Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family
Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Certification

‘Yes, I worship money!’
Yu Qing said to himself in his heart, that marrying a wealthy family was not an easy thing, and he could only escape by faking his death.
He heard that some nobles liked to play outside, and some have illegitimate children. However, it was better to marry a strong nobleman with high abilities, because those people have low fertility, and it’s hard to get an ordinary Omega to conceive a child. But even so, that’s also quite disturbing.
Unless he only needed money, he can disregard how his husband is on the outside.
Regret, really regret it, after eating super expensive cherries for a few more days, Yu Qing regrets it now.
Those fruits, no matter how expensive they are, will be gone if you eat them. Why bother to persist for the sake of appetite?
Yu Qing had the idea of ​​sneaking. Last time he spent a lot of money to ask someone to infiltrate the system and change the genetic sequence, and if he changed his identity again, he would have to spend a lot of money. He felt that he was making money for the sake of constantly changing his identity, so he didn’t enjoy it.
“You’ll know when you meet the person.” Someone from the Mermaid Protection Association told Yu Qing.
At noon, Yu Qing met Lei Meng at the restaurant.
Yu Qing felt that the other party’s face was somewhat familiar, as well as the pheromone on the other party’s body. Even if the other party is restraining it, he could still smell it.
“Hello.” Yu Qing was a little unsteady on his feet and wanted to escape.
This 𝓭𝓪𝓶𝓷 pheromone was too good…too unpleasant. He doesn’t need to smell such an unpleasant pheromone. What if he gets addicted?
Yu Qing told himself in his heart that such pheromone smelled bad, but his body slowly relaxed. He doesn’t like this feeling. When encountering a highly matched Alpha, his body always gets out of control.
So far, Yu Qing also met such a person. He remembered where he had met Lei Meng. When he used his previous identity to go to school, the school invited someone to give a lecture, and Yu Qing smelled the same pheromones. If it weren’t for the department’s enrollment, he would have run away, and in the end, he could only sit in the back row.
Of course, Yu Qing can’t excuse himself out for the fear that others will discover his abnormality.
Although the empire did not force high-matching AOs to be together, it was still not good to be known. In the eyes of outsiders, this pair of AOs was not much different from a bonded pair.
“Hello.” Lei Meng was stunned. After he recovered, he looked at Yu Qing again. He saw the hint of impatience and dislike in the eyes of the other party, and as usual, the other party still likes to fight against his body. “I have read the information sent by the Genetics Management Bureau, and with a 99.9% compatibility rate, we’re a good match.”
The Empire never comes out with a firm 100% match rate, because 100% only exists in theory. In real situations, almost no 100% match exists. For 99.9% match like Yu Qing and Lei Meng, the actual theoretical value measured was 100%, but the Genetic Management Bureau does not give 100% and only 99.9%.
It can be said that the match rate between Lei Meng and Yu Qing was the highest in the entire empire, and Lei Meng secretly thought that it was destiny.
“Let’s get married.” Lei Meng said bluntly, he didn’t want to be the same as before, because his beloved [1]I’m changing it to beloved because White Moonlight is too long had a boyfriend, so he didn’t make a move, and in the end, he was left despondent.
Yu Qing was drinking water and almost choked. They just met, ah.
“I heard that when you filled out the form, the limit range was nobility.” Lei Meng said, “The matching results show that my match with you was the highest, and the noble rank was also the highest. It all meets your requirements.”
“This…” Yu Qing thought that he should be a person who worships money now. It’s not good to talk about marriage just after the first meeting, right?
Even though they had met before, he changed his identity, ah. Even if his face didn’t change much, it was not the same
Yu Qing, a little frustrated, looked at Lei Meng and didn’t know how to answer for a while. He was indecisive and had delayed things, obviously, he should slap the table at this time and say: Yes, let’s get married!
But Yu Qing couldn’t make such a move and felt that something was wrong.
“Your senior is going to have a mermaid transformation surgery. Before the operation is done, he had already been registered in the Genetics Management Bureau.” Lei Meng turned on his light brain and let Yu Qing read the information, “The limit range was nobility. By the way, he also took out a high-interest loan of one million to limit the Alpha nobility, the maximum match rate was 6%, and when the mermaid transformation surgery is done, the match rate will increase significantly.”
AA matching is very difficult to produce results. Knowing that the matching rate of AA was generally less than 1%, it was already very high to have a 6% matching rate.
‘Tsk, tsk’, Yu Qing understands that his senior made all-around preparations, first: matching, and see if there is any hope. Then when he encounters pain during the mermaid transformation surgery, he will be able to grit his teeth, rise to the top after the pain.
