Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – Zhou Jinchen has changed

《Different Roads》was released nationwide and the box office finally ended up to 340 million on its first day. In its first week of release, the box office broke through the 1.5 billion mark.
Although the news of pre-selling exceeded 100 million had already given the crew a reasonable estimate, when the news really came, it still did not reduce the joy by half. Congratulatory messages from various parties were nonstop and the real-time box office record website had already given a predicted box office of four billion. The official blog was busy sending out posters, the publicity and development team was also busy sending out press releases, and Ma Lao was invited by the CEO of Fang Zhongyou Corporation to have a good banquet.
As the second investor after Fang Zhongyou Corporation, the investment company under Zhou Jinchen is also in an exuberant mood. If there were no major mistakes afterwards, according to this momentum, they could even finish a whole year’s performance with this one movie.        
When Xin Zimai handed in his report, he also sent a copy of the word-of-mouth ratings. The movie’s current reputation is very good. With Ma Lao’s brand, the movie’s rating had a fairly high base score to begin with. As the week went by, instead of decreasing due to the increase in the number of people, the rating had gone up to 0.1 point because of the turbulence of word-of-mouth.
This is already a very impressive achievement.
However, there is another point in the review that Xin Zimai has compiled.
In Xin Zimai’s opinion, Zhou Jinchen’s decision to take the red carpet was a bit abrupt but the good thing is that the emergency plan quickly launched by his boss, yielded good results.
“The public opinion has stabilized,” Xin Zimai said. “We’ve monitored all the comments and the audience’s attention has been drawn as planned.”
Zhou Jinchen flipped through the reviews and they were indeed just as Xin Zimai said.
After the release of 《Different Roads》, it sparked a lot of discussions. In addition to the restraints of the two protagonists originally planned by the crew, there was also a topic that quickly becomes one of the most dominant voices ——
In the post-credits, what was the reason for Ling Sihang to tear up his ticket? Where did he want to go when he left through the airport’s entrance?
The issue has sparked an extremely heated discussion on different websites and platforms. With one turn of the message, one can see a long analysis, and every detail is discussed repeatedly. In the absence of the film source, the discussion also virtually increases the audience’s motivation to brush twice or brush even more.
Based on the current voices of the whole network, this discussion has three main points of view. The first is that Ling Sihang decided to stay in Lin City, waiting for Ye Qisheng to end his probation after only a few months in prison, and then find each other to have a deep talk. The second point of view, the person who left Ling Sihang behind was Bai Qingchi, who decided to make up for the harm he had caused to the person before. The third point of view is that Ling Sihang left a criminal record and did not want to return to the place where his parents were, intending to find a strange city to slowly recuperate.
The third point of view was rejected first because it was difficult to justify it, and the first two points were evenly matched, each occupying half of the rivers and mountains.[1]half of the country; a vast swathe of territory; means a vast majority of the people were discussing the two points.As time passed, the number of viewers increased, and the only two remaining points were discussed more and more intensely.
Those who held the first view insisted that Ling Sihang had only ever liked Ye Qisheng from beginning to end. Even after ten years, he was constantly defending Ye Qisheng, and even willing to bear being in prison for the other party, which is why he stayed and intended to make his first real confession to Ye Qisheng.
Supporters of the second view say that Ling Sihang was already shaken when he first kissed Bai Qingchi in the classroom. That close-up of his eyes when he looked at Bai Qingchi after the plan succeeded is the indication of this. Ten years later, Ling Sihang being a scapegoat was completely trapped by Ye Qisheng, and the two of them had already become strangers and gone on their different roads. Ling Sihang finally decided to give up the past and face up to the true voice in his heart.
Fundamentally speaking, the emergence of these two points is actually the two interpretations of the whole film.《Different Roads》is known as a double male-lead film. The two protagonists take up the majority of the scenes, and their relationship with each other is the link between the whole story and its ups and downs. Moreover, Ling Sihang has been withdrawn and silent since childhood. When he was bullied, it was Ye Qisheng who saved and taught him how to make friends with others, that’s why Ling Sihang fell in love with this first friend of his. 
As the male counterpart, Bai Qingchi’s scenes were much less compared to the main characters. In the scene ten years later, he only appeared at the end of the film when the witness is revealed. However, although Bai Qingchi did not appear in many shots, he was a significant key character. The spectacular appearance of ballet dance and his unrequited love for Ling Sihang are also impressive.
To put it simply, it is indeed in line with the ‘love triangle’ and it’s still the most classic struggle between bamboo horse and the heavenly descent.[2]suitor that is the heavenly descent can beat his/her original bamboo horse (i.e someone he/she has known since childhood and is compatible; childhood sweetheart), and finally getting married. Although Ma Lao did not have any related ideas when he made the film, the relationship is only added to make the character three-dimensional. But after the movie hit the cinema, it is true that many people have joined the LingYe party and LingBai party, and the arguments between the two sides are extremely heated. They are even more tit-for-tat when discussing the most important plot of the post-credit scene.
And at this point, Zhou Jinchen’s performance before the premiere was specifically used for interpretation. LingBai party deliberately write down and magnified it in bold about his speech at the media conference —— “It’s true that there is a very thick arrow between me and Xiao An but this arrow is not one-way, it’s two-way.”
Listen, it’s a two-way arrow. What else is there to say, it’s as suitable as a LingBai HE!
Moreover, there is the red carpet sequence at the premiere. Lin Rui and the director, Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo, someone on the scene recorded the video but also recorded the words of the director —— “The red carpet sequence is related to the movie”. If this is not an official statement, then what is it? The director stamped it himself!
Because of these two ‘arguments’, the LingBai party quickly occupied the high ground, and the LingYe party could not bear to show any weakness, and begun to turn over the details inside and outside the film. All kinds of sugar-picking techniques are at the microscope level which they even refused to let go of even at a glance. In this way, the arguments naturally extend from the film to the outside of the scene. The relationship between Lin Rui, Zhou Jinchen, and An Xumo has also become a very hot topic.
Based on the status quo of the domestic entertainment industry, although the power of fans is very strong, there is still a clear difference between the base number and the audience. The three actor’s performance during the interview was basically interpreted as a projection of the movie’s ending. Hence, it makes the fans most sensitive in rubbing bundle heat and the battle for the position was overshadowed.
If there is no movie to support, the “two-way arrow” stated by Zhou Jinchen alone would be enough to set off a bloody storm between the two fans, after all, both of them are extremely popular in traffic. However, due to the popularity of《Different Roads》, the influence of the film far exceeds the fans. This kind of friction between the fans has become more important than guessing the official blog’s sending out a few hundreds of millions of posters today.
The situation became particularly mild for a while. After receiving such feedback, Xin Zimai who had been monitoring the comments, immediately realized that the plan had been successful.
Zhou Jinchen’s purpose is not just to show the public the relationship between the two, the difference in status will inevitably cause disparities between the two sides’ fans. A fan’s war of scolding is undoubtedly a drain for the artist, not to mention An Xumo’s current status as a traffic idol.
He said he wouldn’t let An Xumo get hurt and he really did that.
But……why would Jinchen change the fundamental purpose of the cooperative promotion plan in the middle of the process? Does this have anything to do with the strange feelings he mentioned?
Xin Zimai couldn’t figure it out and tentatively asked, “Jinchen, you said before that you wanted to do psychological counseling, when do you plan to go?”
Zhou Jinchen put the report aside and raised his hand to pull out another document bag on the table.
“I don’t have the time recently; let’s talk about it in a few days.”
He was busy with work and busy with sorting out how he really felt about An Xumo.
Xin Zimai took the document bag, “What is this, a new project?”
Recently, the company’s main business is not the《Different Roads》ma, how can there be new documents?
The document bag was opened and a thick proposal was pulled out.
On the cover, there was a line with the title ——
《Temporary Plan for the Eighteenth Birthday Celebration》

