Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 78

Chapter 78 – Participate in programs and road shows

The black camera also took the opportunity to pan over. When he saw the man who handed over the small spoon with his left hand, it was only then An Xumo realized why there was an exclamation from the audience.

Although Ma Zechi and Yan Xiangyan have been standing in the most prominent position in tonight’s program, they also played the role of the team leader in the game between them. But for the audience, they are mostly looking forward to Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo. The fans of both families have come in large numbers with all kinds of support. An Xumo also heard Tang Tang mention that not only did the Royal Guards prepared gifts for the show and the crew, but his fans sent their regards as well.

In contrast, the fans that came specifically for Lin Rui were much fewer; he took the orthodox actor route. Although his handsome looks and superb acting skills have also helped him to attract a lot of likes, relatively speaking, there is still a difference between the general audience and the fans that keep following their journey. Judging from the current situation in the audience, they paid more attention to Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo which is far more than Lin Rui.

Although the two fan groups are still in a vigilant wait-and-see state regarding the cooperation manuscript issued, after witnessing how Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo got along throughout the show, it’s difficult for them to attack the other person. This time, Zhou Jinchen took the initiative to feed the food to them which only triggered their amazement.

The crab meatball was already delivered to the mouth and the tender white color made the people want to look at it and can’t help but move their index finger, not to mention An Xumo who had been looking forward to the whole show for a long time. The “wow” sounds from the audience were getting longer and longer, and there was no room for hesitation. An Xumo subconsciously raised his hand to pick up the spoon. When he was about to touch Zhou Jinchen’s hand did he remember the other party’s intention.

He had no choice but to hastily take his hand back a little bit and lower his head to carefully bite into the tender white meatball.

When eating the meatball, An Xumo was careful not to touch the spoon. After all, acting is one thing, and really breaking through the psychological barrier of cleanliness is another. However, Zhou Jinchen didn’t seem to notice his intention. When the boy ate the crab meatball, he withdrew the spoon and moved very smoothly to scoop another one out of the small bowl, and resolved it by himself.

“……” An Xumo was stunned for a moment.

However, the camera has not yet withdrawn. Yan Xiangyan on the side is constantly sharing food for everyone. The scene is so lively that An Xumo did not spend too much time thinking about this matter.

The camera is still there, the boy thought and hurriedly pressed down the stagnation that had risen in his chest for a moment. Moreover, he had long been clear about this matter and had also made up his mind early on that he could no longer allow himself to indulge in overly sensitive mood swings.

According to An Xumo’s understanding of his brother, if they are really getting along with each other, the other party will never share the same set of cutlery with others. He made this kind of move, thinking and knowing that it can only be because of the camera effect.

Is it really necessary to……do it to this extent?

If An Xumo didn’t have other feelings for his brother, he can definitely go along with the other party’s actions right now. But the truth is, Zhou Jinchen for him is an existence that has reminded him every now and then not to cross the line.

The fresh and rich fragrance of the crab melted away between his lips and teeth, but An Xumo had to take a deep breath to relieve himself of the lack of oxygen a little bit.

Not only that, before the new cutlery was placed, Zhou Jinchen fed An Xumo two more pieces of fish and a shrimp dumpling. An Xumo, who was trying to calm down, finally did not hesitate. When the camera came over, he took the initiative to adjust their position, leaving the best angle for the camera.

Think of it as honing your acting skills, he thought.

After the show is recorded, it will not be aired immediately. According to the plan, it should be released about a week or two before the release of 《Different Roads》. After the recording of 《Surface Meeting》, An Xumo attended another talk show with the cast and crew under Baicheng Video before being allowed to go.

He didn’t stay long and returned to S City that night. If Tang Tang hadn’t held him back, she’s afraid An Xumo would have stayed in the dance studio all night again.

If you can’t calm down quickly, you’ll have to use your busy schedule to avoid the recurring emotions.

But the facts did not change according to one’s wishes. Not long after, the program group that the crew had to attend collectively for the third time also sent a contract. This time, it was an outdoor reality show called 《The Best Sunshine》 and An Xumo was ‘coincidentally’ assigned to a group with Zhou Jinchen, eating and sleeping with people for nearly two days.

The overall process of recording the program was thrilling but not dangerous. The only thing that surprised An Xumo was that he actually met an acquaintance on the show, Wang Yixiang

The way An Xumo made his debut was a little different from other traffic idols. He became popular as a backup dancer on a variety show that invited already famous artists to cross-border to dance. The person who partnered with An Xumo to win the championship on the final stage of 《Dance to the top Show》 was none other than Wang Yixiang.

Now that they have met again, the difference between their identities has changed. However, during the time when An Xumo was rapidly gaining popularity, Wang Yixiang also played an outstanding role in a blockbuster movie. The bonus of this movie continued to this day and his fame is much higher than it was at the beginning.

