Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – If you like them,[1]Didn’t specify a person but I guess we know who~go confess ah.

The room was extremely quiet and a pin drop could be heard.
An Xumo opened his mouth to speak but in the end, he was not able to say anything. He just stood there in place and watched, watching the man walk into the room without saying a word, holding an opaque file bag in his hand.
Zhou Jinchen originally walked over in the direction of the desk but he stopped in his tracks when he was halfway there. The daze and unconscious fear revealed on the boy’s face are like a yellow cordon, which rigidly stopped his movements.
The file bag was put aside on a small table. Zhou Jinchen stopped at a distance of two meters away, he looked at An Xumo and said softly, “Happy birthday.” [2]T/N: Social distancing matters. Stay safe everyone!
After speaking, the man’s movement paused, and finally, he turned around and walked out towards the door.
With a “click”, the door was closed.
The room was silent for a long time before Tang Tang found her voice.
“He……Brother Zhou, he, did not hear my last words, right……”
She felt that she couldn’t stand anymore; she barely pulled up a chair on the side and sat on it as if she had collapsed.
Just like using cold sweat to remove the makeup, Tang Tang easily stabilized her slightly shaking right hand and dialed Brother Shen’s number.
When the phone call was over, Tang Tang let out a long sigh but did not feel much relief.
She hesitated to say something to An Xumo who turned his back to her, “Xiao Mo, today’s cake and this food…… are all prepared by Brother Zhou.”
“Brother Shen said that there is a new task tomorrow and Brother Zhou told them to leave first. He brought these things over; he probably wants to celebrate your birthday.”
An Xumo took that file bag and responded in a low voice.
In fact, he had a faint premonition from the moment he saw the candles on the cake.
When he was very young, he was so hungry that he couldn’t hold on and pulled his brother’s collar to beg for food. The family happened to have sweets sent from abroad; his brother peeled off the candy wrapper, broke the milk candy, and fed it to him in small pieces.
An Xumo remembered the candy given by his brother but Zhou Jinchen mistakenly thought he liked this family’s candy. The big box of exquisite candy ended up in An Xumo’s belly and Zhou Jinchen later specifically mentioned it to Zhou Yunlin that he wanted this kind of candy that came all the way from Belgium.
He had thought this kind of thing would only be remembered by himself who repeatedly savored that little bit of sweetness but he didn’t expect it.
Didn’t expect it.
Tang Tang who was behind him was a little uneasy, “But why did Brother Zhou leave so quickly. Did I say too much……”
An Xumo walked back and gently patted Tang Tang’s shoulder.
He himself was in a terrible mess and could only say what he wanted to say to the two of them.
“Don’t think too much about it.”
He picked up the file bag, “What is this about?”
In the file bag, there was a notice letter sent from the school, and on the envelope, there is also P University’s emblem printed on it.
Tang Tang’s attention was drawn to the item; she picked it up and looked it over.
“This……” Tang Tang’s eyes widened, “did P University agreed?”
Tang Tang parted the loose hair on the side of her forehead and explained as clearly as possible, “You’ve been busy with publicity these past two days and I haven’t had the chance to talk to you. We tried to communicate with P University but the school said that you lost contact since September last year, the contact information you left has been said to be with the wrong person, and the regular feedback you should have, have failed to complete. At the end of the semester before this summer vacation, the school did not receive the news so they put forward your files, and prepared to return them.”
This is true. An Xumo responded that it was the Zhou family who paid the tuition, and then they called afterwards. They certainly would not care about this matter.

“We are also communicating with P University but they are quite insistent so they were not very easy to handle.” Tang Tang said. “The company intends to let you retake the exam and go to an art school. We still want to fight for it so the news is not confirmed for the time being.”
“Unexpectedly…… P University has now actually agreed to the re-admission.”
Tang Tang looked at An Xumo, “Xiao Mo, why don’t you go study at P University? We can hire another teacher for acting and dancing, the company has professional resources. But P University is such a good school; it’s a pity to miss it.”
An Xumo paused for a moment and asked, “Will the company agree?”
Tang Tang held up the file bag, “This should be a favor from Brother Zhou. If he agrees, the company won’t have any big problem.”
Speaking of this, she was a little bothered once again.
The person indeed takes care of their younger brother like an elder brother but as a result, others have yet to understand the situation, they are already badmouthing people behind their backs…… it’s really too uncalled for.
An Xumo picked up the file bag.
After a long time he said, “If conditions permit, I will go.”