The shift in public opinion was not only noticed by Zhou Jinchen’s people, as one of the main characters, Lin Rui also quickly received the relevant news.
He looked down at the various messages and comments on his phone while his agent on the side was asking, “Brother Rui, should we continue to send out new press releases? The public relations department has already prepared the photos and videos during the filming.”
Lin Rui did not say anything, his eyes remained on the screen until the agent waited and was a little confused, and he then spoke, “No need.”
The agent was stunned for a moment, “Ah?”
Lin Rui locked the screen and put the phone away, “In the future, don’t send any of these two-person circulars, the public relations side will still focus on my part alone.”
The agent’s eyes widened and said, “This…’re not going to proceed? What about the original plan?”
Lin Rui closed his eyes, “Canceled.”
The agent did not know whether to be happy or sad for a moment. He did not agree with Lin Rui’s feelings for Zhou Jinchen but the other party persistently refuses to turn back. This is the first time Lin Rui has made such a firm determination, which has been going smoothly to have whatever he wanted. The agent saw that he could not be persuaded, and he could only temporarily restrain it.
Unexpectedly……now, it’s Lin Rui who has taken the initiative to give up.
The agent cautiously said, “Brother Rui……what happened, why did you suddenly……” changed your mind?
Lin Rui whispered, “He already has his heart set on someone else.” (E/N: /pats lin rui)

“Who? That little boy?” The agent was a bit puzzled, “Didn’t you say before that they were just doing an act? Just to interfere with our plans or something……”
“Originally,” Lin Rui said in a low voice, “it’s different now.”
He propped his forehead with his palms and buried his eyes with it.
“The way he looks at that boy was already completely different from the beginning.”
Perhaps, even Zhou Jinchen himself did not notice but Lin Rui clearly understood what this really meant.
And by the time Lin Rui reacted, it was clear to him that he was really out of the question.
“I originally thought that it was a natural indifference.”
“But I never thought,” Lin Rui’s voice was low and hoarse, his tone was thick with exhaustion, “that someone as cold as him would show such gentle eyes……”

The author has something to say:
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1 half of the country; a vast swathe of territory; means a vast majority of the people were discussing the two points.
2 suitor that is the heavenly descent can beat his/her original bamboo horse (i.e someone he/she has known since childhood and is compatible; childhood sweetheart), and finally getting married.

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