Wang Yixiang is also an artist who debuted before he was an adult and he is only twenty-five years old now. Although there was a seven or eight years difference with An Xumo, the two chatted very well. In addition to their previous friendship accumulated in 《Dance to the top Show》, Wang Yixiang himself is particularly a great example of a carefree and extroverted person. Whilst they only had two days together, their friendship has rapidly warmed up.

The most coincidental thing is that Wang Yixiang is very insensitive to numbers. He seems to have a little bit of a memory disorder against numbers. In the two-day event, every time he encountered the need to count, he had a big headache. In contrast to him, An Xumo’s best performance has always been in Science with eye-catching calculation and logic skills. Coupled with his memory, in the eyes of Wang Yixiang, he became a real heavenly savior.

The issue of 《The Best Sunshine》 happens to take the approach of cumulative results. At the end of each round, everyone had to calculate their scores and plan for the next levels. After several rounds of activities, Wang Yixiang expressed his admiration from the bottom of his heart, and then very consciously freeloaded with An Xumo, the human calculator.

An Xumo did not think there was anything. This kind of score looks difficult but in fact, it was more than enough to use probability and statistics learned in high school to deal with it. After all, he is a person who has actually experienced the college examination not long ago so the calculation is obviously much faster even with the addition of Wang Yixiang’s part, it will not take up much of his time.

Although this way of asking for help on the spot may seem a little obvious, Wang Yixiang’s insensitivity to numbers is no secret. He and An Xumo are on the same team, each activity is based on the overall results of the team. As long as the two of them do not mind it, others don’t say much. The program group is happy to see this kind of footage that can lead to a degree of a topic and naturally, there will be no more interference.

The only thing that made An Xumo felt something was wrong was during the last few rounds. Zhou Jinchen who was on the same team did not care much about winning or losing the event at first, but towards the end, he was the first to calculate the best result every time, a few minutes faster than An Xumo.

After he finished the calculation, he was in no rush to act first but he lends a hand to Wang Yixiang of the same team, which flattered the latter who has not been able to have in-depth communication with this film emperor.

Although it was a team of three of them at the beginning, Zhou Jinchen was obviously more difficult to get along with than An Xumo. Wang Yixiang knew the gap between him and Zhou Jinchen, that is, he is mainly respectful and did not think about dealing with the person much. Unexpectedly, he was helped several times at the last time.

Zhou Jinchen’s actions made Wang Yixiang who had a sense of distance from the film emperor at first, feel guilty. He couldn’t help but sigh, What a good senior! What a considerate and helpful film emperor! How could he find the other difficult to get along with at first?

An Xumo on the other side was somewhat puzzled but Zhou Jinchen’s expression still did not fluctuate, plus the three of them were indeed in the same team so he did not think too much about it.

After the recording of 《The Best Sunshine》, there were not many activities that required An Xumo to dedicate a large chunk of his time. Before the road show and the mass interviews began, he still had a few weeks of preparation time. Therefore, Tang Tang arranged special interview training for An Xumo. One was to allow him to answer questions more comprehensively and the other was to prevent him from being trapped unknowingly.

An Xumo expressed no opinion. As a person who has received more than ten years of exam-oriented education, he is far better at attending classes and training than acting.

Moreover, this busy life is enough to help shield An Xumo from the growing rumors out there and let him learn how to deal with them. He only had this precious little training time before he really had to face the hail of bullets.

The days passed by quickly during the high-intensity temporary remedial training. Soon, the road show for 《Different Roads》 was scheduled for fourteen cities and as an important supporting actor, An Xumo had to participate in at least half of road shows.

In addition, cooperation with various social media and online applications also emerged endlessly. Although the styling in the film will be used, but in order to cooperate with all kinds of collaborations, actors also need to take a variety of photos that would be used as material for different collaborative clients.

This kind of busyness is much stronger than the previous regular studying before and the continuous work makes people have to play with the spirits for twelve points.[1]a very deep description, stronger than using ten; more than a hundred percent.After helping a music app to take photos that were about to be made into a player’s skin, the crew rushed to the southernmost part of the country overnight and launched the first city’s promotional road show in Dongzhou City.

Since it was the beginning of the road show and Dongzhou City is one of the three top-tier cities in China, this event is particularly important. The crew gathered everyone as much as possible and chose the location in an iconic commercial exhibition center in Dongzhou City.

However, at this critical time, An Xumo who had been busy with the crew for a few days once again suffered gastritis because of an irregular diet.


The author has something to say:

The daily life of the trio:

Wang Yixiang: Xiao Mo, you’re amazing! This kind of thing will blah blah blah…

An Xumo: It’s no big deal, you just have to remember…… (freely chatting)

Zhou Jinchen: ……

If you can’t grab your younger brother, you have no choice but to grab the job that takes up your brother’s time.


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1 a very deep description, stronger than using ten; more than a hundred percent.

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