Just after confirming the last item on the plan, Xin Zimai who was relieved suddenly received a phone call belonging to the person who executed the last item.
“Hello, Jinchen?” He picked up the phone and froze for a moment.
“I’m at home, ah, Dr. Li is also here…… You want to come over now? Do you have a car?”
Li Qiucheng walked over with a glass of hot milk in his hand.
“Ok……We’ll wait for you at home. Call me when you’re almost there, I’ll go down and pick you up.”
Once Xin Zimai finished, he looked up and saw Li Qiucheng’s smiling expression.
“……” He paused, “What’s the matter with you?”
Li Qiucheng waved his hand and pushed the milk over.
That “we” sounded really sweet.
Xin Zimai looked at the milk and frowned, he decided not to bother with Li Qiucheng for the time being, “Jinchen is coming over. He suddenly wanted to find you for consultation, it’s the middle of the night……I don’t know what’s going on. Didn’t he say he was going to celebrate Xiao An’s birthday?”
“Maybe something happened while celebrating Xiao An’s birthday.” 
Lo Qiucheng said, pushing the milk towards the person again.
Xin Zimai: “……What are you doing?”
Li Qiucheng said calmly, “Consultation fee.”
By the time Zhou Jinchen arrived, it was already after midnight, and fortunately, it was this time that he was not recognized by fans on the road.
As soon as he arrived, he got right to the point and made his way towards Li Qiucheng, “I have something to ask you.”
Li Qiucheng asked, “What’s the matter?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “The behavior corresponds to emotional issues.”
Li Qiucheng had heard a little bit about this. When Zhou Jinchen refused to communicate with anyone at that time, Mr. Old Yu who brought him to the deep mountains reconstructed an emotional system for him. Zhou Jinchen could not understand emotions so Mr. Old Yu taught him to remember the emotions corresponding to each action, from simple to complex, and finally little by little, it spelled into the colorful world of normal people.
Although it’s not clear what exactly Zhou Jinchen met, he can’t find out real emotions by himself but as one of the only few people in the know, Li Qiucheng is also the most suitable candidate.
But what should be said is still to be said, Li Qiucheng said, “I would like to state in advance, my understanding of psychology is only at the introductory level, and I am not qualified to be a psychologist. I may not be able to give a correct and thorough answer to the questions you want to ask.”
Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment and nodded his head.
Seeing his insistence, Li Qiucheng said, “Then, let’s begin.”
The two sat opposite each other and Xin Zimai sat on the other side of the sofa. He was instructed in advance by Li Qiucheng to try not to speak up and participate so at this point, he could only be a silent observer.
Li Qiucheng asked, “What kind of behavior are you going to talk about?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s my own matters.”
…… His own behavior? Li Qiucheng did not really think about it, this is his first time being honest. Moreover, behavior infers emotions; in this way, doesn’t Zhou Jinchen have questions about his own emotions?

He can sense emotions now?
Zhou Jinchen continued, “I don’t remember what happened after that drunkenness but subsequently, I had nightmares for a long time.”
“The dream was chaotic, it has everything in it. I could vaguely feel that it was my world ten years ago.”
“One day following that, I heard the voice of a seven-year-old An Xumo, and from then on, seeing him relieved my stress, both inside and outside of my dreams.”
Li Qicheng thought that his initial conjecture was probably correct. An Xumo must have helped him when Zhou Jinchen was harmed that year.
“After some time, the relief outside the dream changed.” Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice, “When we don’t see each other, I would also think what would happen after seeing him, and gradually developed the impulse to get closer to him.”
Li Qiucheng pursed his lips.
Wanting to see when you can’t see, wanting to get closer when you see……
“After that, the impulse is getting stronger and stronger. I changed the original plan, took his contract, and helped him find resources, treat his stomach illness, and eat on time.”
“What did you think about when you made these decisions?”
Li Qiucheng asked, “For example, when you helped him treat his stomach illness, did you think that when he gets better, you could use him to get more benefits?”
Zhou Jinchen immediately gave an answer.
“No, all I thought about was the first half of the sentence, to make him feel better.”
Li Qiucheng nodded, “Good, you continue.”
“That’s basically all I have to say for myself. I don’t know why I chose to do this kind of thing but I know that I’ll be happy to do it.”
Zhou Jinchen said, “Besides mine, there is his part.”
Zhou Jinchen described what happened in the office tonight along with what happened when he noticed that An Xumo no longer kept his eyes on him.
Xin Zimai listened on the sidelines with an obviously strange expression.
After listening, Li Qiucheng pondered for a moment.
“If,” he mused, “I mean if you replace what you said about yourself with someone else, I can basically conclude that this emotion is being emotionally affected.”
“Perhaps, it’s a little deeper than being emotionally affected such as liking, or even the like being deeper than love.”
“However, Jinchen, you know, your situation is rather special.” Li Qiucheng cautiously said, “Therefore, I think, you need to draw the final conclusion yourself.”
Zhou Jinchen gave a low response.
“But anyway,” Li Qiucheng said, “this time is definitely a good thing for you. There is nothing to worry about. You might as well listen to the voice inside your heart.”
Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment, and then said, “What about his part?”
Li Qiucheng said, “Xiao An’s behavior is easier to explain.”
From the first time meeting this person, Li Qiucheng noticed this matter in the cafeteria.
“He is deeply attached to you, perhaps, deeper than like.”
“…… He likes me?” Zhou Jinchen’s expression finally showed a crack.
Li Qiucheng said, “It’s obvious.”
He left some time for Zhou Jinchen to digest this matter. After all, this was the first time that the other party had developed a feeling other than disgust when hearing that someone likes him.
Nonetheless, there was one more thing he had to clarify.
Li Qiucheng deliberately said, “But he has now changed his mind and is ready to withdraw.”
Zhou Jinchen’s expression visibly moved again.
Li Qiucheng said, “Maybe it’s the publicity plan or it could be your cold attitude towards him.”
Zhou Jinchen’s eyebrows furrowed tightly.
Li Qiucheng looked at the man whose emotions were obviously thrown into confusion and softly said, “If you can determine what you really want…… Jinchen, it may not be too late to chase.”
“Besides, you better explain one thing to him in advance.”
Zhou Jinchen reacted to Li Qiucheng’s question after half a beat, “What is it?”
Li Qiucheng said solemnly, “The previous publicity plan was a wrong start. You need to make it clear that you don’t want to continue to use him.”
Xin Zimai sitting on the side watching the two of them, his mind automatically filtered the conversation.
In the final analysis, what Zhou Jinchen had to say was actually only two sentences.
— I’m sorry.
— I like you.

The author has something to say:
Brother’s awakening progress: 100%
Brother chasing Xiao Mo’s progress: ……too little to see.


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1 Didn’t specify a person but I guess we know who~
2 T/N: Social distancing matters. Stay safe everyone!

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