Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family
Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Eagerness

“Say what?” Daryl had just taken a few steps when Lei Meng grabbed him by the collar.

Daryl saw the eagerness and anger in Lei Meng’s eyes, and he know for sure that if he tells a lie to fool Lei Meng, the other party will throw him out directly.

“Today, at noon…” Daryl took a deep breath. ‘Forget it.’  He had already said about the blind date before. It was impossible to pretend that he never said it, and Lei Meng will know sooner or later. “The mermaid that I had a blind date at noon, looks almost identical to your White Moonlight, do you want to see?”

As a friend, he can’t marry someone who looks very similar to his friend’s White Moonlight when he knows what his friend’s White Moonlight looks like, right?

Daryl hadn’t gotten so crazy about marrying a mermaid to that extent. Although the mermaid was important and an heir was important, he must also consider his friends. If he really does that, not only will the friendship between him and his friends collapse, it was estimated that the friendly cooperative relationship between them will also collapse.

“I sent a photo to your light brain during the blind date.” Darryl folded his hands, “Can you release me from the blacklist?”

Darryl could guarantee that he must be on Lei Meng’s blacklist.

When Lei Meng heard this, he let go of Darryl, prepared to turn on the light brain.

“Next time…” Darryl took a deep breath again, “Could you not block me again, look, this time, didn’t you receive the information in time? I heard that the Genetic Management Bureau had a mermaid who had a high matching degree with multiple nobles. I guess it’s him.”

Tsk, if he didn’t come, and Lei Meng didn’t come and see, Darryl can guarantee that the mermaid will soon have a blind date with other nobles, and there will be always a noble willing to go with that mermaid.

‘No, maybe the next noble will be willing.’

If Daryl didn’t saw that Yu Qing look so similar to his friend’s White Moonlight, Daryl estimated that he would pursue that mermaid.

“Yu Qing?” Lei Meng frowned.

“Yes, that’s him…” Daryl was about to say something when he saw Lei Meng run out like a gust of wind, “Ah, hey, do you know where he lives?”

‘Where he lives?’ Raymond didn’t think much, if he wanted to know where the mermaid lived, it was simple, he’ll just investigate it.

So, Lei Meng directly contacted someone from the Mermaid Protection Association, and the leader of the Mermaid Protection Association never thought that Lei Meng would contact him.

“Did you finally figured out that you want a mermaid?” The leader was older and knew Lei Meng. He also teased him with a few words, “That mermaid had a matching degree of 99.9% with you. If you didn’t give up, he wouldn’t have to go on a blind date with another noble today. Why, did you regret it?”

“Where does he live?” Lei Meng asked again, wanting to check the mermaid out.

Blind dates were not necessary for the time being, Lei Meng wants to determine if Yu Qing was his White Moonlight.

Obviously, his White Moonlight was just an ordinary Omega, but not so ordinary either. That person’s pheromone smells so good, and he must be a good match for him, but before they had the chance to get closer, Lei Meng found out that his White Moonlight was dating an Alpha.

That Alpha was a nobleman, a nobleman without a bit of commitment, forced by his family to marry a mermaid, but still wanted to have an abusive relationship with other Omegas.

Later, when Lei Meng paid more attention, his White Moonlight disappeared. Lei Meng sent someone to investigate, only to find out that his White Moonlight had been troubled by the family of the scumbag nobleman and was hunted down.

Even if the hunting was not done by the family of that nobleman, Lei Meng still suppressed the nobleman’s family and the family of the mermaid who had married the nobleman over the years. It was said that mermaids were arrogant and self-indulgent, but that they were not intentional. He just wants to teach the third party who intervenes in other people’s relationships.

Heh, what kind of a third party is that? It was clear that the nobleman and the mermaid were disgusting people.

Every time Lei Meng thought about this, he felt that his White Moonlight’s eyes were really blind.

“A safe protected area.” The leader of the Mermaid Protection Association said.

“Where?” Lei Meng asked again, “I promise in the name of Lei’s family that I will never hurt the mermaid and will not hinder the mermaid’s rights to marry freely.”

Don’t worry about him bullying the mermaid. He didn’t want to hurt the mermaid, either. Lei Meng just wanted to see the mermaid. He hopes that the mermaid is his White Moonlight, and at the same time afraid that the mermaid was his White Moonlight. If it is true, then his White Moonlight should have undergone mermaid transformation surgery because of how much damage he has suffered.

In the beginning, Lei Meng’s people did investigate that his White Moonlight was hunted and killed, but they did not find a corpse. He would rather believe that his White Moonlight is still alive than believe that his White Moonlight is dead.

“Wait a moment, it will be sent to your light brain.” What else can the leader do, he believes in Lei Meng’s character. Even if he didn’t say anything, Lei Meng could still find out the information he needed with the power of the Lei family.

“Don’t tell that I asked for this.” Lei Meng didn’t forget to remind the other party. Whether the mermaid was his White Moonlight or not, he didn’t want the leader of the Mermaid Protection Association to tell the truth about him asking for the address.

“Of course.” The leader of the Mermaid Protection Association nodded. He was not stupid. He favored and opened the back door for others. So, how could he say it?

‘Tsk tsk, Lei Meng was asked to go on a blind date before, but Lei Meng was unwilling, so why is he going to see the mermaid now? Alas, young people nowadays are really too repetitive.’

The leaders of the Mermaid Protection Association didn’t worry much and didn’t notify the staff who looked after the mermaid. Anyway, Lei Meng would just look at the mermaid and wouldn’t scare the mermaid. Perhaps Lei Meng would just stand outside the yard and looked around, but would not go in, so there was no need to say anything.

And Yu Qing didn’t even know about this. He had studied on other planets before, and after changing his identity later, he came to Emperor Star [1].

Yu Qing came to Emperor Star, not because of his noble ex-boyfriend who was in Emperor Star, but simply felt that Emperor Star have more delicious food. The Emperor Star was prosperous, and Yu Qing thought that after he arrives at the Emperor Star, he can find a suitable Alpha in case his heat arrives.

No, it was much more convenient to register a match in the Gene Management Bureau of Emperor Star, and there were many nobles there.

“What a nuisance.” Yu Qing half leaned on the sofa. He had to go on a blind date tomorrow, feeling that he was just a salted fish [2] waiting for customers to buy.

Yu Qing poked the light brain, he had already resigned, and they said they would call for the settlement salary this month. But they didn’t call him yet. This settlement salary was in thousands. Although this may not be able to buy a few super-expensive cherries from planet MK23, no matter how small it was, it was still money.

He felt that it was necessary for him to contact the finance of his former employer and ask if they missed the payment for him.

It just so happened that the windows and doors of the balcony were open, and Lei Meng climbed up the windows and doors and looked carefully.

“It’s me, Yu Qing, have you forgotten my salary?” Yu Qing thought that he was super fierce and said, “The salary of other people arrived yesterday, but mine, a resigned employee, still didn’t arrive. Do you want to receive a lawyer’s letter, or do you want me to hit you directly?” “

“Hey, do you want to pay money, or I just beat you directly”, Lei Meng suddenly thought of the scene where he was rescued by his White Moonlight a long time ago.


[1] Emperor Star – A planet where the MC is currently staying.

[2] Salted Fish – One frequently used term is 咸鱼 (xiányú), or “salted fish.” In Cantonese, a salted fish is a metaphor for a corpse, but can now mean people who have no intention of doing anything.

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