, “See, aren’t they different on both sides?”

Yan Xiuzhi looked at his eyes.

According to President Yan’s perspective, these colored contact lenses only serve to enlarge the pupils. As for how large the pupils should be to look good, it’s a matter of personal preference. But in terms of clarity and liveliness, the original eyes looked better.

Zhou Ziyi’s pupils were brown, and when they faced the light, they had a clear and transparent feeling.

But they had a bit of bloodshot veins.

“Your eyes are red,” Yan Xiuzhi objectively commented, “You should maintain a good condition for today.”

As soon as Zhou Ziyi sensed the dissatisfaction from the other party, he immediately softened his tone, “I’m a bit nervous and excited tonight, couldn’t sleep well. I know it’s important, but the more I try to sleep, the more I can’t. So I stayed up all night… I’m sorry.”

Yan Xiuzhi remained silent for two seconds.

Then he said, “Take off your contact lenses.”

Zhou Ziyi replied, “But my eyes are bloodshot…”

Yan Xiuzhi insisted, “Take them off.”

“Alright.” Zhou Ziyi agreed and handed his phone to Yan Xiuzhi. He then removed the contact lenses from the other eye while facing the front camera.

This time, Yan Xiuzhi willingly acted as a phone holder.

Tang Shirong exclaimed, “Oh my, ‘The Green Tea Cultivation Handbook’ was really worth reading!”

Well, he had forgotten what show Zhou Ziyi had watched anyway. But it seemed effective. With Zhou Ziyi’s ability to accommodate the other party’s temper and cooperate according to their guidance, there was no fear of failing to show their affection.

Tang Shirong carefully observed their appearance and sighed, “I have to say, you both look really handsome today.”

“Is that so?” Zhou Ziyi smiled after putting away his contact lenses. “I rely on my attire. But Mr. Yan is naturally handsome.”

In reality, Zhou Ziyi was being modest. They already looked good when they were trying on clothes earlier. Today, with their makeup and styling done, as well as the addition of accessories such as brooches, cuffs, and watches, it was truly the icing on the cake.
Tang Shirong pondered that Zhou Ziyi was naturally good-looking, but the recent years of stress had made him appear a bit dispirited. However, today he seemed spirited again, back to his original state of a confident and noble gentleman.

As for Yan Xiuzhi, the “heir from another family” had always been handsome. However, he usually dressed more formally, but today he wore white, which made him appear a bit softer and definitely more radiant.

After secretly evaluating, Tang Shirong said again, “I was afraid that I would make too much of a show today and steal your limelight. It turns out that my worries were unnecessary. Luckily, I still brought my supercar and parked it in the most eye-catching spot in the parking lot. Anyone who asks will know that you guys are the guests of honor.”

Hotels usually arrange sports cars in the most conspicuous positions, and there’s no doubt that Tang Shirong has received this honor today.

Zhou Ziyi laughed and said, “Thanks, Brother Tang, for supporting me.”

“Hey, there’s no need for thanks between us…” Tang Shirong felt that Zhou Ziyi’s behavior was a bit strange, but he thought maybe he was just getting into character, so he didn’t pay much attention.
“By the way, Yan Xiuzhi, have your family members arrived? My dad asked me to greet your parents.”

“They’re in the lounge on the second floor,” Yan Xiuzhi replied. “Only my mom and my uncle are here.”

“…Ah?” Tang Shirong instinctively asked, “Your dad’s side hasn’t come yet?”

Yan Xiuzhi replied, “They’re not coming.”

Tang Shirong: “…” His own father, couldn’t even come to his only son’s engagement?
Although he had anticipated that Yan Wenwu would be angry, this was still too exaggerated, right? Not attending the engagement banquet, isn’t this completely embarrassing his son?

However, Yan Xiuzhi’s way of rebelling probably also made him feel extremely embarrassed…

Tang Shirong didn’t dare to think too deeply in front of Yan Xiuzhi, so he waved his hand and said, “Then I’ll go and greet Aunt Chu and Uncle Chu. See you later. Let me know if you need anything.”

