Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 30.2

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Chapter 30.2 – Go forward, brother[1]RAW: 挺身而出的哥哥。Not sure, I might’ve MTL-ed it wrongly.

A few young people who had passed the audition were still waiting quietly. When they heard the news, they couldn’t help but get nervous, this was Ma Lao. It was unimaginable that they could possibly be in contact with the real person.

Ma Lao, whose real name was Ma Mingcheng, was one of the few great directors recognized in China. He was one of the first explorers from the time when domestic cinema was just developing. Over the decades, he has won countless awards and has single-handedly cultivated five film emperors and empresses for the entertainment industry.

If there was no specific concept when they came to the audition before, when they learned that they would soon be able to see the real person, the excitement and nervousness completely flooded over them. With such a person coming to see their audition in person if they perform badly……the consequences are too bad.

The surrounding tense atmosphere didn’t affect An Xumo. Although he also admired Ma Lao’s achievements, his state of mind was still quite stable. At this moment, Tang Tang, who was waiting downstairs, suddenly came running and whispered to An Xumo that Assistant Director Liu asked him to wait at the corner of the right corridor for a while, and he had something to explain.

In the second round of height measurement, An Xumo gave his cellphone to Tang Tang, it was easy to leave a bad impression when he looked at the phone while waiting. An Xumo directly did not take the phone back, so Tang Tang who received the text message came to find him.

The news from the crew is that Ma Lao is watching another character’s audition, so they will have to wait a while for the third round of auditions. Tang Tang helped to wait here in case there was short notice, so An Xumo went to the right corridor by himself.

Although there were a lot of people coming to audition today, the arrangement of the crew was very proper. The candidates of each role were uniformly concentrated in the same area, so no one was running around. Plus, the building had enough space. After leaving the area where those candidates were just now, the surrounding area seemed empty and no one else came and went.

Liu Longfei was talking around the corner, and An Xumo walked for a while before reaching the end. At the end of the corridor was a public restroom, before An Xumo walked over, he saw a slender man walk out of the open door.

An Xumo froze for a moment.

“Brother, Uh,…Senior…..Brother Jinchen?”

The man whose name was called seemed much less nervous than An Xumo, who was so nervous that he changed his name three times in two seconds. He didn’t seem surprised why An Xumo appeared here and just nodded his head.

An Xumo’s entire body monk-ed[2]Frozen; stunned; unmoving for a moment before realizing that Zhou Jinchen had no intention of leaving and that the other man didn’t look like he was specifically left behind, thinking that there should be someone else in the bathroom.

An Xumo was a little overwhelmed. He said softly: “Brother Jinchen……is also here for an audition?”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him with a somewhat inexplicable expression on his face. Just when An Xumo thought he wouldn’t answer, the man opened his mouth, his deep voice vibrating in his eardrums, “I am the lead actor of this movie.”

Now, An Xumo was really and completely stunned.

Joy and tension can’t be said to be stronger. The emotions surged through the outer membrane and hit directly into the chest. Before the audition, An Xumo would comfort Tang Tang not to be nervous, but now, he suddenly possesses a hundred times stronger emotions than Tang Tang.

He, he wanted to get this supporting role.

In order to not affect An Xumo’s mood, Tang Tang didn’t say much before, but from her occasional words, An Xumo could understand what the film could bring him if the audition was successful. “The Director’s personal guidance”, “movie big screen resources”, “from idol directly to an actor”…….and so on. Each of these is something that people are crowding around to grab.

However, before the audition, An Xumo was more concerned about not wanting to let down Zhang Zhiwei’s efforts for him than these attractive benefits.

Until he met Zhou Jinchen, An Xumo still held a very precious normal heart. Even if the surrounding candidates were anxious because of Ma Lao’s personal visit, he was calm and stable and felt that as long as he did his best, it would be fine.

But now, his thinking is completely different now.

An Xumo subconsciously began to look forward to the news brought by that Assistant Director Liu. He wanted to know the news of his competitor. He couldn’t help but want to confirm that he could hold on to the results he deserved in this audition.

But now that Zhou Jinchen was standing here, An Xumo was not in a position to take two steps forward to go around the corner. He was so nervous that his fingertips were getting cold, and he couldn’t help but bite his tongue again.