“No need to say it, let’s get married!” Yu Qing touched his face, he’s too good-looking that those people want to slap him in the face.
“Then let’s go and register.” Lei Meng’s idea was very simple, his beloved had already agreed, then first get a certificate. Cultivate feelings and propose marriage…This can all be done slowly later; the important thing was to settle down first.
A single dog like Lei Meng who had been single for so many years did things so straightforward, not to mention that he had lost his beloved for so many years at that time. It was impossible for him to be as patient as a hunter.
“…” the corners of Yu Qing’s mouth tugged slightly. He wasn’t even in the hurry to worship gold, but the other party was so eager to marry a mermaid.
Yu Qing’s senior was called Xia Ziyan. Xia Ziyan was more masculine, and before he had the mermaid transformation surgery, he did a match first. Xia Ziyan thought that it didn’t matter if he spent more money now. After he becomes a mermaid and marries a wealthy nobleman, the money would be nothing and would be returned.
Xia Ziyan originally wanted to contact the nobles through genetic matching. However, the regulations of the Gene Management Bureau were set, and it was impossible for the staff to tell Xia Ziyan. What’s more, the matching degree was only 6%. There were many AO, BO, and BB who have a higher matching degree. If it does not reach a certain height, the staff couldn’t send messages at will.
‘Oh, Xia Ziyan is going to have mermaid transformation surgery? Become a mermaid?’
Forget it, there was once someone who wanted to get the contact information of a nobleman beforehand under the pretext of doing a mermaid transformation surgery. How could this be possible? The staff of the Genetics Management Bureau had seen too many of them. It’s better to wait for those people to undergo mermaid transformation surgery.
So, Xia Ziyan couldn’t contact the nobles at all. He was a transmigrator. According to the memory of the original owner, he also knew the contact information of one or two low-level nobles. They were classmates of the original owner.
Xia Ziyan went to contact his old classmates and said that he wanted to undergo mermaid transformation surgery. He thought that the nobleman classmates would say that they could be together and that they would pursue him. He was wrong. The old nobleman classmates didn’t say that.
Old nobleman classmate: You have fallen!
After all, that old nobleman classmate didn’t talk to Xia Ziyan much, especially when he learned that Xia Ziyan wanted to borrow money. An A with fairly good abilities actually went for a mermaid transformation surgery and was not afraid of failure and that old nobleman classmate thinks this was a new excuse for cheating money?
“You’re the one who’s fallen! ” Xia Ziyan hung up the light brain angrily. He was really going to undergo mermaid transformation surgery, and it’s true.
If it wasn’t for the mermaid transformation surgery to cost a lot of money, how could he go to borrow money? This world is really strange. Those nobles have such a low fertility rate, and they still want mermaids, so how come they have to charge mermaid transformation surgery so expensively.
In fact, Xia Ziyan was wrong. No matter how low the nobleman fertility rate was, it would not be to point of extinction. Nobles live a long life. The big deal is that they live for many years and give birth to one in a hundred thousand years. The population base is stable. Even if it is reduced, it will not be greatly reduced.
If the mermaid transformation surgery is free, wouldn’t there be a lot of people who want to do the mermaid transformation surgery for nothing? Which was also not good for the stability of the empire.
A country is not only defended by nobles with high levels of ability but also depends on those at the bottom.
Fish jumped over the dragon gate [2]A metaphor for career success or high status., how could that be so easy?
Mermaid transformation surgery was very difficult and requires a variety of precious medicinal materials, but the success rate was not high. If it fails, the materials will be wasted. The nobles can afford to pay for the materials, but it doesn’t mean that they are willing to pay for them in vain. So, one should not say that all nobles can have a mermaid because it’s not true.
Those nobles were not stupid enough, they all know how important the stability of the country is and cannot promote the extremely dangerous idea of getting rich overnight. They can’t control all the black clinics, but those regular hospitals can’t be careless.
Naturally, Xia Ziyan didn’t dare to go to the black clinic. He read the original novel. Black clinics performed mermaid transformation surgery, at the same time, some black clinics were opened by human traffickers. Those black clinics do not care about life or death. If they fail, they will fail. If they succeed, they will sell the mermaid to underground auctions or other bosses who can afford them.
To undergo a mermaid transformation surgery, he had to go to a regular hospital.
Therefore, Xia Ziyan borrowed a lot of money at high-interest rates. For fear of the debt collectors, he went to the hospital early and urged the doctor to perform the mermaid transformation surgery on him as soon as possible. As long as he becomes a mermaid, those people would dare not make trouble.