Zhou Ziyi smiled and replied, “Okay.”

Tang Shirong left, leaving the two of them in the lounge once again. Yan Xiuzhi sat down, but he kept his back straight without leaning back. Zhou Ziyi glanced at him and felt that he looked like a model, even sitting he appeared to have long arms and legs.

Yan Xiuzhi noticed his gaze and said, “You have a good relationship with Tang Shirong.”

“Hmm? Oh, yes, we get along well,” Zhou Ziyi smiled, “We used to hang out together sometimes and got along. But later, my family… other people stopped paying attention to me, only Brother Tang still looks out for me.”

Yan Xiuzhi looked at him.

Zhou Ziyi raised his hand and said, “There is absolutely no relationship beyond friendship, I won’t do anything to betray your trust!”

Yan Xiuzhi’s expression instantly seemed like he was looking at a lunatic.

After a few seconds, Yan Xiuzhi said again, “I haven’t heard much about you before.”

As everyone knows, “haven’t heard much” means “haven’t heard at all.” Yan Xiuzhi and Tang Shirong can be considered childhood friends and should be in the same social circle. Tang Shirong also has a good relationship with Zhou Ziyi, who used to hang out with them. In theory, Yan Xiuzhi should have heard some rumors.

“Before, my family could only be considered average, but later on, it got slightly better. And then… it can’t really be considered part of any social circle. It’s normal that Mr. Yan hasn’t heard of me,” Zhou Ziyi replied. “If Brother Tang is willing to hang out with me, it’s because he’s giving me face. I’m just lucky.”

Actually, Tang Shirong doesn’t really hang out with the group of people that Yan Xiuzhi associates with. He had mentioned the reasons to Zhou Ziyi before. However, it’s not appropriate to gossip behind someone’s back, so Zhou Ziyi didn’t bring it up.

On the other hand, Yan Xiuzhi said, “It’s true that he didn’t really interact with the people I knew when he was younger. It’s normal for him to hang out with others.”

Zhou Ziyi responded with an “Oh.”

Yan Xiuzhi continued, “I don’t really associate with these people either. They’re hypocritical and arrogant. It’s meaningless.”

Zhou Ziyi: !!!

Yan Xiuzhi actually made a comment similar to Tang Shirong!

No wonder the two of them, who have completely opposite personalities, have a good relationship!

“I’m telling you all this to let you know that there won’t be many social engagements in the future,” Yan Xiuzhi looked at Zhou Ziyi. “And even if there are, you don’t have to go out of your way to please them for my sake.”

Zhou Ziyi immediately nodded and said, “Got it. I’ll like what Mr. Yan likes and strongly dislike what Mr. Yan dislikes!”

Yan Xiuzhi furrowed his brows and was about to say “Don’t give me that,” when the door to the lounge was knocked on again.

Li Fei and the stylist came back carrying a dressing mirror.

Li Fei was also dressed formally today but didn’t hesitate to open the mirror with the stylist. The two women quickly set up the dressing mirror. Zhou Ziyi wanted to help but was shooed away by the stylist, who didn’t want his dress to get dirty.

Zhou Ziyi: Fine.

Once the mirror was set up, Li Fei looked around and didn’t see anything urgent. She asked the stylist to leave and closed the door.

“Mr. Yan, Xiao Zhou, I just received a message,” Li Fei shook her phone. “I want to confirm with both of you if we should proceed with it.”

Yan Xiuzhi interjected and looked at Zhou Ziyi. “Why haven’t you been sitting?”

Zhou Ziyi helplessly said, “I’m afraid my sitting posture will wrinkle the dress…”

Yan Xiuzhi said, “Sit.”
With the client giving orders, the other party had no choice but to sit, imitating the client’s upright posture.

Only then did Yan Xiuzhi turn his gaze to Li Fei and said, “Tell us.”

“Oh!” Li Fei felt a strange atmosphere between the two of them, but before she could think about it further, she opened the message on her phone.

“I just received a message. A hotel has canceled an event for next month, and the venue is now available… Do the two of you want to change your wedding date?”


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