For a moment, An Xumo even overlooked why Zhou Jinhen didn’t ask him why he would appear here. He heard the other party say, “Ma Lao is here to see the audition, we’re with him.”

After Zhou Jinchen said “we”, another man walked out of the bathroom beside them.

The person had a handsome face, smiling eyes, and a clear voice, “Jinchen, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Because Zhou Jinchen blocked his line of sight, he only saw An Xumo after he came out. He was slightly surprised, but quickly regained his faint smile, “This is…?”

An Xumo hurriedly said, “Teacher Lin Rui, I’m An Xumo.”

That person was precisely Lin Rui, the movie star who had previously worked with Zhou Jinchen on 《The Scarecrow》. Although he had been famous for a long time, his age was not yet thirty, and he gave the impression that he did not have a big name, looking very easy-going, “I know you, Wang Yixiang mentioned it to me, a great little friend.” An Xumo smiled shyly.

Lin Rui turned to Zhou Jinchen: “You two are chatting? Do you want me to wait for a while?”

Zhou Jinchen shook his head, “No need.”

He said to An Xumo, “Perform well later.”

An Xuemo hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, I’ll work hard!”

When An Xumo disappeared around the corner, Lin Rui withdrew his gaze and smiled, “Jinchen, how did you guys meet?”

“Been on a variety together.” Zhou Jin Shen gestured, “Let’s go.”

An Xumo arrived at the agreed corner, where there was a semi-separate space with an automatic coffee machine. In a short while, Liu Longfei hurried over.

In the previous audition, An Xumo had already met Liu Longfei once. He had a fierce look and a beard. Just looking at his appearance could stop a child from crying at night. But his personality was actually very good, and he was also very easy-going when talking to An Xumo.

“Come on, Xiao An. Let me tell you something.”

Liu Longfei took a look around to make sure there was no one before lowering his voice, “Today the audition group added someone. The investor’s side is sure to come, but the group I’m in is not responsible for the male four, so I don’t know what people there look like now. You don’t have to be anxious, ah, when you audition later, someone may deliberately make things difficult for you. You must rest your mind. Now that Ma Lao has come, he is the one who makes the decision. As long as you perform well, the investor can’t force you down.”

“Be sure to keep your mind steady, don’t panic, do you hear me? “Liu Longfei knows that people like them who have no acting experience are most likely to be nervous in full view of the public, especially now that there is still Ma Lao present. The general mindset of the people must not be very stable, so he emphasized, “Even if it’s difficult for you, you can just directly treat it as an acting test.”

As soon as An Xumo finished nodding his head, he saw Liu Longfei in front of him suddenly shudder, “Huh?!”

He opened his eyes wide and looked behind An Xumo, “Who?! “

An Xumo stood facing the coffee machine and didn’t see the figure of the person behind him. When he turned around and came back, he found that Zhou Jinchen, whom he had just met, was looking at Liu Longfei with a bad face.

Liu Longfei let out a sigh of relief once he saw the figure clearly, “Scared me…it’s Jinchen ah, why are you here?”

He had just deliberately lowered his voice just now, and he has been paying attention to the movements around him until finally, with an uneasy emphasis on the warning, he neglected his sight. Liu Longfei was certain that Zhou Jinchen hadn’t heard what he said, so he was relieved again and put on a smile, “Aren’t you going to watch the audition with Ma Lao?”

Liu Longfei’s looks had made him take a lot of accounts before and only after the cooperation became familiar did people feel at ease to believe that he was an enthusiastic and good person. However at this moment, in the eyes of An Xumo who had been told, Liu Longfei’s smile looked a bit fierce, as if…..he had just finished blackmailing.

Not to mention the image that fell in Zhou Jinchen’s eyes.

Zhou Jinchen frowned at Liu Longfei and reached out his hand to pull An Xumo who was standing between the two. An Xumo didn’t have time to react before the man dragged him behind him.

The man with his back facing him had a slender figure, with a grim voice, “Assistant Director Liu, the auditions for Group A have already started, why are you here?”


The author has something to say:

After several chapters, Xiao Mo was finally able to film with his brother happily~xd


1 RAW: 挺身而出的哥哥。Not sure, I might’ve MTL-ed it wrongly.
2 Frozen; stunned; unmoving

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