Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family
Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Ex-Boyfriend

Getting a certificate, getting married, and living together was that simple.

Yu Qing moved to Lei’s house, but there was no separate room to sleep. According to Lei Meng’s words, they were already married. If he (YQ) was afraid of not having a good sleep, he (LM) could change the bed to a bigger one. They would just sleep and do nothing else, the husband and wife should stay in one room.

“The room next door is used as a cloakroom.” Lei Meng once bought a lot of clothes according to the measurements of the person in front of him, some of which were out of date and were put in the storage room. The clothes next door were all brand new and changed. He hoped that the person he loves can wear them, because they exist just for the person in front of him, “Your light brain had been authorized, you can use my account to pay.”

Lei Meng wanted to do this before, but his beloved was someone else’s boyfriend at that time.

But now, it’s different, his beloved was his, Lei Meng’s wife.

“Just don’t use my money to raise a little white boy [1]A mistress or a boy toy or man.” Lei Meng joked.

“No.” It was impossible for Yu Qing to raise a little white boy. Originally, he wanted to live an ordinary life with an ordinary Alpha. After repeated failures, he already understood that the so-called ordinary was also a very difficult thing.

When others didn’t meet a scumbag, he met a scumbag, and he met more than one. He can only blame his bad luck.

“If you want to go out to work, you can.” Lei Meng was nervous about what he should say to his beloved, and what topics he should talk about.

His beloved had used a new identity, perhaps because his beloved wants to start again and bid farewell to the past. So, he shouldn’t mention the past.

The point was that he didn’t have much contact with the person in front of him in the past, and if they didn’t have much contact, it would make no sense to mention it.

“No.” Yu Qing shook his head, “It’s good to be a freelancer.”

Whether you go to the company to work hard, and whether you do a good job or not, you will be criticized. Not every leader values their subordinates, and some leaders take criticism as a good way to suppress their subordinates.

Yu Qing thinks that he had worked enough for those years, and it was the same with spending time outside. Now he will just make some medicines and sells them so that he can earn his pocket money. Getting something for nothing is not suitable for him. He said that he would marry a wealthy family and worship money, but when he really walked into Lei’s house, he felt empty again.

“It’s okay.” Lei Meng thought that this was also not bad. The cute appearance of Yu Qing carrying his child appeared in his mind, and the child blinked his eyes and called him ‘father’. Just thinking about the scene, Lei Meng was very excited, “We are still young, if you don’t want to have children so soon, you can do that.”

Ahhh, he couldn’t think about it anymore, otherwise, he would have to think of his beloved lying on the bed and waving at him, and the picture was too beautiful to think deeply.

“Can we have dinner?” Yu Qing asked, thinking that the other party was saying a bit too much.

“Yes, of course.” Lei Meng nodded, how could he forget this.

Lei Meng had sent his and Yu Qing’s marriage certificate to his circle of friends so that everyone can see that he was married. Let those people open their dog eyes to see clearly, and so that they wouldn’t offend his beloved in the future.

Lei Meng’s friend Daryl was drinking in a bar. He wanted to go online to check the news, but he never expected to see Lei Meng and Yu Qing’s marriage certificate.

“!!!” Daryl’s eyes widened in shock. ‘It didn’t take long for the two to get married? Don’t they need to spend more days together?’

Darryl thought that Lei Meng must have used bad tactics to force Yu Qing to marry him, otherwise, how could he get a marriage certificate on the day of their blind date. Daryl scolded Lei Meng secretly in his heart, but he reached out his hand to praise Lei Meng, and also posted a comment: Congratulations.

‘Very good, this time I have not been blocked, and I can like and comment.’

Darryl was satisfied. In any case, he could be regarded as the person who indirectly contributed to this relationship. If he hadn’t told his friend, his friend wouldn’t have known, otherwise, his friend would have to wait until the news of Yu Qing’s marriage to another nobleman.

There were not many people in Lei Meng’s circle of friends, and one was very different. It was Yu Qing’s boyfriend in his past identity. Lei Meng added this person deliberately (in the past), but didn’t explicitly state that he liked the other’s boyfriend because they were rivals in love.

And now, Lei Meng posted his and Yu Qing’s marriage certificate without preventing the former rival in love from seeing it.

Ye Haisheng, an Alpha nobleman, was Yu Qing’s ex-boyfriend, and now had a mermaid fiancé. His abilities were naturally not as strong as Lei Meng. He had always worshiped Lei Meng as an idol. By chance, he and Lei Meng have added themselves as friends, but he didn’t dare to disturb Lei Meng much. He just looked at the circle of friends, even if Lei Meng rarely posts something in his circle of friends.

When Ye Haisheng saw the marriage certificate of Lei Meng and Yu Qing, he was stunned.

It was impossible for Ye Haisheng to forget the photo of his ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend, who walked away with his money. Yes, Ye Haisheng thought that his ex-boyfriend had betrayed their previous feelings for money.

After Lei Meng discovered the actions of the Ye Family and Ye Haisheng’s fiancé, he could no longer find his beloved. But he didn’t tell Ye Haisheng what he had discovered, because he thinks that an Alpha that couldn’t even protect his beloved, was not qualified to know those things.

Lei Meng also thought that he had no obligation to explain so much to Ye Haisheng. Who does Ye Haisheng think he is?

