Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family
Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Pheromone

Work was like that, if you are not the boss, you will inevitably feel aggrieved. Some people would speak nicely, but they would change when you turn around.

How would Yu Qing not know the faces of the people in his former company?Before, there were people who said that he was going to catch a big fish – a rich man and that he wanted to be the mistress of the rich man. Just because he is an omega and looked a little more beautiful, they would maliciously speculate on him one by one.

Even if he uses a pheromone-blocking patch, it would be useless for him to work seriously.

“Wait for the leader’s signature.” The person at the other end of the light brain replied, ” The cashier can’t pay without the leader’s signature. It’s just a few thousand dollars. What can you do with these thousands of dollars in Emperor Star?”

“No matter what you do, you have to give it.” Yu Qing’s idea was very simple. Since it was agreed at the beginning, the other party had to give it.

He resigned voluntarily, so there was no N+1 [1] compensation.

It was impossible for Yu Qing to go and say that the leader wants to do unspoken rules with him or something, and maybe those people still think that he seduced the leader.

Sometimes, the workplace was that unreasonable. Because the High-leveled people were rich, the beautiful Low-leveled people were easy to be misunderstood that they have seduced the High-leveled people. It was obviously the fault of the High-leveled people, and those people also like to talk about the low-leveled people. 

Yu Qing had left his job and was not afraid of them. “There is still time today. You can transfer the money to me from the company or personally, both are fine. If I can’t receive it within today, wait for a good show tomorrow.”

He believed that they would not like to see a lawyer’s letter sent out from a mermaid, but Yu Qing likes it.

‘Don’t you want to do unspoken rules with me, don’t you want to seize my money, don’t you want to force me…’

‘Then come, who is afraid of whom.’

He should have used his identity as a mermaid a long time ago. Yu Qing felt that it was not bad to be a mermaid. Some people would send delicious food to his door, while others help with other things. He just needs to eat and drink, and he doesn’t have to do anything.

“Do you really think I’m a fool?” Yu Qing hung up the light brain.

These people just seize thousands of dollars on their own, thinking that it is not worthwhile for him to go to a lawyer or something.

Yu Qing thought that now he didn’t need to go to a lawyer by himself. He could let the Mermaid Protection Association go, which was very convenient.

“Heh, every one of them thinks I’m easy to bully.” Yu Qing sneered. He stood up, pulled his clothes, and walked towards the balcony. He needed a breath of fresh air.

Lei Meng was still hiding on the balcony, and after hearing Yu Qing’s footsteps, he was a little flustered. He hurriedly jumped off the balcony, not daring to confront Yu Qing head-on.

The familiar voice, the familiar words, and the almost identical face should be the same person he was longing for.

Just…in case it was someone else pretending to be him, Lei Meng thought that he had to be more careful, so he had to check. It’s not that he doesn’t want to step forward, he just cares too much about that person and doesn’t want to make a mistake.

He doesn’t want to see his real White Moonlight one day and let him know that he mistook someone else for him. When that person learns that he mistook the wrong person, will he say that he doesn’t love him that much?

Obviously, that person didn’t know Lei Meng’s deep love for him, but Lei Meng still wanted to do better.

Even though Lei Meng jumped off the balcony and escaped, when Yu Qing walked to the balcony, he still smelled the remaining Alpha Pheromones in the air. The Alpha Pheromones were very weak, but Yu Qing still frowned. He didn’t like the Alpha Pheromones that smelled good.

A Pheromone that smells too good was basically a good match to him. This pheromone was addictive and makes people want to smell more.

This was also one of the reasons why AOs were more likely to attract each other. Some AOs have not been fully marked, and in the middle meets someone with a higher degree of matching. Those people say that it was impossible to care about those with a higher degree of matching, but their body was very honest, and their sense of smell also tells them that the higher matching AO pheromone smells better, and they want to smell more.

The next moment, Yu Qing took out an air freshener from his space and sprayed it several times into the air.