“Be prepared, we’ll start at three o’clock in the afternoon.” The attending doctor once again told Xia Ziyan, “The shortest time between this period is one month, and the longest is about half a year, so if you have something to tell your family, tell them first.”
Because some people’s bodies reject the foreign gene fragments inserted into their bodies during the mermaid transformation, they may be unconscious for some time.
Therefore, before people do mermaid transformation surgery, doctors will explain the relevant situation to people. In addition to electronic documents, there are also paper documents that the person has to sign before they can do so.
“It’s all done.” Of course, it was impossible for Xia Ziyan to say those things to the original owner’s family, otherwise, those people will definitely say a how can a good A do mermaid transformation surgery.
Generally, an A who can survive by himself does not undergo mermaid transformation surgery, and those who do mermaid transformation surgery are mostly being gossiped behind their backs, especially those who are unsuccessful.
Xia Ziyan thought that since he had transmigrated, he should be able to succeed, and he would definitely succeed.
In that short period of one or two hours, Xia Ziyan received a phone call from his previous colleague.
“You kid is really not funny. You already knew that Yu Qing was a mermaid, right?” This colleague and Xia Ziyan have a good relationship. The original owner once told this colleague that he was planning to marry Yu Qing, was also looking for a good house and was ready to work hard to earn money so that he can buy a house and get married.
Only later, this colleague didn’t hear Xia Ziyan talk about it again, but heard that Xia Ziyan was going to undergo a mermaid transformation operation and asked him to borrow some money.
This made him very shocked. The feelings change at the drop of a hat. It really was crushed by reality. But now, this colleague doesn’t think much about those. He feels that if it was him, he would not undergo mermaid transformation surgery. He would treat the mermaid properly, get married and have children.
How many A’s wanted to have a mermaid Omega, even if they are not nobles, they also want to have them. But Xia Ziyan pushed away from such an opportunity. There were rumors in the company that Xia Ziyan couldn’t see Yu Qing, so he took the initiative to separate from Yu Qing.
Xia Ziyan took the initiative to break up with Yu Qing, which was also deliberately spread by Xia Ziyan. He didn’t want the things between him and Yu Qing to affect his future marriage. He wanted those people to know that it was him who dumped Yu Qing, and when he marries a nobleman, he can say that too.
“What?” Xia Ziyan was shocked, he hadn’t contacted Yu Qing for many days. They had broken up, what’s the point of contacting, he had long put Yu Qing on the blacklist.
Yes, Xia Ziyan said that Yu Qing can find him if he encounters trouble in the future, but in fact, Yu Qing was blacklisted long ago. He didn’t want Yu Qing to come to him in the future, the ex-boyfriend should be eliminated early.
“Yu Qing is a mermaid.” His colleague lamented, “If you don’t like him, why don’t you tell us, maybe we can catch up with him. Alas, but just think about it, I can’t get a big beauty like Yu. “
“Hmm.” Xia Ziyan hmphed, he was very upset, how could Yu Qing be a mermaid.
“The people under the Mermaid Protection Association came to the company and asked for his salary.” The colleague didn’t seem to know Xia Ziyan’s superficiality, and continued, ” You want to do mermaid transformation surgery, right? Do it, maybe you can still meet big beauty Yu in the future.”
“Well, I’m going to do the surgery.” Xia Ziyan hung up the light brain, he now felt that Yu Qing deceived him!
Heh, fortunately, he is not the original owner, and he doesn’t like Yu Qing. Although his heart hurts, it was all left by the original owner.
Xia Ziyan thought this might not be true, maybe Yu Qing couldn’t find him, so he deliberately said those things to his former colleague. It was impossible for him to change his heart to do mermaid transformation surgery. He must have this operation, and he will definitely succeed.
This was the interstellar age, and the transmigrator Xia Ziyan was not the original owner. Even if he had the memory of the original owner, there were many things that he didn’t have. Only a mermaid identity is suitable for him, and he will be fine when he becomes a mermaid.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Yu Qing and Lei Meng came out of the Noble Marriage Registry.
The two of them just got their certificate!
The sun was shining, but Yu Qing felt a bit cold in his heart, and a bit hot in his head, cold and hot.
Yu Qing never thought that he could get a marriage certificate so easily as if his previous persistence was a joke. He used to think of being an ordinary Omega, finding an ordinary Alpha, and living an ordinary and cozy life.
He never thought that one day he would walk into the Genetics Management Bureau, and he would say so calmly: Nobility!
“Is it too late to get a divorce now?” Yu Qing unconsciously said what was in his heart.
“No!” Lei Meng refused to divorce. He finally determined that this was his beloved who had been missing for many years. He just got married, how could he divorce his beloved?