This time, Lei Meng sent his and Yu Qing’s marriage certificate to his circle of friends, not only wanting to make it public but also wanting Ye Haisheng to see it. It was impossible for him to disclose it to the public because his beloved had changed his identity. Perhaps others would think that Yu Qing and Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend looked alike and can gossip about it, but Lei Meng didn’t care.

“How?” Ye Haisheng looked at Light brain incredulously, thinking how could it be like this. “No, it must not be. The name is different.”

Ye Haisheng told himself that, but when he looked at Yu Qing’s photo again, he still thought that this Yu Qing was his ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend, who took the Ye family’s money and left him. Ye Haisheng couldn’t forget his ex-boyfriend, the one who was gentle and cold from time to time.

“No.” Ye Haisheng stood up. He wanted to find this Yu Qing to see if the other party was his ex-boyfriend or not.

Not many people have met Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, but there are quite a few.

Ye Haisheng also introduced his ex-boyfriend to some friends, and some of his family members also knew about him. Why does his family know? Because they need to know who Ye Haisheng’s boyfriend is, in order to better break them up.

Some elders who had added Lei Meng as a friend turned their heads and sent Lei Meng’s marriage certificate to the juniors so that they would not offend people stupidly.

It just so happens that some of them were Ye Haisheng’s friends, they also know about Ye Haisheng and his ex-boyfriend, and they know how Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend looked like.

So, someone sent the marriage certificate of Lei Meng and Yu Qing to Ye Haisheng and asked Ye Haisheng about it.

“Yu “Niohuru” [2]Calling someone “Niohuru” means the person is no longer innocent/simple but is now scheming/powerful Ren is back?”

“Did he change his name to get back at you?”

“Brother, I heard that Mrs. Lei was a mermaid Omega, did you know?”


That’s what fox friends are like. When they are sad for you, they still want to step on you. Maybe they really care about Ye Haisheng, but some just want to see Ye Haisheng being a joke.

Ye Haisheng didn’t reply to these friends. Right, they also saw how similar Yu Qing and Yu Ren looked. They said they were the same person, and no one refuted them.

No matter what messages those people sent to Ye Haisheng, Ye Haisheng didn’t want to read it and wanted to go out.

Ye Haisheng is a nobleman, and he also knows the villas of the Mermaid Protection Association in Emperor Star. Although those villas were protected and others were not allowed to enter at will, Ye Haisheng still wanted to check it out.

Asking one villa after another, he can always ask.

“Mrs. Lei had moved out.” The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association said directly.

“Where did he move?” Ye Haisheng frowned.

“Lei’s house.” The staff replied, thinking where would he (YQ) move if not to Lei’s house. The people of Lei’s family were so quick, that they took the mermaid back so quickly.

Before Yu Qing and Lei Meng received their certificate, the staff of the Mermaid Protection Association wanted to persuade Yu Qing to ask him not to get the certificate so quickly and get along for a while and see what would happen then. But when Lei Meng looked over, they felt that Lei Meng’s eyes were sharper and more terrifying than the bayonet (knife).

Oh, God. They can’t beat the Lei family, so forget it. The Lei family was a powerful nobleman, that must be what Mermaid Yu Qing wants, then so be it.

Therefore, the staff did not stop them and could only congratulate them.

After Lei Meng and Yu Qing received the certificate, they had no reason to stop Yu Qing from moving to Lei’s house. Lei Meng was the person with the highest status and had the strongest abilities among all the matches with Yu Qing, and Yu Qing marrying Lei Meng was also right.

“He’s married, where would he move if not in the Lei Family?” The staff whispered, “Do you want to live outside, waiting to be harassed?”

It would be dangerous for an Omega that had not been marked to live alone. Not to mention a mermaid Omega. Some scumbags just want to mark them thoroughly first, and if they succeed in marking, then they can get the Omega.

The hospital can indeed wash off the mark, but it does some damage to an Omega’s body. Some scumbags have already calculated this point. As long as the scum status is similar, and has money and a house, some Omegas will still choose to compromise.

“…” Ye Haisheng knew that the staff was not talking about him, but a casual remark could be taken to heart, especially since Ye Haisheng had other things on his mind, it was easier to take it personally.

Ye Haisheng understood that Yu Qing was a mermaid, and he didn’t dare to really hurt a mermaid. He just wanted to ask if Yu Qing was Yu Ren. If Yu Ren was willing to undergo mermaid transformation surgery in the past, maybe they would not have had so many twists and turns, and maybe they could still be together.

Yes, Ye Haisheng had hatred, resentment, and love for Yu Ren in his heart, and was also mad at his (YH) incompetence.

“Young man, don’t always look at the mermaid, looking for an ordinary Omega is also good.” The staff saw Ye Haisheng’s look of loss and tried to comfort him, “The number of mermaids is small, and not everyone can pursue a dreamy love. So, be realistic.”

It’s nothing to marry a wealthy man or a nobleman. It’s just the reality of the world.

Those people shouldn’t think about marrying mermaids. Natural mermaids were precious and rare. It also costs a lot of money to improve the success rate of mermaid transformation. You can’t expect others to not pursue them, because it’s also an opportunity to climb to a higher position after sacrificing a lot of things.


1 A mistress or a boy toy or man
2 Calling someone “Niohuru” means the person is no longer innocent/simple but is now scheming/powerful
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