“It smells really bad.” Yu Qing whispered.

“…” Lei Meng was not far away, and his ears were sharp, so when he heard Yu Qing’s words, he laughed soundlessly.

Lei Meng remembered that he was near to his White Moonlight once, and he was in the same classroom. The university classrooms were relatively large, and there were few people at that time. Lei Meng was a strong Alpha. Even if he restrained his Pheromones, it was inevitable that some people with a keen sense of smell would still smell it.

At that time, Lei Meng had already walked outside the classroom, and Yu Qing walked into the classroom, they use separate doors, front and back doors. Then, Lei Meng heard his White Moonlight say that very sentence.

‘Does it smell bad?’ Lei Meng didn’t think his pheromone would smell bad, nor did he think his White Moonlight would think that his pheromone smelled bad. The smell was so weak, but his White Moonlight smelled it, indicating that his White Moonlight’s level was very high, and their matching degree may be very high too. The higher the matching degree, the more sensitive a person can get.

This arrogant little temper of his was just like before!

After a while, Lei Meng left. On the way back to Lei’s house, he asked people to look up Yu Qing’s information and his work situation. Regardless of whether Yu Qing was his White Moonlight or not, it was still okay to help Yu Qing with his salary problem, but Yu Qing would prefer to use the Mermaid Protection Association to send a lawyer’s letter.

Yes, Yu Qing wanted to scare those people with a big banner with the name of the Mermaid Protection Association.

The company that Yu Qing worked for did not pay Yu Qing. By the next day, they received a letter from the staff of the Mermaid Protection Association. The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association severely condemned their illegal seizure of mermaid wages and asked them to bear the cost of finding a lawyer to draft a lawyer’s letter.

“Oh my God, have you heard that? Yu Qing was actually a mermaid.”

“No way? If he’s a mermaid, why is he still working?”

“You people can’t see the mermaid, saying that the privileges of the nobility do not allow you to see. But once you meet the said person, you’ll act pretentious.”

“Then he shouldn’t be a mistress, right?”

“Oi, which mermaid have you ever seen to be a mistress? If he really wants to be a mistress, he will not look at small companies like us, right? Don’t nobles smell good?”

“Have you heard? He almost got caught in an unspoken rule [2].”

… The news spread quickly, and the fact that Yu Qing was almost caught in an unspoken rule also spread within the company. Only this time they did not think that Yu Qing seduced someone else but felt that they had missed a great opportunity.

As for the leader who wanted to do unspoken rules with Yu Qing, he panicked, for fear that the people from the Mermaid Protection Association would look for him or be posted on the Internet. He was so scared that he wanted to ask for a few days off.

But the big boss of the company thought that asking for a few days off was not good at all, it would be better to ask for a permanent leave and not coming back.

“Brother-in-law…” The leader was related to the big boss, so how could he be driven out of the company?

“If you still call me brother-in-law and don’t want the company to go bankrupt, then get the hell out of the company.” The boss was so angry, he had long known that his wife’s brother was not doing his job, and he have a wife and children but still want to mess around. Rabbits don’t eat grass around their nest [3], so how come this brother-in-law would still lay hands on the company’s people.

Yu Qing didn’t know that these things happened, because he was about to go on a blind date.

The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association was a little worried. Thinking what the hell was wrong with the people at the Genetic Management Bureau. The promised blind date wasn’t just delayed for two days, but they even changed the person.

“It’s okay, even if the person was changed, it would still be a nobleman.” The staff of the Mermaid Protection Association assured Yu Qing.

“…” Yu Qing’s mouth twitched slightly, and he looked like he was worshiping money.


[1] N+1 – It is an economic compensation in China wherein the employer can also choose to pay an additional one month’s salary together with the “N” Economic Compensation to avoid the 30 days prior notice. Read more here…

[2] Unspoken rule – they were talking about Yu Qing doing some sexual things with the leader.

[3] Rabbits don’t eat grass around their nest – it often refers to not targeting the people around him.

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