Yu Qing came back to his senses; ‘Why did I say what was in my heart?’
“Sorry, I’m just not used to it.” Since they are already married, they still have to try to be together first. Yu Qing thought that this day will pass, who knows, he may eventually grow used to it.
A rich family, a nobleman, many people wanted it, but he got it so easily.
Yu Qing thinks that after some time, he will know if such a wealthy life is what he truly wanted.
” Start getting used to it today.” Lei Meng took Yu Qing’s hand with a little excitement. His beloved was finally his wife. “From the moment you appeared in the Genetics Management Bureau to fill out the form, you should get used to marry a nobleman, and what it’s like to marry a wealthy family. You have a lifetime to experience, and you can worship gold for the rest of your life.”
“…” Yu Qing suspected that Lei Meng had overheard his heart, about worshiping gold for a lifetime sounded very comfortable.
“You don’t need to make medicines to sell, and you don’t need to do other part-time jobs. Just live comfortably.” Lei Meng had already discovered how difficult Yu Qing’s life was. In addition to going to work, he also sold medicines.
High-level medicines require high-level herbs, and those high-level herbs were scarce on the market. Yu Qing’s previous identity was a pharmacist, and he was able to make a lot of medicines. After changing his identity, he makes and sold medicines in private. Sometimes it was inevitable to sell them at a low price.
The empire had done a good job in the management of medicines and had researched many medicines and potions. People can basically buy what they need from regular sources, except for some rare medicines, and medicines made by pharmacists that are different from those on the market.
Even so, pharmacists were still very respected.
Lei Meng thought that Yu Qing didn’t know how to sell medicines, for fear of being discovered. His beloved is so funny. He’s afraid of being discovered, but is still using his original appearance, and makes medicine in private. Is he not afraid of other people’s suspicion? Or the more he shows it, the more he shines the light directly into people’s eyes, and others won’t believe it?
“Okay.” Yu Qing didn’t know what Lei Meng was thinking, otherwise, he would definitely shake Lei Meng’s shoulders: That’s not because I like my face too much.
Yu Qing likes his face very much, likes his natural face, natural hands, and feet. It was impossible for him to have plastic surgery just because he changed his identity, and it was also impossible for him to wear a mask every day, so he just uses his original face.
The world is so big, with so many planets, and so many people, so, it’s normal that there would be people who look similar.
Yu Qing didn’t even think about whether other people would find him just because of his face and if they find him, then that’s it. It’s not that he had never met someone who knew his old identity and said coldly: You have recognized the wrong person.
If he admits that he is a different person, it will pass, and no one will hold on to it.
“Are you going to move to the house today, or tomorrow?” Lei Meng’s mouth turned upward slightly, unable to contain the smile on his face. He was going to live under the same roof as his beloved.
“So soon?” Yu Qing frowned slightly.
“The house of the Mermaid Protection Association belongs to the public resources.” Lei Meng deliberately said, “Wasting public resources is not a good behavior. They will also come to me and ask me when you will move out.”
Yu Qing turned to look at Lei Meng, “You talk a lot.”
He always felt that the other party should not be a talkative person, but the other party is talking a lot right now.
“You and I are husband and wife; this is what I should do.” Lei Meng explained, “The people of the Mermaid Protection Association didn’t tell you because you are a mermaid.”
“…” Yu Qing had to admit that the other party was right. People from the Mermaid Protection Association would probably ask Lei Meng, instead of directly saying it to a mermaid like him, and are reluctant to hurt the fragile heart of the mermaid.
If he waits for someone from the Mermaid Protection Association to drive him away, the scene will be quite unsightly. He was already married, so of course, he have to move.
“I’ll move.” Yu Qing nodded, he was thin-skinned [3]Not that shameless, and don’t want to wait to be driven out, for it would not look good.
Yu Qing looked at the light brain on his wrist and saw that before he registered his marriage with Lie Meng, Xia Ziyan also called through his light brain. Yu Qing didn’t pick it up. He didn’t think there was anything else to say between them, so he directly put the person on the blacklist.
Don’t blacklist him and wait for the other person to show off to him? He’s not sick in the head, so why would he listen to the other party’s showing off, and of course, he doesn’t care.
“Then today.” His beloved didn’t say which day it was, so, it was definitely today, and Lei Meng believed that his perception was not wrong.
“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded. The Lei family’s house must be very big and there must be many rooms. If he moves out, he would be able to have his own room.

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1 I’m changing it to beloved because White Moonlight is too long
2 A metaphor for career success or high status.
3 Not that shameless
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